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B is unexpectedly horny after work and needs to satisfy himself
I was relatively horny one evening when I got home from work. I had no idea why I was so horny, and why I had precum on my cock head. I hadn't even touched myself.

Luckily for me, my parents and brother weren't going to be home for a few hours, or at least that is what I thought. So based on that I decided I would satisfy my sexual urges with some manual stimulation. Unfortunately I don't have any anal toys at home, so I had to improvise.

I'm one who enjoys some good strong vibrations, particularly on my anus and behind my balls against my pelvis.

I turned on some BBW cheerleader porn to watch, and I got myself comfortable on my bed. By now I had virtually stripped myself naked and I lay there watching the girl get her pussy all lubed up and fingered. I was wishing that M was there, so that I could be lubing her pussy up ready for my cock.

I love the feeling of having my nipples pinched, is that normal for a man? So while listening to the girl moan, I decided I would pinch my nipples, gently as first, and then start twisting them. I love having M pull and twist on my nipples, it gets me so horny for her.

The girl was finally lubed up, and she was now sucking on the guys semi-hard cock. My cock had now sprung to life, and I knew that I needed to stroke myself to an orgasm.

I slid my hands along my body down to my groin. I slid my hands past my hard cock, and reached down for my balls. I just love playing with my balls, gently cupping them, gently tugging on the ball sack, and just playing with them in general. While I was playing with my balls, my other hand reached my my anus. I rubbed my fingers along my butt crack, working towards my anus.

The girl in the porn was now bouncing up and down on the guys cock. I had become oblivious to the porn on my laptop.

I have a small bullet vibrator that M let me keep, and as I mentioned earlier, I love vibrations near my anus. I grabbed the bullet, and turned it on low. I spread my arse cheeks, and placed the bullet against my anus. I let it sit there as I enjoyed the vibrations.

My cock wanted some attention for itself. Once I knew the bullet would stay there, I wrapped my free hand around my shaft. I started stroking my hard cock slowly. I gripped my cock tightly, just like M does when she is giving me an handjob, and I slowly started stroking faster. Precum was spreading over my cock tip, and I could feel my orgasm forming inside me.

I swapped hands, and I started playing with my balls with my now-free hand. I pulled on my ball sack as I continued to stroke myself. I looked over at the porn, and the guy was now fucking the cheerleader from behind.

I knew that I needed to cum, but I wanted to save myself for a bigger load. I brought myself to the verge of an orgasm without going over the top. I let go of my cock and balls, the bullet still vibrating on my anus. I started pulling at my nipples again. I was going to cum this time, and I wanted to save myself for when the guy came in the movie.

My nipples were no hard, just the way they go as I orgasm. I knew that I was ready to cum, and wanted to make sure my load was huge. I looked at the porn, and the guy was now sliding his cock into her anus. I knew that he was going to cum on her soon, I had to start stroking myself again.

I turned the bullet speed up a few notches, and almost came just from the vibrations alone. I held my composure and grabbed the lube from my bedside table. I lubed up my cock and grabbed it, not as tight as before. It almost felt like M's hot pussy.

I started stroking my cock again, making sure the strokes were full and slow. I got faster as I could hear the girls moans getting louder. I think she was ready to blow.

I looked over and could see the man was about to pull out of the cheerleader. I wanted to cum at the same time, but I now knew that it wouldn't happen. I continued to play with my balls, tugging and pulling on them as I continued to stroke. I got faster, I could feel the precum oozing from my cock.

I swapped hands, and grabbed my balls. I tugged on them as they shrunk so I knew I was ready to cum. I looked at my laptop, and the next scene had started playing.

I continued stroking, I was moaning as well, wishing that M was here to watch me cum. I couldn't hold it for much longer. I let my balls contract, and kept stroking harder and faster. I finally spurted my load into the air, it fell on my hands, my legs, and my stomach. I continued to spurt as I kept stroking, my body started to convulse with an orgasm. I couldn't hold my cock anymore as I lay there convulsing with my orgasm.

My orgasm subsided, and I stopped convulsing. I sucked my cum right off my hands where it had landed. I tasted so good, and I now knew why M can't get enough of my warm sticky cum. I turned the bullet vibrations off and put it to one side. As I climbed off my bed, my knees were still a bit shaky as I walked to the bathroom to have a shower.

That was certainly one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had in quite a while. I clambered into the shower to wash up before the rest of my family got home.

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