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Ch. 7/15
Crawling back into his hut, Jimmy was at first startled. He
thought that some of the boys had found his home and were
waiting for him. He relaxed, however, when he saw that it was
only his monkey friend waiting for him. His attention was
focused, however, on a second monkey which was also in the

Jimmy noticed two things almost at once with his new visitor.
First he was smaller and younger than his monkey friend, and two
he was also male, as an erection smaller than his stuck out from
between his legs. Jimmy was not sure what to make of the
younger monkey being there.

Jimmy wondered if the older monkey had brought the younger
with him to join in on their games, or if the two were just hiding
there. Jimmy became aroused looking at the younger monkey
sitting there with a hard on, especially after seeing the beach scene
involving the younger boy. Jimmy had mental images of fucking
the little monkey much like the older boy had done with his little

The older monkey's intentions became clear when he spread his
legs, revealing a much larger erection, and began to masturbate
himself, grinning at Jimmy in the process. The younger monkey
followed suit and began to fondle himself. Jimmy laughed, spread
his own legs and began to fondle his penis to full erection.

The three sat or laid there masturbating themselves to climax, each
of them watching the others. Jimmy and the younger monkey
experienced dry climaxes, while the older monkey shot his sperm
high above his body.

At first the younger monkey was afraid of Jimmy. Every time that
the boy tried to get near him, the little monkey would scoot away
and would go towards the older monkey for protection. Finally
Jimmy reached out and began to fondle the penis of his monkey
friend. The youngster watched intently as this occurred, and his
semi-soft penis sprang to full erection again, when he saw the
older monkey reach over for the boy's penis to follow suit.

While the two friends were busy caressing each other's penises,
Jimmy reached his hand over and began to stroke the youngster's
hairy chest. The little monkey backed away at first, but then
moved closer and allowed himself to be petted. Slowly Jimmy
moved his hand downward, until eventually he was able to first
touch, and then wrap his hand around the monkey's little erection.

Jimmy was extremely horny at that point. The monkey was small
like the little boy, and their penises almost matched. Jimmy hoped
that the little monkey would not be scared off, and would
participate in their sex games.

The little monkey allowed Jimmy to caress his penis, and spread
his legs wider when the boy's caresses turned to masturbation.
When Jimmy tried to lower his head into the little monkey's
crotch, however, the youngster scooted away from him.

Jimmy turned his attention to his older friend. Lowering his head
so that the little monkey could see what was going on, he took the
monkey's erection into his mouth and began sucking it. The small
monkey moved closer, seemingly amazed that the human boy was
sucking the older's penis.

Following suit, the older monkey lowered his head and took the
boy's erection into his mouth. When this took place, the little
monkey moved even closer so that his body was touching
Jimmy's. Tentatively, the younger monkey reached out and
touched the boy's penis. After his shyness vanished, he began to
eagerly explore the boy's hairless penis, testicles, and groin area.

The little monkey allowed Jimmy to fondle and explore his body
in return. This time when Jimmy lowered his head towards the
monkey's groin, the youngster did not back away. Jimmy almost
laughed as the youngster arched his hips forward trying to meet
the approaching mouth.

Jimmy was hoping that sucking the young monkey's penis would
be pleasant. It was. Short of a mild urine smell and taste, which
he mentally thought all little boys have, the experience was
pleasant. The little monkey spread his legs wide, and allowed
Jimmy to push him onto his back. Jimmy lowered himself further,
and took the monkey's penis deep into his mouth.

Jimmy had no way of knowing this, however, he was a good and
experienced sucker. The little monkey began to respond under his
mouth. When Jimmy thought that things were progressing a little
too fast, he released the monkey's penis and worked his way
down to the youngster's semi-hairy balls. He took the tiny orbs
into his mouth and tongued them wildly, causing the monkey to
squawk with pleasure.

Finally Jimmy decided to finish the monkey off, and took his little
penis back into his mouth, where there he madly sucked it, the
monkey thrusting his hips upward to meet the boy's downward
sucks. The little monkey's body began to shake and shutter, and
Jimmy felt a dwelling and pulsating of the animal's penis. After a
few more seconds Jimmy felt the animal's organ begin to shrink a
bit, and he realized that he had accomplished his goal, he had
brought the little monkey off.

Shortly afterwards Jimmy tried to pull the monkey's head to his
lap, but the youngster resisted him. Lowering him onto his back,
Jimmy positioned himself over the monkey's face and pressed his
penis against the monkey's closed lips. The little monkey would
not open his mouth, no matter how hard Jimmy tried. Finally
Jimmy thought that he had won, as he felt the monkey opening his
lips, but a second later he screamed in pain. The little monkey
opened his mouth, allowed the boy's penis in, and then nipped it
with his teeth. Jimmy looked down thinking that the monkey had
bitten his penis off, but there was no blood, and upon closer
inspection, no marks on his erection. The monkey had nipped just
enough with his teeth to get the point across. He didn't want to
suck the boy's cock.

The older monkey jumped into action hearing the boy's cries. He
began to squawk and babble at the youngster, and moved to him,
swiping him across his forehead with his powerful arm. The
youngster rolled back against the branches and began to squawk
and babble in return. Jimmy realized that the monkey's were
talking and that the older was mad at the younger for biting him.

A heated argument seemed to take place, after which the older
monkey sat with his back turned to the younger, and the younger
monkey sat there silently, seemingly pouting. Every once in a
while he would chirp and make a few sounds, but the older
monkey would only grunt in response, and would continue to
ignore him.

Finally the young monkey approached the older with his head
hung low. He moved his head into the lap of the older, and in a
moment or so, Jimmy could see that the younger monkey was
sucking the penis of the older. After a few minutes the older
monkey grunted something to the younger, and the little monkey
sat up, looking as if he was pleased with himself. Jimmy realized
that this was probably the first time that he had sucked a cock, and
that the older was both teaching him how to do so, and also
teaching him that it was his duty to suck when requested by

Jimmy was not sure how to gage monkey ages, however, he
believed that the younger monkey, if considered in human
development years, was probably between five and six years old.
This excited Jimmy even more as he thought about the youngster
sucking his cock. Jimmy knew that he had a special fondness for
young children, for boys who were little more than babies,
however, once again any memories other than this one failed him.

The little monkey approached Jimmy, a little leery at first. Jimmy
decided that the monkey thought that Jimmy was going to punish
him for biting him. Jimmy waited until the monkey was touching
his body before he reached out and fondled his chest. Jimmy then
took the monkey's semi-erect penis into his hand and fondled it a
bit. Reaching for the monkey's hand, he placed it on his cock,
which was erect once more. The monkey rubbed his hand over
Jimmy's hard on in imitation of what the human boy was doing to

This time when Jimmy gently pushed down on the monkey's
head, the youngster complied and bent his head until his face was
in the boy's crotch. At first the monkey seemed to be smelling
around the boy's crotch. Jimmy was sure that he was a little
frightened by the strange scent. Jimmy felt the monkey's lips brush
against his penis, and then a few seconds later he felt a swipe of a
tongue over his cock. A few seconds more and another swipe was

Jimmy reached over and began to fondle the monkey's penis,
while gently pushing down on the animal's head. This time the
monkey got the message, as he took the boy's erection into his
mouth. Jimmy gasped as he felt the monkey take his entire length
inside of his mouth. Jimmy was sure that there were few human
children of this age who could accomplish this on their second

After a little experimentation the monkey began to suck like he had
been doing it for years, and like sucking a human boy's penis was
an everyday occurrence for him. Jimmy began to thrash beneath
the youngster, who recognizing the boy's excitement, began to
suck even more eagerly. Jimmy spent himself deep inside of the
monkey's mouth, and then laid back as the youngster released his
penis, licked his lips, and then grinned widely at the boy.

Jimmy held out his arms and the monkey climbed onto of him and
did not resist as Jimmy pulled the monkey down to lie on top of
him. Jimmy stroked and petted the animal, and then pulling his
head upward a bit, kissed the youngster on his lips. The younger
monkey responded much like his older friend had when they first
kissed. The monkey was surprised and couldn't figure out the use
for kissing, however, after a little practice and understanding what
the human boy wanted, he kissed back like a pro.

Unable to hold off his own release any longer, the young monkey
pulled away from Jimmy's embrace, sat up on his chest, and
thrust his erection at Jimmy's lips. Jimmy opened his mouth and
wrapped his lips around the young penis. The monkey began to
thrust his hips forward and back, sucking Jimmy in the mouth.
Had the monkey's penis been any larger Jimmy might not have
been able to handle it, however, seeing as it was so small, all he
had to do was to lie there while the youngster fucked his mouth.

Jimmy had a partial memory of another youngster doing that to
him in the past. He couldn't remember any details, however, he
remembered that the youngster was human, had a small penis, and
was extremely young. Jimmy smiled past the monkey's erection
as he realized that this was the first real memory that he had had,
even though he could not remember what the little boy looked
like, or where the event took place.

The little monkey soon spent himself in Jimmy's mouth, and
climbed off from the boy, looking quite contented and pleased
with himself. The three friends laid together for a while until they
fell to sleep.

Jimmy woke up some time later to see the youngster sucking on
the penis of his older friend. From the looks of it they had been at
it for quite a while. Jimmy watched as the older monkey pulled the
younger's head away from his penis and pushed it down towards
his testicles. A few minutes later the head was pulled back
towards the penis. When this was repeated a few minutes later,
Jimmy realized what the older monkey was doing. Jimmy had
taught him that. Just at the point at which the older monkey felt as
if he was going to cum, he stopped the younger monkey's
sucking and had him suck and lick his balls until the feeling went
away. The older monkey was extended his climax using tricks that
Jimmy had taught him during their love making.

Jimmy knew that his friend could not hold off much longer, and
he was right. The next time that he felt as if he were cumming,
instead of stopping the youngster, he held on to the younger
monkey's head and thrust his penis deeply inside of the
youngster's throat. Jimmy could count the number of squirts that
the older monkey sent into the younger's mouth and throat. Every
time that he squirted, he would tense and rise his buttocks against
the youngster's mouth.

Jimmy giggled as he watched the youngster's eyes bulge in
surprise. The little monkey tried to get away from the older's
penis, not knowing what was shooting from it, but the older held
onto his head tightly, forcing him to accept and swallow his cum.

Not until the little monkey had swallowed the last of his semen did
the older monkey release the younger's head. When the young
monkey sat up with a surprised and hurt look on his face, the
older reached out and patted him on the head. Jimmy then
witnessed something which had not happened prior. The older
monkey pulled the younger down onto the ground and spreading
the younger's legs, dived down onto his cock and began sucking
it with great speed and skill. The little monkey lasted less than a
minute under this attack, and after thrusting himself deeply into
the older's throat, he sat up with a smile wider than any that
Jimmy had ever seen.

Jimmy decided that he knew the reason for the monkey' sudden
good mood and smile. He had been downcast after having to
swallow the older monkey's semen, however, right after the older
sucked him off, everything was all right again, and all was
forgotten. It seemed that a blow job in return was enough to wipe
out cumming in his mouth.

Jimmy realized that in the monkey world sexual fair play was not
common. The older male was the dominate partner in sex, be it
with a female or another male. The younger and lesser ranking
males were slaves to the older's wishes. If the older used a
younger's mouth or ass for sex, that was a fact of life, and
nothing could be done about it.

The dominant male fucked his partner's mouth or ass to his
pleasure, and was never expected to give in return, nor did he ever
do so. For the older monkey to have sucked the younger's penis
was a momentous act, rising the younger, at least in the eyes of
the older to an equal social position. It was unheard of in the
monkey world, even among homosexual or "boy"-loving males,
but the younger had been sucked.

The remainder of the daylight hours were spent with the three
friends sucking each other, sometimes separately, and sometimes
together as a group. Jimmy introduced the little monkey to sixty-
nine, ad they were occupied with this for quite some time. The
younger monkey sucked the older to several more climaxes, each
time swallowing the older's semen without question. Afterwards
he would lie back, spread his legs, and await the older monkey's
blow job. All in all, it was a pretty good afternoon.

When darkness came, Jimmy was not sure what would occur. He
wasn't sure if his older friend would spend the night, or if the
younger would be included as well. The animals were still a little
on edge from the boys being on the island, however, they seemed
to be a little calmer than they had previously had been.

Jimmy's hopes vanished when the older monkey got up and
headed towards the door. The younger began to follow, however,
the older stopped and grunted something to him. The younger
turned, looked at Jimmy, and then looked back at the older again.
Finally he turned and returned back to Jimmy, climbing into his
lap and wrapping his arms around his neck.

Jimmy's older friend disappeared from the hut, and after about a
half hour he did not return, Jimmy understood that he had left him
with the younger monkey for the night. Jimmy decided that the
older monkey had left the younger with Jimmy so that Jimmy
could complete his sexual education. Jimmy had found it a little
strange that no fucking had taken place that day, as it had been a
usual occurrence when the younger monkey was not there.

Jimmy realized that his friend was leaving ass fucking up to him,
and that he was leaving him to do the teaching. Jimmy also
realized that his friend had left probably because he would have
never allowed the younger to fuck him in return, or could he allow
the younger to see Jimmy fuck him.

Eventually the little monkey began to relax, and the two laid side
by side kissing and caressing each other. Jimmy flipped the little
monkey into a sixty-nine, and with a little stretching, which was
no problem for the youngster, they wrapped their lips around each
other's cocks. After a while Jimmy began to pay attention to the
youngster's marble size balls, and with a little encouragement the
youngster followed suit. The two spent the next few minutes
licking and sucking on each other's balls, occasionally teasing
each other's ball sacks with gently nibbles.

When Jimmy's tongue left the monkey's balls and headed south,
the youngster stopped his sucking and laid there, perhaps
wondering what Jimmy was doing licking towards his ass hole.
When Jimmy's tongue touched his anal opening, the little monkey
jumped, and almost scurried away from the boy. Jimmy held onto
him, however, and spread his legs a little further to gain better
access to his anus. Slowly Jimmy licked around the outside of the
youngster's hole. He found it cleaner than he had expected, and
soon had his tongue poking inside of the youngster.

The monkey finally relaxed as he began to be turned on by his ass
being licked and probed by Jimmy's tongue. Soon the little
monkey was pushing his buttocks up against Jimmy's tongue as it
entered further and further into the tight little hole. Jimmy couldn't
believe that the little monkey's asshole was even tighter than his
friend's had been when he first fucked him. Over the time that the
two friends has spent fucking each other, both of their asses
loosened up a bit, and it was easier to penetrate each other. The
younger monkey's ass, however, seemed to be three times as
small and tight as his older friend's had been, and Jimmy began to
think that there was no way in which he could fuck him without
hurting him.

Eventually Jimmy coaxed the youngster to lie on his stomach, and
by spreading his legs apart, the boy had full access to the
monkey's little asshole. Jimmy took advantage of this by burying
his tongue inside of him. When he thought that the animal was
ready, he began to finger him, starting out with his baby finger,
and gradually working his way up to his pointer. The monkey
was at last able to accept two of Jimmy's fingers, but just so. The
boy thought that there was no way that he could get more than the
head of his cock inside of the little monkey. Jimmy decided,
however, that he would get in as much as he could, and then he
would masturbate himself while inside of the monkey's ass. That
seemed as if it would be fun.

Imitating what he had seen on the beach, Jimmy moved his penis
around until he could put it into the monkey's mouth. The animal
accepted the penis without question, even though they were in a
strange position. The little monkey sucked eagerly on the boy for
a few minutes until Jimmy pulled his penis out of his mouth.
Jimmy almost laughed as the monkey looked longingly at the
boy's penis as it disappeared from sight. Jimmy loved it, the
monkey had become cock crazy.

Returning his attention back to the monkey's back side, Jimmy
lowered his head a bit, and let some of his spit dribble on to the
monkey's hole. Using a finger he rubbed the spit around the hole,
and gently pushed his finger into the anal opening, allowing some
of the spit to enter as well.

Having the monkey properly lubricated, Jimmy positioned himself
and rubbed his penis up against the outside of the monkey's anus.
At first the little animal laid there as the boy rubbed up against
him, but all of a sudden it seemed as if he understood what was
about to take place, and he began to struggle. Every monkey, no
matter how young, has witnessed fucking. Some of the males
have also witnessed other young males being ass fucked by horny
adolescents or adults, and the young monkey probably
remembered that most of them squawked with pain while being

Jimmy wasn't able to hang onto the monkey, and it got out from
under him. The monkey sat a few feet away from Jimmy with a
terrified look on its face. Jimmy could see that they monkey was
looking towards the opening of the hut, and was trying to figure
out how to get around the boy.

Jimmy lunged forward and caught the animal before it could
respond. Following the lead of his older friend, he grunted in a
disgusted tone, and backhanded the youngster, however, making
sure that it wasn't too hard. The monkey rolled onto the floor, and
then looked up at the boy with even more fear in his eyes. Jimmy
reached out and grabbed the monkey's legs and pulled him closer
to him. The monkey looked as if it were ready to bite the boy, and
so Jimmy raised his hand and grunted once again. The monkey
cowered, and only resisted slightly as Jimmy grabbed him again
and laid him on his stomach on the ground. Holding him tightly
Jimmy positioned his cock at the monkey's ass and began to apply
pressure. The monkey chirped with surprise and pain when the
head of the boy's penis passed through his opening.

The monkey then relaxed and Jimmy thought that he had resigned
himself to the fact that he was going to get fucked anyway, so
why fight it. He released his grip on the monkey so that he could
better position himself to fuck. That was the boy's mistake, as the
monkey rolled out from under him, and before Jimmy could
recover, the animal ran out of the door and crawled off through
the opening. Jimmy knew that there was no way that he could
catch the youngster once out in the open.

Jimmy laid on his back, his erection pointing up into the air. He
wanted to cry. He was angry. He was angry that the monkey had
escaped, and he was angry at himself for being so impatient. He
had rushed things, and therefore had lost his chance to fuck the
little monkey. He had all night, and if he had taken his time, he
could have ended up fucking him before the night was over. He
decided that he should have probably offered his ass to the
monkey first, and then perhaps the monkey would have been
more responsive to his fucking him.

- End of chapter 7


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