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This is my first story on here :). Please leave comments and tell me what you think. I know that there are other Suite Life stories on here so tell me what you want to see in my next ones and what you wanna see more of from this one. Also tell me about any grammer or spelling issuses in it.
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Suite Weekend (Part one)

Zack and Cody had just got back from school. As they walked in the door to their room they noticed a not on the table. Cody grabbed the note from the table and began to read it out loud.
"Hey boys hope you had a great day at school today. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there but Mr. Moseby said he needed a last minute singer for on the S.S. Tipton this weekend. So you guys will be home alone all weekend. Feel free to finish the leftovers in the fridge or order room service. Also feel free to order a pay-per view movie. Have a fun weekend love Mom"
"Sweet so we have the room to ourselves ALL weekend" shouted Zack
"Yeah, this weekends gonna so fun" replied Cody
"What should we do first Cody"
"I'm gonna do my homework first so it out of the way"
"Okay have fun with that I'll be in my room if you need me"

Cody grabbed his backpack and sat down on the sofa and started to do his homework. Just as Cody was finishing his homework he heard a loud moan come from Zack's room. Cody rushed to Zack's room and flung the door wide open. Zack was naked lying on his bed stroking his hard cock slowly while watching a gay porno with two slim blonde guys fucking each other. Cody could help getting hard watching his brother stroke his cock. Zack finally noticed Cody standing with a huge boner in the doorway.
"Jesus! Have you ever heard of knocking" shouted Zack as he covered his cock with his hands.
"I'm sorry Zack I heard moaning from your room and I thought something was wrong"
"It's okay Cody I see your happy to see me"
Cody began to blush as he ran his fingers through his blonde.
"Why don't you ditch the clothes and jump on the bed with me so we can start our weekend fun Cody"
Cody quickly stripped out of his clothes and jump on the bed facing his brother.

Zack gently moved forward gently kissing his brothers lips. Cody smiled after the kiss then leaned in kissing Zack. Cody slipped his tongue gently into Zack’s mouth they both entangled their tongues together passionately. As they were making out Zack started gently stroking Cody's cock.
"Cody would it be ok if I gave you a bj?"
"Oh god yes Zack"
Zack got on his knees and moved on top of Cody's legs. Zack cradled Cody's balls in his right hand as he licked the side of his cock. When he reached the tip of his brothers cock he sucked the tip and rotated his tongue around in circles.
" Oh Zack your mouth is so warm, Oh don't stop"
Zack began to go down further on Cody's cock each time his head bobbed down. Cody's cock began to pulsate as nearly all his cock was in Zack's mouth.
"Oh god Zack I'm gonna cum"
Cody's cum shot down his brothers throat not leaving a single drop.
"Mmm your cum taste so good Cody"
"Thanks Zack that felt really good"

Zack looked at the TV screen and gazed at the screen and watch the two guys going at it.
"Hey Cody do you wanna try something that will feel really really really good"
"You bet especially if it's as good as the BJ you gave me"
"Okay then, get on your hands and knees and stick your ass in the air"
Zack reaches under the pillows on his bed and grab a tube of lube and lubes up his hard cock. After lubing up Zack gently poke the tip of his cock in his brothers tight asshole. Zack slowly slide his cock further into Cody's asshole.
"Owww that hurts Zack"
"It's okay Cody after a little bit it will feel really good."
Zack thrusts his cock slowly at first and gradually gets faster and faster.
"Oh Zack you were right that feels so good. Don't stop fuck me with your big cock."
"Oh yes! Your tight asshole feels so good around my cock Cody"
The faster Zack fucks him the harder Cody's cock got.
"Oh my god I'm so hard Zack could you please stroke my cock Zack"
Zack reaches around wanking his brother’s cock at the same time he pounds his cock in and out of his ass”
“Cody I think I’m gonna cum soon”
“Can you pull out so can cum all over my face Zack”
“You bet bro” said Zack as he stroked his throbbing cock in front of his brother’s face.
“Open your mouth Cody so you can taste some of my juices” said Zack as he stroked his cock faster and faster.
“Ohhh yesss, Ohhhhhhh” moaned Zack as his cum fell into Cody’s mouth with a strand in his hair and some on his cheek. Zack smiled as he gazed into his brother’s eyes.
“Let me clean off your face a lil bit for ya” said Zack. He leaned into Cody’s face locking his lips around the wad he left on his brother’s face. Sucking it up onto his tongue pulling his head back to show his cum lying on his tongue before he swallowed it all.
“Yummy” winked Zack “How’d you like the taste of my cum?”
“It tasted wonderful”
“I knew you’d like it” as he passed Cody a towel.
“What’s this for?”
“ So you can wipe that cum out of your hair”
Cody blushed as he wiped his head”
Then all of a sudden the front door creaked open.
“Oh shit!” they muttered as they looked at each others naked bodies wondering who was at the door.

To be continued…….........................


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Dnt listen to these ass holes story was great and really hot

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wat the fuck is this

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2013-07-21 02:45:15
I love tales about famous boys. You need to be more serious about your sexual writing. Let yourself go and be specific about what you want. Write about what you jerk-off about! That's what's really hot!

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Why you made Cody and Zack gay? You Should have one of them fucking London or Maddie

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