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I never thought my dad would cross the line
When I was 14 years old, my whole world was turned upside-down. I was your typical tomboy, always dressing in t-shirts and cutoff jeans that hid every curve I was beginning to develop. My loose brown hair was kept tied up in a ponytail everyday, and I didn’t own a pair of heels. I had never kissed a boy, or even held-hands with one for that matter, although part of me was very curious. So at night, when I was sure my mother and father were asleep, I would run my hands over the sensitive parts of my body, touching my nipples and rubbing my clit. I would let out a low moan, covering my face with a pillow so my parents wouldn’t hear me in the next room. It felt so good, and I felt myself getting wet between my legs, but I got the feeling of having to pee everytime, so I would stop touching myself and tried to go to bed.

My parents were the typical American family. Dad worked writing for the local paper and mom owned her own bakery. Every day, she would cook pancakes or eggs for breakfast, give dad a peck on the lips, and head out the door. Then dad would ask me what might be going on in school that day, and we would talk for a few minutes about how the day would go. Dad would finish his breakfast, give me a peck on the cheek, and then leave. But on this particular day, at breakfast dad had looked at me from over his paper, and said,
“Cali, I heard a strange noise coming from your room last night, was something wrong?” He gave me a stern look, and I nearly choked on my toast. I figgeted in my seat.

“Uh, no dad, I just got a, um, really bad leg cramp.” He looked at me for what seemed like an hour, deciding something which registered in his eyes.

“Drink more water kiddo.” He replied, and got up to leave for work. He bent down to give me a peck on the cheek, but instead, kissed me quickly on the lips, like he did with mom.

“Dad! Gross!” I said. He smiled, and replied “Sorry kiddo, wasn’t looking,” he turned and grabbed his suitcase. “See you tonight, love you.” And with that he left for work, and I got ready for school. It was an uneventful day, soccer in gym, chromatography in chemistry and lots of sleep in English. It was just so boring! At 3pm I hurried home, where dad was waiting.

“I got a call today from your principal young lady. He said you fell asleep again in class. This is unacceptable! What will your mother think!” I started to protest, but he just stood up, yelling to go to my room and wait until he figured out my punishment.
I waited in my room for hours, eventually falling asleep in my bed. I woke up to the sound of my door opening, a shadow figure slid through the door, closing it behind them. I glanced at my alarm clock. It said 8pm, but it was already pitch black outside. “Dad, is that you? I can’t see in the dark?”

“Yes baby, its me, I want to keep the lights off, I think it would be more relaxing that way so we can talk. Stay there and I will come sit by you.” I lay on my bed waiting for the scolding to come, even though he sounded more calm. Dad stretched out next to me, and wrapped his arm around me, I was laying on my side, with my back to him. He spoke softly, “Sweetheart, I forgive you for falling asleep in school, it will be our little secret, and I won’t tell your mother.” I scooted back, getting closer to him, and said “Thanks dad, where is mom anyway, working late again?” He said she was, and would probably be at the bakery for another few hours. He started stroking my hair like when I was little, it felt really nice, and I missed being close with my parents. He kept petting my hair until I started to relax and fall asleep. Then he started rubbing my shoulders, massaging them. He massaged lower, towards my collarbone, reaching under the collar of my shirt, and massaged lower towards my breastbone. Then I froze, and my heart stopped as he slid his hand under my bra, massaging the edges of my breast. I stopped breathing as his hand edged down.

Finally, he stopped kneading my breast edge, brought his fingers down, and squeezed my nipples. I gasped, whispering, “Dad, what are you doing?” He just whispered back, “Shh sweety, relax, I’m just giving my little girl a massage.” He sqeezed my nipples again, and started rolling them between his thumb and pointer. I could feel his erection pressing against my back. He wiggled it against me. “Do you like how this feels?” He whispered in my ear. “Dad please stop. Please don’t touch me like this!” I said as tears slid down my cheek. He rolled my on my back, facing the ceiling, and climbed over me, pinning my hands behind my head with one hand. He slid my shirt up and pulled my bra above my breasts, exposing them.

The cold air made my nipples harden. “Please stop, stop touch-“ I stopped talking as he slid his mouth over my nipple, sucking and tonguing it. I started sobbing and shaking, afraid of what he was doing to me. He bit down on my nipple as he released my hands with his other hand, using it to begin caressing my other breast. He switched, and stared sucking on my other nipple, sliding it between his rows of teeth. I begged, “Please, please stop,” He bit down hard on my nipple, and I screamed, “You’re hurting me!” Dad brought his mouth to mine, and kissed my hard, forcing his tongue in my mouth. He kissed my over and over, and I felt his hand slide into my underwear. He found my clit and started stroking and flicking it. I cried harder.

“Baby, you are gonna love this, now spread your legs for daddy.” He pushed my legs apart, and pulled down his pants and boxers, letting his erection spring free. He grabbed on hand, pressing it against his hardening penis, making my hand stroke him. It felt gooey and gross against my trembling hand. He pushed my legs wider and positioned himself above my hole. He kept stroking me clit, and moved up to pinch down hard on my nipple as he rammed his penis into my fourteen-year old vagina. I screamed out in pain, making my dad more excited. He slowly pulled out, and pushed sharply in again, causing me to let out another scream of pain. Then he started pumping me. He filled my to the bursting point, pumping in and out, grunting as he did it. He pulled my hips towards him each stroke, filling my deeper and deeper. He leaned into my chest, suckling my breasts again as he took shallow stabs into my now-bloodied pussy. He quickened his paced, pumping me like a dog for 20 minutes.

As he pumped, he said to me, “Moan baby, I want to hear you moan like you did last night when you were touching yourself.” I shook my head, tears sliding across my face. He slapped me hard across the face, and said “Now I said moan, so moan!” I cried, and let out a low, animalistic moan that sent my father over the edge. He rolled me over so that I was on top of him. He grabbed my hips, pulled me painfully down on his hard member. “Now fuck your daddy baby.” He made me lower and raise myself on him, made me rape myself on my father. He rotated my little hips when he sank into me, grinding deeper. “Tell daddy to fuck you, beg me to fuck you.” He demanded as he shoved me on his penis. As tears ran down my face, I said “Daddy, please fuck me, please rape me.” He grabbed both of my nipples, twisting as hard as he could as he exploded into me, filling the deepest part of my pussy with his wiggling sperm. He kept pumping for a few minutes after that and then made me lick the cum off of his penis until it was clean. He stood up to leave.

“Next time you fall asleep in class, I’m going to give you a real punishment.” He said, closing the door as he left.

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is a nice story and you saying it aint nice where is yours to match it

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Good story, needs to be longer though. --Slutkitty36

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Too short but too horny..
Loved it...
Made be cum...;-)

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yo stank ass need to stop playin world of warcraft

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P.S. I'm on this site for the good stories not fucking incest and rape!

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