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My second addition
After my first time with Brandi and Heidi i was sexually obsessed. Always sizing up girls and guys wondering how it would feel to have sex with them. I searched the web for diffrent ideas, positions and anything i could find out. After about a year of this threesome, my aunt came back to stay with us for a while, i found out that she had a vibrating dildo and decided i was going to steal it. I took it and locked it in my box of personal things. When confronted about it my aunt said i had a "massager" and now i cant find it and asked if i had seen it. I told her my mom had been cleaning up maybe she put it somehwere. She asked my mom and they argued i heard my mother say why would u have that in my kids room and asked my aunt to move out. I didnt feel bad about getting her kicked out.. I didnt like her much and besides i really wanted to try out the dildo i had read about it online and thought it was going to be awesome. That weekend i went to brandis house to spend the nite her parents were going to be gone all night and her 17 year old brother was going to be looking after us. He always blasted music in his room wich was downstairs and beign that brandi had a upstairs room we agreed we could get loud without him hearing us. I pulled out the dildo to show Brandi she gasped and asked are we really going to use that on each other i said i was definately going to use it but she didnt have to if she didnt want to. She said that she was really scared but she did want to do it. We examined it it had to be atleast 8 inches and very thick. It had switch at the bottom that made it vibrate. I was very anxious to get started. I was also very happy that it was just me and brandi she was my favorite and although i liked heidi i had more of a jones for Brandi. We began to kiss and undress, i began to lick her breast and rub her pussy it was getting real wet, she moaned my name that alone sent a chill up my spine, i felt like i could explode already. I pushed her back on the bed and began to lick between her legs and massaging her clit with my fingers. I heard in a low voice "siren" i plunged my tounge far into her swirling my tounge, licking the inside of her vaginal walls, she grabbed a handful of my thick curly hair as she moaned my name again. I felt her body tense then shake and i began to suck the juice out of her body now in a loud scream like tone i heard her say " siren" again and again until she lost her breath. She layed there moaning a little i could feel the heat of her pussy so i drew back a little and blew some cool air on her pussy, and she shuddered. I got on top of her and kissed her. We kissed for a while then she told me she was ready. I Grabed the dildo told her to pull her knees up. I was honest and told her that it would hurt a little she said it was ok. We didnt have any lubercant so i sucked on it spit a little on it i knew her pussy was still real wet and decided she would be fine. I began to rub her clit with a finger while i pushed the dildo in just a little i asked how it felt she giggled and said "snug" i pushed a little bit further she gasped i felt a block i new it was her hymen "cherry". She said it hurt i asked if she wanted me to stop she said no. I pulled back and then plunged the dildo back into her pussy she screamed. I seen a little blood come out but i continued to push into her then i drew back again and pushed in again another scream i didnt stop i kept thrusting the dildo forward, in and out of her tight wet pussy. Her screams weakened and then turned to moans. I turned the vibrator on and she began to moan and breathe heavily more than ive ever seen or heard from her. I had to kiss her i got up ontop of her my hand still holding and thrusting the dildo into her and i began kissing her. She bit on my lip hard that just made me thrust harder. I asked how it felt, she grunted out its amazing. I kissed her hard for a second. Then I went back down to her pussy this time i was upside down with my pussy in Brandis' face she started licking me and as i thrusted into her and licked her clit. I felt her body tense under me, i knew what was comming. She screamed my name into my pussy i felt the vibrations. I reomved the vibrator and sucked all of her juices out. I told her to suck her cum off the dildo she did, and looked so sexy doing so. Afterward she said she couldnt believe how i made her feel. I held her close, i was feeling so proud that i was an 11 year old girl and i took a 12 year old girls virginity. We kissed again and again. She said that it was her turn to do me. As she worked her tounge magic on me i started to feel an orgasm comming and it wasnt long before i was cuming in Brandis mouth. She then put the dildo on the opening of my pussy she paused then burried it in side of me busting my hymen in one thrust. I screamed it hurt so bad. Brandi yelled im sorry baby, but i said it was ok i didnt want her to stop. She pulled it out and began licking my pussy a little before returning the dildo back inside of me. I kept thinking how amazing it was altough it hurt i enjoyed the pain. I told her to go harder and she did. She really fucked me good, so good that I called out her name many times i told her to come up and kiss me and she did. And there we were her thrusting a dildo inside of me while we kissed and i rubbed my tits. She must have felt my body tense because she hurried and pulled out the dildo and replaced it with her tounge. I jolted and grabbed her head and held it in place and i could feel my hot lava leak out of my body and into her mouth. It was amazing, we had really fucked each other. I pulled her up on top of me her face glistened with my juice. I pulled her down for a kiss. I licked her face and then let her up again, i grabbed her hips and told her to rock them, as i grind my hips to her motion. I reached up and grabed her tit with one hand and the other firmly on her hip, she had put a hand on my breast and caressed it. I could feel her cum leak out of her pussy and on to my pussy, it was sensational. I looked up at brandi and her face was tense and she looked so beautiful to me. She stopped and told me to get on top of her, we switched positions but didnt miss a beat , we grind together until we shared an orgasm. She collapsed on top of me and we shared a lingering kiss. After we caught our breath we decided to go down stairs to get food. We realized her brother had left, and we felt it was safe for us to take a shower together. We kissed in the shower but that was all we washed each other and went to bed wraped in each others arms. The next morning we talked about everything we did, how we felt, and decided not to tell Heidi. At this point i no longer wanted to be apart of the threesome. I told Brandi that i was in love with her and she said that she loved me to.

Heidi came over that day to hang. I guess she could feel the awkwardness she said whats going on you you guys are acting strange. We just shook our heads and said everything was fine.

About six months later Heidi moved away, it was sad to see her go but my wish was granted. Me and Brandi were the best of friends and lovers. Our parents thought it was so cute that we were so close. I thought it was cute how Brandi wrinkled her nose when i fucked her. Or how she now walked with a little looseness, i cant help to think i had something to do with that. No one ever suspected what was going on until one day, we had a sleep over and in the morning i was laying across Brandis' stomach both of us had just panties and a T-shirt wich brandis was lifted up a bit so i was laying on her bare stomach, and my hand between her legs. Her brother came in, and said what are you guys doing? We were stunned both with fear and sleepiness as well as shock. We didnt know what to do he came in the room and said hey i wont tell. Brandi said you wont? And he said as long as you do what i say from now on. We looked at each other i know she didnt want to agree to that, but the terror of her parents finding out made her agree. He said good and walked out the door. We hugged but we were still paniced.

Brandis' brother came to us one afternoon, he said remember when i said you would have to do what i say? We looked and were terrified.. I couldnt help to think that our carelessness got us into a sticky situation. He said he wanted me and Brandi to have sex, while his friends watched. He told his friends about us and they said they would pay him to watch. Brandi looked frantic, i was aroused, i told her that it would be fine if we had an audience. She reluctantly agreed. The next day after school we went to Brandis' house Her brother had all his friends (15) in his basement bedroom, i could remember beign terrified but excited. We sat on the bed, i played with her hair for a moment to calm her. Then her brother spoke, one rule no touching the girls, everything else is fine oh and if you make a "mess" better make sure you clean it. I kissed Brandi on the neck? She wraped her arms around me, i whispered to her "just concentrate on me". She started to pull my shirt off, then she un snapped my bra, and began sucking my boobs, i moaned, she switched to the other breast, i looked around at the guys, i seen a few starting to unzip there pants. I sat up, and started to undress Brandi. I pealed her tank top off, then her bra, i kissed and sucked on her breast, then licked my way down to her stomach, i kissed it, then un buttoned her jean shorts, i slowly pulled them down her long legs, then i put my mouth at the top of her panties, and with my teeth i pulled them down. I looked at Brandi her were eyes closed and she was breathing heavily, i heared Jason "Brandis brother" say oh i almost forgot i bought you two something. It was a strap on i was thrilled and i hoped we could keep it. I grasped brandis hand and began licking her pussy. I sucked and licked and swirled my tounge. I then pulled back and began to thrust my tounge inside of her. I then felt a hand on my shoulder i turned to see it was jason, he whispered to me "put the strap on give these boys a show" and he grasped my ass. Brandi was now looking up at me, i smiled at her and began straping the harnest to Brandi, i was going to put on one hell of a show. I climed on top of her stratling her backwards facing the boys, i lowered myself down, just about two inches then i paused before i slammed down on the strap. I began to bounce on it probably better than any grown woman could have ever done. I felt sweat dripping from my head making my hair stick to my face, Brandi grabed onto my hips, i loved her touch, as i slid my tight dripping wet pussy up and down on the plastic pole i watched as all the guys except jason stroked there dicks, some where big and some were small, a few shot out before we were close to finished. I felt victorious after every one of the shot off there loads. I Turned around back to my Brandi, she had a dirty smile on her angelic face, i had to kiss her, i kissed her hard, then worked my way to her breast, i sucked her tits until i felt my body tense up, i felt my body go hot then numb all i could do was uhhh owwww i screamed, i yelped. Brandi heled onto my hips for a minute before i started to get up, i felt my my cum pour from my pussy, something that never happened to me before. I collapsed! Jason hurried the boys out of his room, Brandi dressed, i still couldnt move, Brandi left the room i told her I would be out soon. After a few seconds Jason re entered the room. He said "you were amazing" i just smiled. He came close to me, he touched my stomach, i shuddred then he put his two fingers and slid them down my clit. I told him to stop he did and said "when your done fucking my sister come see me". That made me a little turned on yet angry i quicky got dressed and left his room. We did this act a few times, more and more boys came. I remember watching jason watch me i was happy i knew it was a tease to him. I think it was his jealousy that made him stop the shows. I dont know for sure.. But i didnt worry to much about it, had Brandi thats all that mattered.

At school we did kick up some noise. We were two of the pretiest girls in school, each of us tall tanned, long thick hair, soft facial features, and a maturity about us. Maybe it was the looseness in our walks that made so many boys intrested in us. But we turned down even the most popular boys, that caused girls and boys to call us dykes and other cruel things. The end of our school year was approching and Brandi would be going to high school, and i would still be in junior high in the 8th grade. That made me feel terrible, to be alone without her. I know i would still see her after school and weekends but still.

We had an amazing summer. We swam rode bikes had lots of sex, everytime it would be just as great sometimes better than the previous. We went camping with my family, by this time i had 5 brothers and 1 sister so there was alot of us. Although we didnt have sex it was great just beign there with her.

When school started back, things changed Brandi felt pressured by the other girls at school to have a boyfirend, but she didnt want to not be with me any more. We had to come up with a solution.
And thats when we came up with the "cover up"

To Be Continued:

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