PART 10/13 ~ Double The Sin
"Join me in my office Wesley." Mr. Mitchell said as he passed the
blond twelve-year-old boy in the corridor.

Wesley entered the study and sat on the chair in front of the man's desk.
Thoughts raced in his mind. Had the twins spilled their guts? How
painfully would Mr. Mitchell handle his appalling behavior? He wanted to
plead: 'I couldn't control myself... I'm just a boy... my hormones are
stronger than me! and let's not forget the twins have adorable little

The big man stood in front of him, enjoying the sight of his young self
squirming in the oversized chair.

"Well Wesley... I have made arrangements for you to go to Borden private
school. I'm sure you will enjoy it there. The twins are already quite a
handful for the private tutor and you would be an unwelcomed burden for her.
You can understand?"

"Yes sir." Wesley responded bowing his head.

"You will leave tomorrow." the man added raising his chin. "I think it's
better for you to leave this house as soon as possible. You are a bad
influence for Gordon and Glenn."

Tears rolled in Wesley's eyes when the names of his two playthings were
mentionned. He would probably never see them again.

"I will pay for your education and everything regarding your stay at the
boarding school." Mr. Mitchell continued. "However I'm not one to give
things for free as you would have found out if you'd had the time to
get accustomed to my ways. Can you think of a way to repay me?"

Wesley was confused. How could a poor orphan boy like him pay for such
a huge debt? Mr. Mitchell rubbed the nape of neck with his big hand.

"Looking at you, I am reminded of some nights ago... of that little
mouth of yours doing wonders..." the man smiled.

So he was the voyeur, I'm not the only naughty boy in this house!
Wesley thought silently.

The big man pulled his blond head closer to his crotch without saying a
word. Wesley looked up in his eyes and his nimble fingers began
unbutonning the man's gray trousers, making sure this was really what he
wanted, hearing Mr. Mitchell's breathing suddenly getting heavier. He
lowered his underpants and gazed at the first adult penis he'd seen so

The large piece of uncut meat hung low and he couldn't believe he
was about to eat the thing that had made the two beautiful boys he had
fucked the day before. The man pulled his nose in his pubic hair and the
limp piece of flesh began to rise under his chin. He kissed the
uncircumcised head and went to work on the large testicles, licking and
bitting the heavy sack.

Mr. Mitchell moaned under the boy's ministrations, looking down at
his little pink tongue extended and tickling his swollen cockhead. His
hard prick stood straight up in front of the child's soft face. He longed to
thrust it in his mouth, cum down his throat. But he let the kid explore
his warm flesh with his little hands on his own term, slowly swallowing
more of his manmeat.

Wesley moved his head forward, barely able to wrap his lips around the
large pole. He could feel the heat as it entered his mouth. The strong
male aroma of the adult filled his nose, invading his lungs. When most
of the man's penis was in his mouth, he swirled his tongue around the
sensitive knob, sending the large adult into an ocean of pleasure.

With much difficulty, he bobbed his head on the huge shaft, tasting
the incredible hardness of the phallus. His right hand played with the
man's hairy balls, squeezing them, tugging them.

"Oh yeahhh... you suck so good kid..." Mr. Mitchell hissed, patting
Wesley's blond hair.

Encouraged by the man's word, Wesley tried to open his mouth even
wider, to take more of the large tool. And the man fed him his cock,
swaying his hips to thrust his monster prick inside his little mouth.
Wesley lips turned to leeches, suctionning the iron-like flesh. Higher
and higher, he lifted the man's spirit to another plane of bliss.

He sucked harder and harder, seeing the sweat cascade on the man's
face from the corner of his eyes. The room reeled with adult groans of
pleasure. He could feel the orgasm coming stronger and stronger in the
vibrant organ.

Mr. Mitchell bucked his hips suddenly and grabbed his head in his
powerful grip. Like the blast from a canon, a burning jet of cream shot
in the back of his throat. Wesley gagged on the abundant sauce. The
torrential flow of sperm filled his mouth almost instantly. As he gulped
down the poweful squirts of jism, the man pulled out his penis from his
hungry lips.

Five more white ropes of manjuice spurted in his face. He could see
the piss hole expanding to blow the viscous load on him. His gaping oral
cavity provided a perfect receptacle, but still the random jets missed
the mark time and time again, and splashed his cute mug.


Like every night, Wesley scooted to the twins' bedroom in the middle
of the night. They had seperate rooms but inevitably he found them
together, huddled in one bed. How he loved to watch them sleep, their
golden limbs tangled up. As if they were going back to the womb,
becoming one again.

This was to be the last time he would witness the precious spectacle
of the little angels. He tiptoed to the door, anxious to wash his eyes
with the two eight-year-olds in their white gowns, lost in the oversized
satin bed, entwined, almost frozen in an everlasting kiss.

But he didn't find them asleep. That's for sure. Their night gowns
were thrown carelessly on the carpet and they rolled naked on the big
bed, rough housing like bear cubs. The symphony of giggles stopped
suddenly as the boys acknowledged his presence. They paused a moment
and stood up, their tiny erections jutting in front of their pint-sized
identical bodies.

Wesley gazed at their incomparable beauty. He stared paralyzed until
they jumped hysterically in a pre-pubescent frenzy, continuing their
little celebration. Gordon sprawled on the mattress, pulling on his
twin's body. He ground his crotch against him, rubbing his baby hard-on
on the smooth skin of his sibbling.

They twirled in front of Wesley's eyes. The poor boy, over-excited,
sought refuge from sexual dizziness in a comfortable leather-couch. And
he watched. He watched as Gordon held his brother's penis, running his
tiny fingers all over the tanned genitals. He watched as the boy with a
wicked look in his direction, opened his mouth and swallowed the turgid

At both ends, the two boys sucked their hairless little dinks, awkwardly
covering them with a layer of saliva. Wesley couldn't believe his eyes.
His cock threatened to explode in his underpants. He released his
throbbing member and caressed it idly while he watched the two kids in
the throes of a sixty-nine. Once in a while, a smile meant for him
flashed on their cute faces.

The high-pitched moans of the kids exhilarated him. They suctionned
their penises with the passion of a courtesan. The whole scene changed
when Glenn thrust his little butt in his brother's face. The other boy
spread the firm cheeks, almost teasing Wesley with them and took a long
swipe at the hairless crack. He darted his tongue at the tiny deflowered
hole, relishing the familiar flavor of his brother.

Glenn giggled, masturbating his immature dick and thoroughly enjoying
the slippery probe. That was it! Wesley crawled to the bed and added his
tongue to the party. He snaked his bigger oral instrument in the tight little
asshole, making Glenn crazy with pleasure. Gordon, who had been denied
access to his brother's boyhole grabbed Wesley's cock, determined to
erase all of the transparent pre-cum oozing on the four inch rod.

For the next minutes, Wesley lost track of the events. His body
undulated amidst the two golden boys. He sucked tiny pricks and a
soothing mouth he didn't know to whom it belonged did the same to his
pulsing penis. His hands roamed on their smooth skin, his tongue danced
on their boycocks and assholes, his fingers tweaked their erect

All the while, visions of toes cramping up with pleasure and grimaces
of ecstasy paraded in front of his eyes like in his dreams. Giggles and
moans were the soundtrack to the forbidden orgy.

He found himself on all fours, eating anything he could find in
between Gordon's spread legs. The incredible expressions of delight in
the little boy's face was the ultimate reward as he held the little
penis between his fingers, holding back the imp's foreskin to lavishly
savour the delectable wet little pink dickhead.

Behind him, Glenn's miniature tongue tickled his sensitive pucker. He
could feel later the lad's sticky digits poking inside him, then the warm
intrusion of his young penis deep in his rectum. Caught in the sandwich
of horny boys, Wesley was radiant. He wanted the moment to last forever.

Gordon pulled on his blond hair, urging him to suck harder. He
obliged happilly, pumping the little pecker with his lips as Glenn
pistonned his ass with more and more vigor. Both boys came inside him.
Gordon's little dick flexing on his tongue, while Glenn's orgasm
thundered on the ring of his anus.

Already over their young climax, the twins wrestled Wesley for more
of the good feelings. He responded by caressing them sensuously,
using his mouth all over their bodies.

"Make the white stuff again!" Gordon peeped.

"He can only make it if he puts it in your bum dummy!" Glenn snapped.


"Yes.. he gotta rub it in your bum! Don't you remember? He did it with
ya too? Go first then I'll do it!"

Wesley stared mesmerized as Gordon squatted over his erection. The
bloated knob slid between the bony buttocks, almost naturally searching
for the entrance to the boy's ass.

"That's it, sit on it!" Glenn bawled.

The young lad squirmed, trying to keep his balance over the small
tower of flesh. He lowered his body slowly, impaling himself gently on
the twelve-year-old's cock. Cry was all Wesley could do not to lose the
load of sperm churning in his nutsack. He and Glenn watched his prick
disappear up the lad's chute, until he was sitting completely on the
swollen balls with a smile of satisfaction on his face.

Gordon began bouncing on the hard prong, plunging the warm meat in
his bowels. His identical twin sucked on his boner to alienate the pain
he knew was associated with the delicious activity. A second time,
Gordon orgasmed with the big penis lodged deeply in his stretched little
hole. In between his cries of pleasure he inquired innocently: "Is it
coming Wes! Are you gonna make the white stuff!"

"Uhhhh sooonn!" Wesley cried.

He stabbed a few more times the boy's butt and pulled him to his
chest in a feverish embrace. His exploding tool popped out of the kid's
boyhole, spurting its juice in the air. Quick squirts of hot cream
plastered Gordon's gaping opening and splashed his brown buns. Glenn
eyed the phenomenon, counting the numbers of times the white globs of
seed erupted from the purple crown.

"...4-5. Wow! The white stuff is everywhere!" he cheered, spreading
the fresh cream on his brother's tender butt. "Do it to me Wes!"

"Not yet.." the blond boy panted, catching his breath. For the next
moments, he sprawled on the bed, watching the two insatiable boys play
with each other. Glenn laid on his back and his brother licked him all
over, leaving a glistening trail of spit on his smooth skin. Tiny lips
worked on his tiny erection, suckling the precious morsel.

Wesley encouraged Gordon to stick his fingers up his twin's butthole,
enlarging him for the stiff prick he massaged between his fingers. The
full four inches reached, he crawled to the young child, who was eagerly
awaiting his touch and lust.

His hands danced on the little boy. He nuzzled the nape of his neck,
hearing the rhytmic beat of his little heart. Rolling behind the child, he
wrapped his limbs over him, feeling his warm flesh in his embrace.
Almost naturally, Glenn bent his knees, offering himself to the hardness
poking his buttocks.

"Put it in me now!" he whispered as the rigid member explored the cleft
of his butt.

Time stood still for an instant. Wesley grasped his erection and
guided it to the tight opening, driving it between the firm buns. A low
moan espaces Glenn's mouth as he penetrated the head of his penis. The
clenching anus dilated and he had his hand back to manipulate the kid's
engorged cocklet while he entered his guts slowly, on inch at a time.

The boy tensed-up as he slipped into him, as he took possession of his
insides. When his ballbag hit the rounded globes, the sheer pleasure was
so intense, he feared he would explode inside his rectum right away.
Glenn pushed his hips back, groaning from the pain, but inviting the
older boy to fuck him.

Wesley held onto the kid tightly, watching from the corner of his
eyes Gordon masturbating tenderly. Slowly, he began moving his cock
in and out of the stretched boyhole. The clasping skin strangled his
dick and he had to shove it inside the warm tunnel.

More and more, he grinded against the kid's ass, driving his cock in
the child's depths. Glenn moaned, his small pecker impossibly hard in
Wesley's hand. The room came alive with their intense coupling.

"ohhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhh" Glenn whined, clutching the bed sheets.

Faster and faster, Welsey pounded the full length of his cock inside
his perfect little ass. Enthraled by the sound of their bodies
colliding, he fucked harder, plowing the tiny red hole, source of
ecstasy. His fingernails dug in the delicate tanned skin of the child's
leg as he gripped it forcefully to ram his erection into his backside.

Together they came. Glenn crying, his body jerking from his pre-
pubescent orgasm. Wesley breathing heavy in his ear as he filled him with
his milky fluid.

"Don't do it in him!" Gordon reminded him.

In the middle of his electric climax, Wesley frowned at the idea of
pulling out, but executed frantically, spurting the last globs of his load
on his young partner's little ass.

Not satisfied with the little puddles Wesley was delivering. Gordon
and Glenn continued attacking his tired young prick, determined to suck
out all the boyjuice he could produce. Well into the night, their moans
echoed until finally all of them passed out from exhaustion.


The horse-carriage stopped to a halt in front of the austere
building. Wesley surveyed the castle of gray stones and a cold chill ran
up his spine. His eyes wandered in the vicinity, realizing the fact
that the old school was fiercely protected from the outside world by the
natural environment all around it. This wasn't a school, it was a

A tall man and a fat woman welcomed Mr. Mitchell in front of the
main entrance. The man, obviously the headmaster, was dressed in black,
handling a thin cane Wesley somehow knew he would meet intimately. The
fat woman reeked of disinfectant and her eyes were dead like the sky of
London before a rainstorm. So he listened to the chatter of the adults,
feeling like a toddler.

His perfumed uniform was stinging his tender skin. God, he looked
ridiculous with his long blue socks, gray short pants, impeccable white
shirt and blue blazer. The perfect little schoolboy.

Mr. Mitchell bent to kiss his cheek with cold lips and he was off
with the two strangers in the grandiose establishment. A flock of boys
walked like robots around him, barely looking at him but obviously
curious of his presence.

That's when Wesley saw him, standing in a corner.

"Chris?" he shouted in the direction of the boy.

The child turned around shyly and a smile illuminated his cute mug.

"Is it you!" Wesley cheered. He still looked the same as when he had met
him the first time on the road to London to be sold. His brown hair was
cut neatly, and his warm brown eyes sparkled. The two proeminant
incisors seperating the top row of shiny teeth had grown bigger making him
look even more like a rabbit.

"Come along now!" the headmaster growled.

-- end of part 10

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I felt the eruption of visuvius inside my testicles,and my bed sheet just turned into a frothy mess like Wesley's face after being fucked by Mr. Mitchell. Kudos to the writer,for i myself felt my mind in the horniest state that i've ever experienced while reading the story.


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wheres bestiality?


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