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He wasn’t the virile, sexy man I married, or the hot, blooded, male, who took care of his wife first, and worried about his job duties afterwards. Nowadays, his job always took precedence, or so it seemed.
All day Saturday, my son Ron and I, played, sucked, and fucked in every way imaginable. After all, his dad was still away on business. He really hasn’t taken care of me for a long time now, and I almost forgot what it felt like to have him seduce and make love to me for hours on end. He wasn’t the virile, sexy man I married, or the hot, blooded, male, who took care of his wife first, and worried about his job duties afterwards. Nowadays, his job always took precedence, or so it seemed.

I awoke Sunday with Ronnie in my arms, with his mouth affixed to my nipple, just as he did when he was a nursing baby. God it felt good. I wondered what was in store for today, and what time his dad would be home was the furthest thing from my mind.

I guess it was around 3pm when we started fucking heavily, oblivious to everything around us. All of the sudden we heard the sound of his dad’s voice.

"Hello, I’m home,” then a pause. “Kandy, Ron, where are you?"

"Oh, God, it's your father! Quickly, give me my sundress. Hurry, Ronnie!”

Ronnie nervously handed me the dress and asked. "What am I supposed to do, Mom?"

“For now, I’d say hide in the closet.”

“But, I’m naked momma!”

“Well grab your clothing, and while you’re in the closet hiding, put them on quickly and quietly.”

Afterwards, I took a deep breath, straightened my hair, checked my make-up, tried to calm down and regain my composure. I then opened our bedroom moved out and down the hallway toward Richard.

“Kandy, there you are. I wondered where you were."

"I was... well... I our room lying down reading a book,” she lied.

"When I didn’t see you, I thought you might have gone out with Ron, or one of your girlfriends.”

"Oh, not really darling, you weren’t home, and I was really board, so I decided to stay home and play lazy today.”

He gave me a puzzled look and asked. "Uh, what does that mean, darling?"

"Oh, nothing... nothing really..." I stammered.

"You seem upset, what’s wrong Kandy? Why don’t we go to our bedroom and talk about things.” He walked toward our room, and reached out for the doorknob.

I took his hand in mine, and looked him straight in the eyes, “Oh, don't bother, I’m fine."

He entered the room anyways, looked around. The bed was a mess and the closet door ajar. He flashed me a surprise look. “Kandy, what on earth were you doing while reading, wrestling with the covers?”

I figured he felt suspicious, because he walked over to the closet and opened the door. There stood Ronnie, like a smiling like the cat that just ate the canary.

"Ronnie, what the hell are you doing in the closet?"

"Uh... I... I was just looking for something Dad.”

"Looking for something? Uh... okay... now what were you looking for?”

“Your tennis racket, I remember you put it there last week after telling me how you won your school’s tennis competition.”

Ronnie quickly brushed past his dad on the way out of the room. I guess he hoped his dad bought the story.

My eyes caught Ronnie's as he ran past me, it was apparent he was afraid of being found out. I tried to reassure him by smiling, and remaining calm for his sake, not letting on that I was just as afraid as he was.

Richard bent down, and pick up my silk panties off the floor near the bed.

"I see you found my panties, darling.”

"What are they doing on the floor, aren’t you wearing any?”

I quickly put the blame on the dog. “Maybe Bruno got a hold of them again; you know how he likes to carry them around.”

"Maybe so, he does like to do that sort of thing, that crazy dog.”

I tried to act calm, cool, and collected. I watched Richard closely, and I had a sneaky feeling he knew that there was more here than met the eye. I bet he wondered why Ron had darted out of the room like that. I saw him glance around the room as if searching for evidence. He shook his head, stretched, yawned, and walked out of the room.

I looked around to make sure Ron was not within earshot because I didn’t want him to hear our conversation. I chose my words carefully and spoke.

“You look exhausted honey, how about taking a nap?”

“Care to join me doll?”

“Not really, I need to go start supper. After all we won’t do anything in bed, but sleep.”

"What's that supposed to mean, Kandy?"

"Well, darling, you should know.”

"But I don't know!"

"Let's drop this discussion, and talk about it later Richard.”

"I don't think I want to drop it Kandy. What on earth are you talking about?”

I reached out to him, and suggested we talk about this in the privacy of our bedroom. We entered the room, and then sat on the edge of the bed facing each other.

I knew that my attitude toward him had changed due to his lack of interest in sex over the past year. Especially now that Ron had been fulfilling that need. I felt like lashing out at Richard and telling him just how I felt. I wanted to tell him how he no longer satisfied me sexually, and how his damn job mattered more than I did.

His near-discovery of my incestuous relationship with Ron made me self-protective. However, when I thought about things, I knew there wasn’t a possibility that he would realize what was actually going on. After all I found it hard to believe that I was fucking Ron, and Richard was so immersed in his job he wouldn’t catch on….or would he?

I watched his face turn red with anger and then he shouted, "I suppose you think I don't know you're alive? Is that it Kandy?”

"Not really, honey I know you’re aware that I’m alive.” I paused watching his reaction before I continued. “I just wondered if you remember that I’m a woman and that you're a man!"

“Damn it woman, what’s that suppose to mean. Tell me something; don’t you know by now that I love you?”

"Yes, Richard, I know you love me."

"Well, if you know that I love you, then what in the hell is the problem!?”

“Richard, I love you dearly, bit a women needs more than love. It seems to me that you feel comfortable with me, like an old pair of house slippers. I'm tired of being taken for granite, Richard!"

With a puzzled look on his face he asked, "What else do you need? I mean... hell, Kandy... I do the best I can for you. I work hard so we can be financially secure. My job’s going great. The boss tells me our business is growing and so will my salary. We can even plan a second honeymoon and take a trip to Tahiti this summer.”

I glanced at him, and watched his expression change. It was almost the same look I got when we had a hot, wild fucking session. I began feeling more hatred toward his job.

“Oh, hip, hip, hurray, a fucking honeymoon for three to Tahiti!”

"What do you me for three?"

"Why of course, darling, you, me, and your job. After all, its common knowledge that the company would be lost without you, for more than three days, it's disgusting!"

"What's wrong Kandy? You've never acted like this before. Did I do something?"

"Richard, it’s what you didn’t do that the problem. All you ever do is eat, sleep, and go to work. You haven’t done anything with me or for me in ages. Hell, I can’t even recall the last time we spent all night making love, just you and I!”

"I don't get it, Kandy."

"You’re right darling, ‘I DON’T GET IT,’ and I haven't been getting it for a long time!"

"Getting what, Kandy?"

I reached out grabbed his cock and cried, "This is what I'm not getting!" I stroked it a bit, “Richard, doesn't that feel good?"

"Mmmmm it sure does!”

“Honey, it doesn't matter what time of day it is, don't you see? You still don’t offer to have sex with me. All you really care about is your damn job! Richard I need your attention and your stiff, throbbing cock!"

I moved closer to him, smiled seductively, and pressed my body into his.
I grabbed his hand, and slid it under my dress, to my moist pussy. "Are you interested in this, Richard?"

“Yes baby, I am, but I too exhausted to fuck right now.

“Oh hell, it doesn't matter any more Richard, I've found other ways to amusing myself.”

"Other ways? What the hell does that mean?"

"You should know, darling! After all, you know perfectly well that I've always been a woman with... certain needs!"

"Are you telling me you've been seeing another man?"

I laughed, "Another man, no, darling, not another man!"

I bit my tongue because I know that he would pass out if I told him I had been fucking our son Ron for the past month.

"Why don’t you take a nap Richard? I haven't another word to say on the matter."

The communication between us dwindled to almost nothing over the next few days. I wasn’t in the habit of deceiving him and knew that he guessed there was something going on. Although I was really hoping that he was actually beginning to think about me, his son and job, and the amount of time he devoted to each. I also knew that he loved me and just maybe, he was trying to find a way to rekindle the spark that had gone out in our married life.

One Friday morning Ron and I were sitting at the table having coffee when Richard entered the room carrying his briefcase.

"Aren't you having breakfast this morning, darling?"

“Oh-oh, didn’t I tell you, I have to go out of town for a couple of days?"

Ron stood up, and shouted, "But Dad, you promised to take me to the ball game this Saturday!”

"I'm sorry, Ron. You know how business is, don't you, son? I never know when I might have to go out of town for a day or two. Please tell me you understand.”

"Yeah, yeah, Dad, I guess."

"I'll make it up to you, Okay?"

Ron hung his head and muttered, "Sure, I’ve heard that remark a million times."

I looked at Richard then to Ron, and winked. "Don't worry, honey, I'm sure we can think of a way to amuse ourselves while your father is away. Have a nice trip dear!”

After he left I turned to Ron, stood, and opened my robe. "Don't you think we can have some fun on our own while your father is away?"

Ron licked his lips, and with a wicked twinkle in his eyes, yelled, “And how!"

I dropped my robe completely and ran my fingers through my wet pussy. “My pussy is begging for attention, what shall I do?”

Ron stood up and dropped his pj bottoms. “Look Mom. I'm as stiff as a board already!"

My fingers caressed the slit of my pussy, making me quiver with delight. I wanted Ronnie’s tongue licking every inch of my sensitive flesh. I could almost feel his lips sucking at the tiny tingling clit.

Ron took me by the hand, led me to the sofa, knelt in front of me, and spread my legs apart. He licked his lips hungrily, and then started tantalizing my pussy.

“Oh fuck, Ronnie my pussy is so juicy! Lick me, darling! Oh, yes, it feels so damn good. Shove your tongue deep inside me lover, make me cum baby!"

He lapped at my steamy cunt with wildly, and stroked his pulsating member. I knew his balls ached with lust for me.

He paused for a moment, and looked up at me, with my juices dripping off his chin. “I sure like eating your pussy, Mommy!”

“I think I’d like to suck your cock for awhile!”

Ronnie stood up; I could see the veins pulsating in his hard cock. He pointed it at my mouth, “Suck my dick momma!”

"Mmmmmm! It looks luscious Just look at the slippery pre-cum dripping out of it! It's so big, hot, and hard! I cannot wait to taste it!"

I wrapped my soft fingers around the slick shaft and pulled it even closer to my mouth. I blew a stream of cool moist breath over the naked head, and then drew my tongue over the end of it, catching a droplet of pre-cum and carried it into my mouth.

"Please suck it, deep down your throat. That’s it, don't stop yet, it feels so fucking good. Ooooh keep sucking it like that and your baby-boy will fill your mouth with cum!"

All of a sudden I stopped sucking and squealed, “Fuck me Ronnie, ram that hard cock into my hot cunt!”

We were rolling together on the couch, sucking, fucking, and playing when the phone rang. We were both laughing when I picked up the receiver.

"Hello! Please stop tickling me when I’m trying to talk.” I paused then asked again, “Hello! Who is it? Ronnie, stop it! Hello?"

Ron looked at me and asked, "Who was it, Mom?"

"A wrong number I suppose. Who cares anyway?” I got up and started running down the hallway yelling, “Catch me if you can and then shove you hot prick in my tight, little, asshole!"

He ran after me and into the master bedroom for hours of sexual delights.

Unknown to me, Richard lied about going out of town. There was something odd going on in our house, and he could feel it, and today he was going to find out what. His plan was to call me, and sneak back into our place, and catch me cheating on him with another man.

He hung up the receiver, stepped out of the phone booth, and shook his head in disbelief. There was also something in the sound of my voice that affected him and it was familiar to him. After thinking for a while, it dawned on him; it was the same tone of voice I used when we were making love. He remembered the wild times we had together before the spark had gone out of our sex life. While Ron and I were fucking, Richard was in his car driving home.

The more Richard thought about the situation, the more he realized that was neglecting me and devoting all his attention, and passion, to his job. He understood how I must have suffered living with a workaholic. However, understanding things didn't make him any less upset. How could I have the nerve to bring another man into his house? For all he knew, my secret lover and I were fucking in his own bed.

When he got home, Richard didn’t see any strange car parked in the driveway. For a minute he began to doubt that anything was wrong. He almost turned around and went back to the car, but he remembered the giggles he had heard on the phone.
He decided to use the back door, and to catch them in the act. He opened the door carefully and entered the kitchen. The quietly, sneaked his way to the living room where he saw his and her clothing, lying on the floor, apparently dropped where they had been removed. ‘She couldn't even wait to get to a bed,’ Richard thought. His anger building by the second with every step, he made his way to our bedroom. He stood for a moment outside the door listening.

All he could hear was giggling, and fucking sounds coming from the room. From all the moans and groans it was apparent whoever was with his wife was having one hell of a fuck session. Richard couldn't remember when he and I made so much noise fucking. He stood there for a while, steaming with anger, and disgust.

I on the other hand was hot and passionate with an insatiable lust for Ronnie. I lay on my back, with my legs spread wide, and my pussy dripping with lusty juices. I felt like I could fuck all night, after all Richard was gone and didn’t seem to give a damn.

"Oh hurry baby, put your cock in me! Stretch my pussy! Fuck me hard! Make me cum again!”

"Take my cock! Guide it into your hot, tight pussy and wrap those pretty legs around my waist! That’s it, move that cunt, and squeeze my fuckin' dick!"

The male voice emanating from the room sounded young. Oh hell young or not this bastard is going to wish he never met Kandy. Richard kicked open the door and rushed into the room. When he saw what was happening in the bed, his arms, set to throw punches, fell at his sides. He stared in disbelief. There was Ron his son in bed with his wife, the boy of no more than sixteen years. He’s cock impaled deep inside my pussy and my legs wrapped around his waist.

As if there wasn’t enough shock, when Ron turned around and seen his dad and almost keeled over. He realized he was just caught in the act. He scrambled off the bed and stood in the corner, as if afraid to move a muscle. He didn't know what to expect.

When I saw my husband standing there, I screamed, and clamped my hand over my mouth. I suddenly wondered how I could ever have thought that I could keep my activities with Ronnie a secret from him. It was inevitable that we’d be caught. Now I had to deal with the consequences. I had to take control of the situation before it turned into a disaster, ruining my marriage.

Before I could say a word, Richard shouted, “God-damn-it Kandy! You're fucking our son! It's incest! How could you?"

I tried to rationalize my actions and keep everyone calm. "Oh, Richard, it's nothing, really. We were just having a bit of good dirty fun! It hasn't hurt Ron a bit, and it certainly hasn't hurt me.”

"Yeah, we've been havin' a good time. We didn't mean any harm, honest, Dad! It just kinda happened."

I smiled nervously. "Richard. It's not as terrible as you might think."

"But why? Why, Kandy?"

"You don't know, darling? Come here, Ronnie, it's all right, don't worry, I want to show your father why I've been spreading my legs for you."

Richard watched Ronnie dutifully stand by my side. I boldly reached down and began fondling his young cock and balls.

Ron seemed awfully embarrassed, but stood there anyway, as if entranced by me. It wasn't long before the erection he had lost earlier was standing in front of him again.

"Look Richard, see how his big, beautiful, cock stands up for me? He loves what I have to offer him. Richard, Ronnie is always ready to fuck me. He’s not tired after working all day and spending most of the evening at the office. He’s always horny. You used to be that virile Richard!"

I watch Richard, stammering for words. "I-I didn't know sex meant that much to you! I don’t recall you saying you missed making love. I should of though after all you a hot, vivacious, beautiful woman.”
Tears formed in his eyes, "Kandy will you forgive me? I want to make it up to you. Please give me a chance to make you feel like a sexy woman again. "

"Can you, darling? Show me, right now!"

Richard stammered, and I could see his cock rising in spite of his reluctance. "In front of, our son?”

"It's all right, darling. I don't think you'll corrupt his impressionable young mind. I've already taken care of that.”

Ron looked at his dad, “Are you gonna fuck Mom, Dad?"

Richard stood silently for a minute or two, as if trying to decide what to do. He remembered how great she was in bed, and if she had taught their son, even part of what she knew, the boy had to have had a wild time of it. Richard let his cock decide what to do; it had gotten s hard as a rock in his pants.

Was it the shock of discovering me in bed with our son, or the mental turmoil that Richard had been going through since he had realized that I was seeing someone? Or simply the bizarre sexual situation in which he now found himself that turned him on. Who cares, because Richard knew that he had to show Kandy and the boy too, that he still had what it took to make a woman happy.

"Baby, spread your legs and get prepared for one hell of a fucking!"

"My God, Richard, you’re so big and hard! Bring it on; my hot pussy is itching to take it.”

His balls were swollen and aching with lust. "Kandy, I want you to feel every inch of this hot, hard, dick as it slides all the way into your cunt!"

I looked into his loving eyes and asked, “You're not mad anymore, darling?"

"Hell, yes, I'm mad at you! What did you expect I’d do?"

"You're not going to . . . to hurt me . . . are you Richard?"

"Hell, no, Kandy, I'd never do that! Of course, this hard dick of mine might hurt a little, when I ram it home! I'm going to make love to you like I should’ve been doing all along. After all we've got a lot of lost time and fucking to make up for.”

“What about Ron?”

"Let him watch! Hell, he’s not going to see anything you haven't already showed him, right? Maybe he can even get into the action later. How about it Ron? You want to share your mother with me, or is she your private stock?"

"Hot-damn, you bet yah, if it's all right with you!”

I looked at Ron then back at Richard, with lust in my eyes. “I cannot wait to see what happens next, darling!”

I am amazed at the outcome of this whole situation. How it transformed my workaholic husband into a hot, sexy, male, with man-sized cock to satisfy me anytime, day or night.

"Oh, Richard, will you make love to me like this all the time? I don’t ever want to feel that lonely again.”

"You're going to get all the cock you want from now on, Kandy! By the way, that damn job of mine can take a back seat,"

"Oooh really, I like the sound of that. Now shut up and fuck me, deep and hard. That’s it, mmm, just like that; fill me with your cock. Make me cum darling!"

Ron couldn’t help himself; he crawled onto the bed with his mother and father, and began jerking off, while waiting to join the action.

I looked into Richard’s loving eyes and asked. "Will I be able to keep fucking Ronnie; after all he still has a lot to learn about sex?”

"If it turns you on baby, yes, after all I’m no prude. From now on it's anything you want anytime of the day."

I threw my head back, quivered from head to toe, and shrieked, "Fuck me harder, ooooh god yes! Ooooh fuck, I'm cumming!”

My reaction triggered his climax. “Take it, while I fill you with my fuckin' cum!”

Richard almost fell over when his cum shot through the shaft of his cock and into my cunt. It was the first time he had been able to get his rocks off in months. He felt renewed, young, and virile again. He held me close, watching the look of bliss spread over my face. He had come dangerously close to losing me, and he had no intention of letting that happen again.

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2010-07-25 15:02:14
Reconsillation is good, but it would be great if mom was pregnant with son's baby before dad started loving his wife again.

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2010-05-16 23:02:47
Great story. I was hopeing that mom would bne pregnant by son before Dad came to his senses and returned as a lover. Mabe this senerio can be incorporated in future episodes.

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