This involves interracial underage sex
Even though it was Christmas Eve, it was hot in the bedroom. Tameka squirmed uncomfortably in the small bed. She could hear the heavy, even breathing of her mom and the soft whisper of her little sister. She tried to get comfortable, but there just wasn’t really room for all of them. On top of that, her small, 13 year old black pussy was on fire, just as it had been since she lost her virginity 3 months before.
She stretched her thin, tight body out, spreading her legs and letting her hand slowly drift down toward her hairless slit. She was only wearing a thin t-shirt and it clung to her flat chest, her body slick with sweat. She had no breasts to speak of, but her nipples were almost an inch long, hard now, like long black berries, ready to burst. She had almost reached her cunt when her little sister moaned and rolled over. Tameka sighed. God she was horny.

She heard a faint sound downstairs and lifted her head. Great. Lester was home. Her mom’s bum boyfriend creeped her out. He might make her and her sister sleep on the floor downstairs again so he could fuck her mom. More likely he was looking for something to steal. She slid quietly out of the bed and out of the room, closing the door gently behind her. She padded down the hall, her bare feet making no sound, and then down the stairs.

At the bottom, she stopped suddenly. There, by the tree was a large man in a red suit. At his feet was a large bag. He was busy draining the milk from the glass that Tameka’s little sister had left out just for him. Tameka gasped. “Santa”!

He jumped and almost dropped the glass. He quickly set it down, wiped his thick white beard with the back of his hand and shooed her away. “Go. Go back to bed. Shoo. You’re supposed to be sleeping”. She almost skipped across the floor, flush with excitement. “Did I get it Santa? Did I get a keyboard?”
“Well”, he replied. “Not this year. You’ve been naughty”. Her face fell with the news. Then she noticed he was staring at her. She imagined what he saw, a tall thin black thirteen year old, sweat-soaked t-shirt clinging to her chest, enormous nipples protruding through the thin fabric. The shirt barely reached below her hips, so he could see the hint of her puffy pussy lips, thick and flared with excitement.

She dropped her eyes to his crotch and could see the thick swelling there. On impulse she stepped forward and grasped the shaft through the soft red velvet of his pants. He grunted in surprise and tried to step back but the Christmas tree was behind him. She gasped again and looked up at him, her eyes wide, whites shining in the dim room, her mouth forming a perfect chocolate O of surprise as she realized its girth. “Oh, God, Santa” she said softly. “It’s so big”.

Before he could do anything, she slid her hands under the big belly, into his pants and fished out the massive slab of ivory meat. It curved up like a scimitar, the huge cap wet with precum. She wrapped both slim black hands around the cock and began a steady jacking motion as she leaned forward. She looked up at the fat white man, opened her thick black lips and engulfed the end. She forced her face down onto the shaft as far as she could, choking a little. He moaned as she slid down , letting his heavy belly rest on her small black head.

He began thrusting forward and she gagged harder. She could feel the drool ooze out the sides of her mouth and trickle down her chin. His pubic hair was as soft and fluffy as his beard. She raised up her head, the cock sliding from her mouth, and lay back on the carpet, pulling off her t-shirt. She spread her long black legs wide. She could feel the juice from her cunt dripping out. “Please fuck me, Santa”, she whimpered. The big white man gave an animal growl and mounted her. She felt the huge cock at her lips and then he drove the pole deep into her.

She gave a hoarse scream and buried her face in his furry collar, long black legs wrapped around his hips, fingers clawing at him as she felt the release she had been craving begin to build in her belly. He pounded her young cunt, driving the big ivory shaft into her inexperienced depths, stretching her to the limit. She gripped his hands and guided them to her swollen nipples. “Pinch them. Please. “ She begged.

He grasped the stiff berries between his thumb and forefingers, pinching, twisting, grinding. She screamed once again into his collar as she lost control of her slender body, bucking and jerking, eyes rolling back in her head. She felt herself begin to squirt, spraying the front of his suit and drenching her own belly. The hot liquid fountained between them as she came over and over. She heard him begin to grunt and she grabbed his sweating head, whispered into his hear. “Feed me your milk, Santa. I wanna drink your milk, too.”

He pulled out of her overstuffed pussy with and audible “POP” and staggered to his feet. She scrambled to her knees and stuffed the dripping member into her small mouth. He grabbed her by her corn-rowed head and snarled. “Eat it, you little black bitch”. She felt a moment of fear, realizing that he was going to make her take it all, but there was nothing she could do to stop him. The massive cock was shoved deep down her throat. She gagged, her stomach heaving, clinging helplessly to his legs as he skull-fucked her.
She felt the knob swell in her throat and then cum flooded into her, choking her. She gulped and squirmed feebly, her small hands massaging his aching balls as the ejaculated into her mouth. The thick sludge slid easily down her throat, the excess bubbling out the corners of her mouth. He continued to face fuck her, a fat white man using her black innocent mouth, pumping and spurting, until he was satiated.

She fell back, her body shaking, both of them gasping for air. He looked down at her, almost embarrassed. “Uh, sorry about the.. you know… the little black bitch comment”. She grinned. “No, that’s okay. I liked it. It made me squirt a little”. She leaned back and caught her reflection in one of the shiny ornaments on the tree. “Look Santa. I have a beard just like you”. Santa through back his head and laughed. “Ho, Ho, Ho. So you do”. Thick, milky strands of semen dangled from her pointed, perfect black chin. He reached forward and wiped the mess from her chin. She grabbed his wrist and slowly, hungrily sucked the cum from his fingers.

She smiled up at him. “Now do I get the keyboard?” He grinned back and reached into his bag. “One keyboard for Tameka. And I think an ipod for your sister, and earrings for your mom. And as a bonus..” He leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially..”no more Lester. Ever”. Tameka squealed with excitement and clapped her hands. “Do you have to go already?” “I’m afraid so”, he replied.

The young black girl leaned forward and massaged his cock through his pants. She looked up at him with dark, liquid eyes, thinking of a picture she saw in one of Lester’s fuck books. “You could put it in my butt” she whispered, her voice thick. She felt his cock twitch, saw the look of lust and shock in his face. “Oh, honey, it would never fit.” She stroked it harder. “You could make it fit. I’m only 13, and you’re a grown man. I couldn’t stop you. You could make me take it.” His cock was throbbing now, pulsing rhythmically.

He pushed her away gently. “Honey, I’m already really behind. Think of all of the other boys and girls who might not get their presents if I stay any longer.” She sighed and let go of his cock. “You’re right. But you know you don’t have to wait till Christmas. You’re welcome anytime.” He grinned, a twinkle in his eye. “Why thank you Tameka. A merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.” With that, he was gone in
a flash.
She padded silently up the stairs and into the bedroom, sliding into the bed beside her sister. She lay back and sighed contentedly. Her pussy was finally at rest. Sore, aching, but at rest, and the belly full of warm sperm radiated comfort through her body. She drifted off to sleep and dreamed of sugar plums.

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Very good interracial sex story. Nice work.

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Good story. Write some more about her and her times with Lester.

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Good story. Write some more about her and her times with Lester.

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