ENDING PART 13/13 ~ The Grand Facade
"Come to the steeple.." the hushed voice of Christopher echoed in
Wesley's ears.

As he washed the sleep from his eyes, the image of the boy with
rabbit teeth formed cleary. The sparkling eyes, the magic smile.

"Come, I'll show you something!"

"Now? I don't wanna be in trouble again..." Wesley muttered.


"Nuh uh." he whispered, shooting his slender legs off the bed.
The cold night air floated under his white gown, the only garment
protecting his naked form. All around, snores of the schoolboys rose in
the dark dormitory. This was crazy. All Wesley could think about was the
punishment for taking a stroll in the sleeping school.

His heart pounded furiously. Every step was an adventure. The thrill
of the escape, the mysterious purpose.

He tagged along close to Chris, feeding on the boy's courage. His
small sex climbed into his body from fear. Together, they tiptoed silently
out the door and into the gloomy corridors, taking one after the other,
getting further and further away from the warmth of their iron cots.

Finally, the stairway leading to the highest point of the old castle
appeared in front of their eyes. Wesley smiled wickedly. 'Almost there!'
The light of the moon shimmered above, guiding his steps on the cold
gray stairs. Every now and then, Wesley rubbed his barefeet, quietly
listening to the eerie noises coming from up there.

"What's this?" he peeped, pointing to a small room halfway to their

"That's the 'enlarging' place" Chris whispered.

Wesley walked slowly closer, examining the row of chair alongside a
wall. But these chairs weren't usual. Each one sported a wood post in
their middle, some small and some bigger, all greased-up.

"Who would wanna sit in those?" Wesley asked his best friend. "The piece
of wood would stick in your butt?"

"That's the whole point dummy!" Christopher snapped back. "Mr. Lloyd
makes you sit on this to enlarge your hole!"

"Oh" Wesley squeaked absentmindly, imagining a boy pulling down his shorts
and lowering his rear on the hard prong.

After a few moments, the spooky ambiance of the small room crept up
his spine. He scooted closer to Chris again to resume their way up the
high tower. Closer and closer, they climbed to the bronze steeple bells.
And stronger and stronger the voices sang: "That's a pretty one..."
"Uhhh. He sure does a wonderful job!"

Wesley caught his breath and surveyed the moonwashed room atop the
steeple that his friend wanted him so much to see.

"There's only bells here! and it's cold!" he barked. But Christopher
didn't react. He moved next to the boy, readying himself to scream the
same reprimand in his ear. Chris was bent over the granite ledge of a
window with no glass and he realized why. Just below, the light from the
headmaster's office glowed in the night.

"You can see everything!" Wesley exclaimed. His eyes focused directly
into the room and a streak of dizziness shook his body. Vertigo or what was
happening in Mr. Lloyd's office?

In the room, were three boys and along with Mr. Lloyd, two men. Wesley
recognized the kids as Walter, Andrew and Dudley. All were stark naked
and kneeling on the floor, taking the adults' huge erections in their
mouth. From where he was, Wesley was surprised he could see their little
tongues dancing on the men's prickheads.

One of the man gripped Andrew's blond hair and furiously fucked his
little mouth. His groans of pleasure broke the silence in the night's sky.

A few minutes later the three boys went over in the middle of the room
and laid down on the velvet carpet. The men encircled them, fondling
their oozing organs.

The ten-year-olds attacked each other like lion cubs and began kissing.
For the next minutes, Wesley watched through the window as the
boys did the entertainment. They sucked each other's penises, and licked
each other's assholes. Wesley blushed from embarassment as his young
cock hardened under his night gown.

He nudged Chris as the erotic hairless trio took turns sticking their
hard-ons into each other's butts. The men encouraged the lads all the
while they were having sex with each other. High-pitched yelps of
ecstasy escaped their gaping mouths. They orgasmed one after the
other, jerking on the ground.

Once the boys were done, the three men went back to their pupils,
caressing their smooth skin glistening with boy sweat. Wesley could see
the closest adult, shoving his hard cock in Walter's mouth, making his
cheeks bulge grotesquely.

On the desk, the tangled bodies of Mr. Lloyd and Andrew played out a
strange spectacle. The man fondled the young child's inflating dink and
licked his asshole. All the while at the other end, the boy's small
mouth engulfed his large erection.

The scene evolved and the boys were rolled over onto their belly.
Wails of pain reached Wesley's ears as they were getting penetrated. He
could see their small bodies tensing-up. Their asscheeks parted open to
make way for long poles.

The three buggerers buried their cocks in their little asses and
simultanously started the fucking, holding on to the kid's slender hips
in order to slam their tools home.

For several minutes, the men sodomized the young boys and Wesley
stared curious and happy that it wasn't him. The vigorous rhythm
increased rapidly. The boys' complaints getting more intense. Wesley
watched in awe as one after the other, the men began ejaculating on the
youngsters and the symphony of wails faded away.

"Let's go back now before they catch us!" Christopher suggested.

Together they trotted back where they came from, giggling softly as
they stared at their little erections jutting in front of their night


Walking to the feet of the stairs, Wesley noticed the dance of black
shadows on the stone walls. A morbid introduction of things to come.

"Run!" whispered Christopher, scooting eastbound. As if in a transe, Wesley
turned his head to follow with his stare his young friend disappearing in
the night. Alone and confused, the sound of his steps echoed in his frozen

"My my, we've finally found the new boy!" a young teenager exclaimed
suddenly jumping in front of the dazed boy.

The twelve-year-old watched the muscular boy smile and soon others
arrived at his sides. One, two, four, until he was surrounded by the group
of night creepers.

"It's time for your initiation." the fourteen-year-old leader of the gang
said. "All new kids have to be initiated."

The whispers of the crowd resonated in Wesley ears. His body began to
shiver as two of the big boys sneaked behind him closer. He yelped loudly
and within seconds the tormentors were grabbing his arms. Like a
powerful wind, the group robbed his nightgown leaving him naked and

The gang surveyed the naked child. One playing with his limp little
pecker and fondling his smooth balls.

"Ah! He doesn't have any hair yet!" they laughed.

"Leave me alone!" Wesley screamed. He struggled to get away, but two big
boys held him steady in their colossal grips. In front of him, the
dark-haired leader was pulling down his long underpants. He stared
mesmerized as he approached, wagging a huge hard-on.

The older boy grabbed his childish hand and wrapped his fingers on
his eight-inch penis, coaxing Wesley to masturbate him.

"SUCK IT!" he commanded amidst the gang. While the boys began chanting
'Suck-it suck-it suck-it', the two captors pushed Wesley to his knees.
They watched intently as he kissed the bloated knob of their's leader's
dick. The teenager groaned and rubbed his blond hair. He looked at the
pale mug of the little boy and pushed his member in his small mouth,
forcing him to swallow more of his hard cock.

All the young males in heat giggled at the scene, examining closer
their young prey thrusting his mouth on the big pole. With a wink from
their leader, the two bullies holding him flattened our poor hero on his
back. He grunted loudly as they twisted his body, pushing his ankles
near his head and exposing him obscenely.

"Nooo I don't want to pleaassee" Wesley pleaded, kicking in vain.

"Shut the hell up!" the teenager barked. "You'll wake up the others and
we'll have to fuck their little arses too!" he smiled, proud of his
humorous effort.

The group of boys grew silent as he approached the little boy with
his slick cock. All the eyes on him aroused him even more. He pressed
the tip of his penis on the tight boyhole and with a forceful thrust
shoved the bulk of his meat inside the lad's rectum.

"Aoww aoow aooww aoow" Wesley whined from the brutal invasion.

"That's a nice little bum you have new boy!" the bigger male bawled,
licking his victim's face. Comfortably settled on the featherlight
body, he thrust his large meat deep in the boy's guts, watching the
result on his cute mug. His groans echoed in the corridor.

The gang cooed softly, their eyes locked on the savage coupling
taking place on the cold floor, realizing how crucial it was to be on
the side of their leader. The big boy bounced on the small frame of the
barely pubescent lad with animalistic hunger. The contorted face of the
child, a testimony of the pain he was enduring.

"Come look at my cock!!" the teenager exclaimed at his audience.

All around, the young boys nudged each other to sneak a peek at the
action, giggling as the eight inches of hard flesh slamming in the
child's dilated anus.

The little boy's white soles flashed in the dark like the flames of dim
candles. His face covered with sweat and his breath sucked out of him with
each powerful assault.

"Oh yesss.. oh fuck fuck! uhhhhh uhhhhh" the teen grunted, plowing at a
steady tempo and watching the boy's genitals bounce all around.

The lust spread to all the voyeurs like an epidemic. Their knees
shook with the anticipation of their turns to come. The dark-haired teen
fucked like a machine, on his last mile, and suddenly pulled out his
massive member.

From his penis gushed torrents of spunk, spilling on the white skin
of the twelve-year-old. Spasms raced in his strong body as he groaned
with each intense peak of his orgasm.

The boys next in line lowered their pants to release their
rigid boycocks, anxious to continue the assraping. In spite of Wesley's
plaintive moans they crawled to him. A gangly thirteen year-old and an
exhuberant twelve-year-old.

"Nahhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo" whimpered Wesley as they turned him
on all four. Before he even had a chance to complain, the older boy's
cock penetrated his gaping asshole while another prick filled his mouth.

"Fuck the little brat!!" the leader yelled at his disciples.

The two boys easily glidded their young organs, fucking the boy at
both ends, much to the amusement of the crowd. Their wails of pleasure
rising with the slap of their balls on their victim's chin and round

Wesley's body sagged with sleep, his eyelids getting heavier and
heavier. The bruises on his skin aching like loud noise. It seemed the
more time passed, the harder the sodomy grew, until finally he fainted.


The dream ended abruptly in Wesley's head. The noise reverberating on
the walls of his skull grew louder and clearer, gradually transforming
into words.

"Get up! NOW! Get up lad!" the voice of the headmaster rang.

Wesley twisted his sore bones on the cold floor under the sinister
stare of the big man. The obscene vulgarity of his half-naked body,
caked with flakes of dried sperm, hit him suddenly. He pulled his night
gown down to hide as much of his bare white flesh as he could.

"It's noon young man! You were hiding from us?" Mr. Lloyd barked

Wesley surveyed the little storage room he was in and assessed the
situation. 'I must have fallen asleep during the gang bang' he thought
silently. All he could recall was the onslaught of older boys grabbing
him everywhere and using his body any way they desired. But nothing was

His butthole hurt on the stony ground as he shifted his limbs
slightly, painful result of all the cocks that had visited his rectum,
sometimes two at a time. The violent images of young teenagers pulling
on his hair to stuff his mouth with their large meat flashed in his
foggy mind.

"In my office NOW!" the headmaster yelled. "..and you won't need this."
he added, tearing the dirty night gown off his skinny frame.

The stroll towards the man's office was hell for Wesley. All the kids
in the corridors stared and giggled as he trudged naked as a jaybird,
protecting his dignity with his little hands. With his head bowed, he
entered the headmaster's office and kneeled in the corner as instructed.
He was to stay there the rest of the day.

His whole body ached after only a short moment. The gray wall was so
close yet so far away. He yearned to lean on it, but refrained, fully
aware that he would get a red bottom for it.

The door opened behind him with a heavy breeze of cold air on his

"Oh, Mr Graham! It's always an honor to be blessed with a visit from
you." Mr. Lloyd exclaimed with a twinkle in his voice.

Wesley turned his head to catch a glimpse of the mysterious man. From
the corner of his right eye he succeeded in seeing the bearded noble man
dressed in fancy elaborate clothing. The man stared right back at him,
his eyes focused on his firm little rear end. So embarassing!

"Who is this?" the visitor inquired.

"Oh, only an ungrateful lad who has been misbehaving.. a poor oprhan we
take care of."

The rich man approached Wesley and ran his fingers in his blond
curls, sending waves of goosebumps on his smooth pasty skin.

"Aren't you the son of the Count of Darlington?"

"Y-y-y ess" Wesley stammered, unprepared for the mention of a past

"I've been looking for you ever since.... -I'm the Marquis of Queensbury.
Your father was a friend of mine." the man spoke softly, pausing to look
at the mortified child. "Do you want to come with me boy?"

Wesley stammered his answer again, utterly surprised and relieved by
the unexpected offer.

"Well, come boy!" the Marquis insisted, eyeing the boy paralyzed by the
weight of the establishment's regime of authority.

"Fetch your clothes and go get acquainted with my son in the carriage
outside. He's about your age. I'm sure you and him will become good

"I'm sure we will Sir!" Wesley peeped. "I KNOW we will..."



2011-09-27 00:37:01
Great story but I aggree the others here you shold write another part to this story.


2005-08-20 03:12:30
ending was a bit bad, too rushed, I think another part to it would make it better, good job though


2005-03-06 23:02:56
I like your story but i think you should make another part to it 9/10


2004-07-04 02:42:30
why the heck did it end like that?! there should have been another.

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