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I wish that I could tell you I have had sex but I have not so everything in this story is just my desires I don’t really know what I am bi, gay does not matter to me, I’m sixteen, and my name is Michael I have black hair and weigh about 135 I do have a six pack and I all hope all you guys get off on this. This my first story so doesn’t criticize too badly.

The day started like any other summer day. The wrath of the sun was coming down on my poor city Houston to make matters worse I was going to be playing soccer all summer. It was 100 degrease out but because of the humidity it felt hotter and Chris was not making it any easier. He was a new player on the team. He had dirty blond hair with a six pack and he had dark skin with blue eyes and a smile that could make an angle faint. The sight of him would make my blood boil. We have not even said a word to one another but I knew that I wanted to be his friend and maybe a little more. He was great at soccer too. Everyone liked him he was the most popular person on the team. I tripped fell on my face he came to my rescue.

Chris “Are you all right that look like a bad fall”
I tried to stand but that was not a good idea I groaned out in pain.
Me “Ahh I think I twisted my ankle “he reached out to see and said
Chris “Looks like a minor sprain just a little massage and it will be as good as new” he said that with a little gleam in his beautiful blue eyes that I did not understood at the time why
Coach “Someone get him to the locker room” Chris volunteered like the perfect person that he is.
Chris “l’ll take him sir if that is all right with you Michael” I smiled in agreement not able to say a word in this moment had the gods finally answered my prayers.
Chris pick me up with his strong arms that made me just melt and we slowly walked to the lockers. When we finally got there he sat me down and told me

“Your ankle is going to be fine just a day of rest will heal it”

“Thanks for bringing me here not a lot of people would do that I bet I weighed a ton” I said

“ the pleasure was all mine and come on you practically weigh nothing so are there any cool places in this city I have not done anything fun in this city since I moved” said Chris

There was something in his eyes when he said this can he be whatever I am can he really like me I nearly fainted. Then the unexpected happed.

I felt the brush of his lips, lightly at fist, and then my own mouth opened automatically beneath the pressure. His arms slid around me, his hands knotting in my hair, and the kiss stopped being gentle and became fierce, all in one single moment tinder flaring into a blaze. I was scare that someone would come in and see us but it did not matter, I was in the rush the of pleasure coursing through my veins. And then he pulled away, gently disengaging himself, from me and I felt as if something essential hand been torn from me, and I stared in a blank astonishment of what had just happened Chris has just kissed me and I just kissed him back. Then when thing where starting to get good the rest of the team came in. I put a towel over my hard on no one saw it except Chris I limped my way to my locker and Chris came over and told me

“My parents are not going to be at my house tomorrow how about you come over and have a little more fun. Come after school”

I was only able to say “Ahh hu”

“I’ll take that as a yes it’s a date better hope that leg of yours heals by tomorrow because you’re going to be doing more than just standing at my house.”
Sorry guys but I had to start the story somehow and this is it my next is going to have much more sex I promise

It was seven o clocks I knocked on his door the anticipation was getting to me, just thinking what he would do to me or what would I do to him. He answered the door fast and pulled me in closed the door behind him I was already standing on full attention by the sight of him and he knew it.

“Hay babe miss me cuz I just want to eat you up and my parents are going to be out all night so we have the house all to our self’s for the rest of the night” he said then adding when he saw the bulge in my pants.

“Looks like your all ready to play any game that I want”
I did not know what to expect but nothing could prepare me for what happened next he led me to the basement and there I saw the biggest room devoted to sex that I have ever seen.

“You like my toys mike there is only two rules, one I am the master and you shall do whatever I say or you won’t have any fun, and two you are a toy and I shall do what I please with you”

“Now take all your clothes off and let me see you I promised I won’t bite….. HARD”

I stared to get undressed I did not want to show it but this was turning me on, how he was just taking control sent my blood boiling. I was his slave and he was my master.

My parents are coming so cant writers the rest of the story sorry ill finish it maybe if I get good reviews

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