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I was walking down the park. Around midnight. I was walking back from a friends house from a gang meeting. They all know i'm a girl. The other gangs don't. I'm a pretty girl when i dress like one. Other than that I look like a boy. A boy that live alone across the park from the other house. I have black hair that is shoulder length. I always have it up. I have deep brown eyes with red lips. My body type is skinny and small. I am about, 5 feet, and only 120 lbs. I would look like a girl if not for all these baggy clothes. I have firm A-cup breasts. I hide them with a sports bra and a regular bra. Today i was wearing baggy jeans and a big t-shirt. I had on a beanie so my hair was un-noticable. I had on regular shoes.
Like i said i was walking in the park. A pretty park. Very beautiful. With benches every where and a forest right next to the path you walk on. There was campgrounds a good mile up the hill. I was walking and sat on a bench. I was looking out at the small lake when i heard boys. I heard them talking about basketball. Then one of them switched the topic. They started talking about our gang and if they were to find a boy tonight from our side they would kill him. Great. I slowly got up from the bench and walked to the forst. I was trying to be quiet. I went to the closest bush and sat down finding a spot to peer from. I looked at them. There was about fourboys, all muscular. They all seemed scary enough for me. I kept quiet holding my hand over my lips to keep from breathing loudly. Then one of them stopped. The rest stopped behind him.
"What?" One of them said
"I thought i saw something move in the bush." He said staring straight at me.
"Come on man, its a forest."
"I know. Fuck i'm not that stupid." He said
"Well what do you think you saw?"
"A person." He said. My eyes got wider and i slowly began to move back not making any noise.
"Well why?"
"Thought i saw some ones head."
"Well do you wanna check?" I cussed to myself. I have no guns only a knife. I am smaller than all of them.
"Naw forget it." Yes! Forget it! Go back home!
"Well i'll go see." He stepped towards the forest stepping inside.
I know what they plan to do. You find some one alone from another gang. You beat them harshly. Than kill them slowlly. I have played that game before. A horrible thing to expierence but an easy thing to do.
I begged he would not see me. He was stepping further away from my bush and then turned as if he heard my breath. He slowly walked over to my hiding place and smiled down at me. I frowned up at him.
"Well, well, well" He said quietly grabing my arm harshly, I flipped him off and he smacked me.
"Fuck you." I said sounding like a man. I can make my voice sound like a girls too. I'm good at that. He pulled my beanie off grabbing my ponytail and pulling me out of the forest by my hair. I was tough and did not cry. I've taken beatings before and i can take one now. All the guys were smiling as they saw me. He pulled me into the middle of the walkway and said, "We got our wish guys."
"Ay! Good job man." They all started laughing and smiling at him, Then as if on notice the biggest man kicked my back. I kept my tears in even though my eyes got watery. I can't let them know i'm girl so i can't scream. Then another one kicked my left leg. I moaned in pain. As they started to kicked my legs one of then kicked my stomac and i coughed up blood. I still did not scream. I weakly said, "Fuck you," Hopping to keep up my pride the next person that hit my arm got a hit back. After i hit him he kicked my chest. I screamed very long and very loud. They started to laugh.
"You sound like a girl, bitch."
"This little basterd does" They were laughing. I put my hands on my chest in pain. One of them took out a knife.
"Should we kill him now? Or wait longer?" The one that found me spoke up
"Wait i wanna try one mor ething then we can kill him." Then he walked up towards me. I was on my back with my arms and legs spread out. He kicked my groin very hard and i let out a gasp. My chest hurt more than that, "Guys i think he's a girl."
"Let me check." One of them said. He walked towards me and stuck his hand straight up my shirt grabbing my right boob hard. I let out another gasp and he said, "Its a girl." I moaned and started to crawl away.
He grabbed my head and took out my hair. He ran his fingers through it gently then yanked hard on it. I screamed again. He started to remove my shirt ripping it with a knife. He looked at my breasts and said, "Why keep these hidden?" Laughing as he took off my bra. I spit at him in his face as the other watched him slap me he said, "Guess what guys? We have a playmate tonight." They started laughing. And then he went down to his knees next to my pants and satrted to rip tose too. He got me completly naked and stared at me. He started to take down his pants and got them off along with his boxers. He put his hips right above my face and said, "Bitch your taking this all." Before i could shut my lips he had his dick in my mouth moving it slowly around. He allready had a boner as did the other three had their dicks out and were jerking. I gagged and he touched my throat. I coughed onto himm as he shoved my in. He didn't pull back out making it hard for me to breath I tried to pull away but he pushed more in. He shoved it all down my throat and i gagged deeply. He held it there so i could not breath. I started to faint but he pulled back out. And let me take in a breath of air before shoving all the way back in. I gagged each time as my throat tried to push him back out. He kept going in and out grabbing the back of my head creating a rythem. He eventully started to twictch in my mouth and i screamed into him. He kept pushed into my throat one more time but pulled out so his head was right in front of my thraot. His dick started to squirt cum in my mouth. I gagged and tried to spit it out. He held my head there and made me swallow it all. The naxt man just stepped over and began pumping in and out of my throat harshly. He took handfulls of my hair as he face-fucked me. I took the same treatment from the other two men as the second one gave me. Made to swallow all of there cum. I wondered what was next...

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2012-05-03 08:59:41
If he does eat teddy grahams wiuthot a problem, this may just be a case of a stubborn toddler who doens't like new things. If so, then just casually offer the foods. Put them on his plate and let him play or touch them. Let him see you eating the same food or better yet, see if some other kids can come visit and serve them foods along with him. Kids are great imitators. OTherwise, if you do feel there is a serious problem where he still gags or just dislikes the feel of food, consult your doctor. I know a few physical therapists and there are cases of kids who simply do not like the feel of food in their mouths or the feel of certain food. Therapy may be needed to help him overcome this.

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2011-11-28 23:49:50
awesome, can't wait for the next instalment

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2011-10-14 18:49:16
ouch, not into this sort of thing, but please write more, i'm hooked. good story telling. just clean up the typos to keep it moving better.

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2011-06-30 16:57:14
Loved it. Please write more!!

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