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Ch. 6/15
Just when Jimmy decided to return to the safety of his "house"
and animal friend, he heard a loud crashing sound coming from
the jungle down below him. Instinctively he lowered his head a
bit, and peered down towards the sound. After a few minutes of
silence, the brush parted and out onto the beach ran about eight or
nine figures.

Straining to see better, Jimmy decided that they were children, and
they were very naked. The children were shouting in a tongue
which Jimmy did not recognize, and they were heading off
towards the water.

For about ten minutes the children swam and played in the waves,
much like any other children would when at the ocean. When they
tired they ran up onto the beach, and sat in the sun drying
themselves. Jimmy could see well enough to see that they were
not white like him, unless they were very tanned. He decided that
they were not really black, but rather brown.

Jimmy was deciding whether or not to call down to them, when
he saw more figures leaving the jungle and enter onto the sand.
Those newcomers also seemed to be children, however, they were
much larger than the ones which had played in the water.

When the smaller children saw the older ones, they yipped and
jumped to their feet, running away towards the cliffs. The older
boys also began to run, and it became obvious that they were
chasing the smaller boys.

For a while it seemed if the younger boys would evade the older
ones. The small boys were faster and more agile than the others,
however, the larger boys had more strength, and they could keep
up their chase longer. It soon became obvious that the older boys
were trying to wear the younger ones down, knowing that they
could then catch them.

The first youngster was caught by a tackle from an older one. The
small boy gave a cry of pain and protest, but the older hung onto
him tightly. The two sat in the sand watching the others chasing
each other around.

One by one the small boys dropped off and were captured by the
older boys, until only one small boy remained free. He seemed to
have more strength than his would be captor, and displayed this
strength when the older boy managed to grab onto one of his

The younger boy turned on his heels and drove one of his feet into
the naked groin of the older boy, sending the youth down to his
knees. While the older boy was doubled over in pain, the small
boy ran off towards the jungle, disappearing into it almost without
a sound.

The remainder of the older boys laughed at the misfortune of their age
mate, and the older boy went racing off into the jungle, perhaps in
pursuit of the younger boy. The older boys turned their attention towards
their young captives. The older youths made the boys stand, while holding
onto their arms so that they would not run away.

Each boy reached to his waist and unwrapped a cord. The cord
had a lasso-type opening at the end, and they draped this opening
over the heads of the younger boys, drawing it snugly to
resemble a leash. They tied the other end of this cord to their
wrist, and then began brushing the sand off the bodies of the little

Several of the little boys were crying, and others were trembling
with what looked to be fear. The older boys ignored any protests,
and continued with their task of wiping sand from the boy's

Finally one youth seemed to be satisfied that his young captive
was clean. Placing both of his hands on the sides of the boy's
face, he lifted his face up towards his, and lowered his lips down
to the boy's. The smaller boy struggled against the advances of
the older boy, trying to keep himself from being kissed. The older
boy ignored this struggling for a few minutes, however, when it
became obvious that he could not kiss the struggling boy, he
released his face, pulled tightly on the cord wrapped around the
little boy's neck, and when the boy was up close to him, he raised
his hand high in the air and slapped the little boy hard on his
buttocks. He repeated this a few times, the cracks of flesh against
flesh, and the wails of the little boy echoing off the walls of the

The older boy stopped and bent his head down to the little boy's,
seemingly talking to him. The youngster nodded his head in
agreement, and raised his face towards the youth's. The older boy
once again lowered his head, and began kissing the small boy on
the lips.

All around the pair similar things were taking place. A few of the
boys gave up without a struggle, and allowed the older boys to
kiss them, while one or two holdouts found their asses being
slapped by the boys to gain their submission.

After a few minutes of kissing the older boys forced the younger
ones down to their knees and began talking to them. Some of the
boys shook their heads, while others began crying again. A few,
however, resigned to their fate, opened their mouths and took the
older boy's penises into their mouths. With a little more
threatening and a few more beltings, eventually all of the little
boys were sucking on the penises of their captors.

One by one the older boys reached orgasm, grabbing onto the
heads of the younger boys as they did, thrusting their penises in
and out of the younger boy's throats. Most were made to swallow
the semen, however, a few choked and spit it out around the penis
which filled their mouth, and a few vomited which caused the
older boys to release them.

Once gaining their sexual release, the older boys sat down on the
sand and pulled the little boys down next to them, or down onto
their laps. While resting, they fondled and petted the younger
boys. Every now and then an older boy would bend his head
towards the lap of his young captive and suck on his penis, or one
would stand the younger boy up in front of him and coax him to
simulate intercourse in his mouth.

Eventually all of the older boys joined in bringing their partners
pleasure. Each little boy had his penis and testicles thoroughly
sucked. The older boys eventually expanded their area of sucking
and licking to include the area between the boys legs, down under
the scrotum. When the little boys began to become turned on by
all of this oral foreplay, the youths lifted the legs of the younger
boys, spread them out, and dived down between their buttocks
with their mouths and tongues.

For what seemed like hours the older boys licked, sucked, and
rimmed the younger boys. Jimmy could not believe his eyes. Not
only were the boys having sex, they were all having it out in the
open where each other could see it.

Jimmy had a feeling that the younger boys were far from through,
and this proved to be correct when the older boys began to roll the
little ones onto their stomach. A few of the boys fought this move,
and struggled against the older youths, however, their strength
was no match for the older boy's.

Instead of jumping right on the younger boys, however, the
youths went back to their rimming, which they continued for
about ten more minutes. Eventually Jimmy saw one or two of the
older boys spitting into their hands and wiping the spit onto their
penises. He knew that it was time. The little boys were going to
be fucked. Jimmy wished that he was down their on the beach
with the boys, however, he could not decide if he wished that he
was doing the fucking, or that he was in the place of one of the
little boys.

All around him Jimmy witnessed boy's buttocks being spread out.
The older boys were in various stages of penetration, a few
leisurely rubbing their, sometimes large, cocks against the
opening of the squirming boys under them, while others seemed
to forgo any foreplay and ram themselves deeply inside of the
boy's anuses without any delay. Jimmy could hear moans, cries,
and a few muffled screams as the boy's asses were violated.

Jimmy focused his attention on one pair which caught his attention
earlier on when the younger boy was sucking the dick of the
older. The older boy seemed to be around fourteen. He had a
fairly large penis, which was quite visible to Jimmy up above.
Like the rest of the boys, this youth was uncircumcised, and
Jimmy watched several times as he pulled his longish foreskin
down and over his erection. When he had the younger boy suck
him, he always made sure that the foreskin was peeled back.
Jimmy noticed, however, that where the other boys used force to
get the younger ones to suck, this one youth did not. He bent
down and talked quietly to the younger boy for a few minutes,
rubbing his hands over the back and buttocks of the boy while he
talked. The younger looked up into the eyes of the older boy,
opened his mouth, and allowed the older to put his penis in.

Instead of roughly handing the younger boy's head, or thrusting
his penis in and out of the younger's mouth, however, this youth
laid back and let the younger boy suck him at his own pace and
using his own style. When the older boy seemed nearing climax,
he took hold of the younger boy's head and began to gently thrust
his penis in and out of the boy's mouth. Climax for this boy was
very noticeable, as his body began to shutter, and his legs began
to thrash around. When he came into the younger boy's mouth,
the boy did not pull away. He allowed the semen to flow into his
mouth, and he then swallowed all of it, afterwards seemingly
following instructions from the older youth, and licking him

This older boy was the only one who wasn't firmly planted inside
of his boy's ass. Whereas the others were by now beginning their
fucks, this youth was still rimming and fingering the anus of his
young captive. Under his caresses the younger boy squirmed and
struggled, but it was obvious even at that distance that those
struggles were not to get away from the youth, but from the
immense pleasure that the youth was giving to him.

Once more the youth lowered his head into the spread buttocks of
the younger boy. Once more it seemed as if the youth buried his
entire tongue inside of the boyUs body. When he raised his face
away from the boy's buttocks, instead of ramming himself inside
of them, he rolled the boy over onto his back, kissed his face, and
then began to run his tongue and mouth over the boy's small

As the youth made love to the younger boy, Jimmy had an
opportunity to look at the youngster. Jimmy guessed his age to be
about seven or eight. There was a great size difference between
the two boys. The boy's erection was tiny in comparison to the
youths. Jimmy guessed him to be about one and a half to two
inches long. The older boy had no difficulty in cupping both of
the little boy's buttocks in one of his larger hands.

Jimmy thought at first that the youths special care with the little
boy was because of his tender age, however, he realized that
several of the other boys looked as young, or even younger, than
him, and they were at that time being viciously ass fucked by
other youths.

When the older youth had finished orally caressing the younger's
body, he raised himself onto his knees and placed his penis into
the little boy's mouth. While he gently thrust himself in and out of
the boyUs mouth he talked to him, perhaps instructing him, or
perhaps getting him ready for what was about to take place.

When the older boy removed his penis from the boy's mouth, it
was dripping with the little boy's saliva. It seemed as if the older
boy told his young friend to make it slippery and wet.

With little persuasion the little boy rolled onto his stomach and
reached behind him, pulling his buttocks apart. The youth lowered
his mouth towards the boy's anus, and let a stream of his saliva
fall onto the boy's opening. Only then did he lower himself,
placing the head of his penis against the boyUs opening.

For what seemed like hours the pair stayed in this position, with
only minimal movement being seen. The older youth, it seemed,
was taking his time in penetrating the little boy. Every once in a
while the little boy would raise his head, seemingly experiencing
some pain, however, the older youth would caress the sides of his
face, slow his entry, and the little boy would lie flat again.

After a while Jimmy noticed that the older boy was lying fully
upon the younger boy. The older boy's penis had made total
penetration, and he laid there allowing the boy to get use to his
size. Jimmy watched the older boy flex his buttocks now and
then, and a few times raising himself a little and then lying back
down once again. Jimmy realized that the older boy was making
sure that his partner was comfortable during his ass fucking,
perhaps the little boy's first.

All around the pair couples were finishing their fucks. A few older
boys laid motionlessly on top of the younger boys. A few were
still thrusting, however, slowly seemingly the thrust post
ejaculation ones. Other youths laid on their sides or backs, while
the younger boys laid near, some crying and massaging their sore

A few energetic youths were still fucking their young captives,
probably for the second or third time. Jimmy noticed that a few
had released their original boys, and had pulled another boy to
them for fucking. Off to one side Jimmy noticed one boy who had
two little boys lying side by side on their stomachs, spread eagled.
The youth was taking turns, first pumping into the ass of one boy,
and then moving to the other to pump him. One unsuspecting little
boy headed away from his fucker, perhaps thinking that he could
slip off into the jungle without being assaulted again. As he
passed the youth with the two boys, however, the youth reached
out and caught the boy's ankle. He tripped the boy, dragged him
over to where the other two boys were, turned him onto his
stomach, and added him to his fuckees, immediately ramming
himself inside of the little boy.

Jimmy turned his attention back to the slow fucking couple. He
noticed that the older boy was now beginning to fuck the little
one. His movements were slow and gentle, and Jimmy could see
the younger boy's body beginning to respond to the ass fucking.

After a few more minutes the boy pulled out of the younger's ass.
For a moment Jimmy thought that the youth had cum, however,
when he raised the little boy onto his knees and positioned himself
behind the kneeling boy, Jimmy realized that he had decided to
use the boy in another fashion. Jimmy watched this new position
with some curiosity. None of the other boys had varied their
positions during their fucks. They had all climbed on top of the
backs of the little boys and fucked them in that standard position.
This boy, however, seemed to enjoy fucking in different

Jimmy was not sure how he knew this, however, he knew that
there were many more positions which could be used, and he
secretly hoped that the older boy would use them.

Jimmy was not disappointed. Over the next several moments the
older boy changed his position. After fucking the little boy doggie
style, increasing his speed and force while in this style, he rolled
the boy onto his back, lifted his legs onto his shoulders, and
began to fuck him in this position. A few minutes later and the
youth had the boy standing on his head, his arms out on the sand
to steady himself. While the little boy stood on his head, the older
penetrated down into his anus, and began thrusting himself in and
out of the boy.

The next position brought strange feelings to Jimmy. The youth
picked the little boy up into his arms, cradling him to his chest.
Slowly the youth lowered the little boy onto his erection. Once the
boy was firmly impaled on the youth's cock, the youth positioned
his arms at the neck and lower back of the boy and extended him
out from his body horizontally. For a few minutes he thrust
himself in and out of the boy. He then stood still and began
moving the boy's body on and off of his cock. Watching this sent
chills down Jimmy's spine. Somehow this position meant
something to him. Somehow it was a special position. Jimmy
wished that he was down on the beach, and that he was in the
place of the little boy. Jimmy wanted the older boy to be holding
him out from his body, fucking his ass.

Eventually the youth tired of that position, and laid down on the
sand on his back. He gently urged the little boy down over his
body. Jimmy watched as the youth coaxed the little boy to sit
down on his erection. The entire scene was a little too much for
Jimmy. As he watched the little boy fuck himself up and down on
the older boy's erection, Jimmy masturbated himself, with
fantasies that it was him riding the older boy's cock.

Both Jimmy and the older youth reached climax at almost the same
time. Jimmy felt the comfortable shuttering and pulses in his
erection as he watched the older boy grasp the hips of the
younger, thrust upward, and hold his position as he shot his
semen deep into the boy's bowels. Jimmy could almost hear the
moans and sighs of pleasure coming from both boys. Jimmy
could almost see the little boy's cock pulsating as the youth's hand
stopped its masturbation of it and held it in tight embrace.

All three boys spent themselves at the same moment, an omen
thought Jimmy, as he moved back a little so as not to be spotted.
He was not sure who the boys were, or where they came from,
but he was sure that they were not from the same place as he was.
Jimmy was not sure that he wanted to meet them right at that time,
for even having sexually spent themselves, he could still come
away from the adventure gang raped, not too pleasant of a

After a while the sexual games seemed to end. All around the
beach the older boys laid satisfied. Some of the younger boys laid
near or with the older youths, however, a few of the little boys
slipped away into the jungle, seemingly in a hurry to save from a
repeat performance. Jimmy glanced towards his favorite couple,
and noticed that the little boy laid on top of the older, his head
buried in his neck, looking much more at ease and satisfied than
the other little boys.

Jimmy quietly slipped away, backing up away from the cliff
crawling backwards on his stomach. When he felt that he could
not be seen, he got to his feet and headed back towards his hut,
hoping that the boys from the beach would not find him until he
was ready to meet them.

- End of chapter 6

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Excellent! But please, dear author, do look up and learn the difference between the intransitive verb 'to lie' and the transitive verb 'to lay'.
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I lay on my bed yesterday.
I have lain on my bed.
I lay my jacket on the bed today.
I laid my jacket on the bed yesterday,
I have laid my jacket on the bed.


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