The wild incestuous saga continues
Monday, January 25, 2010

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It will shortly be time to begin a new “chapter” for the Miller and Taylor Families. As they have moved to the island their lives are starting to change. They have slowly started to get to know the other families on the island and learn about their backgrounds. The families that they meet on the island are still very private because they are so accustomed to hiding their family love. The characters that you love from FAMILY LOVE BOAT will continue and their lives will grow and change as a result of being on the island and being with the other families.

Chapter 9 will be the last chapter of FAMILY LOVE BOAT. The Miller and Taylor family are moving to INCEST ISLAND. On INCEST ISLAND we will slowly meet each of the families and learn their story. Your favorite characters will help us meet these new families. Their lives will undergo some major changes as the new life they have created begins to grow and blossom.

In this chapter of Family Love Boat, Ted and his family will start the process of sharing the side of their life that they have always hidden with the other families. They are beginning to make exciting plans for the future. Ted reveals his vision for what life for the Millers and Taylors will be like on INCSEST ISLAND.

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Family Love Boat Characters

Ryan (31) and Christie (31) Miller
Zachary 14
Hannah 12
Emily 11
Noah 11

Ted and Amy Taylor
Mike 15
Kaitlin 14
Will 13
Sara 13
Thomas 11
Josh 9 months

Family Love Boat 8

Before breakfast Ted put up a sign on the Buffet that there would be a meeting of all of the families on the Island after dinner. The meeting will be on the beach so that we can enjoy the beautiful sunset as we talk about our dreams for what life will be like on the island. Beach towels and chairs will be provided. Please bring the entire family.

Ted joined his family and Ryan’s family as they got in the Buffet line for breakfast. Ted was pleased to see that most of the girls and boys were wearing their sarongs and loin cloths from last night. Those that didn’t wear them said they did not know they could come to breakfast dressed that way.

When everyone had been served, Mary Wong asked Reverend Devin Colby to say the blessing. Devin asked the Lord’s blessing on the food. When he finished, Ted stood up. He said that he had a couple of announcements. He mentioned the island family meeting that they would have after dinner this evening. He told them that despite the unpleasantness with Phil yesterday, it was a great meeting. They were really beginning to share their hopes and dreams for what life will be like on the island.

-While we have chatted on the internet and gathered together a few times, we have only really discussed our support for family love and our openness to bisexual living. Ted told them. Ryan was really the first among us to share how his family became involved with family love, and for those of you that were not there yesterday, their family is excitemented about Hannah being pregnant with Zach’s baby and Christie his lovely wife being pregnant with either Ryan’s baby or Zach’s baby since they double penetrated her during her most fertile time of the month.

Almost every boy and man in the dining room got hard thinking about Zach and Ryan double penetrating Christie. A lot of the boys had their hands under their loin cloths. Ted continued to share his thoughts about what Ryan had said.

-As I listened to Ryan it occurred to me that we really have not taken the time to get to know each other. Ted said. The only way we will feel comfortable being naked and freely expressing ourselves sexually is if we really know the intimate details of each family’s experiences with family love.

-I would never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. Amy and I along with Mike, Kaitlin, Will, Sara, Thomas and Baby Josh will share some of our most intimate experiences with family love. We will start the process of the families on the island getting to know each other intimately. The process will start this evening after dinner.

-I can tell you that we shared some of those experiences the night before last with Ryan and his family. Ted blushed a little as he told them. We gathered in the living room of a villa that we had rented in Marsh Harbor. All of the kids were naked. Mike and Zach sat on the floor side by side and their sisters, Kaitlin and Hannah sat between their legs.

-As we began to share our family sex experiences, Mike and Zach…oh hell all of the guys got hard. Ted said with a laugh.

Everyone laughed as they tried to imagine the two families naked and all of the guys hard. When the dining room quieted down, Ted continued.

-Kaitlin, who has always been the sexual adventurer in our family, sat in her brother’s lap. Ted explained. We all watched as Mike’s beautiful erection disappeared into his sister. Kaitlin announced that she loved Mike more than words can describe and the greatest thrill in her life was when he filled her belly with his child. She announced that being joined as one with her handsome brother is the most natural thing in the world and she announced that she would like to be able to do it on the beach in front of God and everybody.

Reverend Colby said, -Amen!

The room erupted in laughter again. Most of the guys and particularly the young guys were adjusting their erections.

-My family has always been comfortable with being naked. Ted explained. When we are by ourselves we are very comfortable expressing our love for each other. When Will discovered Hanna and Zach making passionate love on a small island while he was windsurfing, it was a transforming experience. Will discovered the rest of the Miller family was watching Hannah and Zach make love.

-Will came back to our boat and shared what he had seen and the openness and innocence of that public act of love. Iit broke down any remaining barriers that my family and particularly my children felt about public nudity and what some might consider extreme displays of affection. Ted told them with a reflective look on his face. That simple act of love between those two children changed both of our families lives in more ways that we can begin to explain. It has been an awesome journey for our two families that we want to share with all of you.

You will no doubt see my family naked and making love in the future. I should also warn you that my kids…particularly my younger kids are crazy about Ryan’s kids. Will is crazy about Emily and Sara seems to be equally infatuated with Noah. There is a good chance that this evening will turn into an audience participation event. It will likely be an intensely sexual evening. Are there any questions? Ted asked as he finished his comments. Most of the younger boys had their hands under their loin cloths.

Tom Gibson spoke up and asked what the appropriate dress code was for the evening.

-I think that the kids that are wearing sarongs and loin cloths for breakfast this morning look marvelous. What do all of you think? Ted asked.

There was a round of applause from everyone.

-For dinner why don’t we wear sarongs and loin cloths. After dinner you may wear that or wear nothing at all. Whatever you choose will be fine. Ted told them and his idea was met with enthusiastic conversation among the families. Ted paused and waited for the conversations among the families to quiet down.

The stories and sexual activity will be quite intense. I suggest you have a beach towel you will likely want to express you sexual needs during or after the discussion.

Ted asked for some of the boys to volunteer to help build a portable stage on the beach. He was overwhelmed with all of the boys that wanted to help. Ted felt like he was the pied piper. Suddenly he had a dozen boys ranging in age from 12 to 18 wanting to help him with the stage.

They had a truck on the island for moving things around and Ted climbed in the truck and started the engine. The boys climbed in the pickup truck and some rode in the bed of the truck. They drove the gleaming white truck up the hill to the storage building. The boys and Ted began to load the sections of stage and the legs for the stage on a trailer. Ted went to get the boys drinks.

Most of them were only wearing loin cloths. He watched them load the sections of stage in the truck. Ted was struck by the beauty of their near naked bodies and the glimpses of their boyhood when the small cloth shifted as they lifted and moved the sections of stage. They ranged from boys in the earliest stages of puberty with little development to young men like Jessie Swenson, who had just turned 18. The loin cloth barely covered Jessie’s’ impressive flaccid cock.

Ted was impressed that all of the boys were in excellent physical shape. Their bodies were toned and lean. He particularly enjoyed looking at the 12 to 14 year old boys as their bodies began to develop. The wisps of hair under their arms and some early hints of facial hair were beautiful. Ted offered the boys cold drinks. When they finished loading the trailer the boys sat down with Ted to enjoy their drinks. Most of them were still struggling to adjust to the loin cloths. Listening to Ted talk during breakfast caused a lot of the boys to have questions. The boys started to ask Ted those questions.

Jimmy Jackson had just turned 14. He was a great kid and very full of life. Jimmy was blond with sun streaks in his shaggy blond hair. None of the boys or men seemed to have had hair cuts since they moved to the island…another thing to consider Ted thought.

Jimmy sat there fidgeting with his loin cloth. The roundness of his shaft was outlined by the thin fabric of the loin cloth. Jimmy was on his way to being fully erect. Jimmy flashed Ted a shy smile.

-I…ummm…wondered if Mike and Kaitlin planned to have baby Josh? Jimmy asked Ted.

As Jimmy asked the question, it was clear that his penis had become fully erect and he was quite embarrassed about it.

Ted put his hand on Jimmy’s bare shoulder.

-Jimmy that is an excellent question. It was not a planned pregnancy. Kaitlin and Mike started making love when she was very young. Since she had not started her monthly cycles, we were not too worried about a pregnancy. She became fertile and Mike impregnated her before she had her first period.

-I didn’t think that was possible. Jimmy said.

-Oh it is very possible. Remember that the period cleanses the womb from the last cycle and lines the womb in preparation for an egg being inseminated during the next month. The fertile egg attached to the lining of the womb and draws all of its nourishment from the lining. The woman period is a sign that she has been fertile.

-Were you angry about it, Jimmy asked Ted?

-Angry? we weren’t angry…We were startled that our 12 year old daughter was pregnant… Ted told him. Like any major change in life it took all of us a while to comprehend that our beautiful children had created a new life. We became very excited about the new life growing in her belly. We nurtured Kaitlin, Mike, their growing baby and their growing relationship. All of us love that little boy more than life itself.

-Have you made love to both of your daughters? 16 year old Chip Reston asked.

Ted could see that Chip…being older…was much more comfortable with his sexuality. Chip was sitting on the sandy soil by the storage shed. He was leaning back with his arms straight out behind him. The arms supported his upper body almost like he was sitting in a lounge chair at the beach. Chip had brown hair and deep penetrating brown eyes. As he leaned back, the brown hair under his arms was visible suggesting that he was well along in his sexual development. His long legs were spread wide and there was a light growth of brown hair on his shins. As Ted looked at Chip’s tight abs he saw a hint of the development of a treasure trail. Chip was fully erect and his penis stood straight up. The precum flowing from the tip of his penis had already created a wet spot on his loin cloth.

-Yes I have made love to both of my girls. And…in case you are wondering Amy and I regularly make love to all of our children and they all make love with each other. Ted told him

-So the guys make love with each other? Chip asked.

Ted smiled. -Yes they do…and they love it.

Cool…very cool… Chip said with a smile.

Ted looked around and saw that the comment about the boys making love was too much for Jessie Swenson. His cock went rock hard and at 9” long the loin cloth could not contain it. As the shaft became fully erect it pushed the small cloth aside. Ted could see Jessie’s discomfort.

Guys I see that most of you are hard and I want you to know that is not something to be embarrassed about. Chip looked over and saw Jessie’s erection.

-Holy shit…that is amazing. That is so awesome. Chip told Jessie.

Jessie turned bright red. He was a shy boy by nature and this was very embarrassing for him.

-This is a good time to mention that we are going to see a lot of each other naked as we live together on the island. It will also be common to see each other in an aroused state like Jessie and many of you are. Seeing each other naked and sexually excited will take a little while to seem normal. You will also begin to see people pairing off and pleasuring each other in public. It is normal to be stimulated by that and if you feel the need to masturbate please do so…whenever you need to do it. Ted told them.

Most of the boys took Ted’s encouragement and began to fondle their erections.

-Are there more questions? Ted asked.

Ted could see that Jason Garcia had a question. Jason was the 12 year old son of Simon Garcia, the pilot. He is also the brother of 24 year old Randy Garcia the co-pilot. Jason’s jet black hair shined in the bright sunlight. Jason’s brown eyes danced with excitement about the discussion and the exciting times ahead. His young body was in the earliest stages of puberty. Jason had pushed aside the loin cloth and was openly stroking his 12 year old boy boner. There was a tiny amount of black pubic hair at the base of his 3 ½” shaft.

-I saw Kaitlin breast feeding Josh last night…that was very cool to watch. Does Mike ever taste her milk? 12 year old Jason Garcia asked.

That is a great question and I don’t know the answer. I am sure Mike will tell you if you just ask him. Ted told Jason.

Are you sure he won’t think it is a stupid question? Jason asked with a concerned look.

Ted could see that the sexual tension was beginning to escalate and he decided this wasn’t the time or place for that to happen…yet.

-I will tell you what I have always told my kids…the only stupid question is one that wasn’t asked. You don’t know if you don’t ask. Ted told him. I think we need to get down to the beach and set up the stage.

That was met with a chorus of groans of disappointment. Ted stood up and walked over to the truck. He watched as the boys stood up. Their distended penises ached for attention. They got in the truck and were seated some still playing with their erections. Ted drove the white truck down the hill to the beach.

It didn’t take long for them to set up the stage. Ted told a couple of the boys to get several lounge chairs with cushions up on the stage.

After they set up the lounge chairs, Jason the sexy dark haired 12 year old timidly asked a question.

-Ummm…do these chairs mean…that ummmm….Mike and Kaitlin are…you know…going to …ummm…. Jason was bright red from blushing and couldn’t continue.

Ted combed the thick dark hair with his fingers as he looked into Jason’s dark brown eyes.

-Jason were you trying to ask if they will be making love up on stage? Ted asked the boy who turned an even brighter shade of red.

-Ummm…yeah… The boy said and nodded.

I think there is an excellent chance that could happen. Would you like that? Ted asked him.

Oh god yes…he said…that would be awesome. I also want to see Zach and Hannah….and ummm…you know all your kids and all the Miller kids make love…right here…all naked and stuff…that would be so hot. The boy gushed as he openly masturbated his small boy boner.

Ted kissed Jason’s forehead and he felt the boy’s rock hard boner as he hugged the boy. I can tell you are pretty excited about all of this… he told Jason with a wink. It’s cool. It is pretty exciting stuff.

I think I will ask Doctor Amy to schedule a sex education class for all of you. There is a lot to learn if you are going to be sexually active like what we are talking about.

Ted thanked the boys and wandered off in search of Amy, Ryan and Christie. He found them all sitting on the end of the pier. They were talking about how fast things were changing.

-Speaking of change… Ted said. Would you like to take a ride with me?

Sure…where are we going? Ryan asked Ted.

We are going up to look at the property on the bluff. They took a four passenger golf cart and headed up toward the airport. They crossed the end of the runway and headed down a path into the woods. After about a quarter of a mile they came to a fast flowing stream and walked around its source where the water bubbled up out of the ground. They walked a little further and came out of the trees. There was an amazing vista where all they could see was the deep blue water of the ocean. Ryan hugged Christie and commented that this must be one of the prettiest places on earth. Ted smiled and told Ryan that he hadn’t seen anything yet.

As they got back on the path and followed it a little further, they came to a pool of crystal clear water that had been formed by the stream. The pool was set in an idyllic spot surrounded by banana trees and palm trees. It was a lush tropical setting. There was a deep rumbling sound that was very soothing.

The two couples walked down the path further. They found a spot that had a magnificent view of the ocean on one side and one of the most beautiful water falls on the other side where the water spilled out of the natural pool above. The four of them were struck by the beauty of the place.

As the four of them drank in the beauty of the land they had just walked, Ted took Amy by the hand. They walked back to the pool and he stripped her naked and took her hand as they walked in the pool. Ryan and Christie followed. There was a natural shelf that made a perfect bench. As the four of them settled into the water, Ted asked Ryan and Christie what they thought.

-I was right. Ryan said. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

-There is room up here for two large houses, a pool and large gathering area. Ted told Ryan and Christie. When I say large houses…I am thinking of houses with lots of bedrooms for people who are very fertile. Ted said with a laugh.

Amy hugged her sexy husband…-you want more babies.

-Yes baby…only this time I think we let mother nature decide who the Daddy will be…I am like Ryan…If I am not the Daddy then I would love to be the Grand Daddy. We have 3 very sexy boys who would love to take turns with me trying to fill your beautiful belly with a baby, Ted told her as he hugged her.

Ted suddenly looked concerned and looked at Ryan and Christie.

-You two don’t seem excited. Ted said disappointedly to Ryan.

-I think it is a lovely place for two houses for your family. Ryan said.

Ted shook his head

-No…you don’t get it. I am talking about two huge houses and one of them is for your family…if you want it. Ted told Ryan.

-Oh my god…that’s awesome…I thought one of them was for Mike and Kaitlin…this place is the most spectacular place I have ever seen. Ryan told Ted as he hugged Christie fiercely. This is the most awesome spot ever for a house…and awesome neighbors.

Ryan stood up and he lifted Ted to his feet.

Ted and Ryan hugged and so did Christy and Amy. It was a beautiful moment.

They had noticed that Ted carried a soft side cooler bag. Ted held it up.

-Before we celebrate, there is one thing that I need to tell you. Ted said as he looked at Ryan. I am ashamed for taking so long to tell you. He told Ryan with great sincerity.

-You should have told him much soon, Amy told Ted.

Ted was red faced and acknowledge that Amy was correct by nodding.

-I…ummm…well…there is just no good way to do this….One of my companies bought your company…and ummmm…well the only thing they were disappointed about was that you decided to leave the company. Ted gushed the information out in a very embarrassed fashion.

-No way…you’re kidding! Well I have wondered who I had to thank for my great good fortune. If it had not been for the sale of the company, we would not have taken the sailing trip. We wouldn’t have met you…and none of this would have happened. Ryan told Ted. It is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

-When you buy a company, you go through a process called due diligence. You investigate everything and everybody associated with the company you are purchasing. I knew who you were the moment I saw the name on your boat. It was creepy. I knew so much about you and you knew nothing about me. Ted told Ryan.

-It is okay Ted…it turned out to be wonderful. Ryan told him with lust clouded eyes.

Ryan stood up his penis was engorged and throbbing as he took Ted in his arms. Christie and Amy watched as the men kissed passionately. Ted’s penis became fully erect and he asked Ryan to fuck him.

Ryan’s penis was pouring out precum and he lubricated Ted with it and then he lubed his own shaft. Ted bent over and braced himself against one of the rock formations that surrounded the pool and groaned deeply as Ryan’s thick 7 ½” shaft impaled him.

-Oh fuck that feels so good…Ted groaned as Ryan’s loins began to slap Ted’s ass.

Ryan had a powerful need to seed. Ryan reached around and took Ted’s cock in his hand. Ryan began to roughly jack Ted’s shaft as Ryan slammed his manhood in Ted’s ass. The tight sleeve of Ted’s ass milked the man seed from deep in Ryan’s loins. Ryan nuts ached like he hadn’t cum in a week. He felt the over powering need to fill Ted ass with his seed. Ryan’s thrusting increased and the slapping sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the beautiful sanctuary around them.

Ryan cried out in a deep animalistic guttural groan as the two men mated fiercely.

-Oh fuck Ted…I love you. Ryan cried out in wild passion.

With that cry of affection, Ryan’s hard cock began to erupt hot man seed and he filled his friend with his essence. The hot semen squirted deep in Ted’s core. Ryan pulled Ted upright for the final few thrusts and Ted’s penis erupted a volcano of hot seed. It squirted across the pool and landed all over Christy and Amy while Christy knelt before Amy and licked her clit to a powerful orgasm. Amy’s body shuddered again and again as the wild pleasures coursed through her. When her peak had passed, Amy took Christie into her arms and kissed her passionately.

As they all sat in the pool enjoying wine and celebrating their plans, Ryan told Ted about meeting Hank and Bill at the marina.
-I think from what they said they live in family love with their families. The brothers have a construction company. He explained how they had observed Hannah and Zach making love and they said they had so much in common with me and my family.

Ryan told Ted that the brothers were supposed to email him.

-I didn’t bring my computer from the boat so I have not checked my email. Ryan said.

-You can check it when we get back. Ted told Ryan.

The four of them began to gather up their clothes and things and they headed back to the golf cart without bothering to get dressed. Zach was standing there as they arrived back at the beach club. Zach hugged his naked Dad.

You guys look awesome! Zach told them as his 14 year old penis became erect as he hugged his mom and Amy.

Ryan tenderly kissed his young son while fondling his erection and stroking Ryan’s unruly mane of white blond hair. Most of the other families at the beach club stopped what they were doing and watched the tender moment and honest and intimate expression of love between a handsome father and his sexy son.

Ryan kissed Zach’s cheek and playfully swatted his sexy butt through the small square of loin cloth material.

Ted led Ryan through the dining hall and back to his office. It looked like mission control. Before they went in to the office Ted found them a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. When they walked into the office, Ryan understood why. It was like mission control. On a 50” plasma screen they had a web cam view of sitting behind the head of the table in Ted’s conference room.

There were tons of electronics. Ted handed Ryan a notebook computer and told him it was an extra that he could keep.

Ryan logged into his email. He found the emails from Bill and Hank that he had expected. Ted started reading the email from Bill.

-I am sorry that Hank and I spied on your children during their intimate moment in the cockpit of your boat. Watching them make love is one of the most beautiful things that Hank and I have ever seen. Your family and particularly Zach and Hannah are so beautiful. We could not take our eyes off of them. Hank told him.

-I wanted to tell you and your family our story, but I could not tell you until Hank and I had talked. We have talked and decided to tell you everything.

-Hank can tell you more about when our family started to practice family love. For me…it was always that way. I have never known anything other than family love. Bill explained.

-My earliest memories are about our next door neighbors the Samuels. They were Mom and Dad’s best friends since they were little kids. From what I understand they discovered their sexuality with each other. My parents and the Samuels parents started having sex with each other early…it started around the time they were 10 or 11. They grew up together loving each other. They got married to each other and had houses side by side. Both families raised their children from birth in family love. It is too complicated to explain in an email…I can’t wait to see you so that we can tell you the whole story.

I can’t wait until we are together next so that I can introduce you to my family and our three beautiful children. We think your family is amazing and would love to spend more time with you. Our families will be in Marsh Harbor for a two week vacation beginning next week. Is there any chance we can see you then? The email was signed by Bill.

Hank’s email had a picture of his family. Hank had 3 beautiful kids that have black hair and deep brown eyes. All of his kids and his were standing around Hank’s beautiful wife. They ranged in age from 3 years old to 18 and all of them were naked in the picture. His wife is stroking their oldest son’s ass as he stood there fully erect with an awesome thick boner with an amazing flared head. Ryan called Ted over and showed him the emails.

-I think we have found our builders, Ryan told Ted.

Ted sent an email to the brothers and asked them if they had any interest in building houses on his island…Incest Island. Ted sent Hank and Bill photos of the property, the pool and the waterfall. He could not wait to hear what the brother’s thought about building their new homes.

As Ryan and Ted walked out of the beach club they found Jack, Maggie and Maryanne Smith on the beach. Maryanne was naked. Her tummy had a very slight baby bump. Ted sat down on the end of Jack’s lounge chair.

-I have to tell you Jack that your daughter is exquisite. Not only is her body magnificent…she glows. I think pregnancy really agrees with her.

Maryanne blushed and ran her hand over her bare tummy.

–I hope you think it still looks good in 5 months. Maryanne told Ted.

-On you anything will look good. And I bet that only makes your Daddy crave sex with you more. Ted told her.

I think you are right Ted. Jack’s penis is hard all the time now. He is so proud of filling Maryanne’s belly with a baby that now he wants another one. He keeps hiding my birth control pills…and Maryanne is helping him. Maggie told Ted and Ryan.

Ryan was fully erect as a result of the discussion. Ted laughed and pointed at Ryan’s boner.

-I think Ryan really likes the idea. Ted told them.

-Oh he is just like Jack…trying to sow his seed everywhere. Maggie laughed as she said it.

-Well Zach is the only one for sure that has impregnated anyone. Zach and I double penetrated Christie and we won’t know for a while if he is the Daddy or I am.

Maryanne could not take her eyes off of the bulge in Ryan’s shorts.

-Ummm…Mr…er…I mean…Ryan. Maryanne said shyly.

Ryan turned to the sexy girl in response.

-Do you…ummm…think I could see you hard…Hannah and Emily were telling us that you have an awesome boner.

Ryan said sure. He dropped his running shorts to the beach and stepped out of the shorts and his leather flip flops in one move.

Maryanne stood up and walked over to Ryan.

-Hannah and Emily are right. It is magnificent.

She lightly traced her fingers down the throbbing shaft. Maryanne watched in awe as it began to continuously drip precum. She soaked her fingers in Ryan’s precum and then raised them to her lips. Her tongue licked the clear fluid off and she pronounced it very tasty.

-I think my daughter wants to experience how another penis might feel, Maggie said as she walked up behind Maryanne and lovingly caressed her daughter’s shoulders.

Maryanne looked at Ryan hopefully.

-Could I please? She asked as she turned around and looked for her father’s approval.

-It is up to Ryan, but I think it is a marvelous idea. I haven’t had a boner in my ass since I was in high school... Jim said without finishing the sentence.

Maggie walked over to Jim’s chair.

–You should try it again Jim. You used to love to have Bobby Sutton fuck you when we went out with Bobby and Nancy. Maggie told her sexy husband.

Maggie was pulling down Jim’s shorts as she told Ted and Ryan that Bobby and Jim would make love to she and Nancy until they could not take anymore. Then the boys started making love to each other.

-I had no idea that a guy could cum without touching his boner until I watched Bobby fuck Jim so hard that Jim squirted out a huge load of cum without ever being touched. Maggie told them.

Maggie straddled Jim. She leaned down and kissed him as she pulled her bikini bottoms aside. She was so wet that his throbbing erection easily slid deep in her pussy. She broke the kiss and told him to have his way with her.

-I have been throwing away the birth control pills for several weeks. Fuck me hard and fill me with your baby. Maggie told Jim.

Maggie rolled them over and spread herself wide open for Jim to be able to penetrate her to the hilt. Jim began thrusting wildly into Maggie. He was so turned on that it only took him a few minutes to fill her with a powerful load of his seed. Jim stayed rock hard after his orgasm. His stiff shaft sliding in and out in his own hot semen only inflamed his passion more. Maggie was clawing the cushion as the powerful feelings began to rock her body. She thrust her sex at Jim wanting him to pound her clit even harder. Maggie began to cry out as the powerful orgasm rocked her body. The wild bolts of pleasure race through her.

Everyone else at the beach club turned to watch.

-Oh…mom…it feels so awesome. Maryanne cried.

Maryanne was lowering herself on Ryan’s stiff cock. The thick 7 ½” shaft was about half way in the 13 year old girl’s vagina when Maryanne’s eyes opened in wonderment. She was so wet with anticipation that their bodies merged easily. Ryan loved that the beautiful girl had a sexy clit that stuck out begging for attention. Ryan gently massaged her clit and she was quickly on the verge of orgasmic bliss. She took him to the hilt and he began to thrust his manhood deep in her vagina.

Maryanne began to grind her clit against Ryan’s hard cock until she was whimpering with the pleasure she was causing herself. She felt the blunt head of his penis grinding against her cervix and stretching it to release his man seed. That was enough to push the young girl over the edge. She began to slam her cunt against him again and again desperate for his hot seed to fill her aching womb. She cried out at the wild pleasures overwhelmed her and begged him to fuck her hard.

Ryan thrust again and again until the semen raced from his loins and exploded into her young womb. He shot jet after jet of his thick creamy seed until they were both spent. When he stopped he found that his own girls stood on either side of him and stroked his sweaty back.

-That was hot Daddy! Hannah told him.

-Was it as good as we told you? Emily asked Maryanne.

-Oh yeah… Maryanne replied. It was awesome.

Next to them, Jim cried out as he squirted his seed for the second time in only a few minutes. He was so consumed with lust at the idea of impregnating Maggie that he could not stop. He was still rock hard after two orgasms.

Maggie stroked her handsome husband’s face.

-Oh baby you are so sexy when you are trying to inseminate me. You are like a wild animal.

He kissed her passionately and as he began to thrust again her vagina was so filled with Jim’s semen that seed squirted from her vagina around the base of his cock as he thrust. He smiled wondering how much cum he had pumped into her fertile womb.

-Oh…god…Jim…not again! Maggie said as she began to climb to the heights of another powerful orgasm.

By this time a crowd had gathered around them watching the mating process. Most of the men and boys masturbated openly as they watch Jim and Maggie make love.

Since it was Jim’s third time it took longer for Jim to reach the point of orgasm. Maggie reached her peak quickly and was gasping for breath as the orgasm washed over her. Jim kept thrusting deeply and it took her to an even higher peak until she was screaming and squirting herself. When Jim felt her begin to squirt, it pushed him to his climax. He held the tip of his raging cock against her cervix and he squirted all of his seed directly into her womb. He collapsed as his orgasm faded. The crowd that had gathered began to applaud.

They gathered around and told Jim and Maggie how awesome it had been to watch them.

Ryan kissed Maryanne and walked down toward the water with Ted.

-That was awesome…Ted told him. Maryanne is so beautiful and has an amazing body for a 13 year old girl.

They walked down the beach and then Ryan waded out and dove in. Ted followed behind. They swam along parallel to the shore for a long way. The exercise felt good.

They stopped swimming in chest deep water. Ted took his friend in his arms. Ryan felt Ted’s hard cock pressed against him. They kissed passionately. Ryan dove under the water and found Ted’s throbbing cock. Ryan sucked Ted as he caresses his testicles. Ryan loved the salty taste of Ted’s engorged flesh. He took Ted by the hand and led him to the beach. Ryan fell on his knees and began to worship Ted’s rock hard flesh.

Ted was so turned on after watching Ryan and Maryanne and Maryanne’s parents that he began to wildly face fuck his friend. He would deep throat Ryan and then grind the head of his cock against the wonderful ridges in the top of Ryan’s mouth. Ted thought Ryan was so sexy. Seeing his friend naked and kneeling before him worshiping his cock was all it took to push Ted over the edge. Ted thrust his hard cock deep in Ryan’s throat as he began to jet his life force deep in his friend. Ted thrust wildly and uncontrollably until his powerful orgasm was spent.

Ted picked Ryan up and the two men kissed passionately.

Zach and Mike jogged up beside their fathers. Both boys had boners and an ache in their loins for their fathers. Watching their father have sex inflamed the young boys’ passions. The cubs began to paw their fathers hugging and rubbing their stiff boy boners against their fathers. Both fathers found it very sexy that their 14 and 15 year old boys were attracted to their Daddies.

The boys’ need was clear. The boys began to grope their father’s man pussies. Both sexy boys dropped to their knees and began to rim their fathers. Their stiff tongues probed their Daddy’s beautiful puckers. Their fathers tasted of the ocean.

Their Daddies bent over and the sons quickly mounted their beautiful asses. Their stiff boy shafts penetrated their Dads’ tight asses. The sexy boys began to thrust deeply.

-Oh fuck Daddy your feel so good. Mike cried out as he deeply penetrated his Daddy.

-You are so fucking tight Dad. Zach told Ryan. I am not going to last long.

The wind off the ocean ruffled their shaggy long hair. They thrust their hard boy cocks into their Daddies in unison. It was like watching a sexual ballet.

Mike looked over and saw that he and Zach were thrusting in exactly the same rhythm.

-Zach you look so hot fucking you Daddy…let’s both cum at the same time. Mike told the sexy blond boy.

The boys and fathers were side by side as the sexy young boy god ravaged their fathers’ ass. The boy stood close enough that they could wrap an arm around each other so that the 4 sexy males were joined in wild and wanton sex. Zach was the first to reach the edge of orgasmic bliss.

-Oh…fuck…Daddy you are so tight. Zach cried out as his passion erupted.

The sexy boy shook his head and his white blond main was caught by the wind off the ocean. The sexy 14 year old boy began to erupt white hot semen in his father’s tight ass. Zach was lost in the bliss of filling his Daddy with his hot semen.

That pushed Mike over the edge and he rammed his hard cock in and out of his Dad.

-Oh…shit…here it cums…Oh Daddy. Mike cried out.

Mike wrapped his arms around his Daddy as he rode his father’s sexy ass to an amazing climax. The hot seed just kept jetting from the boys magnificent balls. He thrust and thrust until his seed was spent. He held his sweaty chest against his Dad’s back as he caught his breath.

The fathers turned and pulled their sons into a tight embrace…just father and son jointed in a passionate kiss and then the four of them had an awesome group hug.

Mike looked down at the sand where Ryan had been standing and saw the semen all over the beach.

-Shit…dude…you fucked a major load out of your Dad. Mike told Zach

Ryan hugged his sexy son. He kissed the boy and fondled his magnificent balls and now flaccid cock.

The four of them began to wander back up the beach in the late afternoon sun.

As the sun warmed their backs walking down the beach, Ryan wondered out loud.

–I can’t imagine how living and loving could be better than what we have here. Ryan mused.

The others nodded and were lost in their own similar thoughts.

Mike stopped and looked at his Dad.

– I have always loved you Dad…but since we discovered family love…we are closer…our love is deeper…everything is better…I think about my friends at home and what they are missing. Why don’t they want to live like we do? Mike asked.

Zach thought about it a few moments.

–I think I know... he said. They just don’t know what they are missing. Zach said showing great insight for a 14 year old boy.

Ryan, Ted and Mike nodded in agreement.

-Dad…we are an independent island…right? Mike asked.

-Yes we are. Ted told him.

-Well…are we a country? Mike asked. You know…could we make our own laws…and stuff.

-Well…that is a damned good question Mike. We’ll ask Jim when we get back.

-Whoa…cool… Zach said as his eyes lit up. You are thinking about telling everybody our story aren’t you? Zach asked Mike.

-Yeah…sort of…Mike said. Imagine a website that tells the story of the island and the stories of the people without using real names or pictures of them. We could design the website and Mr. Gibson is an awesome illustrator. He did an illustration of Kaitlin and me having intercourse that rocks. What if the website had…you know…like audio recording of the families telling their stories and Mr. Gibson illustrated their story…we could turn them into videos…it would be so cool. We could set it up with a chat function where people can ask questions and the families could answer questions.

-What do you think Dad? Mike asked.

-Well I think it is an awesome idea. I just think we need to carefully think it through. If it went wrong and everyone found out…and I mean everyone found out…that you and your brothers and sisters are having sex…and everyone found out that you are having sex with mom and me…and what if everyone found out that you impregnated Kaitlin twice. How would you feel about that…are you ready to come out to the world?

Mike looked at his Dad and had a puzzled expression on his 15 year old face.

-I am not sure. I guess there is a big difference between wanting them to know about our lives and wanting everyone in the world to know everything about me.

Ryan put his arm around Mike.

–For a guy that is 15 years old…you are very smart. How do you balance telling the stories with the need for personal privacy? Ryan asked the boys rhetorically. You are not the only one that are going to have those concerns. You and Zach think about it. You have an awesome idea…now figure out how to make it work.

The two boys went off in search of Hannah and Kaitlin to get their ideas about the website.

Ryan and Ted went to the bar to get a cold drink and took Jim with them. They started talking about forming a country.

Jim grinned at Ted.

-I was wondering how long it would be before you asked about this. The island is 24 miles away from the nearest island. That is why they were willing to sell this worthless rock to you and not keep sovereignty over it. Jim told them. With no water, no resources and not being adjacent to the rest of their islands that thought this was an easy way to fill their treasury with much needed currency.

The 3 men talked for two hours about the possibility of declaring the island a country.

Mike and Zach dove in the lagoon and swam back to their villa. They were so used to swimming under water that they could keep their eyes open underwater. As they swam up to the ladder beside Zach’s villa, Mike pointed to Old Soul. Old Soul was a big old barracuda that always lurked around the edges of the reef. He never seemed to bother anybody other than an occasional red snapper or trigger fish that he selected for dinner.

The boys climbed the ladder and they began to shower in the outside shower. Zach began to wash Mike’s 15 year old body. As he rinsed the soap off of Mike’s torso, Zach began to suck on one of Mike’s turgid nipples. His fingers explored Mike’s large testicles and his flaccid uncut penis. Zack took his older friend in his arms and he kissed him passionately. Zach ran his fingers through Mike’s sandy brown hair.

–You are so cool…I just love touching you… and kissing you …and everything about you. Zach told Mike.

Mike kissed Zach back passionately.

-Let’s see what the girls are doing. I want Kaitlin and me to spend the night with you and Hannah. And Zach… I want you to fuck me tonight…I want the girls to watch you make mad passionate love to me.

Mike kissed Zach. Mike leaned back to see Zach’s reaction and he was pleased with what he saw. Mike kissed Zach again and he nibbled on Zach’s lower lip. Mike gently and playfully pulled out Zach’s lower lip with his teeth. Mike fondled Zach’s rock hard penis…

-Save it for later…dude. Mike told him with a big grin. I want that big gun loaded when it goes off in my ass tonight.

Mike washed Zach’s body and kissed Zach’s erection. Mike stood up and asked his friend…

-Dude…do you ever get soft. I have never seen it down. Mike asked his 14 year old friend.

Zack kissed Mike.

-It’s hard when ever you are around. Zach told Mike.

They went in the villa. They found Noah as he pulled his erection out of his sister Emily. Noah was still rock hard.

-Dude…See what I mean…Here is another member of the Miller family who is always hard. Mike said to Zach.

There was a little puddle of the combined fluids from Emily and Noah on the Plexiglas window in the floor. Even Old Soul the barracuda was looking up at them in amazement.

-He has been like this all day. Emily told them. Noah crawled in bed with Mom when she got home. He made love to Mom twice. Then Hannah came home and he made love to her twice. And he just finished his second time with me. He has had six orgasms this afternoon. And Zach…you know how he was shooting that kind of milky semen…not any more…now it is thick and creamy…and there is so much of it. Look at me. Emily said.

Emily spread her legs as she sat on the window in the floor. Thick creamy semen began to flow out of her sexy 11 year old pussy.

-Zach…his thick creamy semen is pouring out of me. Emily told Zach and Mike as she spread her legs.

-Whoa Em…you’re right. Thick creamy boy seed poured out of her vagina and began to pool on the Plexiglas window in the floor.

Zach got hard again as he looked at his sexy 11 year old sister and her beautiful breast buds. Zach began to wonder when Emily might become fertile. He wondered if she would want to get pregnant.

Zach knelt and hugged his naked little brother.

-Dude…that is so impressive. Zach told Noah.

Zach’s fingers lightly stroked Noah’s erection.

–Holy shit…Zach looked down and saw that his little brother was not so little any more. He was about a half inch longer than he had been two days ago and his erection was about half again thicker. Noah…dude…you’re hung! When did that happen?

-It felt weird this morning and I was like crazy hard. I couldn’t get enough sex all day long. And…look at my dick. Noah said his voice still cracking and changing…only now his voice was mostly deep with it occasionally going up and cracking.

-It is way cool Noah…but maybe Mom should take a look at it. Mike told him thinking a change like this should have a doctor look at it.

Noah nodded and followed Mike out the door to the villa next door. Zach followed them.

Amy was changing little Josh after his nap. She warmed a bottle and began to feed him as the boys came in. Mike asked Noah to tell his mom about his experiences with all of the erections and changes in his penis.

-Let’s take a look Noah. Amy said.

She handed baby Josh to his Dad. Mike beamed as he took his little boy in his arms and began to give him his bottle.

Amy studied Noah’s penis. The first thing she noticed was the increased amount of blond curly pubic hair. She had Noah life his arm. Dr. Amy found that she had to look close, but there were a few white blond silky hairs under Noah’s arms.

-Your body seems to have responded very quickly to the injection. You are getting pubic hair and there are some signs of hair under your arms.

Amy check her computer and looked up the measurements of Noah’s penis. It was just under 3” erect a few weeks ago. When she measured it she found it was now 3 ¾” and almost twice as thick.

-That is impressive progress. She told Noah.

As she examined the flaccid penis she could see that while it was soft it was puffy and swollen.

-That swelling is a sign that your penis is growing.

Amy reached into her medical bag and pulled out a rubber glove and some lubricant. Noah groaned.

-Amy laughed and said you men are all alike. You love taking each other up the ass, but let me want to stick a couple of small fingers in there to check your prostate and you give me grief.

Noah bent over and Dr. Amy began to probe and feel his prostate.

-She asked Noah if he was getting much precum.

-I did get some this morning. When I woke up…I was…ummmm…real hard and Emily wasn’t interested. I got up and went out on the deck and…ummm…well…I jacked off. I was getting some then. A few drops at the tip. Noah told her blushing.

-What was it like when you ejaculated? Amy asked Noah as she stroked his shaggy white blond hair.

Amy was struck by how much more he looked like Zach as his body matured.

-It is normal to need to masturbate…a lot…when boys get this injection. She told Noah.

-Well it felt weird. Noah told the doctor. I…ummm…like…have needed to jack off every morning…you know…since you gave me the shot. I wake up early and real hard. Well this morning it was the same only the need was greater. It was like deep inside. The more I stroked the stronger it got. And then when I went over the edge, thick creamy white drops of cum shot out with the most amazing feeling ever.

-Excellent, Amy said. How many drops?

-Four that were pretty big drops. Noah told Amy. Noah’s penis was now fully erect and Amy could see the first drop of precum.

-Noah your prostate is well developed and I expect that like your brother and father, you will soon be producing large quantities of precum.

Amy noticed that after the prostate exam, Noah was leaking a long strand of precum.

-You are starting to produce it now when your prostate is massaged. Noah everything looks great. You are developing nicely. I do want to test your sperm and make sure everything is okay. I want you to spend the night with me tonight. I don’t want you to have sex or masturbate any more today or tonight. In the morning I will masturbate you and collect a sample of your semen.

Amy could see a relieved look on Zach’s face. She watched as Zach tenderly hugged Noah.

-I was worried about you buddy. Zach told his little brother. He hugged Noah’s naked body against his own and kissed his forehead.

Amy suggested that Noah wear shorts and a t-shirt. She grabbed a pair of shorts and t-shirt from Thomas’ room. When Noah was dressed, Amy gave him a hug and held him tight against her body.

Kaitlin and Hannah walked in they were still wet from taking a shower after their swim. Kaitlin’s breasts looked full and she was disappointed to see that baby Josh had just finished the bottle and was asleep in Mike’s arms. Mike sat in one of the chairs at the kitchen table. Kaitlin could not take her eyes off of his sexy body. Mike’s shaggy blond hair was a mess. His blue eyes were fixed on the naked baby in his arms who was sleeping so peacefully and his penis stood proudly. The throbbing 6” shaft begged for attention. Mike was amazing. He must get 100 boners a day, Kaitlin thought with a smile. Kaitlin gently straddled Mike’s legs and guided his throbbing erection into her aching vagina. She eased down on to the stiff 15 year old boy stalk trying to avoid disturbing the baby. Mike tenderly kissed her sexy lips. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth and then playfully tugged on it with his beautiful white teeth.

Mike felt Kaitlin’s hard clit begin to rub the base of his shaft. Kaitlin groaned as the pleasure shot through her body. Her milk engorged breasts ached for the baby’s hungry mouth. She pleasured herself on her brother’s erection to try and take her mind off of her need to nurse. It only made her need greater. Mike, Zach and Noah watched in amazement as her milk released. Two small streams of milk squirted out and landed on Mike and the baby.

-Whoa…that was so cool… Zach said as he looked at the milk that had squirted all over Mike and the baby.

Amy took the sleeping baby from Mike and told Mike that they had plenty of Kaitlin’s milk in bottles.

-We don’t need for her to pump any more. You can help her if you want to. Amy told Mike.

Kaitlin rolled her eyes.

-Mom you said the magic words to him. His boner is twice as big as it was only moments ago.

Kaitlin told Zach and Noah that Mike loved to nurse on her breasts. By this time she was holding his head against her breast and nursing him like a baby.

Mike loved the taste of his sister’s milk. He stroked Kaitlin’s back as he feasted on her milk.

Zach and Noah had huge erections.

-I suppose you perverts want to try some too! Kaitlin said with a laugh.

-Wow…could we? Zach asked her.

Kaitlin lifted her other engorged breast gently and Zach watched as a small amount of her milk drizzled out of the nipple and over Kaitlin’s hand. Zach knelt beside her and licked the milk off of her hand and then began to nurse. Zach quickly decided that he liked the taste and feasted on the nipple.

Zach felt a tap on his shoulder. Noah wanted a turn. Noah nuzzled his big brother away from the nipple and began to gently suck. He was immediately rewarded with the taste of warm milk. Kaitlin thought the sexy little boy looked so cute nursing.

The stimulation of Mike and Noah sucking and her clit rubbing against Mike caused her vagina to begin to contract with the beginning of her orgasm. Kaitlin began to gasp with the electric jolts of pleasure shooting through her young body. Her vagina began to spasm with her orgasm causing it to contract around Mike’s raging erection.

The contractions pushed Mike over the edge. Mike groaned and she felt his hot seed squirt into her womb. Jet after jet of thick hot semen surged into her. Zach stood beside the three of them stroking his throbbing erection until thick creamy jets of boy semen erupted from the tip of his penis. They had enough force to squirt all over Noah, Mike and Kaitlin. Amy had their digital camera and was taking pictures of the tender scene. Hannah walked in and saw the beautiful scene. She hugged her naked big brother Zach and stroked his back as he recovered from his orgasm.

Zach and Mike could not wait to talk to Hannah and Kaitlin about their idea for telling the stories of the families on the island. The girls loved the idea and they each began to contribute. The four of them sat down and began to wrestle with the challenges of balancing personal privacy with the need to tell the story about their life on the island.

-The 14 families’ stories are hotter than most porn. Imagine if they got posted on or someplace like that people would be crazy to learn more about the island and the people on it. I want people to know about us…but not who we are. Zach said.

People and the press would go crazy trying to figure out where we are.

They were still debating how to do it when it was time for dinner.

Thanks for all of your support, encouragement and ideas for Family Love Boat. This story more than any other I have ever written was a collaboration with my readers and the story reflected your ideas and contributions. I am intrigued by a spinoff of the characters from Family Love Boat into a new story that is focused on telling the stories of the families on the island.

They Taylor and Miller families will continue to be the central characters of INCEST ISLAND. The additional families will add opportunities for the story to have more color and texture. For those of you who are concerned that it will turn into a wild mindless fuck fest…relax!

We will slowly get to know each of the families on the island and how they became involved in family love…. Much the way were a part of learning about Ryan and Ted’s families. You will come to know each of these families as well as you know the Miller and Taylor families.

Thank you to those readers who take the time to share their own experiences with Family Love. Some of you have shared in great detail the experiences you have had with your families. The insights from your experiences have helped shape many of the characters. I continue to believe that the world would be an awesome place to live if we could find a way to get over all of our sexual hang ups and enjoy the beauty of each other’s amazing bodies.

The larger population on the island provides an environment where we can explore other preferences and where the tensions of living in a larger community provide tensions that give the story color and texture beyond just the sexual couplings of the characters.

Thanks for your support and ideas!!! As always…write me with your thoughts at Thanks! Mack

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