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This is the third chapter of the James & Sarah story, this follows on from The Shower and The Booth...
James and Sarah emerged from the bathroom, each wrapped in a fluffy white towel, steam billowing out behind them, and they made their way into the kitchen. After their evening of debauchery they were famished, and as Sarah searched for a suitable snack for them to make at almost three in the morning, James got them each a pint of water, which they guzzled down almost in one go.

They talked like they had known each other forever, and swapped stories about their lives and friends as if the other would know exactly who, and what they were talking about. Sarah revealed that her flat was not entirely her own, but that she shared with another dancer, Imogen, whom she had met around a year and a half ago. She had been on her way home from the club one night and discovered a young girl on the street, a runaway, who she had been unable to ignore and had taken back to the halls of residence she was living in for her first year at university. That girl was Imogen, and she became the catalyst for some great changes within Sarah’s life.

Her halls had been hell to live in. The guys she shared living space with just wanted to fuck her, the girls resented her for the attention she received, and when it had been revealed that she worked as a lap dancer it had made things even harder for her, and she almost lost her job at Twisted because a huge group of students had filed in expecting to get cheaper dances and free blow jobs. After Imogen arrived, all that changed. Within two months they had found their own place (the same place James and Sarah were in now) and Sarah had managed to convince Imogen to contact her parents and let them know she was ok.

“She’s never opened up entirely about why she ran away from home, but I know that it wasn’t her parents that were the problem,” Sarah said.

Imogen’s parents had agreed to let her stay with Sarah and she soon found herself a job. By her seventeenth birthday she was happily settled into her new home with Sarah, and per her parents request, she was regularly seeing a counsellor about the issues she’d had at home. After a few months, however, she was frustrated with her work and wanting to quit. She wanted to dance, like Sarah. She wanted to make money fast and could see how much Sarah was bringing home only working a couple of nights a week, and she wanted to help more with the bills and rent than she was. She also wanted to go back to college and train to be a counsellor herself. She had been inspired by the woman she met with twice weekly to discuss her past, and wanted to help others in the same way. She saw dancing as a way to secure herself financially for the time she would be spending on study. While Sarah had initially been against the idea, Imogen had worn her down, and using her contacts Sarah agreed to get her an interview at The Velvet Orchid after her eighteenth birthday.

“Imogen’s a couple of inches taller than me,” Sarah continued, “With long brown hair, and dark eyes. I mean she’s gorgeous and that was never going to be a problem for the guys. She’s a little less curvy, and has smaller boobs than me, but she’s totally stunning.”

“You sound smitten,” James laughed, “Should I be jealous?”

Sarah laughed.

“We’ve fooled around,” She said, grinning wide, “But you have nothing to worry about... You satisfy my needs. Trust me.”

She laughed, and leaned in to kiss him deeply. They had finished eating by this point, and were now sat on the sofa in Sarah’s living room, with The Postal Service playing quietly in the background. He was sat in the corner, and she had he legs over his, her feet resting on the arm of the chair. She was sat up, with the cushions behind her, and the kiss lingered on their lips for a moment and they let out a sigh of contentment as it ended. They smiled, making eye contact and knowing that each of them were happier than either had been in a long time.

Sarah went back to talking about Imogen. James was fascinated with the story, Sarah seemed the most perfect person he had ever met, helping this young street kid work her way back into society, and now towards a career in which she would feel real job satisfaction every single day. There was very little left to tell however. Imogen had gotten the job at the Orchid and had been working there for two months (since her eighteenth birthday) and would be working there until around five in the morning on this particular night, depending on how busy the place got.

“She’ll be back by half-passed,” Sarah said, looking at the clock. “Which gives us about an hours worth of noisemaking time.”

She grinned, devilishly, with the last statement and James laughed deeply.

“One track mind on you,” He said.

“Too right. You complaining?” Sarah replied, with mock indignation.

“Not a jot,” And with that he pulled her to him for another kiss, and in one swift movement, lifted her up from the sofa and into his arms. “Now,” He smiled, “Where’s your bedroom?”

He carried her into her room, following her directions, and lay her gently on the bed, planting a deep kiss on her lips, he looked into her beautiful blue eyes. He stood up straight and removed his towel, revealing his already stiffening shaft. He smiled as he saw her joy that he was so eager to go again after their busy evening.

Getting on the bed, he knelt between her creamy white, smooth legs and parted them as he opened her towel. He stared at her, her absolute perfection. Her long blonde dreadlocks splayed behind her head, her bright blue eyes looking right into him, her full and pouting lips ready to be kissed. He sighed with complete contentment, as he thought of where he was, and continued to drink her in with his eyes... The nape of her neck, the curve of her shoulders, and her perky breasts, that fit his hands so perfectly as he groped gently at them and massaged them, pinching her nipples as he did so. She took a sharp, excited breath as he did so, and he moved his hands down, over her flat stomach, and the curve of her hips. He rested them on her thighs and stared longingly at her pussy. She was totally shaven, and her lips were so neat and tidy. It was crazy. He had heard the phrase “like a paper cut” used by his friends when they were being vulgar about school girls, but he’d never imagined a cunt would ever look so neat, yet here, in front of his eyes, was the most perfect pussy he’d ever seen. Just like a paper cut.

He leaned down and kissed Sarah’s nipples, opening his mouth and caressing her little nubs with his tongue. He bit each gently, as his right hand began to massage her clit, while his left massaged her breasts. He kissed his way down her stomach, and while doing so, he inserted a finger into her wet pussy, using his thumb to rub her clit as he did so. As he did this she moaned and arched her back towards him, pressing her body against his face and he continued to kissed down her stomach and over her hips.

Reaching her pussy with his mouth, he kissed around her thighs, and the outer lips, while he gently rubbed her clit with his thumb and fingered her. Her anticipation for his tongue was exciting her as much as his finger was, and her breathing was heavy and gaining speed. He finally removed his thumb from over her clitoris and kissed it, letting his lips press hard against her, then slowly moving his tongue over it and opening his mouth, to let the taste of her hit him. She was hot, and incredibly wet in his mouth, as his tongue massaged the hardening and growing nub of her clit. He inserted a second finger into her, and wrapping his left arm around her leg and grabbing hold of her hip, he pressed his face into her as he continued to tongue her enthusiastically and finger fuck her tiny hole for all he was worth. With every moment she was becoming more and more vocal, she grabbed at James’s head to press him against her pussy even harder. Linking her fingers behind his head, she began gyrating her hips up and down, fucking his face, while he used his tongue and fingers expertly on her. She groaned with pleasure, and swore repeatedly, and James knew that she was close to orgasm already.

“Oh fuck,” She breathed, “Oh fuck! I’m cumming.”

She thrust forward with her pussy and pulled his head to her as much as she could. James just kept on fucking her with his fingers, and tonguing her clit, keeping the motion and the rhythm in order to bring her to orgasm. He could feel his cock aching to be in her, stiffer than he could ever remember it being.

She began to let out a guttural and long moan, as he felt the walls of her tight little hole, spasm around his fingers. She was cumming, and hard! All of his senses were assaulted as she did. His mouth filled with her juices, as his ears filled with her screams. All her could taste was her, and all he could hear was her. At the same time his nostrils flared at her smell, nothing but her musk and the soft sweet smell of her recently cleaned body, mixed together to an intoxicating degree. His eye’s drank in the sight of her heaving chest as she almost hyper-ventilated her way through the intense orgasm she was currently experiencing, and finally, as she shuddered powerfully, letting the orgasm flow through her, all he could feel was the pulsating tight grip her dripping wet hole had around his fingers. How her pussy was begging for him to be deeper in her, begging for his rock hard dick inside her.
He slowed his tongue and fingers to allow her to come down from the atmosphere, she had quite obviously penetrated during her orgasm, and he slid his fingers out of her cunt, which stayed open, inviting him inside. He would gladly oblige. He moved himself up her body, positioning his face above hers and laying a kiss on her lips. She was still breathing heavily, recovering from her thunderous orgasm, but she was more than happy to taste herself on his lips and with her eyes closed, she let out a small moan of delight at his touch. Her hands, shaking with pleasure, caressed his face and shoulder, as they shared the tender kiss, and he slowly swivelled his hips into the correct position to slide his erection into her hot and wet hole. Just the bulbous head of his cock touching against her open cunt made her let out another moan, and as he slid himself slowly deeper inside, she let out a breath and opened her eyes to stare into his.

James had never looked into a girls eye’s as he’d fucked her before, but with Sarah, something was different. He couldn’t take his eyes away from hers. As she stared deeply into the green of his, he stared into her bright blue, and he was frozen for a moment as he realised what was happening, that this moment was it. This moment was everything he had been looking for over the past twenty-five years. As he stared into her eyes, kissing her gently, he moved his hips back and forth, slowly at first. Sliding deep inside her, and then back out again. With each thrust Sarah let out a little “Oh” of excitement, and as James began to speed up his rhythm, her appreciation became even more obvious. She became high pitched, and each time his entire length entered her she let out a new “Oh”, eventually biting her bottom lip in order to quieten herself. Unfortunately for her, this only intensified James’s resolve and he plunged his cock in harder and deeper into her tight pussy. His thrusts quickened and her moaning became all her could hear. His balls slapped against her ass, and he could feel them bulging, ready to explode inside her once more. He had never felt a moment like this before and as her cunt tightened around his thick cock and pulsated with her newest orgasm, he to let out a guttural roar as his cock exploded with the most powerful orgasm he’d had yet. His thrusts became jagged and uneven and Sarah grabbed his hair in her fingers, pulling him down towards her and kissing every inch of his face that she could.

“Oh my God!” She breathed, “Oh my God. Oh God. I love you. Oh God. So much.”

As the last of his spunk sprang forth from his cock, he collapsed onto her and she held him close. Their sweat intermingling, their juices one, he lifted his head and lay a kiss on her shoulder.

“I love you to,” He uttered, through ragged breaths.

They fell asleep like that. In each other’s arms, on top of the bed covers, completely unaware that their lives had just changed forever.
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