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Young Sailor Finds Love on Buss with yoiung widow
Found Love On A Greyhound Bus

This is a true story about a sailor on his way home after being discharged from the Navy. Riding the bus to save money, he finds true love.

Here I am, just discharged from the Navy walking the streets of shit city ( Norfolk, Va.) Trying to decide how I’m going home. Do I fly, or do I ride the buss.

I decide to ride the buss to save money. I stop at the buss station to check on tickets. “Where are you going?” The ticket agent asked.
“I’m going to Columbus, Ohio.” I told him.
“You’re in luck sailor. I have one ticket left for Columbus, if you hurry , I think he’s about ready to leave now.”
I grab my ticket, and run out the door. I see the buss, he’s about ready to close the door when I jump in.
“Just made it in time there sailor boy.”

I start looking for a seat. The only one left, is by a girl with a young baby. She has her bag sitting on the seat. “Is this seat taken?”
She grabs her things from the seat. “No it’s yours if you want it.” she said.
I sat down and looked at her. Pretty little thing. Nice breasts.
“Cute baby you got there, I’ll bet your husband is proud.”
“He would be if he were here.” “Why do you say that?”

“He got killed in the Navy about a year ago.”
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” “I didn’t even no I was pregnant until about a month after he was gone, he must have got me that way before he left.”
’Oh, I’m sorry. He’s a cute little boy. I assume he’s a boy, you have him dressed in blue.” “Yeah you’re right, he’s a boy.”

Nothing more was said. I tried to stretch out to get comfortable for my long ride home.
The baby started crying, she looked at me. “You don’t care if I feed the baby do you ?” “No why should I care?”
“Well I breast feed him, that won’t bother you will it?”
“No it won’t bother me.” She looked at me and smiled, she unsnapped her blouse. Reached in, and pulled out her breast for the baby to nurse. That was the prettiest breast I had ever seen. Nice round firm. I almost wish I was the baby,
I watched for a minute, then It started to get hard. Now in tight Navy whites, it shows the imprint of every thing. I had no way of hiding it. I tried to cover it with my hat, but she knew what I was doing. She looked at me. “Those Navy whites fit tight don’t they? My husband had the same problem. When he would do that, it really turned me on.”

Then she pulled the baby blanket over her breast so I couldn‘t see. It was starting to get dark out side and inside both, so I stretched out to go to sleep.
I must have finally went to sleep. But some time in the night I awoke to find her laying up against me, with her head on my shoulder. She had us covered with one of her extra blankets. She had the made the baby a bed next to the side of the buss.

I didn’t mind her cuddling up against me, but her hand was on my leg, right next to my cock, and it was still soft hard yet. I didn’t know what to do, but every once in awhile, she would run her hand up and down my leg.
Now I tell you, that was hard to take. I haven’ had any pussy for several months, and it started to swell. I don’t know if she was asleep or not, but it kept getting larger and larger, then she put her hand on it.

I said that’s it, if she doesn’t stop, I’m going to shoot my load right here in my whites, and that would not be good. No place to change. I reached down and removed her hand, then she stirred, but that was good because we were pulling into another buss station.

“Oh, where are we?” “I don’t know really, I guess he stopped to see if any one wanted to eat or go to the bath room, do you want to get something to eat?”
’No I don’t think so.” “Aren’t you hungry?” “Yes I am, but I’m trying to hold off till I get home.”
“That’s a long way off. Do you have any money?” She shook her head no.
“So that’s the reason, get the baby and come on, I’ll buy you something, It’s on me.” “No, I don’t want you to be spending your money on me.”
’You heard me, come on now, don’t argue.”
So she reached down and picks up the baby and follows me into the lunch area.
“What ever you want get it, don’t worry about it, it’s only money.”
She grins at him and picks what she wants, he puts it on his tray, and pays for it, then they find a table and sit down.

“ I guess I was pretty hungry.” “When did you eat last?”
“Yesterday !” He exploded, “come on girl, what are you trying to do?”
“Well you can’t eat if you don’t have the money.” tears about ready to flow. I’m a soft touch for a woman when she doesn’t have money enough to eat.
“If it’s any of my business, when was the last time you sleep in a bed, or took a shower? Not that you smell or any ting like that, I was just wondering.”
She drops her head, then looks back up. “It’s been about a week for both.”
“That does it, we’re going to get a motel so you can clean up and get some rest.”
“What do you mean, we can’t leave the buss we would lose our seats.”
“No we won’t either, we can get our bags, and stay the night, then catch the buss again tomorrow on the same ticket.”
“Are sure?” “I’m as sure as anything, that’s what we’ll do. I’ll ask the driver to get our bags, and we’ll stay in that Motel over there across the street.”
“Okay if you say so.” She said, then she drank the last sip of her coffee.

He asked the driver to get their bags, then they walk across the street with him caring the bags. She’s holding his arm and caring the baby. To every one, they look like a young married couple.

Once inside, he checks for a room. The clerk tells him they only have a room with one bed. “Since that’s all you’ve got, I guess we’ll take it.
He signs for the room, then he takes the bags to the room.
“I’m sorry , they only had this room with just one bed.”
“That’s okay, me and the baby will sleep on the floor.”

“No you won’t either, I’ll sleep on the floor.”
“Okay if you say so, but you can be first in the shower while I feed the baby and put him to bed.”
“That sounds like a good enough deal, I’ll take my shower then.”

He goes into the bathroom , undresses gets in the shower. The hot water feels good running over his body. He soaps, more so on his cock, running his hand up and down over it, playing with his balls, thinking about her feeding the baby with those wonderful looking tits, with a body like hers, she should have a man between her legs, rubbing his cock up and down in those pussy lips. His cock starts to swell just thinking about it.
He stops the water and towels off, but then he forgot one thing, his clean shorts.
“I hate to ask, but would you bring me a pair of my clean shorts ? I forgot to bring them with me. Just hand them around the door.
I opened the door a crack so she could pass them through, but instead, she pushed the door wide open, and there I stood in all my glory, with my cock still hard, I was standing there toweling my hair trying to get it dry.
“You know I’m standing here naked, and you push the door open.”

“I know, I’ve seen men naked before.” she said, starring down at my crotch.
“I know, but not me.” I take my shorts and put them on, “Okay it’s your turn now, but turn out the light, I’m in my shorts.”
“Like I said , I’ve seen men in their shorts to.” she said laughing.
While she’s in the shower I try and visualize what she looks like , with the water running down over those beautiful tits, down her stomach over her hot pussy.
He reaches down and runs is hand over his cock. He had laid some blankets and his pillow next to the side of the bed. He hears the water stop.
“Now keep the light off now, I don’t want you to see me in my shorts.”
“Oh poo, you heard what I said, I’ve seen men in their shorts before.”
“I know what you said, but I’m not listening.”
He see’s her standing in front of the bathroom mirror blowing her hair, with nothing more than her towel around her.

He turns over so he won’t see her, not wanting it to get hard, and not being able to do any thing about it. Finally he hears the dryer stop, she walks up to the bed.
“You sure you don’t want to sleep in the bed, I’ll take the floor?”
“No this is fine right here.” “Okay if that’s what you want.”

He goes to sleep listening to her cry, but some time in the night,, he feels something on his chest. Her little hand is resting on his chest, then she starts running her hand over his chest.
He reaches and gets her hand. “You sure you don’t want to come to bed with me?” She asked.
“Are you sure that’s what you want?”
“I’m sure. Come on up here.”
He gets up from the floor, brings his pillow with him, she throws the sheet back, to expose her beautiful body. He lays next to her, starts playing with her nipples, sucking her tits. She pulls his head over to her, their lips lock, tongues exploring. She turns to him, he put his leg between hers and rubs against her hot pussy. She starts hunching up against his leg, he can feel the hot pussy juices running down his leg. She’s starting to moan and whimper. “It’s been so long she cried.”

Then he pusher her over, runs his hand down her stomach to her pussy lips, and inserts his finger to get her good and ready, but she’s ready there’s no doubt.
“Put it in .” she begs.
He rolls on top, finds the opening, puts the head of his cock in and pushes. She’s not waiting . She raises her hips hard, sinking him in all the way to the bottom. She’s bucking up and down to meet his thrust. Pulling is hair, scratching his back, then they both explode together, like some big sky rocket. They lay there withering in one another’s arms.
’Oh that was so good, just lay still don’t move.” She purrs.
Then she feels it swelling and jerking inside her again, shooting another load. ’Oh, I love you I think, you’re the first one since my husband died, you felt so good in there.”
They made love two or three more times that night. Caught the buss the next morning. Then they departed when he got to Columbus the next day, promising one another they would see one another again, but he didn’t hear from her until one day the phone rang it was her.
“Hello what are you doing?” She asked
“Nothing , what are you doing, not much. Are you married yet?” she asked.
“No I’m still single, why do you ask?”
‘I thought maybe you would like to come and meet your son.”
‘I just about fell through the floor,” “Are you sure it’s mine?”
“Yep, sure as any thing.” “Okay, I’ll see you in about a week.
‘Looks like I’m going to have to take another buss ride. I wonder if this one will be as good as the first.”

Chapter two later.

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2010-03-21 20:53:22
one of the best stories i've ever read both funny and , well ... lets just say it gets your cock hard

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