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Ch. 4/15
The monkey's attention was focused on the boy's little hole. The
monkey knew that this hole would be just right for fucking,
something which he was trying to lead up to. He hoped that if he
turned on the little boy enough by licking his asshole, that the boy
would let him stick his penis into his little hole and fuck it.

Jimmy had not thought of the possibility that the monkey was
getting ready to fuck him. Fucking was one memory that didn't
impose itself on the boy, and it seemed as if he were totally innocent
of this one sexual pleasure.

The monkey, however, was well aquatinted with fucking. He had
grown up watching adults fuck each other, males with females, and
sometimes males with males; especially when a dominate male
wanted to show who was boss to a lesser ranking male. The
monkey had watched as several adolescent wannabe's were fucked
up their assholes by stronger dominate males when the adolescents
lost their nerve during attacks against the leader's position.

The young monkey himself, was cornered one day almost a year
ago, by one of the adolescents who he had seen ass fucked. The
older monkey caught him playing around on the ground, out of sight
of the adults. The teenager approached the monkey, bent him over,
and fucked his ass good. Over the screams of pain and protest, the
adolescent monkey fucked his little captive two or three times before
he released him, upon which time he went running back to his
mother. The monkey's asshole was sore for several weeks after
that, and it taught him to stay away from older horny males.

It also taught him, however, that asses were good for fucking. He
had watched for as long as he could remember why other members
of his tribe fucked. He had also witnessed the great pleasure that his
adolescent rapist had while fucking him. The one thing that the
monkey wanted after all of that action was to find someone whom
he could fuck himself.

His opportunity came when he was off in some trees looking for
food. A younger male climbed into his tree, and approached him
wanting to be friends. After some idle chatter, and showing off to
each other, the younger monkey reached out to fondle the penis of
his older friend. When the older monkey did not stop him, the
younger bent his head and sucked the penis of the older.

The older monkey encouraged the youngster in his sucking, and
finally finished off his first blow job by thrusting his penis in and
out of the youngster's mouth until he came inside of it. Afterwards,
even though it was not required of him in the age-group hierarchy,
the older bent down and sucked the youngster's penis as well.

About a half hour later the older was horny again, and he decided
that he wanted to fuck the ass of the younger monkey. At first,
when he tried to mount the little monkey, the youngster would have
nothing to do with it. After a little encouraging, and then
threatening, the youngster finally assumed the position, head down
and buttocks in the air, and the older monkey mounted him and
fucked the screeching youngster to climax. The monkey could not
believe how beautiful fucking felt, especially fucking the virginal ass
of his younger playmate.

Coming out of his daydream, the monkey once again focused on the
asshole of the human boy in front of him. The boy had agreed in the
past to masturbate with him. The boy had even sucked his penis,
and let him suck his. The monkey had replaced his mouth with his
fingers, and he was presently rubbing one finger up against the
boy's hole. As he continued to rub the hole began to contract and
expand a little, as if it were waiting for something to be put into it.
Remembering the little monkey that he had ass fucked, the monkey
took one last look as the human boy's gaping asshole, and decided
that he would fuck him, if he had to hold him down to do it.

Standing on his hind legs, he positioned himself behind the boy,
and with one hand he placed his penis against the boy's anal
opening. When he attempted to thrust inside of him all in one swift
movement, the boy cried out in pain, and reached around to try to
stop the monkey. The monkey did what came first in his mind, he
bit the boy, wrapped his arms tightly around him, and pushed his
penis back into the boy's ass.

With great difficulty, and a lot of grunting, screeching, and
complaining from the boy, he eventually managed to get himself
totally inside of the boy's body. The monkey was amazed at the
sensations that he was feeling. The asshole of the boy was far better
feeling than that of the other monkey that he had fucked. Somehow
this boy's ass felt warmed and tighter than the monkey's.

Not being one for wasting time, the monkey began to thrust in and
out of the boy, wanting to cum as fast as possible before the boy
tried to stop him again. After about twenty more thrusts, he felt
himself ready to cum, and with one final thrust, he sent his penis as
far as it could go inside of the boy's ass, and shot his small load of

A few seconds after he came, he pulled out of the boy's ass, and
backed up a few feet and adopted a defensive posture. He was not
certain if the boy would get violent with him, but he had often seen
prepubescent and adolescent monkey males attack their rapist after
they had dismounted. He did not want to get clobbered by the boy.

When the boy turned to look at him, his face was red. There were a
few tears in his eyes, which meant that he had either hurt him, or
that the boy was very angry. After a few minutes of silence,
however, the boy seemed to calm down, and even encouraged him
to come over to him. When he finally got enough courage to climb
into the boy's arms, he was met with meaningless jabber and
meaningful caresses instead of anger and punches.

"Gee Whiz. When you fuck, you really fuck. You almost busted my
ass wide open," Jimmy told the monkey as he hugged and caressed
him. Although his ass was sore from the fucking by the monkey, it
also felt good. Jimmy thought about having the monkey fuck him
again later that day, but he thought to himself that he would have to
find something to grease the monkey and him up with first.

Jimmy felt a little funny again, as if he was on the verge of
remembering, but not quite making it. He knew, somehow, that a
lube of some type would make fucking easier, but he didn't know
how he knew this.

Jimmy and his monkey friend spent the remainder of the afternoon
playing and scouting around for food and adventure. They sucked
each other off twice more during the day, however, neither made a
move to fuck the other. The monkey decided that he would wait a bit
before trying the boy's ass again, and Jimmy had been having his
own thoughts. He decided that if the monkey stayed with him again
that night, he would be the one to fuck him in his ass. He smiled as
he also thought how nice it would be to have to monkey fuck him
again, but the next time on his terms, slow and gently.

Jimmy's time came that evening, after he and his friend bedded
down for the night. They had found themselves another cave like
area surrounded by bushes, and both felt comfortable with sleeping
there. The two friends laid together, Jimmy naked, and both with
hard-ons. Gently they stroked and caressed each other's penises and
testicles, realizing that they had the entire night for serious love

Jimmy began his adventure by starting to make love with his friend.
The two had begun kissing several days prior, quite a strange
experience for both. At first the monkey could not understand what
kissing was all about, but Jimmy was a good teacher, and eventually
they were kissing each other like lovers.

Jimmy eventually worked his way down to his friend's cock and
balls, spending a fair amount of time licking and sucking them.
Jimmy would often complain about the monkey's hair, and
threatened to shave him bald, however, the monkey did not seem to
understand or care. He did enjoy, however, the fact that when he
played with his human friend's body, he could do so against the
naked skin, no hair in the way to inhibit him in his explorations. He
did feel sorry for the boy, however, that he was a freak, being so
utterly naked and void of hair.

Jimmy finally found enough courage to run his tongue between the
monkey's legs, and towards his ass hole. He thought at first that the
experience would be distasteful, especially knowing his friend's
toilet habits, however, he found that it wasn't bad after all, and he
settled in on getting him aroused enough to fuck.

Within several seconds it was obvious that the monkey was totally
enjoying being rimmed. He began thrusting his small behind back
into Jimmy's face as the boy thrust his tongue forward. Each time
that Jimmy moved forward, his tongue entered a little further into
the monkey's ass, until it seemed as if he had his entire tongue
inside of the animal.

Finally when Jimmy could take it no longer, he pulled away from
the monkey's asshole, and spit into his hand, rubbing it onto his
raging hard-on. Rolling the monkey over onto his back, he climbed
over and on top of the animal, and spread his legs open. Placing one
hand under its buttocks, he lifted up a bit, until the monkey's
asshole was even with the position of his penis.

With his other hand Jimmy took hold of his penis, and aimed it
towards his friend's ass. Jimmy shuttered with excitement when he
felt the tip of his penis touch the monkey's outer anal ring. Looking
down as he positioned himself squarely on the monkey's hole, he
realized just how small the monkey's asshole was, and how difficult
it would be to get inside of him. He thought to himself, however,
that if he did manage to get inside of his little friend, it would be one
of the tightest fucks that he ever had.

Again the thought bothered him. He knew that the small ass of the
monkey would be the tightest fuck for him ever, yet he could not
remember how he knew this, nor could he ever remember having
fucked before in his life. All of his half remembering, and knowing
that something was true without really knowing how he knew it,
was beginning to drive him a little crazy. He wished that he could
remember anything prior to the time at which he woke up on the

Slowly, but determined, Jimmy placed his penis against the
monkey's ass, and began to push it ever so gently against the piece
of flesh. At first nothing happened, and so he began to increase the
forward pressure. Finally he felt the tight ring begin to give a bit,
and as it did he felt himself slide forward a fraction of an inch. He
knew that he was on his way, and he wanted to thrust fully inside of
his young friend, however, he knew that this would cause him pain,
and mostly likely provoke an angry response from him.

As Jimmy's cock began to slide a little into his asshole, the monkey
began to fidget and squirm. There was a feeling much like that the
time that the older monkey had raped him, and he wasn't sure that
he was going to like this at all. One part of him wanted Jimmy to
fuck him. He wanted the human boy's penis inside of him, and he
knew that if he allowed Jimmy to fuck him, he could also fuck
Jimmy again in return.

The pressure and stabbing feeling of the boy's cock in his ass soon
turned to pain, as the boy's erection moved a quarter of the way
inside of him. The monkey didn't think that he could be able to
handle being fucked by the boy, however, he wasn't sure how to
stop him once he was so aroused.

By the time that Jimmy was halfway inside of his ass, he knew that
a full fuck by the boy would probably damage him badly. He was
attempting to squirm away from the boy, when Jimmy suddenly
lowered his weight onto him, pinning him down, and in the process
driving his hard-on fully into his ass.

The monkey had thought that he had known pain when the
adolescent monkey had butt fucked him, but compared to the pain
that he felt at that moment, the other monkey was pure pleasure. The
monkey thought that his ass would burst any second. He felt as if
the boy's cock would come out of his mouth if he opened it.

Instead of beginning to fuck his young friend straight away,
however, Jimmy rested once he attained total penetration. Not only
did Jimmy want the monkey to have time to get use to his dick, he
wanted to totally enjoy the warm tight feel of the rectum before he
began to stretch it during his fucking. Jimmy realized that he was
correct in assuming that the monkey's ass would be tight. He had
not imagined, even for a moment, that the ass could be as tight as it
was. It felt as if the monkey's ass muscle would cut the circulation
off to his dick.

The two laid together for a few more moments getting use to each
other. Finally Jimmy moved off from the monkey a bit, pulling back
until half of his length was sticking into his friend's ass. The
monkey thought that Jimmy was through, however, he was
surprised when Jimmy rolled him onto his side, laid back down
behind him, and once again thrust his hard-on back inside of him.

The monkey had to admit that in this position is wasn't as bad as it
had been when the boy was hovering over him, hard-on buried deep
inside of him, however, there was still a stabbing pain deep in his
bowels which would not go away.

Jimmy reached around and felt for the monkey's penis. He
eventually found it. It had shriveled up the moment that the boy had
inserted himself inside him. Slowly Jimmy began to caress and pull
at his friend's penis, coaxing it to grow hard again. Jimmy didn't
have to do much coaxing, for in a few more seconds the monkey
had a raging hard-on.

Once Jimmy felt the monkey erect in his hand, he began to pull his
cock out from animal's ass. Just as the tip of his cock was about to
slide totally out, Jimmy began to push forward, stopping only when
he was fully planted inside of the monkey once again. Jimmy
repeated this procedure four or five more times until he felt the
monkey begin to relax a little.

Slowly beginning to masturbate the monkey, Jimmy began to thrust
in and out of his ass, at first making sure that his thrusts were slow
and gentle. As the boy increased the action on his friend's penis, he
increased the motion of his own thrusts, until his hand was flying
over the animal's penis, and his dick was flying in an out of the
monkey's asshole.

After several minutes of heavy duty fisting and fucking, Jimmy
began to feel that sensation in the bottom of his balls. As it
continued to mount, and spread to the very base of his penis, he
increased his thrusting. All at once the sensation were too much for
the boy, and with one last lunge which brought a screech from his
butt buddy, Jimmy buried himself deeply inside of the monkey, and
felt his cock pulsate four or five times. If he had been older, Jimmy
would have been filling the monkey's ass with semen, however, the
release inside of his friend's ass was invisible.

About five seconds after Jimmy began to climax, he felt the
monkey's dick begin to swell, and then his hand was covered with
the animal's semen. The boy continued to pull and massage the dick
in his hand, as it leaked its fluid over his fingers.

Boy and animal laid resting, still attached to each other, for about
five minutes after they climaxed, both lost in their own private
thoughts. When they finally separated, the glanced over at each
other and smiled widely. It was done. Animal had fucked boy, and
boy had fucked animal. The relationship between the two had
changed. Both had felt it. Perhaps it was their fucking, the act which
had remained so taboo for so long of a period of time. Both
unconsciously realized that they had done something which few had
ever accomplished. Two species had met, courted, fell in love, and
"mated." Two species had fucked, swapping their fluids and

The remainder of the night was a blur for both youngsters. It began
again with the monkey fucking the boy, and then the boy fucked the
monkey once again, and so on throughout the night. When the two
awoke the next morning, wrapped in each other's arms, the first
thing which had come to mind was how sore both of their backsides

The monkey wished that he could communicate with the human
boy. There was so much that he wanted to tell him, so much that he
wanted to ask him. Language was a barrier to their relationship,
however, he thought, perhaps there was a way in which he could
communicate. Perhaps they would be able to develop their own

The monkey wanted to tell the boy some stories, stories which he
had overheard since he was a baby, sneaking around and listening to
the adults talking. For example, there were stories of other humans,
young and old who use to come into the jungle to do to the
monkey's the same things as they had done with each other. The
monkey had listened to a few tales of both male and female monkeys
being fucked in the ass by humans.

The monkeys did seem to get even, or so they said in their stories.
He would listen to the elders talk about the times when they would
find a human child alone at the edge of the jungle. They would
surround the child, and then take turns fucking it. If it were a girl,
she was forced into a submissive position like monkey's adopted
while being fucked, and the elders would fuck her in her cunt and
ass. If it were a boy, which seemingly was the case most of the
time, he would be bent over and fucked by all of the leading males
from the tribe. The monkey had never heard any stories about ape
and man getting together voluntarily and having sex, and he was
curious if the boy knew of this happening within his tribe.

- End of chapter 4

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