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Not my tale, just posting for y'all. Ran acrossed it and had to post it.
The morning looked so beautiful, 13-year-old Susan couldn't
wait to go swimming. It was the first day of her summer vacation
and her parents were going to fill the pool with water. Larry,
her father, was in the back yard now with the water running into
the pool.

Susan slipped on her bikini panties from last year. She
noticed they were way too tight and a few dark pubic hairs stuck
out from around her leg holes. She had started developing a few
months earlier. When Susan tried on her bikini top it no longer
snapped in the back. Her breasts, small but full, were too big
for the top. Undaunted, Susan slipped on a white T-shirt that
she used to wear from the previous year. The shirt had thinned,
but Susan left it on anyway; even though her nipples clearly
shown through the fabric, and it barely reached her waist.

Larry loved the first day of summer. He had two weeks off
for his vacation, and intended to spend every minute with his
wife and daughter. He had just bought the house out in the
country and loved the privacy it afforded.

As Larry vacuumed the pool his wife came out to meet him.
"Hi, honey. The pool looks great!" Lorie said with a kiss.
"Another hour and it should be ready," Larry told her.
Larry noticed the skimpy bikini Lorie had on; her tits were
almost bursting out of the top. Also, a lot of her pussy hair
was visible hanging out around the narrow strip that was supposed
to cover her pussy-mound. He soon found himself becoming

"Isn't that suit a little bold to be wearing in front of
Susan?" he asked, while feeling her soft breast with a bold hand
himself, for one who was objecting to his wife's display of her
body. "Not as bold as you playing with my tits. Besides, she
old enough to know about sex. Also, wait until you see HER
bathing suit, it makes mine look old fashioned. I didn't want
you being turned on by our daughter more than me," Lorie
explained, while sliding her hand into his trunks and squeezing
his hard dick.

Larry protested that he would never be turned on by Susan.
Lorie just laughed and told him she would prove it. With this
cryptic remark, Lorie let go of her husband's dick, and returned
to the house.

Larry was shocked that his wife would even think such a

In the house, Lorie found herself suddenly aroused by the
notion of her husband being turned on by their daughter, and
decided to see how far she could take it. A few minutes later,
Lorie found Susan watching TV, and told the little girl to go
help her father with the pool. As Susan was walking out, Lorie
instructed her to make sure she gave him a big hug for fixing the

Susan ran out to her father and threw her arms around him.
Larry caught unaware, tried to pull away from his nubile
daughter because his dick was sticking three inches out of his
trunks. Susan, very naive, rubbed her abdomen against her
father's cock. She was totally unaware that his dick was pressed
against her.

Finally, Larry extracted himself from her embrace and
squatted down to hide his hard-on.
Susan jumped up and down with excitement, when she noticed
the water in the pool, and bent over the edge to feel it.
Larry, sitting behind Susan, felt his breath catch, as he
noticed what The little girl was wearing. He also noticed that
her bikini bottom was pulled up between her pussy lips. Larry
had never before realized that his daughter even HAD pubic hair.
Embarrassed at his reaction to his own daughter, Larry dove
into the water while Susan had her back turned. He was glad to
find a chance to cover his raging hard-on.
His relief was short-lived. As he stood up in the deep end
of the pool, in swam Susan. The little girl swam up to her
father and wrapped her slender legs around his waist. "Hi
Daddy," She laughed.

Larry gasped, when he felt his little girl's bikini-clad
pussy press against his dick. His ten inch dick was sticking
halfway out of his trunks. He wished he had worn a larger size.
Susan's bikini had shrunk even more in the water, and with
her swimming had twisted to the side, exposing her pussy
completely. She felt her father's dick pressed against her pussy
lips but, being naive, stayed where she was.

Larry was in turmoil; he felt his daughter's soft pussy
rubbing against his dick, but didn't know how to stop it. He
continued to act as if nothing was happening. Surprised at
finding himself excited by a 13-year-old, he slid his hands from
around her waist and cupped Susan's creamy buttocks. He couldn't
believe how soft her ass felt. Larry didn't want to scare his
little girl with his arousal, but couldn't stop himself from
trying to go a little further. So grabbing Susan around the
waist, he told his daughter, "Lets jump up and down, and see if I
can throw you off."
Susan readily wrapped her legs around his waist even
tighter, as they started splashing water, and took turns dunking
each other.

Larry started jumping up and down. With each jump, Larry
would lift his daughter's soft little body against his. With
each jump he could feel his dick slide against her pussy lips,
and through the cheeks of ass. He couldn't stop himself from

Susan continued to laugh, and held on tight; unaware of the
meaning of her father's dick pressed against her virgin pussy.
Larry knew it was wrong, but kept poking Susan's tight pussy
anyway. All of sudden, Larry dick speared Susan's tight cunt
again; only this time the tip of his dick went right between her
young pussy lips. With the next jump, Larry felt his daughter's
tight pussy envelope the head of his dick.
Susan felt her pussy spread around her father's dick. The
feeling was completely new to her. At first she tried to pull
off the giant dick that was stuck in her tiny pussy, but her
father had a very strong hold on her ass. Susan didn't know how
to tell her father that his dick was in her cunt, so she kept
silent. Besides, her father didn't seem to notice anything
unusual. Maybe this was normal.
Larry, by now on the verge of cumming, lifted his daughter
up with next jump, and launched two solid inches of hard
throbbing dick into his little girl's tiny pussy, ripping her
fragile hymen to shreds.

With the deflowering of his daughter, Larry's dick squirted
what felt like gallons of hot thick sperm into her body. He felt
his little girl's pussy clamp down like a glove, milking his cum
out of his dick, and into her welcoming vagina. Susan felt her
sliding up and down on her father's prick suddenly become easier,
as the slick sperm inside her vagina was a much better lubricant
than plain water. She felt uncomfortably stuffed, as her father
shuddered against her and held her close.

While his dick spurted into Susan, Larry rubbed her young
ass; with his hands pulling the cheeks apart, which made her lips
clasp his dick even tighter; making each incestuous spurt feel
like his daughter was trying to milk it out. Finally Susan felt
her father's dick soften inside her, until it slid out of her
pussy with an obscene slurp. She was too innocent to know what
had happened, or even what sex was. The little girl was too
embarrassed to object at what her father had done, and not sure
anything was wrong anyway; so when he finished, she pulled off
his dick and swam to the shallow end of the pool.

Larry could not believe that he had just fucked his own
daughter, but he knew he had. He swam over to Susan and noticed
she was not acting, so he decided not press the point. He could
also see a white trail of sperm leaking out of her pussy, because
her bikini would not cover her mound.

Lorie had been watching out the window. She saw her husband
and daughter jumping up and down, but was not aware they were
having sex. Finishing her drink; Lorie went out to the pool and
joined them. Climbing into the pool, Lorie noticed sperm
floating on top of the water. She whispered into Larry ear, "Why
is there sperm in the pool Larry?"

Her husband was just about to deny it, when Lorie held up a
string of sperm dripping from one finger. Larry held his head in
shame and told Lorie about how he got too excited jumping with
Susan. Lorie asked, "Just how far did you go?"

Larry explained that the head of his dick accidentally went
inside, and that he might have broken Susan's hymen. Larry was
shocked when Lorie just laughed and told him she was right and
his daughter COULD turn him on. Lorie slid her hand into his
trunks and clasped his dick until it became rock hard. She told
him not to worry; that Susan probably liked it.

Lorie started kidding Larry; asking, "Did you like having
your big dick in her tiny pussy? Did you cum in her? Did you
like squirting your nasty old sperm in her tight little hole?"
Larry kept insisting it was an accident; but Lorie, stroking
his hard dick, knew it was a lie. Lorie told Larry she was going
to prove it again.

Lorie swam over to Susan, who was floating on a raft. She
saw that Susan small breasts shown completely through the wet T-
shirt. She also noticed how perky Susan's nipples were. When
she reached the little girl, Lorie flipped the raft over dunking
Susan into the water. Then, when Susan emerged, Lorie grabbed
Susan's T-shirt and ripped it as if by accident; spilling her
daughter's budding tits out in the open.

Susan quickly covered her breasts and was proceeding to
climb out, when her mother told her, "Don't be a prude." Lorie
pulled her own top off and told Susan that nudity was nothing to
be ashamed of.

Susan, a very obedient child, left her top off.
Larry, sitting on the steps with a roaring hard-on, watched
his wife and daughter playing topless in the pool. Lorie still
playing, began squeezing Susan's small tits. Susan blushed and
tried to swim away; but her mother had a firm grip on her tits.
Then Lorie told Susan that they should both show her Dad how
much they appreciated his filling the pool for them. She told
her daughter they should give him a good back rub. Susan agreed.
Lorie explained to Larry about the back-rub and had him lie
down on a rubber raft, on the side of the pool. Lorie sent Susan
into the house for the baby oil.

While she was gone, Lorie pulled Larry's trunks off. He
first protested, then decided, "Why not?" By now Larry was
wondering just how far Lorie COULD get the little girl to go. He
decided to find out.

Susan quickly returned with the oil. She blushed, when she
noticed her father's naked torso. Lorie applied half the bottle
on Larry's body and told Susan to rub his legs and butt. Susan
started to protest; but stopped when her mother shot her a glare.
Susan knew better than contradict her mother; so she proceeded to
rub the oil on the back of her father's thighs.
Larry loved the feel of their hands and wondered just how
far Lorie would go this time.

Lorie told Susan to start working up higher. Susan rubbed
her hands in long stokes, starting mid-thigh, until her hands
found his buttocks. She slowly kneaded the cheeks of her
father's ass and got an approving look from her mother. Lorie
told her to make sure she rubbed her father's inner thighs.
Larry spread his legs wide when he felt his daughter's
fingers between his thighs. Susan could see her father's scrotum
hanging between his legs and kept avoiding it until her mother
motioned her to go higher. Susan, hands slippery with oil,
reached up and softly grasped her father's balls.
Larry groaned when he felt his daughter rubbing his balls.
Susan continued to stroke his balls, until Lorie told him to turn
over. Slowly rolling over, Larry kept his eyes closed, as he
felt Susan's tiny hands grasp his balls. Lorie poured some more
oil on his dick and started Susan rubbing it. Once she started,
Lorie got up and told her daughter to keep rubbing until she came

Lorie went inside to fix lunch and watch her daughter
through the window. Susan knew her mother would be mad if she
didn't keep rubbing. So, taking a deep breath, Susan slid both
hands up and tightly wrapped her fingers around her father's
dick. She slowly ran her hands up and down the length of his
dick. It felt strange to her; very spongy on the outside, but
very hard on the inside.

Larry's breathing increased, as he felt his little girl's
hands jack his dick. Susan was staring at the tip of his dick,
when Larry arched his back and shot a huge load of cum into his
daughter's face.

Susan gasped, when the first hot jet of sperm hit her in the
face. The second jet went straight into her mouth. She wanted
to let go, but knew what her mother would say. She continued to
stroke her father's throbbing dick, while swallowing the sperm in
her mouth.

Suddenly, Lorie appeared at her side. "OK Susan, you did a
good job," she said. "Go eat, lunch is fixed."
Susan was glad her mother was pleased; she would do anything
for her mother. As she left, Susan looked back. She was shocked
to see her mother lower her face over her father's penis and take
it into her mouth. She was surprised that Lorie would take the
thing that her father peed out of in her mouth, but her mother
seemed to like it. Or perhaps it was the white-stuff that her
father had squirted that Lorie liked. She seemed to be licking
up every drop.

Curious, Susan licked the back of her hand, where some of
her father's sperm had landed. Sticky, slightly sweet, but not
bad. Not really good, she decided, but not bad either. Maybe
her mother really did like the taste, after all.

"Did you like it, Larry?" Lorie beamed at him, after
cleaning up the last sticky drop. She had notice Susan watching,
and wanted to be sure the little girl got a good look.

"Yes. But I'm shocked that she actually gave me a hand job
and you let her."

"You'd be surprised what I can get her to do," Lorie smiled
in reply.

While they walked inside, Lorie was thinking of different
ways to have Susan put out to her father, without ever educating
the little girl to sex. She wanted to see if Susan could fuck
and suck while still maintaining her innocence. Hopefully the
little girl would be over six months pregnant without ever
knowing what she was doing. What an incredibly sexy thought.
Lorie found Susan sitting at the table eating A sandwich.She
notice that her little girl had A few streaks of sperm on her bare

"Susan,thank you for being good to your father."Lorie explained,while
rubbing her hand down Susan's tan back.She told her daughter that
since her father had only two weeks off from work;they should show him
A great time.She was about to tell Susan about sex,when Larry came
into the kitchen nude,covered with oil.He announced to them that he
needed A shower.As he left,Lorie told her daughter to climb into the
shower and wash the oil off of herself.Susan immediately protested
that her father was using the shower.Lorie reminded her that she was
topless and that there was nothing wrong with sharing the shower.She
also told her to be A good little girl and scrub the oil off her

Susan meekly walked into the bathroom,and removed her
panties.She felt very embarrassed being nude in front of her father but
knew she was being silly.With a deep breath,Susan climbed into the
shower.Larry was shock to see his nubile daughter in the shower with
him,but knew Lorie put her up to it.

"Hi honey.Want the soap?"He turned back to the water after giving her the soap.His dick immediately harden after seeing the hairs covering her little pussy.

"Thanks.Want me to wash your back?"

"That would be great."

Susan soaped his back until she had A nice lather,and then started running her hands up and down the length of his back.She notice the oil on his buttocks and leg;and knelt down on her knees to wash him better.

Larry gasp went he felt her tiny fingers kneel his buttocks.Her finger started washing on the inside of thighs.Becoming aroused,he spread his legs wide to encourage her fingers to move up.When she didn't, he slowly kneeled down until her fingers touch his balls.Susan wanting to lease her parents, lifted her hands around his balls.She gently stroke the sack between her hand.Still very naive,she started sliding her
hands up onto his raging cock.Larry groan at the feel of her hands
stroking his cock. He wanted to see how far she would go,so he stood up
and faced her. His hard cock pointed inches from her face.

Susan blushed at seeing her father's dick,and started to rise.But he
told her to stay down so that he could wash her hair.Larry just
couldn't let this end now,and proceeded to lather her hair.He saw her
eyes were tightly closed and leaned closer to her until his dick touch
her lips.He almost shot his wad seeing his dick touch her pink
lip.Going slow,he pressed his dick harder against her closed mouth but
could not get inside her youthful lips.Finally,he ask her if the
shampoo felt good.When she answered,he slid the head of his cock into
her tender mouth.He held her head tight,until she relaxed.Then with A
gentle nudge of his hips,he launch three full inches of fat dick into
her tiny mouth.He saw her lips spread wide around his cock.Totally
aroused,he started sliding his cock in and out of her mouth.The feel
of her soft tongue caressing his dick,brought the first shot of hot
cum into her throat.Susan was shock when her father's dick slid into
her mouth.Being so naive,she knew it was an accident and tried not to
bite down.Her lips felt totally spread.She relaxed her mouth to the
hard dick until she felt the first spurt of sperm.Remembering her
mother at the pool,Susan started swallowing his sperm.She thought she
would drown.Being A good girl,Susan wrapped her tongue around his and
sucked until she felt it shrink.Larry pulled his drained dick from her
mouth and told her rinse off.Susan hoped her Dad did not know she had
sucked him off.

Larry went down stairs and proceeded to tell Lorie what happened in
the shower.She appeared very pleased at how things were
progressing,and told her husband to stay nude.Larry readily agreed and
sat in his recliner.
Susan was shock to see her parents nude watching TV.Her mother
explained that for now on they could be naked in the house.When Susan
protested to being nude,her mother suggest that she could wear her
pink teddy.Susan agreed,and went upstairs to change.While slipping on
her shear gown,Susan's mother came into the room sat down on her bed.
"Did you like taking A shower with your Dad"
"yes"She blushed,sliding on her panties.
"Did you wash him good?"
"yes ma'am."
"Did he wash you?"
"My hair."
"See I told you there was nothing wrong with taking A shower with your
father.He told me he enjoyed washing your hair."

Susan turned red at hearing her mother's remark.
"Susan,I want you stop being so prudish.When you go down stair,I want
you to sit in your father lap and love on him until he tell you to get
off.Also,you need to remove those panties.I notice your little pussy
is red."With that said,Lorie turned and left.

Susan felt confused at the changes in her parents.Obediently,Susan
removed her panties and told herself that she needed to stop being so
silly over her parents nudity.Trying to be A good girl,Susan went
downstairs and climbed in to her father's lap.He was wrapped up with A
warm blanket,so she climb under the blanket to snuggle.She wrapped her
arms around him and told him how much she loved him.She notice her
mother looked please.

Larry notice Susan was naked under her short teddy.He felt the soft
cheeks of her ass pressed against his now hardening dick.Susan felt
her father's cock growing beneath her butt.It was so hard, that it
pressed in between the cheeks of ass,and wedge against her tiny
anus.She stayed where she was,even though his cock was snug against
her ass.Susan pretended to watch TV as her father shifted his body
until his dick pressed against her tight pussy.She let out A soft
gasp,but held still.Intent on being A good girl,Susan held her breath
when her father slipped his hand under her teddy and gently cupped one
of her breast.

Larry couldn't believe how soft her tit felt.Being gentle,he pinched
her nipple until she let out A soft moan.Feeling more brave,he slid
his other hand between her legs and stroked her tender pussy.He ran A
finger up and down her tiny slit until it became wet.Then very
gently,he spread the lips of her pussy ,and pressed the head of his
cock into the opening of her pussy.He gasp at how tight she felt.Larry
took it very slow.He reached up and grasped both of her small
breast.With A slight tilt of his hips,he launch A inch of hard cock
into her cunt.Susan grunted at having her small pussy touched,but kept
watching TV.Larry shifted again,and shoved three more inches into her
tight pussy.The walls of her cunt clamped around the head of his
dick.Susan couldn't stop the yelp,when she felt her father's big dick
spear her tiny pussy.

"Anything the matter Susan?"Lorie asked.She knew her husband large
cock was spearing her daughter's tiny cunt.
"No momma."Susan whispered.She didn't want her mother mad at her ,so
she gritted her teeth when her father launch three more inches into
her tightly stretched pussy.

Larry felt his dick bottom out in her small pussy.He had seven thick
inches in her pussy.He pulled her up against his chest and slowly
started working his dick in and out of her pussy.After a few
minutes,he notice how wet her cunt had become.The juices made his dick
slide in her pussy easier.He cupped he small breast and started shoving
his dick further into her incredibly tight pussy.Her cunt gripped his
dick tightly,which made him shoot his load deep into her womb.He felt
load after load of hot sperm fill her tight cunt.Susan felt her father
dick twitching inside her pussy.It felt all wet and gooey inside her
cunt.Finally,she felt the strain on the wall of her cunt loosen as
Dad's shrank inside her.She shivered when his dick slid out.Her pussy
still felt stuffed.Larry was shock that his little girl actually took
his load.He worry that she could become pregnant if he wasn't


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