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mother and daughter go to the back for a girls night out and come to find that they got more then they wanted
Its Friday night, lil one is finally of age to actually go out and have a few drinks with me. We have been planning on going out tonight all week and both are looking forward to it. After a week of working it will be good to get out and just hang out for a while. We are going to a bar that also has music and dancing.

We both get dressed, not really slutty but nice. We are both in really good moods too, so should be a great night. We decide to take cab back and forth so we don’t have to worry about how much we drink. After I call for the cab, lil one looks at me and smiles. Wow mom you look great, I don’t normally see you dressed like that.

Its not that I am dressed slutty, well not really any way. However I do not normally wear skirts this short or tops this low cut. Being I am big breasted the low cut tops show off my breasts nicely. Very nicely I think as I take one last look in the mirror.

As we get in the cab and drive to the bar, I can see that the cab driver fixed his rear view mirror, can tell he looking at my breasts. It makes me feel more sexy knowing he is stealing peeks at my tits. Slowly I undo another button when my daughter is distracted. Making my breasts seem to pop out more. The cab driver smiles as we pull up to the bar.

As paying the driver with a flirty little smile we walk into the bar. The music is good and loud, the place is a bit crowded but not overly crowded. There are some dancing, some just sitting at the bar and tables sipping drinks and talking. Its very lively and a nice atmosphere.

We move to the bar and sit down. Ordering our first drinks of the night. Tonight, I think to myself, I am going to let loose. Even though my daughter has never really seem me let me loose, but she is old enough now. I smile as I look around sipping my drink.

I noticed two guys, younger good looking guys, sitting at a table not far from where we are sitting. I smile and wink at them. They start waving us over. I turn to my daughter, look those guys want us to join them, lets go. She looks over at the guys then back to me, you think that is a good idea mom they are so much younger then you. I laugh, sweety I am not getting married just having some fun, come on I say grabbing her hand and leading her to the guys table.

As we sit down and introduce ourselves, we order another drink. I drink this one faster then the first, urging my daughter to do the same, then order another round quickly. We are all talking and drinking and having a really good time. I can tell my daughter is starting to loosen up a bit more.

After downing another two drinks the guys ask us to dance. We move to the dance floor, I am feeling really good and can see my daughter is feeling pretty much the same. Remembering what I told myself about letting loose, I dance very closely to the guy, rubbing up against him every chance I get. I can tell and fell that he is getting a hard on. This turns me a lot knowing I am giving him a hard on just by dancing.

I rub against him even more. His hands starting to explore my body right there on the dance floor. I look to my daughter and notice she is watching, she doesn’t even seem aware that the guy she is dancing with is getting very handsy with her too. she is too busy watching me. Not that she seems to mind what I am doing.

I feel myself getting very excited. My pussy getting more and more wet. The guys invite us to their place for a little after party. I instantly agree to go, but my daughter is a bit hesitate. I tell her not to worry that there is nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun.

Finally she agrees to go. Since we didn’t take our car they offer to drive us there, we can always call a cab from there when we are ready to go. We get to their place and have a few more drinks. Talking, not a deep conversation just talking to get everyone comfortable.

My daughter is on the love seat with the one guy and I am on the couch with the other. We start kissing, His hand roaming freely over my body. Making me more and more wet. Knowing my daughter is in watching view doesn’t really bother me at this point. I am very horny and that is all I am thinking about right now.

My daughter turns to me and says mom I need to talk to you for a minute can we go to the other room please, just for a minute she tells the guys we will be right back. I get up and go to the other room with her.

She turns to me and says mom are you ok? I think we should go. I laugh, go? Why would I want to go. Mom I think you had to much to drink. Baby I did not have to much to drink, you have to just relax and have some fun. Mom I just never seen you like this before. Baby lets get back to the guys, and remember there is nothing wrong with doing what feels good.

We go back to the guys and I get right back to where I left off. His hands getting more and friendly with my body. Slowly moving up my thigh, caressing it. As his hand moves up higher and high I feel myself absent mindedly open my legs a bit more as if inviting him in.

I peek over to my daughter and see that she is finally getting into it. Seeing some heavy kissing and hands roaming over there as well. My pussy has never been so wet. The guy I am with gets up, takes my hand and leads me to the other room. I turn to my daughter and with a wink and a smile I tell her to have as much fun as she can cause I sure will.

We get in the other room and immediately start undressing each other. Seeing his cock all hard that way just got me soaking wet. Without even thinking about it I drop to my knees and take His cock in my mouth.

My tongue rolling over the head before taking it in my mouth. At first slowly sucking on just the head. slowly taking it down my throat. Feeling his hands on my head as he forces his cock all the way
He starts face fucking me hard and deep, forcing me to gag. Forcing His cock all the way down my throat, holding my head down, not letting me up is making me gag more, louder.

Suddenly He grabs my hair, lift me up and throws me on the bed, belly down. He is immediately on top me. Forcing my legs apart. I can feel the hardness of His cock poking at my ass. I lift my ass to it a little bit more, getting excited at the roughness of it.

Feeling His hands on my ass makes me moan out. He spreads my ass cheeks apart. Forcing His cock in my tight dry ass. Pushing it harder and harder, not being able to help it, a cry escapes my lips.

As he is pounding my ass my moans get louder and louder. I know it can be heard in the other room. He holds my ass cheeks apart as he starts to fuck harder. Ramming His cock in deeper. I have never been so excited and horny. I start to buck my hips back trying to get even more of His cock…..

Meanwhile in the other room…

As I am kissing this guy, feeling his hands on me. Groping at my tits, his hand sliding up my thigh getting very close to my pussy. I just know he can feel the heat radiating from it. I am so wet. I can hear mom moaning in the other. I close my eyes imaging what is going on. Hearing her moans getting louder and louder.

At first I think this is sick, this just isnt right. I am getting more and more excited hearing mom getting fucked in the other room. Then remember what she said about having some fun, do what feels good. I give in. I start rubbing his cock, feeling the hardness of it. I start to moan feeling his hand finally making its way to my cunt.

He slides my panties to the side. His fingers probing my pussy. Rubbing my clit, feeling it grow under his touch. He starts to pinch it, harder and harder. Taking it between his fingers and twisting it, pulling. I cant help but moan even louder.

My hand undoing his pants. Still hearing mom crying out from her fucking. Taking his cock in my head, working up and down his shaft, faster and faster. My breathing becoming more shallow as I get more and more excited. My pussy dripping wet.

Before I even realize it we are both completely naked. I lay down and he gets on top me. Forcing his cock in my pussy. My legs spreading wide to take him in. feeling his big hard cock invading my cunt, I let out a scream of pleasure.

He starts fucking me faster, harder. His cock going in deeper and deeper. My hips moving faster meeting his thrusts. Hearing the wetness as he pounds my cunt harder. The sound of my soaking wet pussy mixed in with hearing moms moans is almost to much to bare.

He slams into my pussy again and again, suddenly its like a facet being turned on, the gush of cum is overwhelming. I have never cum so hard before. After a few minutes he releases himself too. we lay there for a few minutes unable to move. Then, moving slowly, we get dressed. I go to the bathroom to wash up a bit and wait for mom to come out.

When she does she says she called for the cab and it will be here in a few minutes to take us home. We say goodbye to the guys and go out and wait on the cab, we don’t have time to really talk, the cab comes pretty quick.

When we get home mom says she is tired, she is going to shower and go bed. We don’t talk about what went on tonight, even if we did I don’t know what I would have said. I enjoyed fucking that guy. I enjoyed hearing mom in the other room getting fucked. Now, after the fact I do not feel to comfortable with that so I try to put it out of my mind.

I shower and lay down in bed, knowing sleep will not find me any time soon. What went on that night just keeps playing in my head over and over. It starts to get me excited again, as much as I don’t want it to. So I try not to think about it. Try not to think about letting that guy fuck me, about hearing my mom being fucked in the other room and how it made me feel.

Before I realize what I was doing, I find myself sliding my hand down, my fingers pulling my panties to the side. Rubbing my clit thinking about it, thinking about hearing moms moans, thinking about that guy I didn’t know fucking me. Thinking about how much it all made me cum.

My fingers rubbing my clit, I can feel it growing. Slowly my fingers find their way inside my cunt. Finger fucking myself faster and faster till I feel a gush of cum. This actually settles me down enough to get some sleep.

The next morning mom is in the kitchen having coffee, I grab a mug and join her. we begin talking but just idle chit chat really, nothing about last night. And I do not want to bring it up either.

After finishing her coffee mom says she has some errands to fun and will be back in a few hours. She asks if I want to go out again tonight, she said she had a lot of fun last night. Sure mom I say I will go out with you. Ok baby she says see you in a few hours. After mom leaves I get another cup of coffee and sit in the living room sipping it.

There is a knock at the door, realizing I haven’t even gotten dressed, I decide to answer it anyway. The shirt I am wearing covers me, well barely but oh well. I open the door and this guy is standing there. I totally forgot that the plumber was coming to fix the down stairs bath room.

I tell him to come in and show him the bathroom off near the living room. After he is working on it a bit I ask him if he would like something cold to drink. Sure he says thanks. I go to the kitchen and grab a can of soda and bring it back to him. Looking at him for a moment, noticing how nice looking he is. Now being glad I didn’t bother to get dressed this morning.

When he realizes I came back with the drink, he stands to take it. I get real close to him to hand him the can. He looks at me and says thanks again and takes a drink, but I don’t move, I continue standing close to him. Well I got the bathroom fixed he says, I was just getting my tools together.

Well thanks for coming and doing that, it was really getting annoying not being able to use this bathroom. He nods and says no problem. I am standing between him and door so he really cant just walk out. He looks at me and says well if there is nothing else I better get going.

Oh I say, but there is something else. Do you have another bathroom that needs fixing he asks. No I say not another bathroom, but something else is a bit backed up that you may be able to help with. He just stands there looking at me, he has no idea what I am saying.

I start to pull at my shirt, drawing it higher and higher up my smooth silky thighs, his go down and stares at my legs. Oh he says, well I just might be able to help you with that. I smile at him I was hoping you would.

He gets even closer to me, his hands immediately find their way to my breast, as I tilt my head up inviting his mouth to mine. As we kiss I start undoing his pants. Taking out his rock hard cock, I start massaging it slowly, working up to a faster pace. Hearing him moaning from it.

In an instant my shirt is on the floor his pants down around his ankles. He backs me up to the wall, crushing me between it and him. His cock searching for my cunt. Finding it he rams it in hard. I let out a moan and cry out, oh god yes fuck me, fuck me now and fuck me I plead.

He starts pounding harder and faster. My cunt dripping wet. After just a few minutes of him cock being slammed in my pussy, I release a river of cum. After he releases we get dressed. He asks if there is anything else I need, no I say with a smile I think that will about do it.

I walk him to the door thank him again. I watch as he gets in his truck and pulls away. I go back in the house. Standing against the door I start thinking about what I just did. It was like I wasn’t myself. I was doing things I normally didn’t do. What was wrong with? What am I turning into?

I just fucked a total stranger. I don’t even know his name. But it felt so good I remind myself. Remembering what mom said about just doing what feels good. And that sure did feel good. And it made me feel more relaxed. Aside from the fact that it felt so damn good.
Mom walks in a while later, I am still thinking about what I had done with the plumber. Mom took one look at me and said, the plumber came didn’t he? I smiled in response to her. she smiled back and said so was it good? Oh yes mom it was, but it also has me worried. What are you worried she asks.

Well doesn’t what I did, what we did last night make us sluts? She laughed. Whats wrong with being a slut? All we were doing, all you were doing is doing what felt good, what made you feel good, that isnt wrong.

I smiled I guess your right mom. Of course I am. Now go shower and get dressed so we can go out again. I run to shower and dress knowing we will have a great time again tonight.

We go to a different bar this time, its not really crowed, guessing its still a bit early. The place is nearly empty. We order drinks and go sit at a table. After a having a few drinks we talk about going somewhere else. Just then this guy comes over and asks if he can join us.

He sits down and we have a few more drinks talking to him. Mom is flirting a lot with him. I thought I should feel uncomfortable but instead I join in on the flirting. After a while he asks if we would like to go back to his place, its just a block away. Don’t know if it was the drinks or not but we instantly say yes.

When we get there he pours us another drink and puts on some music. After downing the drinks mom starts dancing. Moving so slowly and seductively. With out thinking I start moving along with her. mimicking her moves. The guy gets between us and starts dancing with us. We are rubbing ourselves up against him.

At the beginning I start thinking this is wrong, its my mom after all. But I cant seem to help myself. As much as I want to just stop and leave I cant. We continue dancing rubbing up against this guy who seems to love it. Who wouldn’t dancing with a mom and daughter.

His hands start to roam moms body, then mine. I keep telling myself this is so wrong. Remembering moms words about doing what feels good. I get more into it. My hands grazing his body right back. I tilt my head up and start kissing him. My tongue darting out seeking his. Tongues rubbing together gently. Then he starts kissing mom as my hands continue to rub on his body.

Before we really know what is happening, he starts to take our clothes off. I don’t allow myself to think about it. Before long I am standing there naked with mom. He smiles at us as. Both mom and I start undressing him. Our hands working together till he too is naked.

His cock is rock hard and big. Both my hands and moms hands slowly begin to stroke it. Hands moving together up and down his big shaft. Before long we are both on our knees. Mom takes his cock first. Slowly sucking on it. Taking it out of her mouth her tongue moves up and down. Licking at his head. I feel his hand on my head pushing my face towards his cock. My tongue darts out licking along side moms. Our tongues touch as they roll over his head. this gets me even more excited.

We continue to suck his cock together our tongues playing against each other. I stand and start kissing his mouth. My pussy dripping wet. Then I felt as if I would explode right then, I felt moms tongue on my cunt.

I spread my legs a bit wider to give mom more access to my cunt. Her tongue working expertly lapping at my pussy. I moan into his mouth. He sits me down on the couch my legs spread wide.

Mom kneels down in front of me, my eyes close not wanting to open them, not wanting that feeling of exploding to leave. The guy gets behind her and starts fucking her ass, pushing her face to my pussy. Moms tongue starts licking at my wetness.

Her tongue digging deep in my pussy, the force of the guy fucking her ass forcing her tongue further in my pussy. Tongue fucking me like I have never had. My cunt dripping, my juices dripping down moms chin.

Mom takes my clit and starts sucking it like a cock. I grab her head and force her mouth more into my pussy. My hips bucking back and forth fucking moms face while the guy is pounding her ass. Both our moans getting louder.

The guy stops fucking moms ass and looks at me. Are you ready to get fucked now. Oh god yes I say. Please please fuck me. Mom gets up and we switch positions. Her sitting on the couch, me kneeling down in front. The guy rams his cock into my ass so hard I cry out. He is fucking my hard and deep. I cant help but cry out.

He pushes my face into moms cunt. My tongue lapping her wetness. I can not believe how wet mom is. My mouth sucking her cunt, taking all her juices in my mouth. The guy pounding me so hard from behind. I stick my tongue in moms cunt the guy fucking me so hard I start tongue fucking mom.

Her moans making me shove my tongue deeper and deeper. Mom has her hands on my head holding my face to her wetness. Fucking my face with her pussy. The guy takes me by the hair lifts me up to the couch. Telling both me and mom to turn around and get our asses up next to each other.

Me and mom kneeling on the couch our asses sticking up high. The guy takes turns fucking our asses. He puts a hand on each of our heads forcing our mouths close to each till we kissing. Tasting our juices on each others mouth. The guys cock going from my ass to moms.

Then he pulls us both off the couch and on our knees forcing his cock first in my mouth then moms. Now taking turns fucking our faces like he did our asses. Forcing his cock further and further down our throats. That’s it whores suck my cock good. Ahh yes suck it whores.

Open those whore mouths. We both open our mouths just as he shoots his cum into both our mouths. His cum filling us both. Then with cum still in our mouths he once again forces our mouths together. Forcing us to kiss, His cum dripping out of both of our mouths.


He tells us that things are going to be the way He says from now on. Mom asks Him what He is talking about, that we had fun but its over now and that we were leaving. He looks at mom and laughs. Mom goes to stand up, I am too scared at this point to move. He slaps mom in the face and tells her to get back on her knees.

Shocked mom does as He says tears welling up in her eyes. Ok this is how it will be He tells us. I now own you both. You will do as I say when I say and how I say. You will question nothing. You will exist to soley please Me in any way I see fit.

Me and mom just look at each other, not believing what we are hearing. Before you think about just getting up and leaving, think maybe you should know something. He points to a few corners of the room. There are camera covering just about each angle. If you should choose to disobey these tapes will be sent to everyone you know. Friends, family and co workers.

If you choose to obey when I get tired of you both and choose to release you the tapes, all of them will be returned to you. I am going to step into the other room I have a call to make. You have that time to decide if you want these tapes given out to everyone you know.

When He leaves us alone we look at each horrified. Mom what are we going to do. Well we don’t really have choice. We cant allow that tape to get out. We can not allow anyone to see us fucking a stranger together and me eating your pussy and both us enjoying it so much. So what do we do mom, take orders from this guy?

Look it wont be so bad, we will be His slaves till He gets tired of us then it will all be over. And what happens if He doesn’t get tired of it mom. Well we will figure out something for now we have to do what He says.

Just then He comes back and asks us what we have decided to do. Well, my mom tells Him, we don’t really have a choice. We have to go by your rules. He smiles, very good. From here on out you have no choices, no rights.

For now I will be moving in with you, you are allowed to tell people that I am the boyfriend of the mother, those I choose to know the truth will know. You both will be naked unless told otherwise. You both will do all the cooking, cleaning and pleasing Me sexually. If you choose to disobey a command or hesitate to do something there will be punishments.

Now you both get washed up, dressed and go home and make sure that place is spotless. I will be there in a bit. We both get up and get ourselves ready to go, on the way home we talk a little about what happened. Neither believing we have gotten ourselves into this. knowing there is no way out, we get home and make sure the place is spotless for Him.

The phone rings and moms picks answers it after a few minutes she hangs up. That was Him, He is on His way. He wants us both naked and kneeling at the door waiting for Him. We both strip and go kneel by the door waiting for Him. Both scared and nervous about this whole thing.

After a few minutes He arrives. He smiles when He comes to the door and sees us both kneeling there. He tells us to follow Him in the living room, we follow close behind Him. We kneel in front of Him waiting for Him to talk.

Some basic rules are in place for now He says. no clothes are to be worn while in the house. You will be kneeling while I have my meals, you will eat either before or after Me not with Me. You will both be sleeping on the floor naked of course in the room where I sleep. You both will keep the house spotless at all times.

Anything and everything I tell you do will be done without hesitation and in a timely fashion or you will be punished. You will service who I tell you to and you will do it as if servicing Me. Are there any question about that? we don’t speak not really knowing what to ask.

The proper response is no Master. I expect a yes or no Master to anything I ask. We both say no Master at the same time. Well since there are no questions we are going to start training in orgasm control. Neither will be allowed to cum until told to do so. If you do with out being told to you will be punished.

Mom you will now be known as whore, daughter you will be known as slut. Now lets start with learning to control the orgasm. Whore start eating sluts cunt. I want you licking, sucking and tongue fucking that pussy good.

Slut lay on your back and spread those legs, whore get to it. Slut lays on her back her legs spread wide. I get between her legs and start licking at her pussy. Lapping from the bottom to top. My tongue flicking at the clit. Taking the clit in my mouth and sucking on it. I hear slut start to moan. My tongue finding its way inside her pussy. Pushing in deeper and deeper.

I can feel her wetness dripping out of her. I start to lap it up. My mind concentrating on just her pussy. Getting aroused by it, forgetting everything else. Tongue fucking her harder, faster, deeper. She moans more, spreading her legs even wider. I feel her body tense up. Then shake a bit. I know and can taste that she just cam.

Hoping He doesn’t realize it, but He does. He grabs me off her. looks down on her and asks if she just cam. She just looks up at Him unable to answer. He asks her again and tells her she had better speak up and tell the truth.

Yes Master she says. I am sorry but I just couldn’t help it. Its like my pussy had a mind of its own. He looks angry now. Well being its not your pussy its mine, I guess it’s the pussy that needs to be punished. He grabs for His belt. Open those legs wide and they had better stay open.

She does as she is told. He raises the belt up and comes down hard on her open wet cunt. She lets out a scream. Again He comes down hard on her cunt. She screams out even louder. Well we don’t want everyone hearing you scream thinking that something is wrong so we will have to shut you up.

Whore sit on her face while she is being whipped. Your cunt will work as a gag stifling her screams. I get up and straddle her face. My cunt setting on her mouth. He again comes down on her pussy with the belt. I can feel the viberations from her cries on my pussy. Getting me excited.

I started grinding my pussy on her pussy as He continues to whip her. after a few minutes of this He stops. Tells me to get off and get back to sucking her pussy. I rise off her face taking my place back between her legs.

I can see her pussy is red and raw from the belt. I go back to licking and sucking her pussy. My tongue working all over it but trying not to do it the way I did before. Not wanting her to cum and get punished again.

After a while He asks her if she wants to cum, she said she does very badly. He tells her she must not till He gives permission and that He will not be giving permission for a while. He tells me to stop and switch positions.

We switch positions with slut between my legs. Feeling her tongue on my pussy I instantly get very aroused. Her tongue teasing at my cunt. Forcing its way deep in my cunt. She starts to tongue fuck me faster and faster. Her tongue going in deeper with each thrust.

Thankfully me being older and more experienced I am am able to control it more and do very well in not cumming. After a few minutes He says we can stop. He tells us to get washed up and get His dinner started.

We get washed up in silence not really knowing what to say to each other, knowing we are stuck in this situation, realizing we just have to make the best of it.

After getting washed up we move to the kitchen to get Him dinner. I am doing the steak and daughter is doing potatoes and making a salad. He did say we can eat, just not with Him so we make enough for all of us.

When dinner is ready He sits down and tells us to each kneel on either side of Him till He is done then He will give us time to eat and clean. We kneel quietly at His side as He eats His dinner. When He is done He tells us we a half hour to eat and get the kitchen cleaned up.

We look at each knowing we will have to eat and move fast to be done in half hour. Yes Master we respond. We start eating quickly knowing a half hour isnt really enough time to sit and really enjoy the meal. We rush through it and get the kitchen cleaned. Then go back to the living room and kneel in front Him waiting.

Well you both did well today. But the real test is can you keep it up. Can you handle having your every move decided for you. Not all can. Not all are cut out for it. I will make sure you are.

Its not really that difficult just follow My rules, think about always pleasing Me and we will get along fine. I might from time to time loan both or one of you out to friends. When that happens you will serve them as you do Me. Or they will get to punish you. And they might not be as nice as Me.

For now, until I feel you are ready to be out on your own, neither will be working. You can arrange taking a leave of absence from your jobs. When I feel you are ready to go out and out you may go back to your jobs or else find other ones.

If this is a problem speak now. I will not change it of course but I will listen. I will allow you to express concerns but things will not change. We both decide not to speak, it will do no good anyway. We have no choices, no rights. We must go by His rules.

How we got ourselves into this is beyond us. What we will do, we have no idea at the moment other then just get through it and hope He doesn’t want to keep it this way for long. But in the back of my head I am thinking that I may like it this way.

I remind myself to talk to mom about it first chance we get. Its like im fighting with myself. I know I shouldn’t like it this way but I think deep down I do. When I got whipped for cumming I thought I would be truly pissed for getting whipped.

But I actually wasn’t, I felt I deserved it. I more or less appricated being punished. That was the last thing I thought I should feel. I want to talk to mom to see if she felt the same, to see if there is something wrong with me for actually liking this.

Being that neither of you have anything to say at the moment, I want both of you to please my cock, then you will have a half hour free time to do as you wish, then its time for bed. Now get to please my cock.

We both move in. our tongues dart out licking at His head, grazing each other. We take turns taking His cock down our throats. While one is sucking His cock the other is licking and sucking at His balls. We both are indeed enjoying pleasing His cock. Enjoying feeling the others tongue.

After a bit He shoots His hot cum in both our mouths. We are allowed to swallow this time, we both let out a moan feeling His cum sliding down our throats. He sighs with a smile. You both did very well pleasing my cock. Thank You Master we say. I think you both are going to work out very well. I am going to get some work done in the other room now.

You have half hour then you come and kennel on the floor next to my bed. Yes Master thank You we say as He leaves and goes to the other room. When we are alone we take a few minutes to gather ourselves. Then we start talking, in hushed tones of course.

Mom I know your gonna think I have lost my mind. I kinda think I am going to like this. I know I shouldn’t, but I think its exciting to be so controlled like this. my mom smiles at me. I know she says, I feel the same way. Really? Mom do you feel that same? Oh yes I do. I don’t know where its coming from, but I feel more at ease with things this way.

Oh mom I am so glad you feel the same, I was starting to think there was something wrong with me. Oh no sweety there isnt. A lot feel the same, its just not always out in the open. That made me feel more at ease with the whole thing.

Mom I am really going to try to be pleasing to Him. I am going to do my best to do everything He says and to do as perfect as I can. Mom smiles again and says she was thinking the same. But we must promise never to get mad at each other. If He should happen to have one of us punish the other or do something that may hurt at the moment.

Oh no mom I would never get upset about that. if He has one of us do something to the other it will be for our good. We will both try our best to be as pleasing as we can to Him and never get upset if one of us has to hurt or assist in hurting the other. We will promise that right now. Yes mom says, from now on its all about Him. We both agree whole heartedly.

We go on talking for the full half hour of free time we had. Then go to the bedroom, seeing He is already in bed we lay down on the floor next to His side of the bed. We both drift into a very peaceful nights sleep. Knowing, at least for now, we have no worries about anything. That everything will be taken care of, the only thing we have to do is be as pleasing to Him as we can.

He wakes us in the morning. Once our eyes are open and we kneeling next to the bed, He starts talking. From now on you both will get up before Me. By the time I wake up I want My morning coffee waiting for Me. Breakfast almost done and My shower running.

Before I even grab for My coffee, I want both kneeling before Me with mouths open. Each morning I will use both mouths for My morning piss. Then both will give Me a morning blow job. After which I will go and have breakfast while both are kneeling quietly waiting for Me to finish.

Then you will go about your chores unless I tell you to do otherwise. Are there any questions. No Master we respond. Good today you will learn to take My piss. Through the day you will each lap at some to get use to it. This way in the morning we can get started on the routine.

Now both get to My morning blowjob then get My breakfast. We both lean in, each taking turns sucking and licking at His cock. Each working hard to please Him. We know He is being very please from His moans. This makes us work even harder to give Him an excellent blowjob.


We continue to take turns deep throating His cock, licking and sucking on His balls. Our tongues touching more for His pleasure then ours now. We both trying so hard to please. After a few minutes we share in His cum. Each taking some and swallowing it with a pleasurable moan.

After we done we go to the kitchen and get His breakfast started. When He comes in He tells this one to get Him a large bowl. I do so and bring it Him, not knowing why He would want a large bowl. He undoes His pants and starts peeing in the bowl. Setting it down on the floor next to table He sits down for breakfast.

As I have My breakfast and you are kneeling you are both to lap at the piss to get use to it. By the time I am done eating there better not be a drop left. You can take turns lapping at it. Yes Master we respond. After serving Him we kneel down in front of the bowl.

We look at each other and silently, as there is no talking while He is eating unless He says so, I agree to go first. I lean down, my tongue darts out just as my mouth gets in the bowl. I lap at it quickly knowing it will be hard to get to use to the taste. I gag a bit and lift my head from the bowl. Daughter goes next, she very slowly lowers her head down to the bowl, taking a quick lick.

She too gags at the first lap. Knowing we only have till He is done eating, after the first few laps we do our best to go faster. Not wanting to displease Him, we get use to the taste as quickly as possible. By the time He is done the bowl is empty. We are very proud of ourselves that we did it.

Deep down though we are both feeling that we shouldn’t be proud of this, getting use to the taste of someones piss should be absolutely disgusting, but its not. We have accomplished something that we never thought we would.

When He is done and looks at the bowl He smiles. Very good, both of you. I thought it would take longer to get this part done but you have please Me greatly. I am proud of you both. We cant help but smile wide to His words. He is proud of us. We are both beaming as He leaves the kitchen for us to eat and get it cleaned.

As we eat and clean we talk about what happened. We are both strangely excited about it. Mom what is wrong with us? Nothing is wrong with us I say, like it or not, and I am not sure when, how or why it happened, but we are slaves. We both smile at that and finish up in the kitchen.

We go back to the other room where He is and kneel, waiting for what He wants us to do next. I have some work to do in the other room, although neither of you have to work right now, I do and My boss is letting Me work from Home. So I will be on the computer for a while doing that. you are both to clean this please from top to bottom.

We go about cleaning, making sure we scrub everything. We are happy as we go about cleaning. A happy that neither of us has felt before. Knowing that is because we have no control over anything. That takes a lot off us. Having someone make our decisions, tell us what to do, when to do it and how to do it, is like a hugh weight off our shoulders.

After a little while He calls for the whore. I go in the room where He is and kneel next to Him. He turns in the chair and takes His cock out. Open your mouth I have to pee. I open my mouth and position it right to His cock. A steady stream of hot piss flows in my mouth. Being this is the first time for doing this, its very hard to not gag. But I swallow it without incident. Go back to your cleaning He says. I do so, again very proud of myself.

Just as we are finished with the cleaning He comes out. He sits on the couch takes His cock out and doesn’t say a word, there is no need for Him to say anything. We both go to Him kneeling before Him we start pleasing His cock. Both mouths and tongues working extremely hard to please.

As I suck on the head of His cock, lil slut licks at the shaft and His balls. Then switch, our tongue grazing each others. We take turns having His cock down our throats gagging us. The more we give Him a blow job the more into we get. Like we want each blowjob to be better then the last.

We both feel we are succeeding in this. with each blowjob we learn to do it better and better. Taking pride in the fact that we can give one helleva blowjob. He cums, as always in our mouths. Allowing us to swallow His cum. We do so gratefully. Gratefully for not only having His cum but grateful to Him for showing us that this was the way we were meant to live.

When He done cumming and after we clean His cock. He talks about what will happen the rest of the day. I am having some friends over today. They will be here through the night. You both will serve them in however they want you to.

If they want a blowjob in front of everyone you will do it, if they want privacy in the other room to fuck you, you will do it. There will both men and women here. You will serve them the way you have been Me.

Yes Master we respond. Now go take showers, don’t bother dressing. Yes Master we say as we get up and go to shower. We are both to nervous to talk. Although we have fucked strangers before, we never been in a group setting where sex was expected.

After showering we go back to the other room. He tells us that we both will have to answer the door, before opening it we are to kneel and say we are the whores of the house and are to please you at your convenience. And let them in. then kneel in the middle of room and wait for someone to use you.

After a few minutes the doorbell rings. We both go to the door, kneel down and open it. Kneeling there naked seeing two guys standing there. We say together, we are the whores of the house here to please you at your convenience. We move aside so they can enter. We close the door behind them and move to the middle of the room.

This goes for a while, before long the house is packed with people. At first it seems like no one wants to be the first to get use of us. After having a few drinks a women comes up to us. Looking down at both of us. She is a young women, maybe early twenties.

She looks the me, I want the older one, having an older women obeying me is a turn on. She tells me to follow her to the other room by crawling behind her. when we get to the other room she closes the door. Walks to the middle of the bedroom and points to her feet. Knowing what this means, I crawl to her and kneel at her feet.

She smiles down at me. How does it feel to kneel at the feet of a younger women. I have always wanted to humiliate an older women. She takes a few steps back and sits on the bed. Crawl to me whore. I do as she says, crawling on hands and knees. She spreads her legs, exposing her cunt. Start licking my pussy whore.

I lean in, my tongue darting out taking a lick at her cunt lips. Pushing its way between them, tongue starts flicking at her clit. She pushes my face more into her cunt. Tongue fuck my pussy whore. My tongue finds her cunt hole, pushing in as far as it will go. She starts to moan, that’s it you slut tongue fuck it. Oh yes.

I start tongue fucking her harder and faster, my tongue sliding in and out of her wet cunt. She starts moving her hips fucking my face. Pushing her cunt deeper and deeper. My tongue sliding in faster and faster. She moans out louder. Oh yes that’s it, fuck it with your tongue your nasty whore. Pushing my tongue in deeper and deeper even now and again sucking her clit before sliding the tongue back in her hole.

Oh god yes she cries out, yes. And as if a facet was turn on, her juices run in my mouth, dribbling down my chin. After licking her pussy clean she straightens herself up and says you did that very well. I just might have use for you later on too. this makes me smile as we make our back out to the living room.

when we get to the living room, lil slut is on her knees with a cock in her mouth and a cock in each. Seeing her like that gets me excited all over again. Seeing the cock being rammed down her throat. Her hands working feverishly up and down the shafts of the other two cocks.

Her gags ringing out through the room. The guys hands wrap tightly in her hair, forcing her mouth down further on His cock. His hips bucking hard into her face. Watching His cock sliding in and out her mouth, hearing her gags, my pussy becomes instantly wet from this.

A guy walks up to me and sticks His cock in my mouth, I take it willingly. Feeling the hard cock sliding down my throat. A women comes next to me, hikes her skirt up and spreads her legs, I can smell her sweet juices, my hand moves between her legs. Feeling how wet she is. Fingers start playing along her pussy lips. Pushing past them I start playing with her clit. Rubbing it between fingers, tugging at it a bit.

The cock being forced down my throat making me gag, lil slut still gagging right next me. Can feel the juices dripping out of my own cunt. My fingers pushing inside the cunt of the girl. I start finger fucking her hard while sucking hard on the cock.

She starts pushing down on my hand. I add another finger, then another. Her juices dripping down to my wrist. The guy takes His cock from my mouth, grabs my hair and turns me around. He rams His cock in my ass so hard I cry out from it. The women now before me, her legs spread wide, she forces my face to her cunt.

My tongue lapping her at juices. Forcing the tongue inside her cunt, I begin to tongue fuck her. pushing the tongue in as far as it would go. The guy fucking me so hard from behind, forcing my face more in her pussy. Feeling her juices drip down my chin.

I can feel her body start to tense, knowing she is getting ready to cum, I take her clit and start sucking hard on it like it was a cock. Before long the facet opens and her cum shoots in my mouth. I lap up every drop. Licking her clean after.

The guy starts fucking my ass harder. Thrusting more then I can feeling my ass being filled with His hot cum. When His cock leave my ass another guy comes over, grabs my hair and drags me so I am now behind lil slut. She is still getting her face fucked. Now on her hands and knees as a cock is being pounded down her throat.

The guy then gets behind me, spreading my ass cheeks so far apart that alone has me cry out. He rams His cock in my ass with such force. Taking my head and forcing it forward, my face now so close to lil sluts ass. Lick her whore the guys says as He starts to fuck my ass even harder.

He pushed my head forward again, I begin licking lil sluts ass. As soon as my tongue is on her ass, she moans and pushes back. A women walks up to us, taking lil sluts ass cheeks and spreading them and says get that tongue in her ass whore.

Pushing my tongue hard, forcing it in her ass. The women grabs my head and pushing my face so far in lil sluts ass I cant breathe. She holds it there for what seems like hours. Then lets go, opening lil sluts ass cheeks once again. Telling me to get my tongue in there and fuck her ass with it.

Lil slut is so wet the tongue slides in and out of her ass with ease. As the guy pounds my ass harder and harder. The women every few minutes holding my face in lil sluts ass to where I cant breathe, pushing my head forcing the tongue further in lil sluts ass.

Lil slut is dragged a bit forward so a guy can start pounding her ass. He fucks her so hard He has her screaming until another cock is forced in her mouth. Her moans still being heard. The women who was holding my face in lil sluts ass now has my mouth on her cunt. Telling me to tongue her pussy.

She starts fucking my face with her cunt, rubbing her juices all over my face. My ass once again being filled with cum. Two guys then walk up behind me. Thinking they are just going to take turns in my ass I go about licking and sucking at the next cunt that was in front of me.

I feel one cock slammed in my ass, I cry out into the cunt that I am eating. The women holds my head down on her pussy, just as she does that I feel another cock trying to push its way in my ass. I desperately try to scream out, but my screams are muffled by the pussy.

As the second cock is trying to squeeze in my ass, the pain so unbearable I feel like I am being torn in two. Trying hard to wiggle away. This pain is something I can not handle. The two guys holding my hips. The more I try to wiggle free the harder they hold.

Seems like the harder they try to push both cocks in my ass. The pain is shooting through my body. They keep pushing the two cocks in my ass. I can feel both heads start to penetrate. I try begging for them to stop. The women still crushing my face in her cunt, my words are just mumbled.

My ass hurting so much its starting to burn. I can feel both cocks entering in a little more. I know they are not fully in, yet both cocks begin fucking my ass. Tears flowing out of my eyes.

I close them tight trying to think about anything other then the pain. The pain is too much to think about something else. All I can think about is the pain shooting through me. Never have I felt such pain and I hope never to feel anything like this again.

Suddenly I feel one cock leaving my ass, I breathe deeply in a sign of relief. Feeling myself being lifted and my cunt positioned over a cock. I sit on it, ass still burning and hurting. But once I feel that cock near my cunt I cant help myself. I start riding it. Feeling the cock slide in and out. I moan out.

Looking over at lil slut her ass being pounded, her face fucked. I start riding that cock harder, slamming myself down forcing it deeper in my cunt. Another cock enters my ass, I start riding even harder. Feeling my sore and burning ass being pounded.

Seeing lil slut getting fucked, a cock in my cunt one in my ass. My juices working over time. My body ready to explode. I feel my body tensing up as lil sluts moans get louder. Knowing she is near explosion too. a cock is forced in my mouth. I suck it eagerly. Taking it deep in my throat.

I ride the cock in my cunt hard and fast. The cock in my ass being rammed repeatedly, the pain still shooting through my body. Not wanting to be so turned on by the pain but not being able to help it.

I keep still glances over to lil slut, seeing her gag, her ass being invade so hard and rough. Her body starts to shake. Her moans growing even louder, but still muffled by the cock. Her body tenses then shakes more, I know she just exploded.

Seeing her like that, knowing she just came. The pain still shooting through is too much to take. As the cock in my ass starts thrusting harder, shorter strokes, knowing my ass will now be filled with cum again. I can feel cum being shot in my mouth, sliding down my throat.

Just as I feel my ass being filled again, my body starts shaking uncontrollably. Not being able to control it any longer, the flood gates open. My juices flowing out. I can feel it dripping on the cock, which had just filled my cunt.

All my holes now empty, both me and lil slut laying there in the middle of the floor, breathing harder, not being able to move. Hearing voices but not sure what is being said. We do not know how long we have been laying there.

When we are able to move a little, we notice most of the people had left. The last few saying there goodbyes to Master. After everyone had finally left, Master looks down on us with a smile.

You both have pleased Me very much tonight. You were both used and fucked as hard as was possible and you both handled it very well. I am proud of you. I will allow you to lay there for as long as you wish to.

When you are able to move again, He says laughing, you can go and shower and get to kennel. I know you are both spent and it will take a bit for either of you to be able to move and I have no problem with you both laying there for a while.

As a matter of fact I would prefer for you both to rest there. I know it was a hard night, so take your time. I am going to bed, and again I am very very proud of you. He goes to the other to go to bed. We lay there for a few minutes not even talking.

We get up enough energy to at least speak. Thank god He is allowing us to just lay here lil slut says. I don’t think I can move. I try to laugh but cant, neither can I, I tell her, but how great was that. oh mom that was so awesome, I didn’t think I would ever love being used that way but I did.

I know exactly what your saying, I loved every minute of it. Makes you truly feel like a whore, a slave, a piece of property. Yes lil slut says. I don’t know where it came from mom, why we feel the way we do. But I feel like I found my purpose. Me too I tell her, me too.

We both continue to lie there, actually smiling. Not being able to move yet, but getting closer. Our bodies feeling like they have been through hell and back tonight. At the same time feeling in peace. Feeling like we have done what we were meant to do.

We are now living our lives the way we were always meant to. Even before we realized it. Its not that our bodies are at peace, that wont happen till we had a good nights sleep, our minds are at peace now.

Knowing all we have to do is please, knowing it will not always be easy to do, that we will never be perfect, but knowing that we desire to please. We had the seed of being a slave inside us. Master is going to make those seed grow.

Tonight had showed us that it isnt going to be easy. being a slave is hard. Its not about being mindless, someone weak couldn’t handle being a slave. A slave has to be someone who is strong.

After a few more minutes we start to try to move. We make it to our knees. Struggling with everything we have to get to our feet. Once we are standing, holding on to walls and furniture to steady us.

Our legs feeling so very weak. It is so difficult to walk. The use that we have been through truly showing now. Neither can walk very well, but we make it to the bathroom that is off from the living room, not wanting to wake Him.

When we get in the bathroom we take turns sitting down on the toilet while the other is showering. It takes us a while to get done. Feeling the hot water hit our bodies made us feel so good. We took a bit longer then we normally would. But it was so needed and He gave us all the time we need to get to kennel.

Once we are both done we slowly make our way to the bedroom. On the floor we find blankets and pillows. No doubt in our minds that Master had put them there for us. He is showing in His own way how proud He is and how much we have pleased Him.

Smiling we lay down, gently putting our heads on the pillow, covering our still sore bodies with the warm blankets. Worn out and exhausted we close our eyes. Sleep not taking long to find us. We fall into a deep sleep with smiles still on our faces.
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