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First Story hope you like it. Remember look at the themes if you're offended don't read this story.
My name is Devin Khyber I'm about 5'6 in the 8th grade crispy blue eyes decently weighted not fat at all but not overly skinny. I live with my single mom and have been in the same apartment for all my life. Naturally I never had a father so I never really got too involved in sports and usually hung out with friends and did whatever. So moving on; my mom thinks I really should get into a active sport and suggested swimming and I said "meh". I really didn't want to. (Too much time effort etc...) One day she forcefully drove after offering to pick me up from school, to our local YMCA and said you know you have to learn and gave me an entire speech on it. Too much nagging I accept more so to shut her up. She got me registered and my photo taken on a ID and then next week my lessons of water torture would begin.
---- One Week Later--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The real reasons why I didn't want go were a) I didn't want to look like a failure I knew I would suck and b) the locker rooms. I wasn't a real big fan because of the people potential looking at me i was insecure when people did that when I changed, and I was doubtful that I was straight because unlike all my other guy friends being asshole pervs I wasn't and I didn't think like that obsessed with pussy, even though I didn't think I was gay either that really didn't fit me. So, to see anyone naked was most likely better if that didn't happen. Also I heard things like when you're in jail dropping the soap it could happen here it just freaked me out so much.
Regardless I did it I managed to do it (change) with out anyone starring at me (presumably) or seeing anyone naked I walked out to see 7 other kids my age about and a female swimming instructor she had memorizing brown eyes, gigantic breasts, good shape and a Latina accent. "okay class today we start our first class for pre-teens for beginners." "Oh! Kenny you're here, class this is the owner's son Kenny Madison." he replied with a "sup." Dozing off for a bit I looked at our class eight students 7 boys including me and only one girl." One of the boys being the owners son Kenny Madison he actually looked good in his swimming attire pretty tall, brown hair, pale eyes, and a very nice smile and he looked my age. My first class went how I expected to go terrible I tried to blow bubbles underwater failed tried to float failed and everyone else did it perfectly including the girl who actually did better then most of the boys except Kenny. Who I started to dislike I little bit more he was laughing as I pitifully tried to the simple tasks asked of me. As we left the pool I felt freezing cold and seven us went the boys locker room as it turns out we were only ones left as this was the latest program the YMCA had. Each of us had to take showers to get the chlorine outta of our hair, but were there only four! Kenny went last he says he always goes last because he waits for his dad or something addressing me I forgot what he said because after he said that and then he said you suck at swimming at called me a gay priss. Bastard! I thought. Whatever I took a shower changed and left.
----Two weeks later-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I got a little better I can swim a little now as we were racing from end to end that douche Kenny pushed knocking me off balance me while our swimming instructor wasn't looking that bastard thinks he's the boss of me or something the instructor had to save and guessed who was laughing. I will get better.
----Two weeks later-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I got a lot better swimming fast and confident that should show that damn Kenny. As it turns out my swim teacher holds a small tournament in all her classes. A simple free style end to end pool race and back. I was me against that girl first she was good we were neck going the first time and as we turn back she made a mistake made her go off balance and couldn't recover I won. The other students went on then Kenny and I were in the semi finals he raced fast but I was not going to be beaten by this punk. Again neck and neck towards the first lap then we speed back we swim and swim but I just could not lose to him. I won. He lost the more sweeter part of this. I whispered " not this time, she was watching if you pushed me." Heh heh. I did lose in the finals though whatever I beat Kenny. The kid who won got to shower first we agreed on it, and by some twisted luck of fate it was just me and Kenny in the shower in the locker room all alone, great. We were side by side but a wall separated us. There was a long silence until Kenny said " umm listen Devin I'm sorry about how I treated you earlier you're a decent guy its just as he said I feel like he that too close as if he was starring at my naked body I had to find out if was. Lucky me I slipped and fell on my ass, but I was right he was starring at me from the side and he was hard. He laugh a little but I in all seriousness got up and said "were you starring at me and you're hard as hell. He fumbled for a bit "well... umm, you see." He grabbed then french kissed me, I wanted to resist but I didn't he had me and I knew it.
We continued kissing and he slid his hand to my lower thighs and started to massage and rub it felt so damn good. As I started to kiss back he did something sudden he inserted his left middle finger in my ass. I broke the kiss and gave an awe face. This was a pleasure-pain moment for me I actually enjoyed the finger as I felt my entire get tighter Kenny went down and started to caress my balls and then stroke my dick to loosen me up. I got hard to my 5in cut dick as Kenny put two finger in but stroke my dick it felt amazing. I took a look in my pleasure-pain look at Kenny's dick probably a inch bigger then mine a lot thicker and cut as well. Kenny stopped stroking my hard as hell cock and took out his two fingers leaving me in my gaping asshole exposed. Kenny said I'm going to fuck you just masturbate it'll feel great trust me. He got me in doggy style position, and began to insert his thick cock inside me. "auugh" I moaned just stroke yourself. I did he continue his slow pace. I began stroking harder and harder. With that Kenny took that sign to fasten pace. I was still stroking but my body was feeling hard jousts of his thick cock thrashing my ass. I moaned continuously he really started to fuck me as he went fast and balls deep his balls slapping against my ass I rolled back my eyes and moaned "" He started moaning deeply too "yea.. bitc...yea.." I felt the weirdest sensation ever I felt my cock pulsating and his cock pulsating in my ass. He said " fuck I'm cummi.." he pulled out his cock and shot ropes of cum on my lower back dripping to my ass. He said "shit sorry let me clean that up for you," he stuck his tongue out and entered my ass for the last time to slurp his cum. I came to all over the floor best orgasm I had. We washed in fear because it was getting late. I said as we were leaving the locker room see you next week." "Yea see ya soon." we went our separate ways.
So many questions went through my head was I gay? No more like bi or something. What is my and Kenny's relationship now what will happen? Where did he learn to do things like that? I don't know but maybe next week I'll figure things out.

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2012-04-30 06:57:46
what happen was sucking a cock than he starts peeing in my mouth,now i love it.

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2011-05-02 09:59:44
Yeah, pretty poor writing! Very difficult to read and follow, but good plot nonetheless.

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2010-07-30 00:47:18
Write more, but double space to make it easier to read.

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2010-03-27 21:20:33
Not bad for a first time. Although you need paragraphs and check your grammer

Anonymous readerReport

2010-03-21 10:33:12
This is too difficult to read. There are too many grammatical errors for me to understand what is happening in the story. Also, you didn't use any paragraphs so
I can't tell where my next line of text will be. I had to stop reading it.

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