My name is Bridget. I'm your typical 17 year old. Blonde hair reaching to the middle of my back, Blue eyes, Tan skin, 36D Breasts. I'm pretty much your typical knockout. But then again I have always had a lot of confidence about myself. I never wear anything but mini skirts, or short shorts, nor do i wear anything more then a tank top. Honestly I feel good about showing off my body.
I am an only child, Daddy's Girl, Mommy's Princess, Never got into any trouble, well I have never got caught. I'm not a virgin, I havn't been since I was 14. I sleep around but no guy truly saisfys me. Sure I have had an orgasm once or twice, but it not one of those mind boggling, scream out, totally sensational ones.
My story happened the night my mom had to leave out of town for a buisness trip. My dad was going to drive her to the airport. Right before they left my mom hugged me and said "behave Bridge. Don't get into any trouble." I replied with the usual "I never do." Then my dad came up and told me "I'm going to my buddies after I drop your mom off at the airport, I probably won't be home till about 3 or 4 o'clock." I looked at the clock and realized it was only 5. My dad planned to be gone for almost twelve hours.
I told my mom to have a nice trip and then watched them pull out of the driveway, and drive out of sight. Now what the hell was I suppose to do until 3? I called up my friends but they all had plans, and then I decided to call my fuck buddy Jake, but he was out of town with his girlfriend for the weekend. Well shit! there went anything I could do.
Being as pissed off as I was I decided to take a shower, order a pizza, and watch a movie. The shower felt so amazing on my skin. Feeling the water trickle down my thighs. Amazing. I got out of the shower, and then called the pizza place. After ordering I went into my living room (still naked by the way) and put in the movie. I sat down, wrapped myself in a blanket and started to watch the movie. Not even 10 minutes later the door bell rang. I got up, adjusted the blanket and went to the door.
There standing in front of me was probably one of the most sexiest guys I have seen. This could be a fun night after all. "17. 50$ Ma'am." I pulled out a 20$ and handed it to him. "I could give you a little tip if you would like." Then I winked at him and slowly pulled the blanket apart a litle to expose just a little view of my breasts for him. "N-n-no t-t-th-ank you ma'am." I could tell he was older, maybe mid twenties. Oh god I bet he is a great fuck. I had to have him. "Well actually, I am having a little problem with my T.V. Could you come help me quick?" I could tell he was contemplating if I was trying to trick him so I put on my most innocent face.
It must have worked because he started walking foward and came into the house. "The living room is this way." I ushered him into the living room and when he walked up to the T.V. I took the opportunity since he was facing away from me, to strip out of the blanket and threw it on the couch. He started to speak when he was turning to look at me "Ma'am I don't think there is anyth-"
His breath caught once catching the sight of my very tan, very smooth, shaven, silky body. "Oh well I must have been mistaken. I'm sorry, is there anything I could do for you to make up for my mistake?" I took a step towards him. He started glancing towards the door, then back at my breasts, or my pussy. He had a torn expression on his face. Anyone could tell that it was torture for him to decide what to do.
"How old are you Ma'am?" what was with this ma'am shit? "I am 17, My name is Bridget, you can call me Bridget or Bridge, but not ma'am. I'm not old." He looked scared after that. Shit maybe I should have lied about my age I decided to take more steps till I was right in front of him.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulled myself close to him so my hard nipples were pressed into his chest and whispered in his ear. "Don't worry that I'm only 17. I'm good at this. It will feel great. You know you want to fuck this sweet little peice of ass. And I want you to. I want to be your dirty little whore. I want you to fuck me till I'm sore and I can't stand up." While saying this I could feel his Dick start to get hard and press into my crotch. "See someone wants to come out and play." I started to nibble on his neck while un-buttoning his pants and slipping my hand down his boxers.
I wrapped my hand around his shaft and holy shit what a surprise. He was fucking huge. I could barely wrap my hand around it. "Oh baby you're so big. You're so thick. I need you to fuck me with that big fuck pole. Come on baby, you know you want to." I could tell he was still fighting off the urge to do it. No boy was able to say no to me, why would he be able to.
All of a sudden he pushed me away. I could see the lust in his eyes. I thought that he was gonna do it. He was gonna fuck me harder then I have ever been fucked before. But what came out of his mouth shocked me. "I can't. No! I want to so bad. Your so sexy. But I Can't." Then he just left. He left me standing in my living room naked.
Well now that my night was completly ruined I decided to finish my movie and go lay in bed. The movie went by slow, but eventually it ended and i grabbed my blanket and headed up to my room. I was naked and was in no mood to actually put real pajamas on so i just slipped on one of my silk pajamas. No bra, no panties.
It was around 9 o clock when i got into bed. I turned on my stereo and layed there listening to music. I started to doze off every now and then, but I wasn't fully falling asleep.
I was laying in bed when I thought I heard the door downstairs open, then close. I looked at my clock and it was only Midnight. My dad wouldn't be home this early. Would he? I had to think back to if I locked the front door or not. But that thought drifted out of my mind when I hadn't heard anything for awhile.
I turned my stereo up a bit and then tried to fall asleep again, when I heard this weird noise in my room coming from by my door. It sounded like ragged deep breathing. I figured I was hearing things so i just rolled onto my back and layed there trying to fall asleep. Then all of a sudden there was a hand over my mouth.
"Don't fight or there will be a consequence." Oh my god! what was happening. Why is this happening. Are they going to kill me?! Then I thought maybe it's the pizza guy, he decided he did want me and came to get some after all. The man removed his hand from me mouth so I took the opportunity to speak. "So Mr.Pizza Guy, Decided you had to have some after all."
Smack. Oh my god! He hit me. "What the hell are you talking about you dirty slut. I'm not the fucking pizza guy." My mind was spinning and my cheek was burning. I didn't know what was going to happen but I figured if I fought back, it would be much worse. So I just layed in my bed, still waiting for him to do whatever he wanted.
All of a sudden my bed started moving. He was getting in bed with me. I didn't like where this was going. Sure I like sex but I like to be dominant. I never wanted to be dominated. Yet here I was most likely about to be raped.
He started to stroke my arm slowly, softly. Breathing in my hair. He was close to me. Too close. His hands started to move over my shoulders and onto my chest, where he started to fondle my breasts through my silk nighty. His other hand was moving my hair aside and he started to bite and suck on my neck.
While he did this I was just laying there. Not moving. His hand on my breasts started to slide down my body until it reached my skin on my thighs where he started to stroke my thighs. "Does the little whore like me touching her? Does she like how it feels?" The disgusting creep was hoping I liked it. "Fuck you!" was all I could say.
Suddenly he smashed his mouth onto mine while his hand went to my pussy and he started to massage around it. Feeling that I was completly smooth he started to moan into my mouth while also thrashing his tongue around mine. Abruptly he pulled away and used his free hand to grab a handful of my hair. "Kiss me back you stupid slut. You do as I say or there will be consequences."
Without giving me time to answer he smashed his mouth to mine once again and started thrusting his tongue in and out. Tears were streaming down my face as I reluctantly started to kiss him back.
With me responding now he thrust a finger into my pussy and started to finger fuck me while using his thumb to massage my clit. My body responding to the feeling made my pussy start to get wet, and him feeling this made him give a deep, long moan into my mouth.
Realizing how wet i was he got off the bed and spun me so my legs were dangling off the side. "Sit up." Not wanting to be hit or harmed I did as I was told and sat up quickly. He roughly yanked my nighty off and threw it to the floor. "Unbutton my pants and pull down my pants and boxers.
I reached up and started to Unbutton his pants. I hadn't realized it but sometime during all this he managed to get his shirt off. I got his button undone and unzipped his pants and pulled them down. He swiftly kicked them off across the room. "Now the boxers." As I was pulling them down, I hadn't realized how close he was to me because the moment I got them past his dick it sprang up and hit me in the nose.
I moved my head back a little bit and pulled his boxers down the rest of the way, were he then kicked them off like his pants. "Grab it you whore. I want you to feel how long it is, how thick it is. I want you to know what will be fucking you in your tiny cunt. Stroke it." Not responding quick enough apparently, he smacked me again. "I said grab it you bitch!"
With shakey hands I reached up and wrapped my hand around it. I couldn't believe how it felt. It was so thick. And so warm. I swear it felt thicker then the pizza guys! "Stroke it. Feel how long it is." Slowly, and catiously I started to stroke his dick. Bringing my hand to the bottom of his dick, then slowly bringing it to the top. Yet while I was bringing it up I felt like it was never gonna stop.
"H-h-how l-l-long is it?" He gave a small chuckle. "10 inches baby. And it's all yours. I havn't had sex in 6 months so I'm gonna fuck your brains out baby. Your gonna love ever second of it. By time I'm done you will be begging for more." This guy was so full of himself.
"Fuck off! I would never ask for sex from you!" He laughed at this. If it was because I was resisting him, or because I was crying when I said it but he found something about it funny. Which made me cry more. "Baby don't cry. It will only hurt at first." Then he started to kiss my tears, but slowly started kissing down my neck then down to my breasts, where he started to suck and bite my right one, while squeezing and pinching my left one.
I could feel my pussy getting even wetter from what he was doing to me, which brought on a whole new set of tears because my body was betraying me. "Oh is my little whore upset? Well I will fix that for you." He then started to kiss down my belly and down to my inner thighs where he started to kiss too.
After he kissed my inner thighs e started to kiss around my pussy, which was getting wet with anticipation. He stopped kissing around it and I could feel his breathing on my pussy. "Baby you smell so sweet, so nice. I can't wait to taste it, and obviously you cant either." Then he kissed my pussy square on and started to slightly lick the slit, avoinding my clit everytime.
He would stop every few seconds and blow cold air onto my pussy where it would make my whole body shiver. "Put your legs over my shoulder!" Not wanting him to get mad I did as I was told. I was still crying this whole time he was doing all this. The moment I had my legs over his shoulder he dug his face into my pussy and thrust his tongue as far in as it would go. I gasped in shock because of his sudden attack. He was tongue fucking me while I was laying there breathing heavy and crying.
He stopped tongue fucking me and put 2 fingers into me and started to finger fuck me while he sucked and flicked his tongue on my clit. I was starting to feel myself about to climax, and he could tell i was about to too, so he stood about and positioned his dick at my pussy.
He was rubbing his head up and down my slit getting his head nice and wet. All I could do is lay there and cry, waiting for the pain from the huge dick that was about to abuse my pussy. His breathing became rough and uneven as he slowly pushed the head into my pussy. I already felt my pussy being stretched bigger then it has before.
"Are you ready for the fuck of your life baby? Are you ready to be fucked beyond belief?" Without giving me anytime to answer or respond, he thrust all 10 inches into me all the way to the hilt. Causing me to scream out in pain. I felt like I was being torn in half. He slowly pulled all but the head out and slammed all 10 inches back in again.
"Oh baby, your so tight! You feel better then I imagined! God you're so sexy!" He continued his pattern of pulling almost all the way out just to slam right back into me. Yet now the pain was slowly turning into something else. Somthing my mind was fighting off. I was actually getting pleasure from this stranger raping me!
"Please, please stop! I wont tell anyone please! Just please stop!" Me begging him to stop and him hearing me crying made him even more horny and he picked up his pace continuing the same patter he had earlier. "Oh fuck baby yes! Your so hot, so tight. God I'm gonna fuck you all night! Oh yes. Ugh, ugh, ugh, take it! Take my fuck stick! yes you dirty slut!"
All night?! My dad would be coming home in less then 3 hours! I would be saved! I just had to tough it out. But another part of me didn't want my dad to come home. Him talking dirty to me and the feel of his huge prick in my tight cunt was giving me a pleasure I never felt before. I wanted to be saved, I never wanted this to end. I was torn between.
"Oh does my baby like this? Oh god your pussy is so hot! You are enjoying this arn't you. I can feel your pussy muscles tighten on my cock! Thats it baby! Milk my cock! Take it like the whore you are!" And he started to pound into me faster then I knew possible.
"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Yeah Baby! It feels good doesn't it! be honest! Tell me it feels good!" I was crying now, as I couldn't fight off the truth. "Ughhhh, Yes it Ughhh, feels, ughhh, good, ugghhhh!!!! So, ughhhh good!!" Then his mouth came down on mine and he started to kiss me passionatly. I couldn't help but kiss back. This was better then any fuck in my life.
"Oh baby. You wanna, Ugh, Ugh, know why your enjoying this? Ugh, Ugh, Ugh. Do you want to know why it feels so good?" He then started to bite my neck while fucking me. He was slamming into me so fast I could barly answer back. "Ugh, yes, ugh, tell, ugh, me, ugh, why, ugh, it, ugh, feels, ugh, so good!!" He pulled away from my neck and put his lips to my ear.
"Because you know me, ugh, baby doll. You see me, ugh, everyday of your, ugh, life. I have fantasized, ugh, about fucking, ugh, you for years now! You have, ugh, never been with a real, ugh, man. But you are, ugh, now. And you can, ugh, be from now, ugh, on. We can, ugh, fuck everyday if, ugh, you want. ugh,ugh,ugh." Wait I knew this guy? I saw him everyday? I only saw one man everyday. It couldn't be him.
"It isn't you! No. It can't be!" He started laughing. "Ugh, ugh, ugh. Oh yes baby it is. That's why it feels so good. A daddy knows what his daughter needs. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Oh baby. Daddy loves you! Fuck baby, I am gonna fuck you all the time now!" I started to cry. Not only was I being raped. I was being raped by my father. And I was enjoying it. "Fuck yes baby, milk daddys cock! Daddy is gonna fill his pretty daughter with his cum. Should daddy come in you baby doll. Do you want to feel my juices inside your pretty little pussy?"
I couldn't fight it back any longer. I wrapped my legs around my dad and hooked my ankles. "Fuck yes daddy! Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,ugh. Fill your baby ugh, girl with your juice! Fuck me daddy! Fuck me hard! Daddy! UGH, UGH, UGH!! DEEPER DADDY! FUCK YOUR BABY GIRL HARD! MAKE ME YOUR SLUT!" With saying this daddy lost every ounce of control and lost himself to his animal instincts. He started grunting loud and started fucking me hard, and deeper then I thought possible!
"YEAH BABY! DADDY IS GONNA MAKE YOU COME ALL OVER MY FUCK STICK! COME FOR DADDY! BE DADDY'S LITTLE WHORE!" He then pressed his mouth to mine and I opened my mouth and started thrusting my tongue to match his. "UMGHHHHH" I let out a deep long moan into daddy's mouth. This felt better then anything I could have imagined. I was getting so close. "UGH!!!!! DADDYS I'M GONNA COME! MAKE YOUR LITTLE SLUTTY DAUGHTER COME! FUCK ME DADDY! HARD!"
With that I threw my head back and dug my nails into daddy's back. I started to throw my head from side to side "Ughhhh! DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! YES! DADDY I'M CUMMING!!!!!" "YES COME FOR DADDY! COME ON! COME ON DADDY'S FUCK STICK! BE DADDY'S LITTLE WHORE!!"
I never wanted this to end. I wanted to fuck daddy for the rest of my life! The speed and deepness of my daddy fucking me made my climax last longer then it should have. "Daddy!! STOP! UGH PLEASE STOP! I CAN'T UGH, TAKE, UGH, IT! IT'S TO, UGH, MUCH!!!" "Baby! Daddy can't stop! You don't want daddy to stop!!! Ugh, Ugh, Ugh!! Daddy is, ugh, gonna come!!! COME ON BABY MILK MY COCK! MAKE DADDY COME FOR YOU!!"
Daddy couldn't handle the amazing feeling of his daughters pussy around his cock and his daughter talking dirty to him. I could feel his dick getting even bigger inside me! "Oh baby! UGH, UGH, UGH. Daddy is cumming. Daddys is filling his baby girl with his cum! take it baby! UGHHHHHH! UGHHHH! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
Daddy's fucking began to slow, and I could feel his dick getting limp inside me. I felt like Daddy just emptied a gallon of sperm into me. Good thing I was on Birth Control. When daddy stopped fucking me completly he collapsed on top of me and I pulled my face to his and kissed him passionatly.
"Daddy, Your amazing. That was the most amazing thing I ever felt! I love you!" He lightly chuckled. "Baby, I have wanted to fuck you for years. You turn me on walking around in your skimpy outfits. Your so sexy. I never wanted anyone more then I have wanted you."
"Oh daddy!" I kissed him passionatly again. "Daddy, you can fuck me anytime you want from now on. Even if I'm in a skirt. I will stop wearing panties in the house. You can come up behind me and fuck me." Apparently the thought of fucking his baby girl, was getting my dad turned on again. I could feel his dick (which was still in me) getting hard again. "Daddy, you're getting hard again. But maybe we should wait.
"Baby girl your right, we should get washed up." With that daddy, got up and pulled out of me with a plop noise. He bent over, kissed me then stood up. "Baby, you better get some rest. Your mother is gone for 2 weeks. So you got a lot of fucking ahead of you." When he said this it brought back a memory. "Daddy, did you say you haven't had sex in 6 months?" He sighed. "Yes baby girl, your mom stopped giving it to me.
Well that is even better, I thought to myself, now daddy is all mine. "Okay daddy. Goodnight." With that he left the room.

I woke up the next morning, dazed and I couldn't remember last nights events very well. While I was laying there though, everything came babck to me. I remember being raped, then realizing it was my dad. I decided I needed to have his cock in me again.
I slowly crept into his room, wanting to surprise him, and crawled into his bed. He was already naked which made everything easier, plus he was already hard! Wow he really was ready for me.
I slowly climbed onto my dad and loweered my pussy onto his huge prick. I started to push his whole length into me and sat there after he was fully in, waiting to see if he would wake up. With no success I slowly started to ride my daddy, in hopes that he would wake up soon to find his baby girl fucking him.
"uhhhh, what, uhhh." My daddy started to stir and wake up from his deep sleep. He opened his eyes to see his daughters tits bouncing up and down and his pretty baby girl riding his cock. "Morning, uhhhh, daddy. I wanted to give, ugh, you a surprise." Daddy got a big smile on his face, and he placed his hands on my hips and started to pick me up and down faster.
"Oh! Thats right baby! Ride daddy's cock! Fuck! Your my little whore arn't you baby? Your daddy's little fuck whore." I was riding up and down daddys entire cock and grunting like a wild animal. "Ugh! Yes, ugh, daddy, ugh, I am ugh, your little ugh, whore. I can't ugh, get enough ugh, of ugh, your ugh, big ugh, cock!!" Daddy let go of my hips and grabbed my boobs and started to pinch and twist each nipple. "UGHHHHHHH DADDY! I'M GONNA CUM! YOUR BABY GIRL IS GONNA CUM ON YOUR BIG DICK! FUCKKKK!!" I threw my head back and let out this big scream.
"Daddyyyyyy!! IM CUMMING AGAIN!! YES UGH, TALK DIRTY TO, UGH, ME! DADDY PLEASE! UGH, UGH, UGH! CUM IN YOUR BABY GIRL. FILL HER, UGH, WITH YOUR JUICES! UGH, UGH, UGH. COME ON DADDY!!! CUM FOR YOUR BABY GIRL!!!!" I knew telling him that his baby girl wanted her daddy's juices in her made him go crazy. And indeed it did.
"Oh fuck you little whore! Yesss! Daddys gonna cum in his little princess! UGH, UGH, UGH!! RIDE ME YOU LITTLE FUCKING BITCH. RIDE DADDY'S COCK GOOD. MILK YOUR DADDYS FUCK STICK! YES. UGH, UGH, UGH!! DADDYYYYSSSSS CUMMING IN HIS PRINCESS!!! DADDY IS CUMMING!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHH" Then I could feel it. spurt after spurt, filling my pussy with his juices.
"uhhhhh daddy. yessss!" I kept riding him even though he started to go limp. "Did my daddy like his morning surprise?" Did he like waking up to his little fuck whore riding him?" He got this evil wicked grin on his face. "Oh yes daddy did. Now maybe it's daddys turn to wake you up by fucking you." I started to squeal! "Oh yes daddy. Please do that!!" and with that I kissed him passionatly.

Mine and my dad's sex life, never stopped. Even after my mom got back, though it really didn't have to stop. My mom noticed a change in daddy, and A month after she got back, she said she knew she was cheating on him with probably some whore and that she was leaving him. Mom told me she wanted me to come with her, but I told her that I didn't want to leave my friends. Truthfully, I just wanted to be able to fuck daddy.

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