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This is my first story so be nice, and it is incest so if you dont like to read things like this than why did you even get on here?, (it is a true story!)
It all started in Ohio, everyone was up for my sister's graduation ( aunts, uncles, cousins, ect. ) we had just got done with my sisters party, which was crazy! And we all we heading back home so I walk in my house which is packed, after party and such, and was so tired so I was just going to go to bed. But no my drunk step dad had to run his mouth, saying I let my mother get to drunk and l should have watched her better and I just brushed it off but then he pushes me and I just wasn't having it, so I say get off me! next thing leads to another and i have 4 of my cousin's holding me back now I'm 5' 10" and weighed about 150 and was 17 at the time and my dad is about 5' 6" and weighs 175 and was 40 and I was ready to rumble! but no my cousin's took me into my room and literally held me down to not get to him, so I calm down and my aunt Angie and mom walk in to try and talk to me. I say I need to leave cause I'm tired of this crap, I'm tired of him trying to start fights with me so my mom says ok. I'm kinda shocked but ready for whatever happens next! So the next day I'm on a plane to Georgia to stay with my aunt Heather who is absolutely gorgeous! I'm excited cause my mom talked about me getting a job with my uncle and just having an awesome summer, so I get off the plane and see my aunt waiting for me and she runs up to me and squeezes me and gosh it was an awesome hug, her double-D's were amazing lets just say I have wanked one off too her a couple of times! She says everything is gonna be fine and I'm gonna have a great time. We get back to the house and everyone is there and gives out hugs but that is when my beautiful cousin Hallie comes up to me and squeezes me and trust me it was the best hug ever she takes after her mom with double-D's and has a nice round ass, but her body is what kills me you would think she would have a little meat but no she is slim and tight everywhere the only thing I'm a little pushed off about is her being 15 but i didn't care cause she always made me horny! So she kisses me on the cheek and tells me she loves me, which I'm 17 and young so I got a chubby and was wearing soccer shorts so it kinda shows and she see's and smiles but just walks away and I'm just like WOW! this is gonna be a summer to never forget! I'm gonna fast forward to about 4 weeks into summer vacation because nothing really happens until one night me and her are alone I'm a little drunk/ high and she is watching t.v. so I just go in and sit next to her kinda close but just enough, everyone was asleep and we were alone watching t.v. under the blanket. I'm intoxicated so I made the first move of putting my hand on her thigh she just looks at me and smiles. So I move my hand a little farther up and she keeps my hand right there holding it and by then i was frustrated so I fought it and tried to touch her pussy but she wasn't liking what I was doing so I get up and go out back to the patio and just sit there...I text her to come out, she says "why?" i say "i want to see you" she says "ok, one second" Now it is mid-summer in Georgia it is hot! But when she comes out she is wearing a hoodie and kinda just sits down and says nothing. So i say "come sit by me babe" she smiles and says "ok" and i look at her ans say she is beautiful and that i love her! she says it back...nothing really going on til i say i want a kiss, she looks at me and is like no michael you are my cousin and i say who cares i want to kiss you so bad, she smiles and looks away like she is thinking about it, then she says ok but real fast and in my mind im like ok whatever. So i go in for the kiss and she just wants a peck but i want it all so i grab her shoulders and get a deep kiss which is amazing! she says lets go inside its cold and I'm like no its not but just go along with it and say ok. we sit on the couch again and just sit there til i put my hand on her thigh and she looks at me and goes in for a deep kiss and i move my hand to her inner thigh and start rubbing around and finally get to her pussy and start rubbing it which makes her inhale very hard and kiss me very passionately! This turns me on and makes me grab her shirt pull it up and squeeze her huge breast's! They felt amazing and I moved to start sucking on her nipples and she starts playing with my dick so i lean back and smile she kisses me then says take my shorts of which i happily do. she jacks me off for a while, so i ask for a blow job and she says she doesn't know i say pretty please baby, and she says ok. she licks the tip of my head and plunges down on my shaft attacking my dick amazingly! she keeps bobbing up and down and by that point i was ready to unleash my load so i ask if she will swallow she just nods so i say ok well im gonna try something and grab her hair and start face fucking the shit out of her! she is gagging and i say im almost there and thrust my dick deep into her mouth and let my cum flow she chokes a little but swallows most of it. I play with her boobs as i cum a little more and she just smiles swallows the rest and to my surprise she wants more! I say ok but not tonight she gets all sad but i tell her go to sleep and we will finish this another night we kiss and leave each other. I sit there and think wow this is going to be a summer to never forget!

tell me what you think, I have more of my summer to tell just want to know how i did. Thanks for all who comment (:

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2012-01-19 23:02:14
i read it and i liked it and i want to read the rest

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2010-03-22 23:17:51
I didn't bother to read this. It is one huge block of words which is visually unappealling. That makes it too hard to read on a computer screen. Please edit it and put in some paragraphs, then I might bother to read it.

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