PART 12/13 ~ Teacher's pet, teacher's wet
As the two naked twelve-year-olds lay at her feet, she spewed her
litany of chores to do: "Make the bed", "Dust the tables!", "Clean the
pile of clothes in the basin there!"

While they scooted around the room, she sprawled her large mass on a
chair, eyeing every move of their graceful young bodies and screaming

"I need to pee Miss Hampton? Can I go?" Wesley peeped walking
towards the door.

"Not so fast child!" the heavy matron blurted.

The boy shivered as she placed her paws on his shoulders to guide him
to Christopher who was kneeling on the cold floor, scrubbing it with

"We'll see how your little friend likes it now... Come on Christopher,
open your mouth. You seemed to enjoy having his birdy in your mouth an
hour ago?"

The black-haired imp smiled wickedly, hiding his disgust in front of
the tormentor. He wrapped his lips around Wesley's deflated organ,
swallowing the smooth penis until he connected with the hairless pubes.

"YOU! Pee!" the woman laughed, tugging roughly the scarf tied to
Wesley's neck.

His body trembled. Fright held back the liquid in his bladder.
Another forceful tug strangled him and he began to urinate in his
friend's mouth. The yellow burst exploded in the warm cavity. Chris

"Don't spill a drop!" Miss Hampton yelled.

Wesley watched as Chris drank him up. Inevitably, the urine
overflowed from the kid's mouth, forming a small lake on the ground. The
fat woman pushed his face in it, commanding him to lap it all up.

Totally ashamed of the amount of humiliation Chris had to endure,
Wesley crawled to the floor and stuck his tongue in the puddle to help
him out.

"Little bastards." the matron grinned.

Much to Wesley's surprise, the rest of the afternoon was uneventful.
He squirmed everytime an erection popped in his lap, fearing the outcome
of such a vile act. But the woman snoozed quietly, amused to boredom, as
they finished the cleaning-up.


The class was silent. Sure, they were terrified awaiting the results of
the test but mostly because Mr. Lloyd was quick to impose corporal
punishement on any boy who let out a peep.

Wesley had to admit he was scared. Back at Newcaste Estate, a private
tutor was hired to teach him all the wonders of education. The penalty
for a failing grade was only a sermon from the Count and sometimes a
meal skipped. The same rules sure didn't apply at this private school.
"I warn you, the boys who fail will be punished!" had said Mr. Lloyd.
The truth is he was rusty. He knew he hadn't done well on his test.

He hadn't dip a white feather in ink for months and his thoughts were
confused in his little head trying to magically come up with the precious

Alvin was squirming on his chair next to him too. The thirteen-year-old
wasn't very bright and had every reason to sweat like a pig. Wesley pitied
the poor boy. His head was completely shaved leaving him with black
stubbles on his scalp. One of the many consequences of his low
intelligence level. His lips were moving but not a word came out of
them. Wesley figured he was praying and wondered if he should too.

The headmaster walked in the rows seperating the little desks with a
sadistic smile on his lips. As usual, he yelled the best grades first:
"Walter, A+...Everett, A...Willy, B...."

God he was nervous, his name just wouldn't pop out and he was already
in the 'C's. The boys around him let out signs of relief on the announce
of their names.

"Damon, D...William, D... and finally...Wesley, F and Alvin, F!"

Wesley was devasteted but not as much as Alvin who was crying face down
on his desk. "You two, be in his office at noon!" said the frowning man.

The kids were smiling and staring at them, happy to have avoided the
ill-treatment they were to be submitted to.

Meal time came faster that a speeding bullet from a musket. Wesley hooked
up with Alvin and they strolled towards the headmaster's office.

"What's the punition?" Wesley inquired.

"I don't know, it's different all the time." replied the dumb boy with a
trembling voice.

They entered the office with their tails between their legs. Mr. Lloyd
closed the door behind them and ordered to stand on the chairs in front
of his big oak desk.

He waltzed around the boys and patted their little behinds with his cane.

"I will not accept ignorants in my class." he muttered sternly. "You hear

"Yes sir." the children responded in unison.

"Strip down to you underwear NOW." he yelled.

Wesley took of his shoes and socks and glanced at Alvin doing the same.
He threw his blazer on the floor and soon his shirt was headed the same
way. Alvin wasn't quick enough and the man hit him on the hand. Wesley
wriggled out of his trousers and stood up straight like the situation

The fierce man contemplated their white skinny bodies clad in only undies
and strolled around them again, fondling his moustache.

"Didn't you listen to what I've said for the last month in class? If you
are not using those ears, maybe we should cut them off..." he grinned.

"Since this is your first time Wesley, you will get ten smacks on
your underpants with my hand and ten on your bare bottom with my
belt. Agreed?"

"Yes sir." the boy answered.

"As for you Alvin. Alas, I've seen you butt too many times in this office.
I have a special surprise for you!"

He guided them to the next room which was his sleeping quarters. A
large bed was surrounded by fancy furniture. There were books everywhere
but Wesley focused his attention on the wall. In a large cabinet were hung
dozens of tawses, whips and other instruments of discipline.

Mr. Lloyd sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him to him. He tugged
his drawers, wedging the cotton fabric in the crack of his round little
butt and ordered him to climb on his lap. Wesley obeyed, stretching his
body over the man's knees, his little feet dangling in the air.

The onslaught started. Mr. Lloyd spanked his rump ten times and he
yelped with every stroke.

*SMACK* "Ouch!" *SMACK* "Ouch!" *SMACK* "Ouch!" *SMACK* "Ouch!"

The man stood him up. Wesley rubbed his bottom frantically already deep

"Take off your underpants now and bend over the bed."

Wesley pulled down his briefs and looked at Alvin who was staring at
his flaccid boydick. Meanwhile, Mr. Lloyd selected a large leather
belt. He approached the vulnerable child, naked and bent over properly.

"Feet together boy! and stick your bottom out at all time." he
yelled. "Count each strike and thank me."

Wesley held his buttocks tight. The swish of the belt resonated in the
room before hitting him.

*THWACK* "Aowww! One, thank you sir." Tears filled his little eyes.

*THWACK* "Argg. Two, thank you sir."

The man was taking his time obviously enjoying this. The belt landed
on his bare skin a third and fourth time and his bottom was numb and
throbbing. Seems he was always hitting the same spot. His butt was so
small, Wesley guessed there wasn't much flesh to torture.

*SWWWOOOOOSH* *THWACK* "Aooow. Five sir."

"You forgot to thank me! For that. One more!" said Mr. Lloyd.

His knees were wobbly and he started to cry out loud. This punishment
was going to last forever. The next four strokes bit hard into his
tender skin and drew blood. His little bottom was stinging like crazy.

The final two lashes left large red marks on his bare ass. He soothed
his buns tenderly. They were hot and glowing.

"A nice whipping sure can make a boy think uh? Now get on your knees
next to the bed while I chastise this idiot."

Wesley knelt and sniffed up his tears. If that was the punishement for a
first offense. What will he do to Alvin? he wondered silently.

"Take your underpants off and get on all fours on the bed like the
animal you are!" barked Mr. Lloyd.

Alvin pulled down his briefs and exposed a long uncut dick sitting on
two round hairy balls. He was one of the taller boys at school and more
developed than anybody else. But aside from his crotch, he still didn't
have a hair on his muscular body.

The man pushed him on the bed where he assumed the position. Alvin
looked between his legs wondering why Mr. Lloyd was laying a towel
there. The man didn't explain and took out a thin stick of hard wood
from the cabinet.

Right away, he began whipping the boy's tender feet.


The white undersides of his feet soon were covered with welts and Alvin
was crying and wiggling his toes from pain.

Brutally, the man continued the punishment and whipped the boy's legs
all the way to the back of his thighs.

"OWWW ARGG OWWW OOWW stop sir!" begged Alvin.

But Mr. Lloyd gripped his tawse tighter and whipped his bare ass until
it was a nice crimson color.

Wesley had counted forty strokes and he could tell from the grimaces Alvin
was making that from waist down, his body was on fire. The boys outside
in the corridor were giggling.

The headmaster patted his rump and picked up a larger stick. Actually
more like a cane.

"Your ass should be used to this by now." the man said. "It shouldn't hurt
that much..."

"How many do I get?" asked the thirteen-year-old.

"You'll see..." smiled the man.

He teased the boy's penis with the tip of cane.

"I want you to get it hard for me. Go on, fondle it NOW!"

Alvin was confused and started to stimulate his cock. The flesh tube
grew under the boy's belly until all his foreskin was tucked under the
crown of his pink knob.

Mr. Lloyd delivered three strokes of his cane on the boy's behind and
Alvin masturbated harder trying to alienate the pain. The man
turned around and screamed in Wesley direction:

"You too, get a hard-on or you get ten more lashes!"

His little dick didn't need much fondling. Just looking at Alvin
wincing in pain and beating his meat with one hand on the bed, while he
was getting caned, gave him a boner in no time.

"Get your hand off your dick Alvin." ordered the headmaster.

"I want you to cum for me little bastard... but don't touch that prick..
...and I want you to SCREAM as loud as you can so your little friends
outside can hear you."

There was no discussing the instructions. Mr. Lloyd immediately began
caning the young boy's behind. *THWACK* *THWACK* *THWACK*

"ARGRGGR ARGGRGRG OWOOWW ARRRGRGGR" yelled the kid gasping for air and
trying to maintain his erection.

They were chilling screams and Wesley could see why. Every time the cane
landed on the smooth skin, a blotch of red would appear. Sometimes the
cane would find its way in the crease of Alvin's butt. But mostly, it
made each globe of flesh quiver equally.

"CUM you bloody little fuck! shoot your boy-juice all over... My arm is
dead!" screamed Mr. Lloyd.

Alvin closed his eyes, probably concentrating on his penis, trying
to figure out how to climax and satisfy his torturer. Mr. Lloyd was
steadily beating his ass, inflicting more pain.

"I know you're horny... CUM... CUM! look at Wesley, he's hot for you!!"

Alvin glanced at the little cock nagging him.

"That's a good boy Wes." said Mr. Lloyd. "You like it when I beat
that naughty lad!"

Alvin had received at least two hundred strokes and was panting. His
ass was red all over and Wesley found the color was making his
hairless balls tingle.

"Yup Alvin, Wes here is hot for you... he wants you to FUCK him good
up his little asshole! You'd love that uh? Think about it and CUM for me!"

Finally, in between the wails of pain, Alvin let out a sustained moan
and his penis shot a jet of young semen on the towel. It was the end of
his sufferings. Mr. Lloyd stopped caning him and observed the boy
climaxing and ejaculating time and time again.

Alvin collapsed on his stomach exhausted, his body jerking

"There's nothing like a good caning to get me started." said the
headmaster. With a swift gesture, he took out his half-erect prick from
his trousers and rubbed it on Wesley's lips.

"Suck me boy! Suck my big cock!"

Wesley didn't wanna go through the same ordeal as Alvin and parted
his lips quickly. The man pushed his huge penis in his mouth and he felt
it getting bigger and bigger in his cavity.

The man grabbed his blond hair and forced his swollen member down his
throat. He choked on the ten inches of manmeat but Mr. Lloyd continued
shoving it farther and farther. The heavy scent of his organ filled his
lungs. The man bucked his hips and began fucking his little mouth.

He thought he would throw up, but the large cock was clogging his tube.
The big glans was rubbing against the walls of his throat, enlarging it.

"You like that! Oh suck it ...yeah..." said the man with a crazed
look on his face. "Maybe next time I will let Alvin put his dick in your
ass if you fail!"

After only a few thrusts, the hot semen exploded down his throat.

"Swallow my load! and don't lose a drop..or else."

Wesley swallowed. Seven times in all. The big cock was more like a
faucet, continually shooting the hot liquid in his mouth. When the penis
softened, he stuck out his tongue and licked the red knob to clean it of
the sticky substance.

-- ending in part 13

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