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this is a story about a very sexual girl, it may or may not be true ill let you decide
This is my first story, so yea all comments appreciated even criticism.....

I was a product of a raped woman. My mother at 14 years old was beaten and raped in a field, she didnt know who he was , just some crossing black man who wanted my beautiful Italian mother i suppose. She gave birth to me "Siren" 7 and a half months later. Despite how i came about she loved me.

At the age of three i saw my mothers step father rape her. A man whom i loved like a grand father who took care of me and my mother. I couldnt understand why he was hurting her. I remember vividly some how, he pulled her clothes off and tied a gag around her mouth. He pulled his dick out and began fucking her i seen the tears roll out of her eyes, and i began to cry with her. He pumped and pumped into her for what seamed like forever to me, and suddenly he pulled his penis out and shot his come all over her face and called her a filthy slut, and said you should be lucky that i put my dick inside of you. This wasnt the last time, he raped her often, then one day we left. Me my mother and younger brotherstayed in a motel for weeks. One night i woke to the familiar sounds of my mothers screams. I saw a big black man on top of her fucking her ass, hard, he was grunting deeply. I didnt know what to do i could see him starring at me as he pumped into my mom. I just cried wondering who he was how did he find her. After he finished he said thanks bitch while he fixed his pants, and as he walked out he looked at me and said your to beautiful to cry baby.

All of that soon was behind us. My mother and her high school sweetheart got married mind you they had already given me a little brother who was two years younger than me. And by the time i was 6 i had a second brother. My aunt came to stay with us for a while after the baby was born she sleept in my room. She was 16 and a slut, she had her boyfriend sneek into our house at night. The first time i remember so well. He didnt kiss her once just demanded everything, he started by pulling her jeans off and saying "rub your clit bitch" while she did that he pulled his dick out, i remember thinking it was so big, he began to stroke it a bit getting it ready, my aunt then said fuck me baby fuck me now. He said you have to show me how much you want it and that you deserve it. She got on her hands an knees and begged for his dick she said ill do anything. He grabbed her head and thrusted his dick inside her throat, i thought she was going to die. But she sucked him deep, he grunted (i flashed back to the grunts of the man fucking my moms ass). He pulled her up pushed her face down on the bed and spread her ass cheeks apart he plunged into her ass, she didnt make much noise just a few moans, i guess she was use to it. He bounced on her ass the night lite in my room provided just enough lite to see his dick thrusting in and out of her ass. I guess i was turned on a bit. He turned her over and shoved himself back down her throat and he let his load off in her mouth. He said if she wanted his dick in her pussy then she knew what to do. She began sucking his balls and stroking his dick, until he was rock hard again. He told her to bend over she did, and he rammed his cock into her pussy slaming against her ass making it jiggle. She moaned in extacy like that was what she had been waiting for. He said you better fuck me bitch, and she began pushing her ass back against him. He slapped her ass over and over as she drove back down on his dick. She tensed i seen it comeing in her face she shook feverishly. She gave another hard slam on to his dick, and held it there. He began to pump and then i seen him give a hard push forward and he held on to her ass for a moment. They soon left and i layed there thinking about what i witnessed . I suddelny had the urge to rub my pussy. I did just that thinking about everything, thinking that the rapes of my mother were diffrent yet the same. I quickly fell asleep.

A few months later a friend of mine had came over to my house after we went swimming we played in my room still in bathing suits. She asked me if i wanted to play house i agreed. She said i could play mommy and she would be daddy. She leaned over and kissed me i kissed her back and opened my mouth she followed by inserting her tounge, we kissed for a while then i stopped and said i was bored. She was like "i know something else we could do my cousin taught me" i said ok. She told me lay down and then she got on top of me. She began to rock her hips back and fourth, i reacted by rocking with her. It felt good. So good i had to pull her to me and kiss her. We stopped after a while, and then layed next to each other. She said that was fun baby, i agreed. She said that she liked the way it made her in betweens feel, and she touched her self down there and i touched her to.

We continued this for several months. It was sensational when we first did it with no clothes on, i felt urges through out my tiny body. We once did it while her cousin adam watched us. He pulled his penis out and stroked it, while he watched us humping and tounging. After he orgasmed he came over and touched my pussy and said ur quite beautiful baby. He kissed me, then left.

A few months later my mother and step father told us we were moving our family was expanding and we needed a bigger space. We moved a month later. Far away, and i never saw baby again. I missed her so much i would just lay there thinking of her.

I soon let go of her and the urges returned. I relived them by humping stuffed animals and rubbing myself, it wasnt the same, but it would half to do.

When i was ten i began to grow boobs, i was so proud of them, my body was maturing i had become quite beautiful every 1 agreed and so did i. Eventhough i was half black i was still real light i really just looked nicely tanned. I had long curly hair, light big brown eyes, i was pretty tall for my age, slender but not to slim, i had a nice firm butt not to big. I was proud of my body. Id look at my naked self in the mirror and squeez my boob rubb my pussy, i was so turned on by myself.

One day i took a walk to the park i met to girls they were 11. Heidi and Brandi they had been life long friends. Heidi was very pale short with blonde hair and blue eyes she was cute. Brandi was tall, taller than me even, with long beautiful legs, she was very skinny very tanned,(i later found out she was native american) she had jet black hair that hung just above her perfect ass. She was perfect to me. The three of us became inseprable, we shopped, shared clothes, talked for hours we became a threesome..

After a month or so they told me they had a secret to tell me. I promised not to tell a soul. Heidi blurted out "we are lesbians" Brandi corrected "bi sexual" we still like boys. They said that they had sex with each other often, and that i was welcomed to join if i wanted. I was happy i missed person to person contact. i couldnt wait until we were officially a threesome

Our first time was something i would never ever forget. We were at heidis house she had the type of parents who didnt pay much attention to her and often left her alone. Heidi and Brandi began kissing and rubbing each other, undressing one another. I remember watching brandi, i felt the urges stirring inside of me. Heidi pushed brandi on the bed, and pushed her face into Brandi's pussy. Brandi moaned, i loved hearing her moan, i got undressed and began to rubb and finger fuck myself, as i watched Heidi face fuck Brandis wet pussy sliding her tounge in and out, she made it look delicious. I saw Brandi start to shake and thrust her hips upward, Heidi held onto her firm, and pushed her tounge deep into brandi. Brandi let out a moan, Heidi released her, stood up and turned toward me, he face glistened from Brandis juices, she came over and kissed me, releasing some of Brandi into my mouth. To me it tasted so great i had to lick heidis face. Brandi called us over to the bed with her. She told me to bend over, i listened i felt her get behind me. I felt her fingers trickle down my ass crack and then to my pussy. I felt her rub my clit, i jumped a little, she giggled, and before i knew it i felt her tounge on my clit. I let out a long moan, this felt like what ive been waiting for my whole life. Brand started to talk to me... Do you like that baby? Yes.. Then she would give my ass a little smack, she said "i wanted you every since i first layed eyes on you" i knew how she felt. She pushed inside of me and fucked the shit out of my pussy with her tounge. I saw Heidi infront of me rubbing herself, i looked at her pussy soaking wet from her own juice, i decided i had to have her, I told her to scoot forward, and for the first time i ate pussy, and it was so amazing. I felt my body tingle, and tighten, Brandi knew and she griped my hips and pulled me hard down on her tounge and held me there, while she swirled her tounge inside of me. At that moment i let out a scream, then collapsed my face into Heidis pussy. I continued licking and sucking on her until i felt her warm juice in my mouth, and she moaned and let out a huge sigh. Heidi pulled me on top of her and began to lick her cum off my face. After we put on panties and t-shirts Brandi put her leg around me and heidi put her arm around me.
Last thing i remember was kissing Brandi and drifting to sleep, Happy that we had become a threesome

To Be continued..


2010-11-07 11:18:55
Thanks I actually have already used this advice in writing 5 other stories..

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2010-04-12 18:35:39
Try keeping paragraphs to to five lines max.

Computer screens are far harder to read than books and your writing, with its long paragraphs just comes across as a wall of words and very difficult to read.

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