This is my second story, you may want to read number one first to understand this one. let me know if i should keep writing or not. just dont be to harsh, its my second story
i woke up happy as ever, Steven still arms wrapped around me, and somehow in the middle of the night he had gotten naked, so his cock was pressed against my butt. i tried to get up without disturbing him, but he woke up. Hey, where are u going mister? I’m just going jump in the shower ill be out in 5, he said ok and rolled back over to sleep. i was standing in the shower with the hot water hitting my back, then i heard the door open, and saw Steven standing there. He walked in the shower, kissed me and put some soap on the washcloth, He slowly washed me, it was the sexiest thing, He got to my dick, but he put the washcloth away, poured some soap on my dick and washed it for me. i know he just wanted a reason to play with my dick. I immediately popped a woody, and he giggled a little bit, i blushed but it didn’t matter. i washed him and did the same. we both stepped out of the shower, wet, steamy and with rock hard cocks.

We dried off in my room, and Steve said I’m hungry. i asked him what he had on his mind, and he said You. he pushed me onto my bed and straddled me, we were but naked but his 4 inch flaccid cock was pressed against mine, he was holding my arms up behind my head, and we were kissing, he then slipped his tongue into my mouth. Here i was making out with a boy completely naked, when i have barely made out with a girl, and i loved it. We kissed deep and our tongues wrestled for ten minutes he then started kissing my neck, and down to my nipples, he sucked on my rock hard nipples, while his other hand pleasured my cock, he kept on going down farther and made it to my dick. He licked from the base of my cock to the head, and spit on my dick. He fondled my balls, and he took my head into his mouth, she slowly bobbed on my dick. it wasn’t to big so it wasn’t hard for him to take me all into his mouth, i could feel my dick twitching already, i knew i was gona cum soon. i Told him I’m gona come he just kept sucking on my dick its like he knew when i was gona cum he pulled off and i blew my load, the first shot hit his forehead, same with the second my third hit him on the lips and my last on his chin. He milked my cock of whatever was left in there, it was the greatest thing I’ve ever felt in my life.

i layed on my bed as he went to the bathroom to wash up, i lay there with a rock hard cock, still throbbing and i was in total ecstasy. i couldn’t believe my mind. he came back into the room, and said I’m still hungry, with a sexy look on his face. I went to put on my boxers and he asked, what i was doing, i told him putting clothes on, he walked over to me. Pulled the boxers out of my hand and said no clothes for this week, we have the whole house to ourselves, and were staying naked. i giggled and agreed. we both walked down the stairs naked, and he said he wanted pancakes, we got everything prepared together, and worked like a couple. i loved it. we ate breakfast, and i realized we needed groceries, it was around 12, when we left for the grocery store, when we got there we picked up the basics, milk, eggs, bacon and toast for tomorrows breakfast. Steve then started walking into the health and wellness section, where they keep the condoms, he got to packs of 12, and winked at me, safety first, he said to me. i couldn’t believe it, we were going to fuck each other, I’m usually thinking about having sex with a girl, never with a guy. i was really hot at this point, and i kind of wanted to suck his cock, all i could think was, i don’t know what to do, I’ve never done this before. But i knew i would make it work.

We were inline waiting to pay, and i realized i had to pee. so i said stay here, ill meet u outside the bathroom when your done paying, and he agreed. I walked to the bathroom with a semi hard dick, i was peeing and i heard the door open, in walks Steven with the bags, what you got to pee too i said? no Steven said as he locked the bathroom door. i put the bags down, and walked up behind me he pressed his cock against my ass and slowly grinded me. i could feel him getting hard.

i stopped peeing turned around and immediately dropped to my knees, and pulled his pants down. There it was, the first cock I’m ever going to suck, it looks alot bigger when its closer to ur head, i gripped his cock with my hand, and started wanking him, he put his hand on the top of my head. i lifted his cock and licked his ball sack, it was un describable, it was sweet like candy, but had a distinct taste, the smell of his cock got me crazy. he had a semi hard cock now and was at about 6 inches, i finally had the courage to take his head into my mouth, i kept it there as my tongue circled it and licked the pee hole. i bobbed a little bit deeper and took about three inches into my mouth, i pulled off and spit on his cock, i bob back down and take a little more almost five, i keep bobbing on his cock faster and faster, not going to far down, his cock is poking the back of my throat but i could take a little bit more, so i put both hands on his butt go as deep as i can go, and push his cock down my throat, he let out a loud moan, i knew he liked that, so i did it again and held it there for about 5 seconds until i gagged i then started wanking him as i sucked his cock, and my other hand fondled his nuts. i could taste pre cum dripping from his cock, and his cock started to twitch, o my god i was thinking, should i pull off or no- and a big shot of cum hit the back of my throat, shot after shot into my mouth, filling my mouth up, i gargled it and swallowed it all. The taste of cum, was kind of salty and not my favourite, but i knew he would like it, and all the porn stars do it. I made eye contact with him, he kissed me and it was like his tongue was searching for any last bit of cum. we kissed until we heard a knock at the door, he pulled his pants up, and i grabbed the bags, we walked out with raging boners, and the taste of cum in our mouths,


2010-07-10 14:51:01
ahhh yes what a way to start a day

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2010-05-25 00:40:00
Keep writing about these two hotties.


2010-03-12 05:31:48
Great story!!

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