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A business man in Rio comes across a young woman on Spring Break and rapes and murders her
Warning: this story contains graphic rape and murder. Don't read it if this isn't your cup of tea.

Conversely, if this is your cup of tea, so much so that you think you should try hurting someone in real life, please reconsider, as you are too stupid to get away with it and too soft for prison, where you will be raped more savagely than even my twisted mind could imagine.

If, however, you are somewhere in the middle, then please enjoy...

The Traveler

It’s funny how some of my most enjoyable kills have been planned in a matter of days or even hours. I was in Rio de Janeiro two years ago on business without a thought in the world of rape and murder. That would soon change, though.
When I got to the hotel I found myself at the back of a small line of guests waiting to check in. In front of me was a pair of young women, American by their accents. They were both hot. The blonde had spectacular legs (on display in a pair of running shorts) that ended in a pair of tiny sandaled feet. The Asian, also sandaled, had a stunningly perfect face, although I only got to see it briefly when she turned and looked around. She bore a ying-yang tattoo on the small of her exposed back. As I waited I enjoyed the view, idly considering the pleasure two such ripe fruit could give me. Still, I had no intention of actually enjoying them.
“You ladies will be in 105,” said the concierge, handing them two key cards. “You can park right in front of the room.”
“That’s convenient,” said the amiable Asian.
After I checked into my room I went down to the pool to relax, expecting a few retired vacationers perhaps, but looking forward to drifting off in a beach chair with a drink in my hand. Imagine my surprise when I found the pool area overrun by boisterous young people. What I had failed to realize was that it was Spring Break, and the city was flooded with rich young Americans. It seemed that only the attractive ones were allowed to participate, as everywhere I turned I ran into a bare-chested, ripped young man with a backwards-turned baseball cap or a slender half naked girl with jiggling breasts. Annoyed, but determined not to surrender the pool, I found an empty chair and sat down with my drink.
Twenty minutes later I was roused from half-sleep by female voices very near. I opened my eyes and sure enough, the same two girls were planting themselves right next to me. They had changed into bikinis, affording me a very generous view of their flesh. Keeping my head straight, I let my eyes, hidden behind sunglasses, drink them in.
“So, what are we going to do tonight?” asked the blonde, rubbing sunblock (which I could smell) over her chest.
“Well, I’m meeting that guy at eight,” said the Asian, “so you’ll have to find something for a few hours.”
The blonde smiled mischievously. “I’m going to get laid,” she said.
“Are you now?” asked the Asian with a laugh. “And what if I bring my guy back? What are we going to do then?”
The blonde considered that for a moment. “Tell you what,” she said, “first one to land a guy gets the room for the night. So if I come home and find the Do-Not-Disturb sign on the door, I find somewhere else to crash, and vice-versa.”
The girls agreed on this deal, and I began to plot. It meant one of them would be alone for the entire night. I didn’t know which, but I didn’t really care because I wanted to fuck them both. That would be insanely dangerous, though. It would be hard enough to keep one girl under control, then smuggle her corpse out where it wouldn’t immediately be found, without doubling the risk. But I knew I could manage that part with one girl. The biggest problem was going to be getting into their room.
While I thought about that, I took a side trip to buy some supplies. A box of condoms and a pair of latex gloves from the pharmacy, some duct tape, a pair of gloves, and a length of fishing line from a sporting goods store, and finally a pair of padded pink handcuffs from an adult boutique. Fortunately I was in the habit of always bringing my stun gun with me on extended trips, so I already had that in my room. Satisfied that I had everything I would need, I drove my rental car back to the hotel where I could keep an eye on my prey.
As I entered the lobby I was still undecided as to how I was going to get into the room. Two ideas had occurred to me. Number one involved force: I could simply break the door in. That was out of the question, not only because of the unwanted attention it would bring, but also because I probably wouldn’t be able to do it. Number two involved cunning: I would talk my way in. That was looking like my only option. I would have to say I worked for the hotel, maybe as a maintenance man or room service. The more I thought about it, though, the less likely it seemed that my victim would fall for such a story.
Just as I was deciding to scrap my half-formed plan, the solution presented itself to me. There was a new concierge at the desk. One of the young men from the pool approached him. He couldn’t get into his room; his key wasn’t working.
“What number, sir?” asked the concierge.
The boy gave him his room number, then the concierge typed something and swiped his card.
“It should work now,” he said, handing the boy back his card. “Sometimes they get demagnetized if they’re close to a credit card in your wallet.”
That was it! Having stayed at many hotels in the course of my life, I knew how their key cards worked. The cards were all blank until the concierge entered a room code into them on check-in. If your card stopped working, you just had to have him put the code back into it. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could get into the girls’ room this way because normally the concierge would check ID or at least ask for a name before issuing a new card. This guy, however, was just entering the key code for whatever room the guest told him.
Convinced that I could make this work, I headed back to my room to finish preparing. As I passed room 105 I stopped. There was no one in the hallway, so I put an ear to the door. I could hear the two girls talking. Neither had left yet.
Once in my room I opened the curtains. My view looked out on the entrance to the hotel. I would be able to see anyone who came or left. Sitting in a chair by the window, I began to fashion the fishing line into a crude garrote. It would make killing my victim much easier.
At about 7:30 I saw the Asian girl walking out of the lobby. She was dressed in a tight mini-skirt and high-heels. My groin swelled at the sight of her young body, and I had a momentary pang of regret that I wouldn’t be able to sample her. But then I thought of the blonde waiting, alone and unprotected. She would definitely get laid that night.
I pocketed both of my room cards (they always gave a spare), so that I could use the one to get back into my room, and headed nervously to the lobby.
“Hey,” I said to the concierge. “I’m not sure what’s wrong, but my key isn’t working. It worked fine earlier.” I laid the key on the front desk. If he asked for ID, I would simply give him my driver’s license, let him scan my room code in, and go back to my room disappointed.
“Room number?” he asked.
Once I had the card, which was now the key to room 105, stowed safely in my left pants pocket, I made a quick stop at my room to pack my snuff-kit into a small duffel bag. Then it was back down to the first floor.
The hallway was empty again, luckily. Most of the kids were out partying, I guess, although I could hear music thumping from somewhere above. As got closer to the girl’s door, passing number 111, then 109, my heart started beating faster and faster. The anticipation was exhilarating; so much so that I was already getting hard. As I came to room 105, I unzipped my bag and reached for the stun gun. I would need to immobilize the girl quickly.
Just then a door farther down the hallway opened and a giggling young couple came out. Not wanting to attract suspicion, I kept walking past the girl’s door and veered to the left where I pretended to be interested in a vending machine. When I looked back the couple was gone.
Returning to the girl’s door, I slipped on the gloves, retrieved the stun gun, took a deep breath, and swiped the card in the lock. The light on the lock turned from red to green and I heard a click. I turned the handle and opened the door.
“That was quick,” came the girl’s voice from the bathroom. She hadn’t seen me yet. “Did you forget something?” She emerged wearing only a towel wrapped seductively around her shapely young body. A look of surprise and embarrassment crossed her face when she saw me. “Who-“ she began to say.
I zapped her in the throat with the stun gun and she collapsed to the floor. Knowing that the paralysis would only last a few moments, I worked quickly. I ripped off a long strip of duct tape and wrapped it around her mouth. Then I rolled her onto her stomach. The slope of her ass under the towel called out to me, but there would be time for that later. I wrenched her arms behind her back and latched the handcuffs tightly around her slender wrists (I had removed the pink padding from the cuffs so that they would hurt her if she struggled). Not wanting to be interrupted, I quickly placed the Do-Not-Disturb sign on the outside door-handle.
With the bulk of the work now done, I allowed myself to admire my prize. I took one of her tiny feet in my hands, caressing it at first and then licking it. The girl turned over onto her side and looked at me with a combination of fear and disgust.
“Keep still, little one,” I said pushing her face back to the ground. Pressing my lips against her ear, I whispered, “I have killed eight women in my life. You are about to become number nine.”
As I said this my hand was stroking her bare thigh. I let it explore further north, creeping under the cotton towel. She let out a muffled cry and clenched her legs together as my middle finger entered her vagina, which was as smooth as the rest of her. “Let’s begin,” I said.
Although she began to struggle, I easily carried her into the main room; she was light as a feather. The tears were already forming in her eyes, which only made me harder. I dropped her on the bed. She began to shriek as best as she could through the gag. It wasn’t especially loud, but just to be safe I turned on the television to block out the sound. Then I turned my attention back to my prey and unzipped my pants.
She tried to roll off the bed but was hampered by not having the use of her arms. I caught her easily by the ankle and dragged her back to me. She began kicking with her free leg, but I easily caught it. She was shaking her head frantically, and I thought I could make out the word “no” through her muffled cries. As if anything could save her now.
“You won’t be needing this anymore,” I said, unwrapping the towel and revealing the full glory of her nakedness. She tried to draw away from me, pulling her legs up to her chest, but I was instantly on top of her. Prying my hands between her knees, I slowly pushed her legs apart. She was crying frantically now.
My erection was quite full by this point and I quickly stretched a condom over it. There was one last thing I had to do before I entered the girl. I showed her the garrote, then lifted her head and wrapped it around her throat. Her eyes were wide with terror, frantic almost.
“Don’t worry,” I said. “I won’t kill you for another hour, at least.”
With that I pushed the head of my cock into her resistant young pussy. A moment later I felt ecstasy as the rest of my shaft sunk into her warm flesh
As I began to thrust in and out of her cunt, I tightened the garrote just enough to make her breathing uncomfortable. Although I would have no objections to fucking her dead body, there was no need to kill her right away. I planned on getting as much pussy out of this bitch as I could.
I fucked her slowly at first in order to prolong my pleasure. Lowering my face close to hers, I licked her cheek. Her skin tasted slightly salty, probably due to the tears. Next I ran my rough tongue over her delicate neck (and the garrote which was pressing into it) and playfully bit her chin.
Continuing my deliberate thrusts into the girl’s cunt, I began to tighten the garrote. I wanted to see her on the verge of death. The fishing line was thin and strong and bit deeply into her neck. I would have to be careful not to cut her throat, as I didn’t want to leave any suspicious blood on the sheets.
At first she coughed, but as the minutes went by and my grip tightened she couldn’t manage even that. Her face turned pink and then red. She began to fall in and out of consciousness, her eyes fluttering and closing, then popping back open again in terror. I picked up the tempo, pumping her faster and faster as my climax approached. I realized that I was pulling the garrote too tight, and might kill her too soon, but I was lost in pleasure. Finally I erupted, shooting my seed for what seemed like an eternity.
I looked down at the girl. She was unconscious, her eyes closed. I opened them but they were unfocused. I took her pulse; she was still alive. Good.
“Not yet,” I said to no one in particular. “I’m not quite done with you.”
I slipped the slimy condom off and, careful not to leave any evidence on the bed, tossed it in the duffel bag. I then went to the bathroom to piss. When I was done I fetched another condom and sat down on the bed, flipping through the channels as I waited for the girl to awaken.
She didn’t fully come to her senses for quite a while, and I wanted some time to re-stoke my lust so I didn’t rouse her. I went through her purse and found her driver’s license and a student ID to the University of Texas. Her name was Stephanie and she was 19 years old. She had half a dozen credit cards, none of which I would dare to use. Tempting as it was to take a trophy, such as her ID card or an article of clothing, I knew that if any of this stuff were ever discovered in my possession, it would mean the end for me. I would take her purse, just to make it look like she had left the room on her own, but I would have to destroy it and all its contents.
I watched her chest rise and fall in rhythm to her breathing. Running my hands over her smooth, flat belly, I contemplated how I was going to get her body out of the room. In my earlier days, I might have just left her there on the bed, splayed out for the maid to find. Admittedly, there was a certain perverse pleasure to be had from leaving a corpse behind, but it made things so much easier for the authorities. Ideally, I would like to dump her somewhere she would never be found, like the middle of the rainforest or at the bottom of the Amazon, eaten by piranhas. Realistically, I probably wouldn’t be able to get access to such remote areas, so I would have to do the best I could.
My cock was quickly regaining interest in the sleeping form on the bed, so I began to stroke it into life. Soon I was ready to go again and I positioned myself between the girl’s still spread legs. I slid into her much easier this time, like a glove, and began to fuck her. God, she really was a fine piece of ass!
I slapped her face a few times to rouse her and finally she came to her senses. She looked at me with confusion at first, not understanding what was happening. Then, as she recalled her situation, she turned her head to the side, tears streaking her face. The garrote was still around her neck.
“This is the last fuck you’re ever going to get,” I commented.
Just then I heard voices in the hallway, a man and a woman, giggling drunkenly. Instinctively, I pulled the garrote tight so the girl couldn’t call out. Footsteps approached, eventually stopping outside the door. I readied myself to spring for the stun gun. This could be bad.
“No way!” said the female voice. It was the girl’s roommate.
“It’s your room too,” said the man, “we should be able to use it.”
“We made a deal that the first one to get a guy would put the Do-Not-Disturb sign on the door and get to use the room for the night.”
As I continued fucking the girl, I exaggerated my cries of passion to let them know not to come in. The girl tried desperately to call out to them, hope and desperation filling her eyes, but all she could manage was a faint gurgling noise that couldn’t be heard over my crude grunts.
“Jesus!” laughed the roommate from the hallway.
“We could go back to my place,” offered her companion.
The girl began shaking her head no, as if they could see her.
“Alright,” said the roommate. “Goodnight, Steph!” she added playfully. “Slut!”
I listened as their footsteps receded back down the hallway, letting out a sigh of relief only when I was satisfied they were gone. That had been too close.
I decided that it was time to finish the girl off. I could enjoy her just as well if she were dead, and without the risks. Knowing it would be easier to kill her if I focused only on that, I pulled out of her and sat her up. Then I pulled her onto my lap so she was facing away from me, which increased my leverage. I tightened the garrote. She started coughing. Perhaps sensing that these were her final moments, she began to squirm about frantically, unintentionally giving me a great deal of pleasure. It was the best lap dance I’ve ever had, her naked butt rubbing frantically against my naked cock. It was a wonder I didn’t blow my load right then.
Her slender legs kicked out, pushing the sheets to the foot of the bed. As the minutes passed they slowed, then stopped. Her toes curled as if I were still fucking her. The garrote was sunk deeply into her neck, which turned red and then purple. She had stopped coughing and the only sound coming from her now was an occasional wheeze.
Soon she stopped moving entirely. I kept the pressure on for another five minutes just to be sure, then released her. Immediately, she collapsed onto her side. I turned her face toward me and opened her eyelids wide. She was very dead, indeed.
But I wasn’t done with her yet. There was one thing that I hadn’t dared to do while she was alive. I grabbed the duct tape gag by a corner and peeled it away. She had such full lips, such a pretty mouth. It would be a shame to waste them.
I put her head in my lap, letting my balls rest against her chin. I ran my cock, which was rock hard again, over her cheek and her lips. Her lips parted so easily, without any resistance. I touched my cock to her teeth, then opened her mouth wide and pushed myself in.
My member pushed against the inside of her cheek, forcing it outward. She didn’t complain. She didn’t gag once as I forced my cock deep into her throat. I fucked her like that for five minutes, watching her beautiful sightless eyes. There is nothing in this world like a BJ from a dead 19 year old.
Finally I felt my orgasm approaching. I wanted a little better friction for this finale, so I pulled myself out of her mouth and slid back into her pussy. Her dead hips rocked as I thrust myself violently into her again and again, our flesh slapping together. Thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust! After about thirty seconds I came, evacuating my balls. Then I laid down next to the girl, fully satisfied.
I rested for a few minutes, then took a quick shower. There was still work to do. I very much wanted to remove the body from the room. Fortunately, the girl was rather small and had packed a huge suitcase, which after some manipulation I was able to fit her into. I didn’t want to be seen leaving the room, so I waited until I was sure the hallway was empty, then wheeled the suitcase, with the girl’s body inside, out to the trunk of my car. As I left I replaced the Do-Not-Disturb sign with the Service-Please sign, hoping that housekeeping would wash the linen and destroy any evidence I might have left behind. An hour later I found a pretty remote dumping spot and unloaded her. I destroyed her cards and dropped her purse in a river. I got back to my room at five in the morning, exhausted, and collapsed on the bed. I slept in late the next day and then enjoyed the rest of my trip.

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