PART 9/13 ~ Wolf amongst the lambs
For the next three days, Wesley sprawled in the big house, avoiding
Lara. The boys had went away to see their uncle and he counted every
second they were gone, yearning to hear their little voices again. In
his mind, the pictures of the last days they had spent together were
dancing, a cruel spectacle played out on the back of his eyelids.

That Saturday, he walked in the corridors. He hadn't sex in a while
and his dick was begging him for action. Gordon rushed by him, kicking
a ball.

"Come here Gordon!" he shouted.

The eight-year-old approached him with an inquisitive look on his face.
Wesley put his arm around his small chest and whispered to his ear:

"Remember when I told you I would show you what to do with a girl?"

"Uh uh"

"Well, I'm ready to teach you now."

"Okay." answered the tyke with a devilish grin. He followed Wesley to one of
the guest's rooms where the twelve-year-old knew they wouldn't be
bothered. Wesley drank in the beautiful boy a few moments. Sitting on the
bed, Gordon let his little legs dangle above the carpet, awaiting the next

"First you have to get naked." Wesley said.

The naive boy didn't mind. He removed his fancy shoes and puffy shirt.
Then he stood up to continue his strip-tease, pulling down his trousers,
removing his socks until he was only clad with tiny red underwear.

Wesley decided to have the honor of taking them off. Slowly, he slid
them along the child's skinny legs and contemplated his small tanned body.
Even his crotch and firm little buns were tanned. Only the sole of his feet
was white. He wanted to hug the kid and caress his smooth brown skin but that
would have probably scared him.

Instead he looked down at his hairless sack and noticed something.

"You have only one ball?!" he asked.

"Of course not, I have both!" answered Gordon looking at his crotch. With
two fingers he pressed a bulge in his groin, near his soft little prick.
The testicle popped out and dropped next to his twin in the scrotum.

"Do that again!" Wesley grinned.

The little boy, proud of his achievement, pinched his nuts like cherry
pits and they disappeared in his pubic mound. He pressed the two little
bulges and they popped out again. It was so funny, Wesley couldn't help
but giggle. He attempted the same trick but it hurt too much.

"Have you been with a girl?" Gordon asked bluntly.

"Sure." Wesley lied. This project had been on his mind for days and he
didn't want to spoil it. "Let's pretend your the girl and I'll show you
what to do."

He kissed him on the lips and sucked his hard nipples. Much to his
surprise, he found that Gordon was enjoying it too. His little penis
suddenly rose between his thigh like a miniature wax candle. The guileless
little sap was gonna let him do anything he wanted! Wes thought. He
undressed quickly, comparing the whiteness of his skin to the sweet
dark color of Gordon.

"And then? and then?" asked the curious child.

"Then the girl sucks the boy's dick." Wes retorted.

Gordon knelt in front of him and grabbed his erection in his tiny hand.
Wesley felt the boy's lips wrap around his penis. This was gonna be great.
Gordon took half of his cock in his warm mouth and began sucking on it.
Days of pent-up sexual tension were released. He interlaced his fingers
in the kid's black hair to show him he was doing good, encouraging him
to suction his boymeat better.

The hardness of his pointy teeth against his knob sent jolts of
pleasure in his cock. He pulled it out from his hungry mouth and asked him
to lick only the head with his hot little tongue. Gordon obliged merrilly,
darting his tiny tongue at his pisshole. He had to tell him to stop just
as he was about to come.

"Then you stick it inside the girl." he said.

"Where? Where?" asked the boy.

"There!" he answered pointing at his little bare behind.

Innocently, Gordon bent over the edge of the bed while he searched for
lotion in the drawers. There was lotion in all the rooms and he tought it
was damn convenient. With his cock all slicked up, he came back to his
little partner.

He made him spread his legs wide and hold his asscheeks open. The tiny
pink anus winked seductively. He couldn't believe it. Deflowering that boy
was so easy! He already looked forward to doing his twin brother the next day.

"You're so lucky to have done this with a girl." Gordon peeped.

"I'll stick it in and you'll tell me how it feels afterwards." Wesley

"Yes. I'll tell you." promised the child.

He forced his knob in his asshole and Gordon yelped.

"Oooooo it's so big"

He grabbed the kid's buns harder and penetrated more of his organ
into him, slowly gliding his cock in and out enjoying the view of the cute
little butt with his pipe protruding from the tight hole.

Just as Gordon was getting used to his cock inside him, he picked up
the pace to really show him what anal coitus was like. The bed began to
shake and Gordon's necklace swung back and forth everytime he shoved his
penis inside his narrow rectum.

"UHhh Uhhh Uhhh uhhhh uhhhh how long does it last?" Gordon demanded.

"Ohhh a little while longer.." Wesley moaned.

He tried inserting all of his four inches inside the boy's tiny ass,
but the lad was too small and his tiny hole couldn't take his last inch.
Dumbfounded, he started to sodomise him as hard as he could.

Gordon let go of his buns and gripped the bed covers.

"Ouchhh aowooww slower! go slower!" he screamed.

Much too overcome with lust, Wesley continued pumping his little ass.
He sensed that the boy had changed his mind, he wanted to get up.

"Oh yeah... oh yeah it's gonna be over soon Gordon. ohhhh" he hissed,
pushing back the kid on the bed. He fucked him faster and harder getting
the rhythm to go his way. But there was nothing he could do or say to
convince Gordon how enjoyable this could be. The boy kept struggling to
get away and he had to push him down again and again.

"Argggg stop! I don't wanna do it anymore. Arggg" Gordon yelled.

Wesley became nervous and pushed the boy's head in the mattress to
muffle his screams. What if Sir Mitchell heard him and discovered he was
fucking his son? He would probably kill him.

For a second, he pondered about what the three months on the streets had
done to his mind, turned him into a monster.

He considered climaxing right away but since the child didn't behave,
he decided to buttslam him another ten minutes. Letting him really feel his
hard cock brush against his intestines.

After a while, Gordon stopped squirming. He wiggled his little behind
indicating he might start to enjoy it.

Wesley orgasmed with a few savage thrusts and shot torrents of hot spunk
in his young ass. Gordon sighed, finally delivered from the pain as the
turgid penis soften inside his rectum. It popped out on its own.

Wesley leaned to kiss and comfort the sweaty boy. He parted his
asscheeks to examine his work and grinned at the gaping butthole.


The next morning, Wesley smeared some lotion on his thobbing
little dick and started looking for Glenn. It was early and he knew only
him and the twin boys would be awake. His lubed prick was hurting in his
shorts, but he wanted to be ready. Hard and oiled for the kid.

All night, his dreams had been filled with the images of Glenn's
little bum and his hard cock slamming between his tanned buttocks.
Several times, he had to control himself and not jack off.

He found Gordon playing in the hallway and the thought of doing him
again flashed through his mind. But he wasn't innocent anymore and all
along his plan was to deflower his twin brother. At least, now he knew
Glenn was alone somewhere in the house and the thought aroused him almost
to the brink of orgasm.

His heart was beating fast. The thrill of the chase was as exciting as
the sex. Maybe his twin had told him to watch out for him?

No. Gordon wasn't in his room. Nor in the playroom. Nor outside. Where
the hell was he hiding? The lad's absence was starting to exasperate
Wesley. Damn he was gonna get it.

In a desperate attempt, he tried the kitchen. Glenn was playing on the
floor next to a group of servants preparing the morning's breakfast.
The eight-year-old was still in his white nightgown. The piece of cloth
was clinging to every curb of his little body.

'There you are little fuck' he said to myself. Glenn kept wiggling on the
floor, moving his wooden toys, showing him every angle of his small body,
almost teasing him. He wanted to jump on him and fuck him right there in
front of everybody, drool all over him.

In his mind he was assraping Glenn and the servants were cheering him on.
"Finally someone is teaching Master Glenn a good lesson!" they yelled.
"That's it make him squeal!"

The boy stood up abruptly and Wesley hid behind the doorway. Glenn grabbed
his ass and ran away. From a distance, Wes followed him. Stalking his
every move. Like a deer, Glenn ran in the hallways, almost flying, until he
reached the water closet and slammed the door behind him.

He needed to take a crap! Perfect, the twelve-year-old thought. This time
he would be able to shove all of his four inches inside, unlike the day
before with his twin brother. He waited until Glenn was finished, hoping he
would wipe his little rear end properly.

"Hi Glenn." he said as the imp opened the door. "Come with me, I have a new
game to show you!"

The boy smiled and followed him innocently to his room, the farthest of
all of them. Wesley closed the door behind and sat the kid on the bed.

"We're gonna play 'prisoner'."

He turned him around and tied his hands with a piece of cloth. Glenn
giggled hysterically, ready to play the new game. My god, he was as naive
as his twin brother! Wes shook his head.

"Now close your eyes! I have a surprise!" he grinned.

Glenn chuckled and shut his little eyes. Wesley undressed quickly,
almost ripping the shirt from his back. In a matter of seconds he was naked
except for his plaid socks.

He walked slowly over to the bed, his hard boydick wagging between
his legs. "Don't open your eyes yet!". He clenched the child's ankle
and pushed them back to his head, rolling him into a ball. Glenn's
nightgown slipped to his stomach revealing his tanned lower body. He
hoisted his body over the boy's and pinned his knees to the bed. His
small buttocks were parted in that position, the tiny coveted pink
hole right in between.

"What are you doing?" Glenn squirmed as he opened his eyes. He looked at
the older boy's glistening hairless hard cock and realized immediatly where
it was headed.

Wesley lowered his hips slightly until his penis was in the crack of
his butt then looked at the face of the frightened boy. "I'm gonna stick
it in you! You're gonna like it!" he muttered.

"Nooo. Please Wes... I don't wanna play anymore."

Wesley smiled. The boy could not move an inch. He was gonna deflower
his second virgin in two days!

Even though Glenn was sobbing and anguished, he didn't react. It was
like he had been taken over by a lustful beast. He wanted to comfort
Glenn, tell him how great it was when he was fucked in the ass but at the
same time, he wanted him to feel how much stronger and powerful than him
he was.

With his hands full from holding the boy's legs, all he could do was
take aim and try to penetrate his stiff rod in the boy's bottom without
his hands. Glenn's breathings got heavier as his young penis touched his
anus and slipped off his tanned little behind.

He could see this was torture for the kid. He locked his eyes on his
face and finally managed to push his swollen glans in the tight hole.

"OWWWWWWWWW it hurts! OWWWWW" Glenn screamed.

"Shhhh" snapped Wesley. His cock was enlarging the kid's anal ring now. He
felt like he was entering the neck of a bottle. His head popped in the
empty rectum and he forced all his four inches inside until his hips were
resting on Glenn's little brown ass.

"UHhh OWWWWWWW" the child screamed again.

"Shut up! or I'll beat you up too!"

Glenn raised his head all teary eyed and couldn't believe that the entire
prick was inside him just below his small testicles.

"You see!" Wesley said with a wicked smile. "It fits right in!"

He raised his hips until his knob was almost out of his asshole and
shoved it inside again. The kid was much more fun to fuck than his brother
and he decided to start slowly, to savour his tight little asshole.

"Uhhhh uhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh" cried Glenn. He closed his eyes and opened
them repeatedly, probably praying this was only a bad dream.

For the first time in his life, Wesley had complete control. He raised
his hips again and gave a few quick jabs in the boy's ass. The kid's wails
were flattering to his raging hormones and he began to sodomise him with all
his might.

His entire prick was invading the boy's backside, moving in and out
steadily. Glenn's little face was inches from his and he could see all
the new feelings he was putting him through. A mix of pain, pleasure and
fear. "Uhhh fuck uhhhh it's so good uhhh uhhhh your ass is great! uhh"
he moaned.

He literally bounced on the boy's body, driving his cock deep inside
his empty passage. Glenn shook his head from side to side with
each vigorous thrust of his young penis.

The kid's virgin ass was too tight and Wesley had to stop many times,
his pecker anchored in the warm cavern. When the tingly jolts of pre-
orgasm had faded away, he could work on the eight-year-old's behind
with the same lust.

His balls were heavy now. He kissed the boy's sweaty forehead and began
ramming his hard dick like it was his last buttfuck. The bed creaked and
Glenn cried. The skin of his asshole was stretched all around his rod as
it sped up.

Suddenly, the level of stimulation peaked. He groaned and shot a creamy
load inside the boy's butt just as he was pulling out his dick. The second
gush of semen flew from his red knob and splashed Glenn's boyish face.
His young body twitched and he came again hitting his brownish nipples with
his burning sperm.

-- end of part 9


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Great story, to bad others are to childish to understand it.


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wtf is this bloody shit. its bout a fuckin gay kid

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