PART 8/13 ~ A New Roof
The Rats left Wesley in the shed naked and alone. And he slept to get
away from the pain, hour after hour, waking only to blink a few seconds.
He didn't even move one finger for he knew the only solution to heal his
sufferings was time.

A cold fall wind whistled through the planks the next night. Wesley woke
up in darkness again, shaking from the cold. His little body was still
aching all over. Everytime he shifted his limbs, a sharp jolt of pain
shot from his expanded butthole. In front of him, the huge statue was
smiling, almost nagging him.

Flakes of dried blood and sperm covered his smooth skin. He gathered his
clothes nonchalantly and hit the streets with his dirty rags, on a mission
to find warmth.

For an hour, he walked in the cold. To add to his misery, a light
blanket of snow covered the streets and soon his little toes were numb.
He headed West, not knowing why, probably unconsciously running away from
the harsh life of the Eastern district. This was no time to be
philosophical but his head was freezing slowly.

At the end of Denison street, a small replica of Newcastle Estate
captured his attention. It had the same bricks, the nice big windows and
the chimneys pumping smoke in the sky. The luxurious lawns were
perfectly white from the virgin snow and icicles cried from the rusty

He climbed over the fence and ran to the back of the large house where
he knew would be a basement door. He was right. But it was locked. He
reached in his shirt pocket and took out a small metal wire, a gift from
Harvey. "I have to kiss him if I see him again." he murmured to

He slipped the little instrument in the keyhole, attempting numerous
combinations of twist and turns. The damn lock just wouldn't open. Lock
picking was definitly not his best talent he concluded. The clicks and
creaking sounded different after a while and he succeeded.

Inside, he rubbed his barefeet and helped the circulation reach
his frozen toes. Like a thief, he tiptoed through the house. The
voices of the occupants echoed in the distance. Normally he would
have spied on them but he was too tired and trotted for the bedrooms
right away.

In the north wing, he found what he was looking for. The last one, as
expected, was empty. There were no clothes in the closets indicating it
was a guest room.

Completely exhausted, he crawled underneath the covers.

Just as he drifted into sleep, the click of the door rang in his ears.
He pretended to sleep and felt the presence of somebody looking over him,
studying his face. His body trembled and his teeth were chattering,
but the figure left the room silently. As he dozed off, the sweet music
of a piano filled the house.


The next morning, voices dragged him out his sleep.

"He's a brigand!" the low voice of a man said.

"He's only a little boy...surely an orphan." responded a young girl.

He turned around and found himself in front of a group of well-dressed
people. A big man was standing in front of everybody. Next to him was a
teenage girl. Behind them, servants and an old woman.

"Hi! My name is Lara" said the girl. "And this is my father Mister
Mitchell...and this is my grandmother."

Wesley blushed, feeling like a four-year-old.

"He's an intruder!" barked the tall stern man.

"OH. He just needed a place to sleep." snapped the old woman.

"He's so cute." added the young girl. "What's your name? How old are
you?" she whispered in a soft voice.

"Wesley." he smiled. "I'm twelve.... I'm sorry sir... I'll leave now.."
he peeped making his best sad puppy face.

"We can't let him go like that!" bawled the daughter. "He'll die out
there! Can't he stay daddy? Can't he?"

Mr. Mitchell obviously annoyed by his daughter's persistence frowned
silently. With a heavy smirk of defeat, he turned around and stormed out
of the room all the while yelling in the hallway: "Give him some food and
clean him up for God's sake. He stinks!"

Lara ordered two servants to bathe Wesley and they lead him by the arms to
a large bathroom. There, the two women removed his shirt and pulled down
his filthy shorts, giggling like adolescents. The feminine hands undressing
him made Wesley feel like he was going back to infancy.

He covered his bare genitals with his hands and jumped in the porcelain
tub, his face red from embarassment.

"We've seen plenty of naked little boys! Don't worry about shocking us
lad." they laughed.

It turned out to be enjoyable after all. The soapy hands scrubbed every
inch of his body, exploring every smooth crevasses. He relaxed and let
himself be pampered. Boy, this was great! The gentle massage of the twenty
fingers was like a calming symphony for his nerves. Especially when the
digits insisted on his stiff little prick.

"My, we have a very happy boy here!" laughed the maid doing his front.

He refused to let it end but eventually they pulled him out of the
warm water. Hiding his boyhood again, he blushed as the women dried him
up, working around his reluctance. Like an octopus working on him, they
dressed him in plaid socks, green short pants, a white shirt with the
estate's logo, a green blazer and cap.

Looking like a perfect little gentleman, he stepped out of the
bathroom. Lara briskly grabbed his hand and iniated the grand tour of the

Together they visited every room, touched all the precious family
heirlooms and met all the hired hands, servants and family members. Of
course, it wasn't as elegant as Newcastle Estate but it had an
undeniable charm.

He tagged along for an hour, concealing his yawns with the back of
his hand. Right then, he decided this was a nice place to stay but he
didn't wanna live there. Outside the windows, winter was already showing
its nose. Much to his dismay, he had no choice but to remain there until
spring. Yup. he was going to be Lara's human doll for the whole angry

That thought depressed him. He desperatly scanned the house, searching
for something appealing that would lift his spirit. And he sure found
it. Two beautiful little boys bumped into him in the hallway.

"Urg. Don't pay attention to them. They're my noisy twin brothers
Gordon and Glenn." whispered the teenaged girl in his ear.

Oh but he wanted to pay attention to them...

"How old are they?" he asked.

"Eight." she responded trying to show as little interest as possible.

The boys were truly identical. Their short black hair was cut the
same style, their eyes were the same green and their slim frame in every
way alike. But their greastest feature was their skin which was a nice
golden brown color. No doubt about it, their smooth little arms were
tanned to perfection and so was their happy cute faces. They had surely
spent all summer playing outside.

Lara pushed him roughly, eager to show him more 'neat stuff' like she
called it. So in order to stay with the kids a while longer, he had to be
cunning as a fox.

"How do you tell them apart?" he asked her.

"Well. Gordon always wear red socks and undershorts while Glenn wears

"I have a scar over here." said Gordon pointing over his left eyebrow.
"And a birthmark on my butt!"

Swiftly, he turned around and dropped his short pants to moon Wesley.
By jove! He was tanned even there!

Glenn giggled at his brother's impetuousness.

"That's not funny!" yelled Lara. "You don't show your behind to the
guests of the house."

"That's okay." Wesley smiled still staring at the boy pulling up his red

"Pretend like it didn't happen Wesley. Come on let's finish up."

"I'm kinda tired. Can't we finish tomorrow?" Wesley lied.

"No. There's lotsa neat stuff upstairs!"

She pushed him violently and they resuemd the tour.

At the dinner table, Wesley already felt like he belonged, just another
family member. The meal was sumptuous compared to the food he was served at
the hideout. He ate ravenously the evening feast and stared at the twins.

Before Lara even had the opportunity to take control of his evening,
the twins tugged at the hem of his blazer and asked him to play with them.

"Well, won't Master Gordon and Master Glenn be eating their pudding?"
the butler intervene.

"Can we be excused dad?" the tykes whined in unison.

The man nodded and Wesley left the dining room with the two adorable
sibblings. It infuriated his sweet guide of the afternoon which made him
smile wholeheartedly.

The two boys introduced him to all the toys in the playroom. The rocking
horse, shiny marbles and wooden figurines. His little dick was throbbing
madly in his shorts. To get close to them, he inquired about their
necklaces and gazed at the pendants they put in his hand. He could see
their cute mugs up close that way and even feel their warm breathing on
his fingers.

They asked him what he wanted to play and he suggested right away
wrestling. The boys seemed to know that game very well. They shucked their
blazers and shirts like him on the ground. He tackled Glenn first and pinned
him down on the floor to tickle his rippling ribs. The small boy giggled as
he got on top of him, grinding his hips against him.

His naked chest rubbed the one of the youngster, an unbelievable
sensation he never wanted to stop.

Gordon joined in the fun and Wesley's hands were full with the two pre-
pubescent boys. He slipped from under their weight and grabbed
Gordon by the waist to do another session of tickling, this time on the
tummy. The kid laughed and trashed around on the floor while his twin
brother straddled Wesley's back, baby soft fingers gripping his shoulders.

The gigglings and high-pitched cries excited Wesley. He deliberatly
fondled their tiny pecs and let his fingers brush against their crotch. These
boys were hot like him! He could feel their stiff little boner beneath
their shorts, poking him in the legs or the flanks.

They climbed on top of him and he loved it! All the time, he made sure
he always had a boyish leg in his hand or a small tanned arm. The damn maids
had drowned them in perfume and he couldn't enjoy their lovely boy smell,
something he deplored. But the skinny boys were so much fun to play with,
he soon forgot about it. He could easily twirl them around as he
pleased, caressing their silky brown skin with sensous gestures.

As their shyness melted, the battle got more aggressive. Gordon and
Glenn were like puppies who couldn't control their instincts. They bit
him on the arms and pulled his blond hair. In retaliation, he pinched
their buns to teach them pain.

The grunts turned to yelps. They all collapsed from exertion and
laid together on the floor panting.


At bedtime, Wesley was aroused from the evening's entertainment. The
pictures of the twins' small bodies kept popping in his head. He undressed
in his room and climbed naked in the large bed. Weirdo had shown him
something back at the ole hideout which he promised myself to try one

His boydick sure tought it was the right time. It stood straight
between his thighs, the circumcised head glistening from pre-cum juice.
He put his feet high on the wall and pushed, conjuring his legs to fall
over on the sides on his head. All curled up in a ball like that, his
little penis was directly over his face. He could see his pink anus for the
first time between his opened buttocks, such an inviting sight.

He lubed his fingers with spit and shoved one in his ass to caress
his anal ring. Then another accompanied the other. He moved them in
and out, imagining Gordon or Glenn's tiny erection in there.

His cock, hard from the stimulation of his prostate, stared him in
the face. He opened his mouth and swallowed the head entirely, thanks
to the extra inch he'd been given over the past summer. Delicious
tingles emerged from his groin, floading his body. He swirled his tongue
around the sensitive knob and moved the fingers in his bum faster.

It wasn't like a blow job from the twins but it was no less
enjoyable. He moaned and sucked his own prick greedilly. His souple body
was getting numb in that position. A minor side effect considering the
pleasure he was giving himself.

He sensed the door opening behind him, suddenly feeling a cold breeze
attack his bare skin. Can't a boy have any privacy? he shivered. The person
who was there didn't leave. Some kind of pervert surely? Secretely, he wished
it was the twins.

Perhaps it would have been better to face the onlooker but his lips
were too preoccupied with sucking the head of his little rod. He was
gonna give a good show to that voyeur. From the hard breathing he could
tell it was a man. Maybe he was jacking off? He probably liked looking
at a boy with his fingers in his ass, blowing his own penis.

He exaggerated his moans and stuck out his tongue far to show him how
he licked his hairless boycock. His hips jerked and he shot a hot jet
of sperm on his forehead. Quickly, he buried his penis in his mouth
with his left hand and tasted the globs of semen spurting on his

Four times, blasts of sperm exploded from his young member, filling
his cavity. He swallowed the delicious seed, smiling like an angel. The
stranger chose that time to shut the door before he even had a chance
to get a glimpse of his face.

-- end of part 8
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