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Thix is a little out of my comfert zone so just bear with the story and I hope you enjoy reading it.
The sun beat hard on the cement and windows of our tour bus. The blaring TV said that it was almost 100 degrees. None of us wanted to move even an inch. And Mike had already taken over the shower, and Joe wasn’t even here. He went to meet with some of his pals from the area. So it was just the three of us today.
I am part of the up and coming band Heroes For Hope, located in a crap heep of a town. We had landed a recording deal a few months into our stint as a back-up band for Maxon Hights. Upon getting the CD deal they shipped us out on a tour with the hope of us selling CDs and making the company money.
Today we had a stop in a rural town that really had nothing but farm land around. Joe grew up in the area so he took the chance to see some old friends while we were here. Mike was planning on spending the day getting clean and shaven, so we weren’t going to see him all day.
I was lying on the couch in our tour bus trying not to let the heat and humaid air get to me. But no matter how I turned I couldn’t get away from the heat.
“Hey Andrew. Can you turn up the AC?” I asked not even trying to move to look at him now.
“It’s already on full blast. I think we need to get a second one.”
“Well that’s in Joe’s chores. And he’s not here at this moment. So just open another window instead. Hopefully that helps.” I heard him slowly get up from the small table and the pull out another window, but it didn’t help at all. Instead it just added to the humaid air.
“Any better?” Andrew’s voice carried over to me, but it sounded so distent from both of us being so hot and tired.
“No.” I heard Andrew get up and his steps coming towards me. Soon he plopped down right next to me, grabbing a controller from the small coffee table littered with food wrappers and empty soda cans..
“Wanna play Grand Theft?” he held out the green controller for me, giving me a small taunting grin playfully. Quickly I swiped it up and accepted his challenge.

Around the third race a quiet knock at the door of our bus brought us back to reality. Andrew was the one that got up and answered it, moving the trash away from his path. I just sat back and soaked in the lingering sent of Andrew Carver (Yes I was in love with him. I’ve had a crush on him since we first met back in College.)
“Who is it Andrew!” I rang out after a minute went past without a sound. I got no answer so I got up to check. As I neared the door I caught a glimpse of long brown and pink hair and then some of Andrew’s black hair. “Andrew?” I rounded the corner coming face to face with a short teen girl.
“Hey.” She looked like she had been crying, for her eyeliner was streaking down her face. And she looked almost ghost like in her appereance.
“Hi.” I smiled at her, trying to be nice. “Andrew what’s going on?” he just gave me a confused look and said, “She’s lost”
I quickly turned back to her, smiling as much as I could, “What’s wrong..?”
“Tess, Tess Campbell.” She whispered almost so I couldn’t hear her.
“Ok, Tess, what’s wrong?” I held onto of her arms and Andrew grabbed the other, and we lead her into the cooler air of our bus.
When I got a better look at her I saw that she had on a black band shirt with a light jacket over it and a denim skirt with big black biker boots. (Wasn’t she burning up dressed like that?) Andrew sat her down carefully and went and got a bottle of water from the fridge.
“Tess what’s wrong?” I said again. Slowly she looked up at me, our eyes connected in a split second and with her eyes she told me almost all of it. I didn’t need for her to tell me with words. For she told all with that one look in her eyes. But she did speak.
“I was traveling with some of my friends. We were going to go do this talent search thing. Well last night we got onto a little car accident and when I came to, they were all gone. Even the car was gone. And I have no idea where I am and also no money.” Tears were starting to form again on the lines of her eyes,
Andrew soon came back with the water and gave it to her. “So what’s up with… Tess, right?” she gave a lonely nod of aknowedgement.
“She and her friends got separated. And she’s lost. Maybe we should help her get to a decent city so she can call someone to come and get her?”
“Sure, ok. But what about Mike and Joe? Shouldn’t they have a say in this matter too?” Andrew voiced concern bringing our bandmates into the mix.
“And they will. But first let’s get Tess some good food and then we will call Joe and inform Mike.” He only responded with a slight nod.

We had told Mike about an hour later and called Joe about it also. They both agreed only saying that she would be sleeping out on the couch until we got to a real city. I don’t think that she would disagree with that anyway, since we were helping her out in a big way. Also for all we knew she could have been a murder on the run.
When it was all settled and she had opened up a bit, did she really start to talk a bit more.
“Where ya from?” Andrew asked handing her one of the controllers the we had just used. She had agreed to play him in Mario Super Brothers.
“Um… Raleigh, North Carolina.” She whispered
“And you and your friends got all the way to Canon City! Where were you going to anyway?!” I shouted bursting in. I had popped out from behind the curtain to or beds.
“Las Vegas.”
“Well we’ll be passing that way in a few days. Why not just take you all the way there?” inferred Andrew
I didn’t even pull the curtains back to talk. “We can’t! We have a stop in Salt Lake, Utah. And Mike and Joe only agreed that we would only take her to the border of Utah and Colorado. So sorry we can’t.”
“Fine.” Andrew grumbled, probably frustrated at me. (Oh how I liked it when I frustrated him.)

Carefully I got out from my hole of a bed and wondered over to the “kitchen”. Mike and Andrew had already long gone to bed and Joe called to say that he wouldn’t be back ‘til later. So I wasn’t expecting him to be back for a while.
I was almost to the “kitchen” when a small hand touched my shoulder. “What?!” a mumble escaped my lips. I flipped around to see the small white face of Tess. “Oh?! Hi Tess. I hope I didn’t awake you. Do you want something to eat?”
Her eyes started into mine again, almost like she was looking into my soul. “Yes please.” She slowly whispered. Again I went into our “kitchen” and pulled out two slices of the pie that Mike made when he was bored.
“Ice cream?”
“Yes please.” I scooped out a scoop for her and handed it to her. She carefully grabbed it fast and went to sit over on the couch. I followed her after I had gotten mine. Hoping to get some conversation going, I asked her if her had beat Andrew at Grand Theft.
“Yes. But I let him win at the forth game. I think it made him a bit happy about himself.” She was opening up a bit more.
“So you’re pretty good at racing games?” I asked scooping out the filling of my pie.
“A little. My brother is, was, trying to teach me. Also Andrew is a… a…”
“Just say it. He won’t hear any of it.” I encouraged her.
“He is a bad driver.” She almost yelled, but just giggled
“See I knew that you could get it out. There’s no need to be shy around us. We’re just a bunch of grown teens ourselves.” I laughed. It must’ve comforted her a bit because she now was laughing with me. (She has a nice laugh. I wonder why she was being so quiet around us?)
We talked a bit more until we both had finished our pie and were getting tired. I volunteered to put the plates away. I was almost up to when she grabbed my armhoisting herself up and gave me a quick kiss. It caught me so off guard that I even kissed her back, sinking back down onto the couch with her. At that moment I didn’t care about the plates, or that Mike and Andrew were in ear shot distance. I just sat back more and kissed Tess back.
Her fingers rubbed up and down my back, somewhat exciting me. (Man she’s getting me so excited. I may explode if this goes any further.) As we kissed I played with her hair and she had progressed to rub further down my back and to my lap. Soon the kissing become a full out make out scene and Tess was making me feel so good with her hand. (And she’s how old?! And she’s almost better then some of the 20 year olds I’ve dated.)
On and on this went until she wanted to go further. I quickly stopped it there and left her sitting alone on the couch as I got up and moved away from her. I knew that I somewhat wanted her, but it felt so wrong, yet so good to have her wanting me to fuck her. Slowly I closed the curtain to my bed from her and fitfully went back to sleep. Andrew jut above me snoring away.

“Kevin get up. Kev! Hey Kevin we need for you to get going! Dude get up!” Andrew gave my face a quick slap, jolting me awake. “Good. Come on, let’s get going.” He handed me his hand and yanked me out. He was only in a pair of Pjs pants. It was his normal morning outfit. Complete with a morning stiffy.
Slowly I awoke and got dressed. Mike’s bed was made as normal and Joe was passed out up on his bed still. He must have been drinking a lot last night.
Our bedding arrangements weren’t the best in the world. All four of us guys were crammed into a small space with two bottom bunks and two top bunks. Mike and Joe shared a pair of bunks and Andrew and I shared the other one. It made for some wild nights.
Again Andrew came up to me and gave me a slap to make sure that I was really up. I returned it with a slap of my own.
“Where are we in Colorado?” I calmly asked him after slapping him.
“Somewhere near Gunnison. We should reach the border by 5 today.” The red mark on his cheek was still clear on his face.
“Thanks.” I shoved him out of the way and shut the door to the bathroom, flipping on the shower, waiting until I knew he was gone to get in. (Did what happened with Tess last night really happen? Did I make out and almost have sex with her? Oh my God! I probably just committed a crime! No wait I didn’t have sex with her. So I’m fine… Good, good, good. Man what was I thinking?)
When I got out and dried off, I slowly redressed and got prepared to face that girl again. I slowly unlocked the door, stepped out and moved over to the front of the bus. She didn’t even look at me; she was absorbed in some Vh1 thing. I safely had made it past her.
“Dude what are you doing?” Mike asked turning his head only a bit to look over at me. He was driving the bus since today was his turn.
“Nothing. I just felt like coming to talk with you.” I climbed into the passenger seat and buckled in.
“Ok. So we’re dropping little miss sunshine at the border today, right?”
“Well then maybe I should speed a bit so we can help her to get home a bit faster?” he hinted. I guess he also wanted Tess to be gone.
“Maybe.” I laughed along with him happy that I wasn’t the only one now warry of our little guest..

We were almost to Grand Junction, Colorado, and Joe was helping Tess get all ready. We decide that we would leave her some money, snacks and a disposable phone. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t look like we had just left her to fend for herself. And I was keeping my far distance.
Mike had me take the wheel while he went and looked for Andrew. Since when we got to Utah, Andrew was to drive but for some odd reason he had pulled a Houdini in our bus. Mike thought that he had to be in the back being the perve that he was.

Mike had taken back the wheel again and it was now my turn to look for Andrew. Yet he really couldn’t hide that easy in this dink of a bus, so he had to be somewhere just sitting out. Somewhere we wouldn’t think to look. Mike had said that he found the bedroom door locked and he knew that Andrew would listen me if he was trying to hide. I quickly moved past Tess and to the bedroom but Joe stopped me. “Hey Kev! I think you may need to talk to Andrew. He’s been locking in there for a total of 8 hours. I think something’s up with him.” Joe said to me as I passed by.
“Ok.” I gave a small nod and grew closer to the door. Soon I was right next to it. I gave the doorknob a test turn and found it truly locked. “Andrew?! Are you in there?” no one answered me. “Andrew I need to talk to you. Also Tess will be leaving soon, and you should be there to say good bye.” I gave a few more knocks
“Just leave me alone!” I heard him lowly yell
“Come on Andy. It’s just me. You know that we’re buds and can talk. And please don’t make me sound like a total sissy.” I joked a bit. After a few seconds I heard a few rustles, and then he popped out his head.
He pulled me in and I saw that he had been crying. But for what reason.
“Why have you locked yourself up in here?” I asked sitting down on my bed. He climbed up on the ladder.
“No real reason really.”
“Well you’re going to need to tell me some reason so I can leave to tell Mike why you won’t be taking the wheel tonight when we get to Utah.” I teased a bit
“Fine I’ll try to tell you a good reason why I’ve locked myself in here.” He came down off the ladder and sat next to me on my bed. Taking a deep breath before talking. “Well it’s just that when I woke up last night I saw that you were up. So I opened the door to see if you were sleeping while watching TV again. But instead I saw you making out with Tess. It just kinda reminded me that I can’t seem to get anyone, and you have girls falling all over you.” He looked like he was about to cry again.
“Andrew it wasn’t really like that! I mean yes she came onto me, but I ended it. I only have one place in my heart for someone that I love and care about. And that’s already filled.”
“By who.” He looked so interested, but I couldn’t tell him, not until I knew that he loved me too.
“No one that you need to know. Besides they probably don’t like me that way anyway. So it’s no big deal.” I tried to just shrug him off but I couldn’t. He looked like he really wanted to know. “First I have one question. Why did it bother you so much that I was kissing Tess, when Joe or Mike does it you just laugh at it, saying that straight people don’t know what they are missing when it comes to really making out?”
“Um… Ah… Ah…” he couldn’t get it out.
“Is it that you have a tinsy little crush on me?” I teased again, scooting really close next to him. His face got all red and he turned away from me.
“I um… Ah… Um…” did he truly have a crush on me too? I was about to get up and just leave him alone when he flipped around and gave me a deep passionate kiss. (It feels so good to finally be kissing Andrew. How I longed for this day. And this kiss feels like so much more then Tess’s.)
Almost as fast as it came it ended. And he crawled back up to his own bunk. I wanted to follow him up there but I couldn’t move. I was so happy all over that he did truly love me too.
“Why are you still there? Don’t you hate me now?” he whimpered
“For what? Telling me the truth, kissing me or… giving me my answerer to your last question.”
“Come on Andrew. You know I’m Bi. And that one person that already had my heart was you moron. Andrew I love you too!” I said almost not knowing that I did.
His eyes grew large and he slipped back down to me. Then he just stood close to me. “I’ve loved you for so long. I almost made myself go crazy thinking about you.” Then he slowly kissed me again, locking the door behind him. I could feel his tongue pressing up against my mouth, wanting to come in and I let it. His tongue slowly massaged my tongue, ad it felt so good. So in return I bit his lip a bit and felt him give a small shutter of excitement.
Slowly we fell atop my bed and his hands started to pull at my shirt. They searched my back, grasping at all they could grasp too. My hands moved down to pull his shirt off. How excited I was.
The softness of his skin on mine felt so good that as soon as I got his shirt off I picked at his belt. But I still somehow traced the outline of his tattoo on his stomach. Tickling him with every touch. He soon found a way to pull my shirt off and start on my pants.
“How I’ve longed to do you, and now I can with no one in my way.” Andrew whispered sexily into my ear. “Then do me hard.” One demand, but I held so much lust in it.
In one swift motion he was atop me, pulling at my belt. And me yanking at his more. Not one word escaped our moths until a rush of cold air hit us hard. Andrew pulled me closer to him, tenderly rubbing my dick. Torturing me slowly, moving up and down touching all the pressure points on me. (How did he get this good?)
Not even thinking I yanked his pants down by his knees and pulled his dick roughly over to my mouth. The warmth of my mouth on his skin made his shiver more. But I knew that he liked it so much.
“Faster.” He moaned as I sucked. And I did as he asked, faster I moved the meat through my mouth. Giving him all I had. More and more I pushed and pulled, and that made him rub me more too.
Soon he moved down away from me, flipping and replacing his hand with his own mouth. Bringing me a whole new sensation that felt so good. But before long I couldn’t take it anymore and jerked away as a freash sensation hit my nerves. “I’m coming. I’m coming.” And with no warning I exploded all over Andrew’s face. A smile permently stuck on his face. He hadn’t even tried to stop when I warned him, he wanted it. All my sperm on his face and in his mouth.
“Come here.” He bent up by my head and gave me a deep kiss of my own joy. It tasted good, and I guess Andrew thought so too, for he was licking it off my head and shaft when he got back down there.
When he pulled back away from me he pulled his pants completely off and finished licking me as a got hard again quickly.
“Do me hard Andrew. Please Andrew.” I pleaded torturing him some more with my tongue. Sucking hard and making sure that I gave it to him good. His groin soon pulsaded and his dick stiffened up, yet I released him. He quickly entered me, pushing all the way in until he hit my prostate. A sharp pain hit me first, and then a sense of lust took over my whole body.
Deeply he kept pushing and pulling, shaking me with every movement. Making sure that he gave me all that he could. And he did, for I felt so good. And as he did this he came closer and closer to his goal of pleasure. Rubbing his dick within me while still lightly playing with my now rock hard dick.
With one last thrust into my body he came, quickly pulling out and aiming it at my face. Tons of it hit my face and flew into my mouth. Slowly he sank back down next to me, whispering, “You are my angel.” Then he fell to sleep buck naked on my now cum drenched bed. Carefully I got up, cleaned the cum off my face and out of my ass and redressed trying not to wake him. Then I slipped out.

“Bye Tess! Have a safe trip to wherever you’re going!” shouted Joe. He and Tess had really bonded during the last 9 hours together. And to my surprise while I was “talking” with Andrew he and she really did each other. It was in the bathroom and she came onto him. So she got her band boy sex toy. For they exchanged numbers and Joe told her to meet him in Eureka, Nevada.
So now he was the only one that was left still waving good bye to her as she walked away. “Bye you guys!” slowly she got into a silver bug and drove away. Leaving only a few dust clouds behind.
“Bye Tess. Don’t make anymore singers of boy bands jealous.” I whispered so only Andrew truly heard me. He gave me a gentle nudge and moved back into the bus.


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