PART 11/13 ~ Educated
In only a couple of days, Wesley learned to walk with his back
straight and his mouth shut. The smell of discipline lingered in the
corridors of the old school. Every day the same hard routine.

At six o'clock, bathing in the cold morning water. The nearby pond
awakened with dozens of naked boys, splashing frantically to send a
little warmth to their limbs. Barely a peep could be heard from the
sleepy bare crowd. Mr. Llyod, the headmaster, wouldn't have let it happen

At seven o'clock. The oatmeal breakfast and one hour later, the
beginning of the classes. Supper was at six at night and the evening
belonged to the boys who most of the times, fell asleep in between the
pages of a heavy book.

On the weekends, all the boys were picked up by their families.
Wesley knew Mr. Mitchell wouldn't show up and dreaded the Saturdays.
He was a bad boy after all, an orphan who did unmentionable things
with his sons.

On the other hand, he had his friend Chris to play with in the empty
school. His adoptive parents didn't show up either. Two nine-year-olds
got the same treatment. So it was the four of them against the Headmaster
and Miss Hampton.

They were allowed to dress more leisurely and Wesley wore sexy small
shorts with a thin sweater while Chris put on blue pants and a sweater
of the same colour.

After dinner, Christopher had in mind of losing the two younger annoying
kids even though Wesley had more interesting thoughts concerning the two
imps. They eventually managed to escape the small boys' attention and
went exploring the pupil's private possessions.

Together, they browsed through the schoolboys' garments, taking out
underwear, pictures of their mothers or sibblings, all in all, enjoyed a
jolly good time imitating everybody's boyish behavior. Their laughters
echoed in the big empty dormitory, swirled in the rows of neatly made
iron beds.

Chris suddenly made a face and Wesley recognized it as his own.

"Hey don't do that!" he yelled at the playful boy.

But Chris continued making the grimace. "Duh I'm a poor orphan.." he
retorded defiantly.

Wesley sprung towards him and they began running around in circle like
young pups in the large room. As he ran, Wesley gazed at his friend's firm
little rear, contemplating each buttock rise and lower.

He gained ground on him and pushed him down on the bed, pounding his
face in the mattress. The cheeky boy laughed hysterically while he was
being beaten up and Wesley joined him. How could he resist that pretty
smile and the dimples in his cheeks?

He laid next to him on the bed, catching his breath. Christopher put his
arm around his shoulders and kissed him on the cheek, giggling like a
romantic fool. "Remember that night in the tent?" the brown-haired boy said,
grinning wickedly. "Do you want me to show you more?"

Wesley nodded, still dizzy by the boy's peck.

Christopher moved closer to him and their hands began to rove around each
others' bodies. Wesley rubbed the boy's asscheeks which he had admired
earlier. His tiny hands slipped with difficulty in the tight trousers.
The pert little globes were smooth, round and warm.

Meanwhile, Christopher massaged his tiny pecs and pinched his nipples
under his sweater. Waves of goosebumps erupted on his slim torso. It wasn't
the same atmosphere as their first encounter. He had lost all his boyish
innocence and so had the other boy.

Slowly Chris slid his hands up the front of his bare thighs, beginning
with his knee caps. When he approached the small shorts, his bulge was
already immense, his boydick dick poking out in the front. Wesley moaned
slightly as Chris slowly traced the outline of his penis through the fabric.

The boy gripped the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down his
hips along with his underwear in one sensuous move. His fully erect penis
leapt up in the air, tender little joystick for Chris to play with.

He leaned to unbutton Christopher's pants and free his straining cock
from its shell too. The hard circumcised organ was still the same size as his
own. The nice round hairless balls hanging between his white legs.

Chris lowered his mouth until it was right above Wesley's short rod and
began to slowly tease his pisshole with the tip of his tongue, driving him

"Don't just do that! Suck it!" he snapped.

Chris grinned at him and licked the shaft of his cock. His wet
tongue slid on the underside, in no hurry. He reached his testicles which
he nibbled amorously.

Wesley shook his head left and right in ecstasy. Christopher's
slippery probe sank in his bellybutton and then slicked up the bald
pubic area above his throbbing prick. "uhhhhhhhhhhh" he cried on the
verge of madness.

Finally, the young boy gripped his cock and lowered his opened
cavity to engulf his dickhead. His sighs of pleasure resonated as Chris
rubbed his knob on the inside of each of his slimy cheeks.

His cock swelled to the maximum from the warmness of the little mouth.
Chris began to slowly work his lips down his shaft, taking the entire
length. As he worked it in and out of his wet mouth, his right hand
grabbed his ballsack and fondled it generously.

Wesley purred softly and caressed the child's silky hair. One second, his
lips were sliding fast on his dick and the other they were sucking heavily on
the tip.

He wanted to reward the boy for his good work. He streched his hand and
grabbed his erect prick sticking out of his pants. The lovely boy organ
was warm and rock hard. His fingers wrapped around it in a tight grip to jack
off his great little partner.

"Let's get more comfortable." Chris suggested.

They seperated and soon clothes were flying in the air. A little
sock here, a sweater there, a pair of underwear twenty feet away.

Wesley climbed on the bed and this time it was his turn to blow the
twelve-year-old. Chris spread his legs wide. He licked his lips and
kissed the swollen cockhead, tasting the sweet transparent pre-cum.

"Don't just do that! SUCK IT!" Chris laughed.

Following orders, Wesley swallowed the tip of the cock and licked all
around the rim. Chris moaned and gasped, his eyes glued to the most
sensitive part of his dick. Amazed by how good a fellator Wesley had
become. The blond boy smiled, suctionning the stiff little staff between
his teeth.

He lowered his mouth and let the knob past the entrance of his throat
until his nose was against the hairless mound. Just by clearing his
throat, he could make the boy moan loudly. All the while, he sniffed the
sweaty crotch, taking in all that great boy smell.

Chris grabbed his head and took control. He pulled his dick almost out
of his mouth and plunged it inside until he was once again taking the
whole thing.

His hips rose again and again. Wesley could feel him thrust his meat
into his mouth, grunting with pleasure. His dick banged against the back of
his cavity but soon found its way down his throat.

Wesley could sense the little devil was about to come and stopped the
action. Chris sulked a little not knowing what he had in store. Wesley put
his right leg on his shoulder and began sucking his cock again. Christopher's
boyish face lit up again.

His hips were slightly above the mattress, just enough for his
fingers to explore his little anus. He rubbed all around the entrance of
the boy's rectum and without warning shoved his middle finger inside him.
Chris gasped but soon let himself enjoy the digit moving in and out of
his pink hole.

Wesley sucked his penis and pushed his finger all the way in between his
tensed buttocks. This was propably a brand new sensation for the boy.
He moaned loudly and at that point, Wesley knew he had given away his body
to him, to play with and enjoy.

After ten minutes, Chris pushed his head off his erection.

"Wait! I better work on you or I'm gonna explode!" he exclaimed.

Wesley streched on the bed, his cock standing upright and Chris
started to suck it again with even more passion. They were gonna have oral
sex all afternoon! he thought.

Miss Hampton burst in the dormitory. As her heavy footsteps got
closer and closer, Wesley shuddered. "Stop sucking my cock!" he whispered
"She's here! She's here!" But Chris held on to his shaft and kept running
his lips on it.

"Oh my lord! What are you two doing!" she screamed, looking away
from the kids' naked embrace, shocked and bewildered.

"You're the Devil's spawn Christopher Matthews!" she yelled. "Boys don't

Wesley attempted to hide his engorged boyhood and froze as he watched
the large woman lowering her wide ass on the bed. She grabbed Chris by the
waist and hauled him down over her knees with her powerful arms.
Everything happened so fast. Swiftly her hand reached for her right
slipper. Then:

She spanked the boy's bare bottom furiously right in front of his

The slaps were concentrated on the right cheek and soon the fleshy
part of the buttock was all red from the mighty contacts. Chris wriggled
about in her lap.

"Again! That's so nice Miss Hampton!" he smiled.

The woman was really angry now. She grasped the slipper tighter and
assaulted his left cheek.


Wesley knew this was awfully painful. Chris was bitting his lips and
grunting with every stinging blow. His little bottom was turning all red and
large bruises surfaced on his perfect white skin.

Wesley thought his friend had gone nuts. He kept wiggling his little
behind almost inviting the slipper to beat his rump. "Oooo I like that!" he
continued blurting. Miss Hampton smacked him as hard as she could until
she eventually gave up on the boy. Seeing that her punishement wasn't
effective, she ran out the dormitory.

"We'll see what the schoolmaster thinks of your behavior!" she
screamed accross the room before departing.

Wesley stared astonished, really impressed with the boy's ability to
take a whipping like a man. "Am I bleeding?" the imp inquired, turning his
backside for an estimation of the damages.

"Nuh uh..." Wesley stammered. Christopher's bum was glowing and he couldn't
help but rub his cock of the hot buns.

The next second, Chris pushed him on the mattress and began rubbing his
nipples with his right hand and caressing his balls with his left.
Wesley made a mental note to make his friend come like never before! Chris
had taken the punishment for him and he wasn't gonna deceive him.

The beating had not altered his vigor. His mouth engulfed his four inches
and sucked the hard flesh merrilly. Wesley could feel his orgasm building
up. Christopher's head was bobbing up and down on his young penis at
a incredible speed.

All that boy sex and spanking had aroused him fiercely. He was gonna
climax in no time for sure. His balls drew closer to his body and he gasped.
Quick spurts of boyseed shot in Christopher's mouth. Much to his
surprise, the boy drank it down as quickly as it came out of the tip.
Under him, the bed creaked as his body jerked from the intense pleasure.

Chris grinned at him and licked the jism on his lips. He lapped up the
milky substance still oozing from his pisshole, making sure the pink
crown was dry. Wesley smiled back at the pretty boy thinking of a way to
outdo his glorious work.

"This is new!" Christopher smiled, gulping down the last glob of semen.

"Hope you can do it too!" Wesley grinned back.

Chris had gotten back his erection now. So he lowered his head between his
skinny thighs and sucked the boy's beautiful four inch tool. Mostly
using his tongue to give it a nice sheath of slimy saliva.

He stretched on the bed and told Chris to mount his face.

The boy smiled at his new imaginative way of playing. Wesley watched
as he slid his knees on each side of his face. That way he had
complete access to his crotch. He could see his swollen balls hanging
down and his erect cock right in front his mouth.

The horny twelve-year-old rubbed his glans on his lips. Wesley
wrapped his fingers around the slimy shaft and fondled it.

"Fuck my hand Chris!" he said. "Do it until you come all over my face!"
he screamed, blushing from his unsual vulgarity.

Chris bucked his hips and began sliding his prick in his vise grip.
Wesley tickled the head with his tongue when it popped out between his

The hard organ began moving back and forth at a faster rate in his
hand. He looked at Christopher's face, seeing him grimacing from pleasure.
The boy's penis slid all the way until he could feel his hand against
the kid's hairless groin. Then it would pull back to the bloated knob.
He imagined the hard cock slamming in his ass. In and out, slidding

He squeezed harder and harder and Chris moaned louder.

"Ohhhh I'm coming." Chris groaned.

He shot the first thick load directly into his opened mouth. The second
one exploded on his nose in hot droplets. Wesley revelled in the shower of
white boyjuice.

He cleaned up Christopher's penis like he had done to him. The sweat-
covered boy licked his face in return where he couldn't reach, taking
back his own self.

Minutes later, they were knocking on Miss Hampton's door.


"Leave me alone!" she shouted as she opened the door. "You are evil!
Demons!" she continued, pointing an accusing finger at their button

"Please Madam." Christopher pleaded. "Don't tell the headmaster. He's
gonna beat us."

"Yes Madam. We'll do whatever you want for the rest of our lives."
Wesley added.

Her mood changed instantly and she smiled, displaying her rotten

"Don't be silly boy. Only an afternoon will be enough. That's a
brilliant idea lad. I could use a few hours to relax. You're all gonna
drive me insane someday."

"Thank you Miss Hampton!" the boys cheered in unison.

She shut the door behind them. Her quarters consisted of a large room
with a small bathroom attached to it. The delicate lace collar around
her victorian bed contrasted awkwardly with her massive stature and
vulgar appearance. For a woman in a position of authority, her bedroom
ressembled more one of a young boy. Clothes were scattered everywhere
along with food and various objects of leisure.

"Your first chore will be to clean this mess up!" she grinned. "Take
your clothes off. I don't want you to get dirt on these that I will have
to wash later in the school's laundry."

Wesley glanced at Chris and blushed. Even though she'd already seen
them naked, he felt a slight discomfort. Orders were not for him he

He shucked his sweater and shorts on her desk and removed his socks and
underpants, shivering as he remembered the brutal spanking she had given on
Christopher's bare butt.

"Ah Ah! These aren't ready to please a lady for a while!" she laughed
tugging at their hairless cocklets. "Now get on all fours like the slave-
brats you are!"

Wesley and Chris crawled in front of her, glancing at each other for an
explanation to her odd behavior. She tied a scarf around each of their
necks, letting a long strip to rest on their smooth backs. Dog collars and
leashes! That's what she called them. "Just to make sure you won't

She pulled the leash bound to Wesley neck and kicked his little ass. "Sit

He did, considering for a moment her fat body towering over him.
Chris was submitted to the same treatment, ordered sternly to lay his
butt on the cold floor.

-- end of part 11


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sperm_man u fuking basterd im from a town that if ur a teen gay or lesbion u get the shit kicked out of u so im gonna give u some advice dont call us fags. then say no offence because there is offence BITCH stop reading gay storys if ur so fuking STRAIGHT why did u read two different gay storys im gonna give u 1 more piece of advise stop being so self lothing go to a local gay bar and get ur brains fukked back in then admit to ur self & to ur friends that ur a raging HOMO


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