The first part of what is going to be a series of chapters of a grim tale about how a neighbor boy gets raped by an ex-con while living at a residential hotel in the city.
This is a work of dark erotic FICTION and if you offend easily then please do not read this story.

Paul was 6 months out of prison and living at a residential hotel in the city. He had sluts who he knew would come by who he'd fuck when he felt like it, but Paul needed a lot more to get off. He had always had a very dirty mind and suppressing it got harder and harder. He had gone to prison for 10 years after getting his 9 year old nephew to suck his cock and the little fucker told his mama about it. The family pretty much disowned him after that but he didn't really care after a while.

Paul didn't do too bad in prison, being 6'4" and weighing 280 pounds with firm muscles, a shaved head and a goatee. Several tattoos he'd acquired over 10 years. Most guys didn't mess with him because he was very stern and showed no fear. Plus he didn't want to have his sentence be any longer than it had to be.

He was released not long after turning 44 years old and he knew he needed to do something but couldn't figure out what it was that was driving him like it was. After he moved into the sleazy dive hotel downtown, he'd get together with whores and fucked them, pretty rough too, but something was urging him and poking at him and he couldn't put his finger on it.

But then after Susan moved in down the hall with her 10 year old son, then it clicked with him. He'd locked up all those feelings of desire for a young boy and drove it from his mind, but meeting young Lyle, it all came together.

Susan was a freakshow who liked her cocaine and was pretty much a bitch to her son. After getting acquainted with them over the next couple of weeks I came to see that Lyle wasn't real bright and didn’t have a big attention span. He wasn't real tall for his age and he was skinny with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Real small framed and when he'd leave their room or they'd leave his from, Paul would stroke his cock thinking about how great it would be to fuck that boy. He even thought about it when he'd fuck Susan after she started asking him to fuck her if he'd "float her a loan" for some coke. Sure ,no problem, he thought.

Then one day Paul got a visit from Susan and she said that there was a man who wanted to take her to Vegas and she'd be gone for almost two weeks. Boy the man must have had a huge amount of money and dope! That's what Paul was figuring, anyway. She then asked Paul if he'd mind keeping an eye on Lyle and checking in on him while she was gone. Almost instantly, Paul's wheels began to turn and he thought this would be just the opportunity he was looking for. So he agreed to check in on her son and she was very happy.

The next day, she was gone and left her 10 year old boy by himself in the dive hotel room. So that afternoon Paul paid him a visit. He already had his plan worked out and knew it couldn't take place there at the hotel since someone could snitch.

Lyle was listening to music and staring at the wall, not having much to say. Paul sat and talked with Lyle, pretty much one-ended but Paul didn’t give a good goodamn at this point. He told Lyle that he had somewhere real "cool" to take him that night and it would be like an adventure. Lyle showed a it of excitement and Paul told him he'd come get him but it wouldn't be until after 11:00. That was an hour after the guy at the desk would go in back and sleep until someone rang the bell and he could take Lyle out of the hotel with no suspicion. Others there knew Paul knew Susan and Lyle real well and wouldn't think anything about it. Paul always acted the "cool guy" around everyone to get himself on their good side.

Paul went to the room about 5 minutes after 11:00 that night and Lyle was awake and ready to go. Paul could feel his first rush of adrenaline as he began what he knew was so nasty but yet it would quench his demon-driven thirst. So, Paul took Lyle out and they took a bus toward another part of town and to the public, it looked like Lyle could have been his son. Then Paul had Lyle take his hand so he could guide the boy right to where he wanted, which was the industrial part of the city where nobody would be after dark and where no one would have a clue what was going on. He'd scoped out that area at night beforehand and even found the perfect place, an empty warehouse with one broken window, which he'd climbed in to earlier that week and got the front door open and kept it cracked and easy to get into for this very night.

Lyle asked when they would get to where they were going and Paul said they'd be there soon. The walk from the bus seemed like forever to Lyle but finally they got to the warehouse in the empty, isolated industrial area where it was very quiet except for the sound of cars on the freeway overpass above them.

Paul got Lyle into the warehouse and got the door closed and then took Lyle by the shoulder and guided him toward the back area where there was this other big room and then closed the door behind them. At this point, Lyle was scared in the dark warehouse room and wondered why Paul had brought him there.

"Why are we here?" Lyle asked, innocently.

"Because…" and Paul chuckled to himself, amused by his own deviance and cockiness, "I'm gonna fuck the living shit out of you know."

Through the semi-darkness of the room, Paul could see Lyle's face turn to horror. Paul was enjoying this already. "Get undressed."

"Paul…..please….no." Lyle began to whimper.

Paul then swung and backhanded the boy hard, knocking him to the floor. "Don't you tell me no you little fucker. I've been waiting for this and so you get your goddamn clothes off." Lyle got up slowly and began to reluctantly remove his clothing, but was taking too long.

Paul then pushed Lyle face forward to the floor again and pushed the front of him down while pulling the boy's ass into the air. Paul's cock was already out and throbbing from the excitement of what he was finally doing….what he'd hungered to do now for so long…He yanked down Lyle's jeans over his ass and then his briefs and then pulled open the boy's ass cheeks and spit onto his young, virgin hole.

"Please Paul! I'm scared! Please!" Lyle cried.

Paul ignored the boy's pleas and held the boy firmly at the waist and then began pushing his big cock against Lyle's smooth, virgin hole. He pushed forward and forced the head of his cock into Lyle's ass and Lyle let out a loud cry. "Noooooo! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

"You can cry all you want to but ain't no one gonna hear you. " Paul then continued to force his hard prick into the boy's unwilling asshole. He looked down and saw there was some blood on his cock and that made him all the more engorged and he drove in harder. Lyle continued to beg for mercy, but Paul was too far gone to care. He kept pushing his cock in the boy until it was all the way in and then he held there for a few seconds before thrusting into the boy's bleeding asshole again and again, grabbing onto Lyle's sides and fucking him hard. The boy's ass was much too tight for Paul to contain himself for long the first time and he let out a yell of ecstasy and shoved one hard last shove and emptied his balls into the young boy's bowels. "FUUUUUCK! FUCK FUCK FUUUUCK!" He felt his cock spasm and twitch as he emptied every last drop of sperm into the boy.

This is the end of part 1 of this story, but this is just the beginning of the grim tale that shall be continued...

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this story is fantasy. its the people that cant sort out the difference from reality. fantasy is sexual nature. acting on those wrongfull fantasies is very sick. keep youreselfs in check. if you hurt anyone especially a will see what rape is in prison for many knights.or some parent will blow youre damn brains out.if you need help get dad raped me at 12 and I had a hard life drugs booze suicide attempts. don't destroy some childs life due to youre penis. I am getting help but it never goes away the bad memories.we all know right from wrong. use youre damn head don't become a monster. if you want to see what abuse does to a child I will tell you call me 810 8243128

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You people have no souls

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