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Ch. 2/15
The following morning as Jimmy awoke, he remembered his night
time penis play, and decided that he was going to try it again during
the day when he could watch what was going on. Although this all
seemed new to him, somewhere deep inside of him he knew that it

During the day's explorations, Jimmy came upon a small stream
with fresh water, something which he realized was important for his
survival. After drinking his fill, he stepped into the clean cold water,
and washed himself from head to toe, feeling clean for the first time.
The boy found various fruits during the day, which he seemed to
know he could eat, and he stockpiled some of them so that he
wouldn't always have to search when he was hungry.

After eating lunch Jimmy laid down at the base of a tree, and
decided to do what he had done the previous night, play with his
penis. Slowly, he reached for his penis, and began tugging at it
softly, encouraging it to grow large. His penis did not need much
encouragement, as it swiftly grew to its full hardness. Jimmy then
wrapped his hand around his erection and began to stoke himself
lazily. He realized that there was no need to hurry. He could play
with his penis all afternoon if he wanted to. There was no one
around to bother him, and he didn't have to go anywhere. The
thought was pleasing to him.

After stroking himself for about five or so minutes, Jimmy realized
that he was being watched. He didn't want to jump in case there was
danger at hand. He also did not want to startle whoever it was
watching him, as this might cause them to run away. Slowly Jimmy
looked around, and almost laughed out loud when he finally found
who was spying on him. Sticking out of a clump of bushes a few
feet away was a pretty good size monkey. The monkey had his
penis in his hands, and he was stroking it as he watched the boy.

"Pervert!" Jimmy yelled at the monkey, giggling when the monkey
screeched and ran off back into the bushes. Jimmy soon forgot
about the monkey, as he returned back to masturbating himself.
When a few minutes later he noticed the monkey back again, he
laughed. The monkey had his cock back in his hand jacking off as

"Come on over and join me!" Jimmy called to the monkey. This
time the monkey did not run off, but he dropped his hand away
from his penis and looked squarely at the boy. Jimmy had to giggle
as the monkey stood in front of him, hard-on sticking out from his

"Hey, yours is almost as big as mine." Jimmy told the animal, who
turned his head almost sideways when Jimmy began talking to him.
Jimmy slowly reached over for a banana and held it out, offering it t
the monkey.

The animal started towards Jimmy, and then stopped in his tracks.
Jimmy encouraged the monkey again, holding the banana out further
and shaking it a little. The monkey moved forward, grabbed the
banana from the boy, and then scurried back towards the bushes.

Twice more the banana offering took place, and twice more the
monkey scurried forward, timidly, to take the fruit from the boy.
The last time, however, the monkey did not retreat so far. He
stopped several feet away from the boy, and sat on his legs peeling
the skin back from the fruit.

Jimmy talked softly to the animal as it sat there eating. All during
this time Jimmy continued to stroke his erection. The monkey, now
interested in eating his fruit, had lost its erection, but as it glanced
over to see what the boy was doing, a stirring once again began in
its genitals, and it developed half a hard-on.

Jimmy giggled as he watched the monkey grow erect again, and
began wagging his own erection at the monkey, pointing with his
other hand at the animal's rising excitement. Having finished his
banana, the monkey took his own erection into his hand, and
somewhat imitating the boy, waggled it around a bit.

For several minutes the two sat, erections in hand, smiling back and
forth at each other. Jimmy decided to see if the monkey would play
"monkey see, monkey do." Lying back on the ground, Jimmy
began to stoke his erection, finding his rhythm, and beginning to
seriously masturbate himself. After a few minutes of watching him,
the monkey began to stroke himself, seeming accustomed to doing
it, pretty much in the same fashion.

Both boy and animal stroked themselves until Jimmy arched his
buttocks from the ground, clenched his teeth, and released his
invisible semen. The monkey followed pretty much the same
pattern, thrusting his hips forward as his climax approached. His
semen, however, was far from imaginary, and several small spurts
flew from his penis onto the ground in front of him. Exhausted,
both youngsters fell back and rested, the monkey lying back on the
ground for the first time.

Soon after the par had gotten themselves off, Jimmy heard a rustling
in the trees, and a calling from what seemed to be another monkey.
The animal next to Jimmy perked up, looked off into the trees, and
then scurried away. Jimmy decided that the monkey's mother had
called him to come home, and he laughed watching the younger
monkey run off to meet her.

Jimmy continued to explore for the remainder of the day, stopping
now and then to sample fruit and berries which he ran across.
Whenever he would find a fresh water pool, he would stop to
quench his thirst, and then to take a short swim, after looking
carefully around for any signs that there could be animals in the
water which might like to eat him.

Jimmy also stopped several times during the day to play with
himself sexually. He enjoyed being able to strip totally naked and lie
around playing with his penis. He enjoyed the freedom of this. After
his last bout of masturbation he decided that he was going to go
naked for most of the day, and therefore when he wanted to play
with himself all he had to do is to reach down. He decided that if he
found any other people, he could put his clothes back on again.

Jimmy returned that evening to the spot at which he had met the
monkey. There was sufficient cover from him to sleep comfortably,
and he half hoped that his monkey friend would come back to visit
him, as he was beginning to feel lonely.

The boy was overjoyed when, after a loud crashing through nearby
trees, the small monkey appeared again, screeching and grinning at
him. This time when the animal came to the ground, it walked
almost right up to the boy. Smiling back at the monkey, Jimmy
reached over and offered it a banana.

When the snack was complete, Jimmy decided that it was time to get
friendlier with the monkey. Tentatively, he reached out his hand
towards the animal. At first the monkey jumped when the hand
approached, but after a few tries, it seemed to relax a bit. When
Jimmy was able to finally touch the monkey's fur, he found that the
animal was trembling with fear.

After stroking and talking gently for a few minutes, he felt the
animal's body begin to relax, and the monkey moved in closer to the
boy, seemingly enjoying the physical contact. After a little more time
for making friends, the two were wrestling around, bodies rubbing
against each other.

Darkness overtook the two, and they cuddled closer for comfort and
warmth. It was obvious to Jimmy that the monkey was also uneasy
about being on the ground during the night. As Jimmy was fumbling
around in the dark, stroking his monkey friend to keep both of them
calm, his hand descended lower than it had, and brushed over the
groin of the monkey. Jimmy giggled as he realized where he hand
was, but he didn't stop rubbing, especially when the monkey
shuttered a bit under his touch.

- End of chapter 2


2008-12-01 12:28:06
I read the 1st part and now the 2nd part and to my conclusion the writer does not stay consistant with what's going on! Yes, the clothes issue is very illusive for the reader. For the story as a whole thus far is not stimulating. Sure, the story is interesting as long as the reader doesn't have the need for a quickie! But perhaps the writer will be more into Gay situations in the following 13 chapters which I'll continue reading as I have time on my hands... (46xxy editor)


2006-12-04 19:37:06
and here i thought he was naked on the island


2005-01-11 21:25:14
i thought it was a decent story, but where did he get these clothes from since chapter one says he has none.


2004-07-19 13:31:52
Use caution not to create contradictions. The first part of the story showed the boy completely naked with no clothes around. Where did the clothes come from in this part? Otherwise still good. Maybe you should have combined this part with the first part to make them longer. Something to consider in the future with any future stories you write.

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