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Svetlana gets some cum
It was about 9:00AM when I woke up to the feeling of a warm mouth and tongue engulfing my now growing love muscle. I looked down and seen her laying on my legs, watching her sweet blonde haired head moving slowly up and down my now fully erect flesh pole. I watch as she goes the whole way down to the base of my cock, and then return to the top with just the tip remaining in her mouth, swirling her tongue over the head and then pull it out the whole way and slide her mouth along the outside of my shaft. ( It's been years since this was done to me, since my wife died and MAN! Was she good!)

Svetlana looks up at me and smiles when she sees that I am awake. She goes down one more time and then moves up my body, sliding her tits across my cock, along my stomach and chest, and finally resting her wet pussy just above my throbbing cock. She moves closer to my face, opens her mouth slightly and angles her head as our lips touch on the first kiss of the morning. Our tongues invade each other's mouths, swirling and dancing across each other's lips and then abck in our mouths again. (MAN! Was she a good too!)

We kept kissing more and more, getting hotter by the moment, rubbing my hands along her back and down the sides of her ass, and then return back up as she lifts up to accept my hands over her B-cup titties, squeezing them softly and rolling my fingers across her already hardened nipples. She grinds her wet pussy against the top of my pelvic bone and puts her hands on the top of my sholders as she moves her hips down until the lips of her pussy are against my throbbing cock. She wiggles her dripping wet pussy lips against my dick soaking the head to make it easier to go in. I feel her put more pressure on the head of my dick as she pushes down harder.

My hard cock slides past her labia and right into her soaking tight vagina. I was about halfway in her and she pulls it almost the whole way out and then would push it in a little further each time, lubing my shaft, until our pelvic bones are meshed against each other. She lifts herself up from my chest, moves her leges forward holding my dick deep in her wet pussy. She just sits there very still and starts to squeeze her pussy muscles tight, gripping my dick and then letting go and then gripping it again. Every time she does this I can feel her hot juices pushing out of her sweet little love hole and down onto my balls making then sticky and warm.

I can tell I was having an effect on her as well as my dick is touching her cervix and being pushed against it as she squeezes each time. She keeps squeezing more and more and her head is pointing torwards the ceiling now. She starts to move her hips forward and backwards, lubing my throbbing membrane and covering my balls even more with her love juice. She leans back, puts her hands on my knees and pushes her pussy hard into my now raging cock. In this position I am hitting her G-spot hard, rubbing across it and sending her over the edge as her body shivers and leaving out a loud moan. I feel her pussy muscles pulsing and the oh so good feeling of the gush of fluid from her orgasm flowing past my hardened flesh pole. (She has got my pelvic area soaking wet! SWEET!)

I let her come down from her orgasm and her mind to return from her euphoria. Her pussy is still twitching and her body would tremble with even the littlest of movement as her insides were still sensitive. She leans back forward again and start moving her hips to give me my climax now. She picks her hips up and back down, making the most of the movement of her tight walls and my swelled head sliding inside her sweet virgina. She realizes that I am getting close as my head keeps pushing harder into her cervix. she picks up her pace and I can feel her pussy tightening up for another orgasm. I hold on as long as I can, but the feeling of her pussy tightening up, my dick kissing her cervix opening sends me over the edge.

I pushed hard back into her, opening her cervix with my head, and squirting load after hot load of baby batter right into her womb. She feels the hot gush and sends her over the edge too, milking my dick with her love muscles, and pulling my cum further into her.

Svetlana collapses on top of me and lays there for a few minutes. Both of us breathing hard and slowly calming down as my slowly deflating dick finally falls out of her now finely fucked love hole. She gets her composure looks up at me and says; "I'll go get my shower and go back out to the couch so the girls don't know what we did. I don't want to upset your daughter or mine till we can officially start dating. OH MY! You do want us to start seeing each other, Don't you?" I look up at her concerned face telling her; " Lana (nickname I always used for her full name) I definately want to date you. In fact, I have wanted to see you for a long time, and I think I am already in love with you too. We will take it public a little at a time and make sure the girls are happy too. but I would say the way those two already get along with each other and the way each of the girls like us together that we will not have much problem. So the answer is definately YES!" She gets a tear in her eye, leans over and kisses me, jumps up, and heads off to the bathroom, thats down the hall, skipping like a kid in a candy store.

I slowly get up still recovering from the best fucks I have ever had in my life over the weekend. I had popped Natalia's cherry and my daughter Rachelle's cherry and managed to make love to Svetlana, (Natalia's mom). I move to the shower in my bedroom get in and wash my now well used dick off of all the sweet pussy juice of Svetlana. I can still smell the mixture of her perfume and the mixture of our love juices together as I clean the rest of my body. (That woman smells soooo good!) I get out of the shower, dry myself off, and head to the bed to change the sheets, before my daughter wakes up and might come in and find what we had done the night before and this morning. I lay back down and wait for a little while to make sure Svetlana is back on the couch and I can call the kids to get up.

Tell me what you think of this chapter. (This is the first time I have ever written a story in my life starting with chapter # 1. I

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It seems you forgot who was originally sleeping on the couch.

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wonderful deion of a fuck. reminds me of when i am fucking my own daughter's tight cunt. i fuck her after school, Leila is just 11......she takes my whole nine inches of cock.
she loves to fuck, she bites, kicks and digs my back when I am all the ways up her cunthole. She cums lots, and so do I inside her. I have filled her belly full of hot sperm so much.

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