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Kristina had been out for a night with the girls. She had been drinking vodka all night and was starting to feel ready for her bed.
She had spent the night dancing and flirting with the boys.
This along with the vodka had made her very horny, but she knew she had to wait to get home to take care of herself.
As she stood in the taxi line she also started to feel like she needed the toilet. Thinking that she wouldn't take long to get home and she decided to wait.

Soon it was her turn and a blue BMW pulled up. She opened the door and got in the back seat. She looked at the driver and thought wow he is not bad. She told him where she wanted to go and the car pulled off.
"you had a goodnight then" he said.
"yeah it was good. I had a good dance a few drinks and flirted a bit what more could a girl want" replied Kristina.
"ha ha ha true. so are you a good dancer"
"yeah i'm ok but I think I dance to rude sometimes. People get the wrong idea"
"doesn't sound that bad if you ask me"

As the journey carried on the made a bit small talk until Kristina said she needed to go to the loo.
As they were in the middle of nowhere the driver suggested he find a quiet place to pull over and she can go there.
Kristina agreed as she was dying to go.

The driver pulled off the main road onto a side street and the carried on until the were in a quiet industrial estate.
Kristina hurried out and ran behind a bush.
while she was there she took off her thong and put it in her bag. What the hell she thought i'll be home soon anyway.
She got back in the car and sat back in the back seat.
"better" said the driver.
"much better thanks" Kristina replied
"good, besides i would fancy cleaning the seats later on" he said
"so you would have liked to watched me tho you kinky bugger" Kristina said
"ha ha maybe"
"nah i'm a good boy honest" he said
"shame" Kristina said sounding disappointed
"well depends on who i've got to be naughty with" he said

Now Kristina was relieved of needing to pee she started to get her horny urges back. She decided to start having a bit of fun with the driver.
She pulled her dress up a little revealing her thighs.
"so do you get many girls offering services so they don't have to pay. By the way I'm Kristina" she said
"I'm Danny and yeah you do every now and then" he said
"so do you ever take them up on the offer"
"not really. usually ones who offer are a bit on the rough side. but every now and again you get a sexy lass who is well worth it"
"so wot if i was to offer you some entertainment"
"mmmmm such as"
"well i can start with show for you then see how it goes"

With that Kristina lay back in her seat and pulled down her top revealing one of her breasts and started to play with the nipple. Dannylegs adjusted the mirror so that he had a perfect view of her. He had noticed she had spread her legs as she lay back and noticed she wasn't wearing any underwear. He felt his cock starting to grow hard at the sight of this.

"do you like what your seeing"
"mmmmm yeah but what else do i get to see"
"oh dont worry there is more to come" as she said that her dressed was pulled down even further and she was playing with both nipples. She lifted one of her legs up on to the back of the passenger seat showing her shaven pussy lips.
She moved her hand down to pussy and started to rub her clit.
Danny was hard now. His cock was pressing tight against his jeans.

Kristina continued to play with her nipples and clit as Danny continued driving trying to find a place to pull over.

Eventually he found a deserted car park in a very quiet area. He undid his seat belt and turned to watch her.
Kristina was now starting to slide he fingers in between her lips as she did this she started to moan.
Her pussy was soaking and aching now. She needed to orgasm.
Danny reached across and lifted her other leg up so it was on his seat he started rub her calf's and the inside of her thighs and started to kiss her ankles.
Kristina was becoming more turned on.
Danny reached out and grabbed her breast and started to play with her nipple. She was moaning harder now and his lips on her ankles and hands on her nipple she was rubbing her clit and pussy even harder. She could feel herself getting nearer to cumming.

Danny then slid his hand down to her pussy and started to finger her too. One of Danny's and one of Kristina's fingers were going in and out of her pussy at the same time. she was mega turned on by this and Danny could feel her becoming more and more wetter. He was dying to taste her and lick her nipples.
Then suddenly he slid his finger out of her pussy and moved it down to her tight little arse. His finger was so wet that as he was circling her tight little hole she could feel it starting to go further in. Now she was insatiable and her moaning became harder and her breathing heavier.
Soon enough she was writhing around and bucking away forcing his finger all the way into her arse as she had 2 fingers of her own in her pussy.
Suddenly she started to scream out and he knew she was cumming. Her pussy juices were running down to her arse keeping his finger wet.
When she came it was intense her whole body shook. Danny took his finger out of her arse and looked at her sitting there breathing heavy still and almost naked. He tits were moving up and down as the was breathing. He couldn't wait to finish work so he could wank thinking of her.

"wow" he said "well you certainly don't have to pay". He turned away and moved to start the car engine.
Suddenly he felt 2 wet fingers come from behind him and move into his mouth. Her juices tasted amazing and sweet.
Then I a voice that sounded horny and slutty Kristina said "oh you haven't finished yet" and her hand moved down to the bulge in his pants.
"I want that in me now"

Danny got out of the car and walked around to the back door.
He climbed in and lay down. Kristina moved instantly to the buttons on his jeans and pulled out his rock hard cock. She eagerly moved her head to down to the tip of his cock and started to lick it.

Danny moaned with excitement as Kristina started to lick up and down the length of his cock making sure it was completely wet. She then started sucking and playing with his balls. Danny's moaning became louder he loved having that done.
She then moved her way back to the tip of his cock and teasingly wrapped her lips around the top and started to gently suck.
She then took a bit more of it in her mouth and started sucking harder. Danny could feel the pressure building in his cock.
He could tell Kristina knew what she was doing. She was amazing.

She started to take more and more of the length of his cock inside of her wet mouth until she had nearly his whole cock in her throat.
She sucked his cock and pumped the shaft with one hand and stroked his balls and in between his balls and arse with the other. This pushed him over the edge.

He said to Kristina "babe if you keep doing that i'm going to cum".
Kristina looked up her eyes filled with lust " i know, i wanna taste you. I want you to cum in my mouth".
With that she carried on sucking harder than before. Danny knew he was cumming. He grabbed the back of Kristina's head as he felt the surge starting suddenly his cock erupted. He could feel wave after wave of orgasm and Kristina swallowing every single bit.
Danny lay back feeling great. That was the best blow jobs he had ever had.
Kristina looked at him smiling "was that good for you sexy".
"oh yeah babe the best I've ever had".
"good i aim to please".

Kristina that leaned over and started to kiss Danny hard one the lips. Their tongues inside each others mouths.
Danny moved his hand up and started playing with Kristina's nipple. She started to kiss him harder again. She moved her hand down to his cock and started to stroke it. She could feel it becoming hard again. She wanted to feel it inside of her.
Danny moved himself to face her and lowered his head down to take one of her nipples in his mouth while he played with the other. Kristina was soaking and aching for Danny's hardening cock inside of her again.
He lay back against the seat and told Kristina to climb on.
She lifted he leg over to straddle him and lowered herself down. Danny took her nipple back in his mouth again.
Danny could feel her pussy was wet the tip of his cock slid into her hole but the further it went the tighter it became. Kristina moaned with pleasure as she felt his cock push inside of her.
She the started to move her hips up and down she was riding him hard. Her tits we're bouncing up and down. Danny was watchin her.
She flung her head back as she rode him. She was in heaven right now. She'd been gagging for this for ages.
Danny clenched his hands on her arse cheeks occasionally spanking her. With every smack Kristina fucked him a little harder and moaned a little louder.

Danny could feel he getting tighter around his cock. He knew this was a sign she was about to cum.
She screamed louder and grabbed Danny's head and forced her nipple into his mouth and made his hand grab the other other one.
This was too much for Kristina and she screamed and orgasmed almost straight away.

Her hips slowed down now a she started to relax.
Danny told her to get up. He wasn't finished with her yet.
He told her to get out the car. As she did he followed her out he walked around to the front of the car and told her bend over the bonnet.
She obediently did as she was told. As she bent over she exposed her lovely looking shaved pussy and fantastically shaped arse.
He was wondering whether to try slide his cock into her tight arse but thought it was a bit to much for now.
He positioned he cock right next to her pussy lips and started to ease his way into her tight little hole. She moaned softly as he started to gently thrust in and out of her tight wet pussy.
His movements became faster and harder. He pulled her hair saying "do you like that"
"yeah babe I love it".
"you want it harder"
"yeah babe fuck me harder. I wanna feel your hard cock fuck me hard".

Danny got harder and faster. Kristina started to moan louder, he knew they were both going to climax.
He turned her over and lay her back on the bonnet and put her legs on his shoulders. He started to fuck her and kissed her.
He felt so deep inside of her.
They both started to moan and kiss each other hard. They both knew the other was going to cum.
And then it happened. Kristina orgasmed hard, Danny exploded inside of her.
Danny lay down on top of her, his cock still inside of her they kept kissing for a few more seconds. Until the broke away. Danny pulled himself out of her. His cock was soaking he walked around to the door and looked for somethin to clean himself with.
Kristina stopped him.
"here i'll clean that for you" she bent down and licked the his semi hard cock all over until it was clean.
She the pulled her dress up and covered herself up properly.
She climbed in the front seat looking totally satisfied.
Danny started the car and pulled away.

"well that was the best taxi ride i've ever had" Kristina said smiling.
"mmmmmmmm well your the best passenger I've ever had"
"I'll make sure to ask for you the next time I need a ride"
"It'll be my pleasure sexy"
"maybe we could find somewhere a bit cosier with a bed too"
"next time we will"
"good I might go out next week now"
"babe anytime you wanna taxi you can text me, free of charge of course". Danny handed her a card.

They arrived at Kristina's house and she leaned over and kissed Danny hard one the lips. "Thanks for the ride babe".
With that she got out and walked to her front door.
She lifted her dress and gave Danny one last flash of her arse before she went inside.

Danny looked in his mirrors before he pulled away. He noticed somethin on the back seat. Kristina had left him a little present. Her thong was still on the seat. He reached back and picked it up. It was still soaking from her pussy.

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