Continuation of what happened with Paul took young Lyle to the warehouse and raped him.
To know what's going on, you first need to read Chapter one….

Chapter Two

Paul stood over young Lyle who managed to turn around and sit upright as much as he could. Lyle could feel his asshole throb and felt Paul's cum oozing from it. He felt violated and was terrified. This excited Paul to the core. He grabbed Lyle by the hair and pulled him up.

"Get up….on your fuckin' knees kid…" Paul ordered the boy, but Lyle really had no choice. His young, smooth legs scrambled as Paul picked him up by his hair and Lyle found his way onto his knees. "Look at what you did to my cock whore!" Paul pointed with a finger at his cock which was smeared with Lyle's blood and his own cum. He then pulled Lyle by the head forward. "Open you goddamn mouth. Open it!" Paul ordered, loudly.

Lyle was dazed and freaked out by what was happening and he wondered if Paul was going to kill him. He opened his mouth and Paul shoved his semi-erect prick into the boy's mouth and began stuffing it into his mouth, feeling it harden in Lyle's mouth. Lyle began to gag as Paul force fucked the boy's mouth. Lyle was mumbling and gaggin and Paul just ignored him once again.

"That's it, fuckin gag on my cock you fucking cuntboy. Fucking little fagboy. I saw you looking me over, you wanted me, don’t try to deny it. You're a fucking cuntwhore just like your goddamn mother. I fucked her real good too." Paul was really getting excited by what he was spatting out at the boy, obviously attempting to corrupt him. Lyle couldn't believe what he just heard but it slipped out of his mind again as Paul was working the boy's head up and down on his throbbing cock, wondering when it would be over. Then he felt Paul's cock begin to go partially soft in his mouth. Was he done???

No, Paul just needed to piss, which Lyle found out when he felt a hot stream being sprayed into his mouth and he started gulping and gulping afraid he might drown in Paul's piss. Lyle was mortified and tried to back up, but Paul was much too strong and held the boy's head in place so he had no choice but to consume Paul's urine.

"oooooh fuck yeah, that's real nice." Paul looked down at his young victim and was enjoying making Lyle submit to his twisted desires. Paul knew there was no turning back at this point, he lit the fire and now he was going to let it burn through his soul as long as it could. Paul felt like he was being taunted by Satan and the more he was forcing Lyle to submit the more insanely perverted Paul felt. He knew now that this was the thirst he'd had all that time, every since he had his nephew suck his cock. Paul had plans for Lyle and he also was beginning to think that he needed to get rid of Lyle's cokehead mother. No one would miss the whore, she said she had no family in contact. He might just need to get rid of her and then take Lyle somewhere more remote where he could raise Lyle as his personal fuckwhore. Paul was getting off on all this and now that he finished pissing down Lyle's young throat, he was growing hard again.

He then pushed Lyle forward and this time all the way down. Paul climbed on top of Lyle, towering over the boy and he pinned Lyle down with his own strong body and then forced his cock back up Lyle's asshole, this time holding a hand over the boy's mouth as he began to bang his cock hard into Lyle's asshole, slamming downward and Lyle felt like Paul was going to drive his body into the ground by how hard he hammered into his asshole.

"Fuck whore! I'm gonna cum up your ass again….AAAAAAAAAGHGHGHH!!!!"

Lyle was seeing stars and felt himself feeling limp and weak, but he could feel each throb of Paul's large prick as it made pump after pump of hot seed into his asshole, which felt raw and sore. Paul then laid there on top of Lyle with his cock still inside and he decided to rest like that for a while. It was time to go back to the hotel where he would keep Lyle in his room with him. He'd keep the boy fed but naked and Paul would fuck him several times a day. When Paul would go to work at the auto shop, he'd have to keep the boy tied up and gagged, or knock him out by dropping some of the date rape drug into a beverage Lyle would drink so he'd be passed out all day. But he needed to get the boy back to the hotel while it was still night and he could sneak the boy back in discretely.

Paul finally got up and got himself together and he told Lyle to do the same. Before they left the dark warehouse, Paul got down on his knee and grabbed Lyle by the arms and looked the boy directly in the eye. "Now you listen to me, boy. You do anything stupid, or try to scream or do anything like that, you're not going to like what happens. What I just did to you will seem like a day at the fucking beach, kid. Believe me, even if I get locked back up, I'd come back out, find you and cut your fucking head off, you got that? And if I didn't get out, I know plenty who will do the favor for me, so either way, I win. You're mine now, you fucking little whore and that is going to be your new way of life." Paul was very stern with Lyle, who was still dazed and half coherent. He was too exhausted and sore to try and go against this man who now seemed to be his ruler. Lyle wondered how his mom was going to allow this, although she usually didn't give a shit and Lyle knew that.

"Ok, I'll be good." Lyle said.

"Okay then. We have an understanding." Paul said as he stood back up and towered over the young 10 year old boy. He then led Lyle out of the warehouse and they made their way back to the hotel. This time, by foot, since the bus stopped running. Paul walked focused and straight ahead and Lyle trippingly stumbled alongside Paul, who had his hand on the boy's back to guide him along. The streets were dead and lifeless and Paul felt his plan worked out perfect so far.

This was only the beginning and Paul was looking forward to the coming days...

End of Chapter Two

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