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This is the first in an occasional series of stories called ‘Scene in a ...’, all of which are a single scene in a particular type of location. They are ‘point of view’ stories, and you can imagine that you are either the narrator or the ‘you’ character. This scene is happening today, at a Junior High school in your town.
copyright: Lesley Tara, 2010

I cannot believe what is happening – I am face down, laid across my teacher’s desk with my stomach and chest flat on its top and my ass sticking out over the edge. My grey school-uniform skirt has been pulled up and is crumpled around my middle, and my white cotton panties are lying discarded on the floor nearby – I am completely naked from my waist down to the tops of my white knee-high socks. My feet are spread about three feet apart, and there you are – my teacher! – kneeling between my open legs with your face pushed into the gap between them. Your tongue is licking around my butt-hole, whilst your fingers push insistently into my tight little girl-cunny. The effect of both of these attentions is sending waves of tingling stimulation throughout my body, and I gasp and arch my legs wider open to give you more access to my most private place – I’m all yours, all yours, and I feel just wonderful!

I lift my head a little from the horizontal and gaze at my best friend, Stephanie, who is leaning against the classroom wall in front of me. Her school tie is pulled askew and her white uniform shirt is half-unbuttoned; she has one hand inside it, squeezing her little titties in their training bra, and the other hand is under her skirt, fingering her pussy. Stephanie stares enraptured at the amazing scene in front of her, wide-eyed and thrilled as she watches you, our teacher, fucking me, her best friend and lesbian lover.

How did we get into this amazing situation?

We are both sixteen and have been best friends since, like, forever, and we started having fun with each other when my tits (which are several bra sizes bigger than hers) really started growing. Steph was just fascinated by them, kept asking to touch them, and every time she did, it made me feel wet and loose in the cunny (it did for her, too, but I didn’t know that quite then). Fortunately, it didn’t take long before we realised that we felt the same way about each other, and about having as much girl/girl fuck-fun as we could. But the problem is, at our age, living at home with parents and brothers and sisters around all the time, and going to school, there are very few private opportunities for getting off with each other, and it is so frustrating!

Being the chairperson of the drama club, I know about the room behind the stage in the main hall where the costumes and props are kept – and I also know where the key is hung; it’s not like that is a great secret, nobody expects anyone to steal anything, in fact I’m not sure why they bother to keep it locked. Probably it is just to stop people fooling around with the costumes, which is fine as it doesn’t prevent Steph and me using it as quiet burrow to fool around with each other. There are several carpets and cushions on the floor that have been used in various plays, and although there is not much open space, it’s more than enough for our hot little teen-girl bodies to get real down and close with each other.

We’ve used it maybe a dozen times in the last four or five weeks, and this lunchtime we were in there again. Stephanie was lying back on some of the cushions, and I had got her panties off and was stroking her slit with my fingers, easing it open and making her gasp – though her gasps were a bit muffled, because as usual she had gone for her favourite thing: my tits. I’m noticeably bigger than most girls our age, just now being a 28C bra size (but I think I’ll need the D-cup soon) – whilst Steph is a bit under-developed, still a double-A cup, so it’s quite a contrast. Anyway, she loves to fondle and stroke my breasts, to get my nipples hard and then take them into her mouth to lick and suck and nibble. She had also shoved a hand up my skirt and inside my panties, and was giving me a finger-poking as well. So we were both getting what we wanted, getting steamed up, when – with no warning – the prop room door was jerked open, and – oh! Jesus Christ!! – there you suddenly were, our English and Drama teacher, looking down at us!

We were caught completely red-handed (well, cunt-handed anyway), there was no possible way to deny what we were up to with each other. Stephanie gave a horrified gurgle and then seemed to just freeze with shock – she stared up at you, wide-eyed and mouth gaping, her legs still wide apart and her uniform skirt up above her hips. For a moment I felt winded, like someone had punched me in the stomach and knocked all the breath and strength out of me, my muscles turning to water. But then I noticed the faint smile playing around your lips, and still more the keen glint in your eyes. And so, whilst you stood there with your hands on your hips, I licked my lips and – looking straight at your face – I deliberately stroked my fingers up and down Stephanie’s exposed pussy, as if offering it to you. She gave a little cry of alarm, not understanding why I was continuing with sexual activity, but my instinct was rewarded when you – still not having spoken a single word – nodded to me, and your smile spread into one of open delight and lust.

You dropped to your haunches, right in front of Stephanie’s prone form and open legs, and then you calmly reached forward to run your fingers up and down her sixteen-year-old pussy, matching mine on the other side of her cleft. Encouraged and recovering confidence, I slipped my forefinger back into Stephanie’s vagina, up to the second knuckle – and you did the same! Your larger, longer grown-up finger sank into my best friend’s cunt alongside my own, and we probed and pressed side-by-side. The unbelievable fact that she was being penetrated simultaneously by her lover and her teacher was too much of an erotic overload for Steph to contain, and almost immediately she trembled and shook in the throes of an orgasm, her eyes glazing and her head lolling back, and she gave a series of broken whimpers.

Smiling and looking at each other like conspirators, you and I withdrew our fingers from Steph’s cunt – and I followed your example of licking and tasting the cum-juices that streaked my finger. You wanted to make it clear that you were staking a claim to my body as well, that we were both your prizes, and so you reached across to my tits – which Steph had earlier pulled out of their bra cups – and gave each of them a firm squeeze, and then you deliciously ran your hand down to the front of my panties, and you touched me there in the middle of the dark damp stain on the crotch.

Then you rose to your feet and smiled warmly down at us; to our great relief, it looked as if no punishment or official action would follow from the discovery of our secret – whilst it seemed that perhaps some much more interesting unofficial action would ensue!

‘Not here, girls’, you said, shaking your head, ‘oh, it’s not a bad place – quite clever of you, in fact – but it isn’t really safe. If I found you – even though I’ve been suspecting what you two were getting up to, and I was looking for you – well, anyway, someone else might find you, by accident, and we can’t have that, now can we? Come with me – I have somewhere far better in mind!’

Stephanie and I looked at each other expectantly – what might be going to happen now? I quickly reassembled my clothing and Steph did the same, though I noticed that she just picked her panties up from the floor and stuffed them into her bag. We followed you through the school building and up to the second floor, where your classroom is. After we entered, you locked the door and pulled the blind down over its window – now, no one could see into the room: the only other windows were on the outside, looking out over the sports field at tree-top height.

Did you know that I have a crush on you, that I often have fantasies about having sex with you? You are around thirty years old, a very attractive mature woman, and quite tall – you are four or five inches taller than either of us, and we are about average for our age. You have a really nice figure – slim build and long legs, with a trim ass and a nicely jutting bust (although your breasts actually are not much bigger than mine: I found out later that you take a 32C bra size). Your curly black hair is cut quite short, above and around the ears, where it is set off by a pair of pearl-grey pendant ear-rings. You always dress so smartly, almost in a kind of strict way, and today’s outfit is typical: a crisp white pintuck shirt, open at the collar, and below this a high-waisted pencil skirt in dark red which comes down to just below your knees, almost overlapping with your trademark – elegant glossy black boots, which you wear all year round except for the very hottest summer days. All in all, you are quite an eyeful – an elegant, confident, experienced woman, in full maturity.

‘Well, my little cunny-bunnies’, you said, with a hungry smile, ‘it’s time for a lesson, in a new course that I’m offering just for you both – it means extra study time, of course, both here in the lunchtimes and after school sometimes as well, if you want to take it?’

We just couldn’t believe our good fortune – you want to fuck us, and not just now, but regularly? Oh, yeah! – bring it on, bring it on!! We hastened to assure you, quite sincerely, that we would like nothing better, and that all you need to do is tell us where and when you want us, and our legs will be wide open for you. You glanced at the clock on the classroom wall; there was nearly 25 minutes of the lunch-break left, and you said this would be enough for a little ‘induction course’ that you had in mind.

You walked me over to face your desk, and you pulled up my uniform skirt – as it came over my hips, the erotic charge of the moment just sent me, it was so arousing. With a quick motion, you yanked down my plain white panties, and after I had stepped out of them you pushed me forwards, to lie face down on the desk. Leaving me there with my bare ass sticking out in the air, you turned and beckoned Steph to approach you. My pretty best friend (she’s a cute brunette, with long dark hair, and a supple lithe body) was then told to undo your shirt, which she did with shaking hands, almost as if mesmerised. When all of the front buttons were undone, you dealt with the cuffs and removed your shirt altogether, revealing your well-rounded breasts attractively displayed in a pastel green plunge bra. My friend gazed avidly at your chest, and you almost laughed:

‘I can see that you’re a tit-lover, Stephanie – good, you can practice on mine!’ Then you reached behind your back to unclip your bra, shrugging it off your shoulders. Your bare breasts now swung free, their nipples already engorged and standing out from your large aureoles, and Steph looked at them as if they were a hypnotist’s pendulum.

‘Kiss them – lick them, go on, suck them!’ you whispered in a hoarse voice. Stephanie hastened to do your bidding, cupping each breast in the palm of one hand. She fastened her mouth like a limpet onto your left tit, whilst fondling and tweaking your right nipple.

‘Yes, aaah! That’s good, yes, mmm, well done Stephanie! ... mmm ... I can see you’re a natural at this!’ you said appreciatively, slipping a hand under your skirt and past the gusset of your panties to poke a finger into your own pussy.

And then, just a few seconds ago, after a spell of increasingly eager tit-slurping from my best friend, you detached Stephanie gently and told her to go round to the far side of your desk. Then you approached me from behind, knelt down and gripped me by the ankles, spread my legs wide apart and began your feasting on my cunt.

Oooh! ... aaahhh!! The sensations are amazing, like the nicest kind of electric shock that you could imagine. Now you are working two of your fingers deep into my vagina, and I give a moan as my pussy lips are stretched further apart than they have ever been before.

Stephanie gasps as you rise to your feet from behind my ass and loom over my back, your hand still thrusting in and out between my legs. You are facing directly towards my girlfriend, and for sure you are a stunning sight, naked above the waist with your jutting breasts swinging free, but still fully-clothed below in your chic red skirt and black boots.

Now you order Stephanie to remove her white shirt and drop her uniform skirt, and then to come closer; as she does so, you pull my blonde hair back by my pony-tail and tell me to suck Stephanie’s pussy. I need no second asking, and as soon as my sweetheart’s beautiful orchid-flower opening comes within reach of my tongue, I thrust it between her little pussy-lips and suck greedily on her wet pink slit. As my tongue lathers round in her cunt, Steph gives a lovely high-pitched gasping moan ... and then another louder one, as you reach over my back to jerk down the soft cotton cups of her training bra, exposing her buds.

‘Oh, Christ!’ groans Stephanie, as you take hold of her nipples and tug them forwards, rubbing and twisting her pert little breasts. Your stimulus makes her spread her legs wider for me, and once again what the two of us are doing to her body takes Steph to a climax. She gives a cute series of little sobbing yelps as she comes, and her pussy-juice flows onto my face and tongue.

‘Good girl, Stephanie’, you say approvingly, letting go of her tits, and you tell her to stay where she is and for me to carry on eating her out. Steph looks so lovely to me – all she has on is her small training bra, pulled down at the front to expose her chest, and her white socks and black shoes. I love her slim girlish body so much, and being in this position with her, whilst you look on, is just an amazing thrill, it’s getting me so high!

You walk round to the back of your desk and unlock the bottom drawer on the right-hand side. From this you produce something that has us two young girls give a squeal of amazement and appreciation – we know what it is, of course, but never before have we actually seen one! You must have been expecting an opportunity like this to happen soon, in order to have this ready in your desk: it is a strap-on plastic cock, a big long dildo for lesbo girl-fucking. You are standing next to Stephanie now, which gives me a good look at what you do next. For a moment, you lay the strap-on down on your nearby chair and take Steph’s buttocks in you hands, and you really grope and squeeze them – it excites her tremendously and opens her cunt even more for me, and I get my tongue deeper into her slit than I ever have before. Yet again, having her body taken by her stunningly sexy teacher and her girl-lover sends her over the top, and her slender frame is wracked with the shivers of another orgasm. You smile, pat her on the ass, and say ‘good girl – third time lucky’.

Now you unzip your elegant pencil skirt, slipping it off and folding it neatly over the back of the chair. I think you do this so gracefully, watching you undress makes my heart swell up in my chest, I feel such admiration for you, such longing to be your plaything, your pussy-girl. You follow this by slipping your tiny thong panties down your legs, and now I can see your cunt for the first time – the mound is quite prominent, and you keep yourself close-shaved so I can clearly see your cleft. However, it disappears from view the next second, as you buckle the dildo’s harness into place around your crotch and waist.

You are statuesque, like a Greek goddess – are you lovely Sappho, reincarnated? Your trim body is a contrast, naked above the waist, your firm jutting tits in full view, whilst below the harness of the dildo your shapely legs are encased in your black boots and the black hold-up stockings that come nearly to the top of your thighs. You are so assured, so in command – I love your authority, your calm certainty ... I think you have fucked quite a few lezzie girls this way, perhaps on this very desk, haven’t you?

I am hyper-excited, but also a little alarmed about how big that plastic rod seems to be: the most that has gone up my girlish hole before this is Steph’s fingers, two of them when (only three months ago) we deliberately broke each other’s hymens and lost our virginity together. This looks so much bigger and wider, and I know for sure where you are going to put it – this is why you put me face down and butt outwards on your desk, isn’t it?

I’m not mistaken: with the fake cock firmly fixed in place, you walk out of my view and back round to the other side of your desk, where my ass is available. Before you put it into me, you fondle and probe my pussy for a moment or two with your fingers – this loosens me up, gets some juices flowing again, makes my nerve-ends in that area tingle with excitement and arousal.

‘Aaaaaaaahh!’ I moan, as you press forwards and the head of the dildo pushes between my labia and into my hole, which somehow stretches enough to accommodate this monster intrusion. I am high on the thrill of getting my first lesbian dildo-fucking, when I am only sixteen years old!

You pause for a second, not sure if my noise is pleasure or possibly pain, in which case you will not force it in any more. But the last thing in the world that I want is for this amazing event to stop, so I hasten to reassure you.

‘Oh, Miss! – please, do it again, do me more!’ I am begging you; ‘oh, yes! fuck me, Miss, please! give me that thing – fuck me with it, fuck it up me right now!’

You smile, reassured by my eager appetite for any lesbian experiences, and you push the dildo in even further. Oh, sweet fucking heaven, that feels so amazing – I’ve never before felt like my cunt was completely full, stretched to the limit, and like I am just a sex-hole on the end of a huge plastic spear. You begin to fuck me properly – I feel your cool hands take their grip on either side of my hips, just below where my uniform skirt is still rucked up around my middle.

I hear you grunt in satisfaction each time you thrust the dildo all the way home; when you do that, as each stroke ends I can feel your pelvis press against my buttocks, and your warm flesh touches mine. You are splitting me open, and I am just gagging for it – I want you to be harder, rougher, more forceful with me!

You lean forwards over me, and I can feel the weight of your breasts resting for a moment on my bare back – your nipples are really hard, and they press strangely onto my skin, rasping a little roughly, almost like sandpaper. You grasp my shoulders, pulling my front more upright; my face comes away from Stephanie’s cunt, and she gives a noise of protest at the removal of this pleasurable manipulation. However, at once you offer her a substitute – you tell Steph to reach for my prominent breasts, which are jiggling wildly up and down each time you ram that plastic spear deep into me. Stephanie just loves my breasts – I mean, she likes my pussy too, but there’s no doubt that it’s my bust that excites her the most – and she is more than glad to do what you ask. She seizes one breast in each hand, kneading and fondling them, and bending down to suck on the nipples whilst she does so.

Oh, dear sweet Sappho, patron goddess of all lesbos! – thank you, thank you!! I am in heaven, in bliss – the sensations coming from where my sweet girlie is squeezing and licking my tits merge with the unbelievable pounding you are giving my pussy, your dildo’s ridges rasping along my cunny’s walls as you slide it in and out. I can’t believe my hole could get this wide, but I’m gaping open, dripping with juices, and you are ramming that plastic phallus right into me, firm and hard. I am getting well and truly fucked, and making noises like a cornered piglet – not inappropriate, as I’m a pig for any form of girl/girl intimacy. Oooh! ee-eeek!! – now I’m losing control, as your strap-on shafting gets even faster and deeper. I can sense that you are excited too, you are making louder, harsher grunts as the dildo smacks home – and that adds to my own stimulation.

‘Oh! Miss!! Yes – yes! – oh, more, please, yes!’ I gasp, when I can draw breaths, ‘Miss – ooooh, I’m gonna cum, gonna cum soon! Aaahh! ooogggh!’ And then you shift your grip from holding my shoulders, and one hand grasps my pony-tail and pulls my head up and back even more, arching my spine, and incidentally giving Stephanie an even better angle for devouring my tits. With your other hand, you give me several smacks on the rump – they send an extra charge of arousal through me and ... ohmigod! Yes – yes, I’m coming, I’M COMING, MISS! – I’M COMING!!

My eyes are tight-closed, my mouth hanging open like an idiot, and my body quakes from head to toe – my heart is racing, my stomach is full of butterflies, and my hips judder as I have by far the biggest orgasm of my life so far, it almost makes me pass out with its explosive intensity. I give a long sighing moan, and you and Steph release my head and chest so that I can collapse softly onto the desk top.

You allow me a few seconds to recover my breath, and then you instruct me to roll over onto my back. As soon as I have done so, you begin to lick around my pussy like a mother cat cleaning one of her kittens. I look down over my stomach, and I get a tremendous charge from seeing your neatly-clipped dark hair bobbing up and down over my pussy, as you lap all around it. My cunt is so sensitised that this makes me come again – I am already so high, so finely-tuned from the previous orgasm. that it comes on me quickly, smoothly, easily, but it still makes my hips shudder in release, which you see and appreciate, licking up my warm sticky cum-juice.

You tell me to get up from the desk because now it is Stephanie’s turn to be fucked. She is told to lie down on the desk, but on her back and in a slightly different position to mine – her ass is on the desk, whilst her head hangs off at the other side, near to me. Still wearing the huge strap-on, you drop to your knees and starting munching on my lover-girl’s cunt-hole. Steph responds at once, gasping and sighing with pleasure, her eyes fixed on mine and telegraphing her amazement at our good fortune. So, it’s no surprise to me that when you stand up, stroking the long plastic dildo suggestively, and ask her if she wants it all the way, you get a very definite assent – in fact, she is begging you to take her.

Standing between Stephanie’s legs, you take a grip around her ankles and hoist them up into the air, so she is like a wide-open V shape. You rest her ankles against your shoulders, and this positions my babe’s tight pussy-hole right where you want it – flat on the desk, at just the right height for your long plastic cock to shaft straight in. I can see this, from my angle I can see the length and weight of it, and I can watch it go home as you sink it into her pussy. Breathlessly, I am watching you – my hot sexy teacher – fuck the daylights out of my girlfriend, and it is turning me on so much, I am getting hot and wet flushes down below all over again.

You are very aroused as you stand between Stephanie’s upthrust and parted legs, enjoying the pleasurable moment of anticipation just before you shaft the cunt of the second pretty teenage schoolgirl of the day. You feel a hot surge of desire, but temper it so as not to be too rough – you ease the tip of the plastic cock into the girl with a steady pressure and a careful, corkscrew kind of motion. This one’s pussy is tighter than the other one, and the expression on her face slightly more pained, so you take it in slow smooth pushes, and are rewarded by a flow of her juices lubricating the passage of the dildo – as a result, the last four inches slide home much more easily than the first four did. Once it has gone all the way, you begin smoothly to pump it in and out – the girl is looking up at you, wide-eyed and with a slightly dazed expression, and she is starting to give those soft sweet gasps that are the first steps on the road to a climax. You increase the tempo again, and Stephanie begins to pant for breath, closing her eyes for a second and giving a delicious little whimper every time you ram the dildo in for its full length.

Now you instruct me on how to join in – I am more or less to replicate Stephanie’s role when I was the chick on the desk, but with a refinement. Steph’s head is hanging off the edge of the desk already, and so it is easy for me to stand with my legs straddling above it, reach down and cup my hands behind her head to give support, and raise her lips to my parted labia. She fastens on eagerly, her tongue delving into familiar territory, and she wraps her arms around my hips. I find that I no longer need to hold her head up, which is a good thing as you have other uses for my hands. Facing me only inches away, you tell me to reach forwards and massage your breasts, so giving you erotic stimulation in both of the main erogenous zones. Your breasts feel wonderful, firm but also soft and so perfectly rounded. Your aureoles are quite large and prominent, your nipples pink with excitement – I am fascinated to touch them, as they jiggle jauntily with each thrusts of your hips, shafting the dildo into Stephanie.

She is now breathing in great gulps, her eyes tightly-closed and sweat beading her forehead. You know she is very near to climax, but you decide to prolong it and so you slow the tempo – an action that produces a frustrated wail from my cute schoolgirl lover. Then, when she least expects it, you shift into top gear, slapping it in and out her pussy in short, fast, almost stabbing, thrusts. Stephanie’s eyes fly wide open and she stares up at you, transported in her arousal – and then her body suddenly goes completely rigid, like a board. Her back arches up off the desk, her legs flop even wider apart, her hips judder and she gives a series of nasal grunts. She has come – and, just like me, with a duration and intensity that she has never experienced before.

You let her lie there for a few moments, absorbing the heady backwash of her climax, before you carefully withdraw the strap-on from Stephanie’s cunt and take it off. Whilst she remains sprawled half-dazed on the desk, you come round to where I am and you take my place – you swing a leg over to the other side of Steph’s head, and lower your large mature pussy onto her receptive lips. I am not to be left out – you draw me close for a fond hug, and then you grope my breasts – you like them very much as well, their full roundedness looks so sexy on the body of a girl who is only sixteen.

As Steph eats out your vagina from underneath, you press on my shoulders to indicate that I should drop to my knees in front of you. I am not quite sure what you have in mind, but then I understand as you grip my pony-tail again, using it like the lead on a dog to pull my head forwards to your cunt. With two fingers of your other hand, you spread your clitoral hood open, offering me the sweet nub of your clitoris which is protected there, and you tell me to lick and rub it. You have a wonderful smell, spicy, a little like cloves and cinnamon, maybe? Of course, I realise that you have probably put some perfume on down here – what a good idea, I’ll do that for Steph next time. I angle my head so as not to bump against Stephanie’s or get in each other’s way, and I begin to give little flicks of my tongue to your clitoris. Now you have two pretty young teenagers lapping their eager little tongues into your pussy at the same time – what more could a woman want?

Your head goes back, and you gasp with pleasure, as your two eager little beavers suck and lick on your beaver. I know what I want, and, without for a second removing my face from your clit, I reach up with both hands to grasp your firm breasts, so entrancingly silhouetted against the ceiling above me, and I squeeze them and pull on your big prominent tits. I am thrilled to be rewarded with a moan of pleasure, and then you give a harsh cry as this attention to your breasts adds to the effects of our two hot little girl-tongues squirming in and around your pussy, and you come – a long, shaking, adult orgasm, as your thighs tremble against my face, and your grasp on my pony-tail goes rigid, pressing my face right into your soft wet pussy, the nub of your clit firmly between my lips. You give a deep groan of pleasure and release as you come, and your climax leaves you panting and short of breath.

After a moment, you release my hair, and I give your clit a farewell kiss before pulling away. I rock back onto my haunches – my legs spread wide open, my cunt on full view – and I look up at you, lost in admiration and full of gratitude. You ease your vagina off Stephanie’s sweaty and juice-streaked face, and I can see that her eyes are shining with pleasure and excitement too.

There is a box of tissues in your top desk-drawer, and you gently wipe Steph’s face with one of these, and then with another you dry the sweat on her brow and neck. You hand a couple more to me with the intimate smile of a lover, and I wipe my face and my breasts, being careful around my nipples because they are so swollen and tender from all our fun and games. You kneel down and slip my panties back over my ankles, pulling them up to my hips and then snugly in place, like a squire dressing a knight in armour. It is as thrilling to be dressed by you as it was to be undressed by you, and either you sense this or you like dressing us – perhaps we are like your dolls, as we are definitely your playthings now. You put all our clothes back on for us, first my underwear, cupping my round breasts as you pop them back into my bra cups, then Steph’s, then my shirt and grey uniform skirt, and then the same for Stephanie. We tie our own ties, and with a comb that you lend us we brush our hair, so that it no longer has that just-been-fucked dishevelled appearance. We now look quite respectable and normal teenage schoolgirls – well, we are a bit flushed and bright-eyed, but at our age that could be over anything or anyone, maybe some singer or film star, anyway no one could tell that we have just had our first dildo fucking from a mature woman!

You are getting dressed now too, and I watch with pleasure as you clip your bra together at the back – the motion has a lovely effect of thrusting your breasts right out – and then you scoop up each tit, and slip it back into its bra cup. Your neat white pintuck shirt is next, and then your smart pencil skirt, snug and tight-fitting over your hips, tapering to your knees and just overlapping the top of your boots. You run the comb through your neatly-clipped dark curls, and all three of us smile together – part of the secret sisterhood of lesbians, we are now friends and lovers, although of course no one else must ever suspect a thing. You give each of us a tender kiss on the lips, and tell us to be ready tomorrow – twenty minutes after school gets out, you will pick us up in your car at the corner of Linden Road and Parkdale Avenue, and take us to your house in the suburbs – promising us that ‘I’ll give you both a real good, hard, long fucking!’ Mmmm – we can’t wait!!

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2012-04-14 01:05:19
I read your other teacher student story as well and where I enjoyed them both this one was lighter. The other one I had to go back to three time to finish it where this one i was able to enjoy in one session. You are an amazing writer.

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2012-02-13 12:33:36
Extremely easy by words but in reality�, a lot of things don`t correspond. Not everything is so rosy..!!

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Yet, much is unclear. Could you describe in more details!....

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Somewhere in the Internet I have already read almost the same selection of information, but anyway thanks!!....

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