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wrote this for my girlfriend
We were hanging at my house just enjoying ourselves watching movies. Just an average day or so I thought. We were down stairs in the game room, sitting on the couch with hey laying up against my chest. I had my arm around her. We had a comedy on and for me it was hard to focus because every time she laughed her breast would jiggle. Which in turn would make my lower half stiffen. I lightly reached down and pulled a strand of hair from her face. She looked up at me with that cute face she does, I could not resist her anymore. I leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips.

This must have set her off because she grabbed my shirt and pulled me on top of her. Seconds later we were wildly kissing each other and feeling one another up. She started pulling at the edge of my shirt and I sat back on my legs and let her pull it over my head then I pulled hers off and we were back at it. I let my hand slipped under her bra and feel her hard nipple. Then I reached around and undid the clasp on her bra and let it slip away. Once her breasts came into view my mouth clamped down on them. I started sucking on them until she stopped me.

“meet me in your room in five minutes” she quickly got up and went my room. I shut off the movie and took off my pants. When it was time to go I went in to an awesome sight. She was lying on the bed completely naked. I walked straight to her losing my boxers and turning music on in the process. I didn’t want family coming home and hearing us. She got on her knees and we met in a wonderful kiss and embrace. Our tongues wrestled around each others mouth exploring one another. I could feel my hard on pushed up against her belly and I couldn’t wait any longer.

I used my hands which were on her hips to push her back so she was lying on the bed. Then I got on it right next to her my hands slid down her body to her pussy and I slipped to fingers in. She moaned and grabbed on to me I moved in and out of her making her soaking wet then I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth and lightly bit down. Her hands came up to my head and pushed me down into her chest. This invited me to suck and nibble to my hearts content, but the next words made me stop “I cant take it any more please just fuck me” I had no problems with this so I got up and positioned my self between her legs. I looked at her then leaned down to kiss her as soon as our lips touched I plunged in to her. She moaned and bit down on my lips so hard it drew blood. I pulled out most of the way then went right back in slowly building up speed. Soon I had a piston motion going on. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me farther in

I loved the way her womanhood squeezed me to the point of ecstasy. I knew if I kept going at this speed I would be able to make it much longer so I slowed to long hard thrusts inside of her. Her hands slid up my back and then down them probably leaving long marks on my back from her nails. This drove me to the edge. “baby I cant take any more I’m going to cum” I almost screamed “oh me to please at the same time” hearing this I managed a few more thrusts before exploding into her. I slid out and collapsed onto the bed. She slid down my body taking me in her hands and started getting me ready for round two.

Then she did something I thought I would never see her do and she took me into her mouth. I thought I would cum even in my soft state. She swirled her tongue around my dick and started bobbing up and down on it. While she did this I swung her body around so she was on top of me with her pussy right in front of me. With out a warning I plunged right into her licking up all her juices and tasting myself mixed with hers. I was fully erect now and she was still sucking but now she was taking my balls into her hands and squeezing them. I found her little bud and sucked it into my mouth she moaned on my cock sending vibrations up it driving me crazy. She pulled off of me and moved up so she was in a reverse cowgirl and slammed straight down on my cock. She started bouncing up and down slowly getting a rhythm. I sat up partly and took her breast in my hand massaging and pinching her nipples. “ oh god, please harder” not one to not please a girl I applied more strength to my work.

She put her hands backwards on my chest for a better balance so she could get me deeper into her. To aid this I started thrusting up into her. I could feel her about to cum. Her pussy was convulsing and squeezing around me. I tired to think of something else because there was no way I was done with her. She came and practically collapsed on me I rolled her over and propped her up on her hands and knees and continued thrusting into her. She buried her face into the pillows and moaned loudly. After seeing this I knew what I had to do. I took two fingers and wet them with my mouth. I but them to her ass and slowly pushed them forward. I heard her gasp and push back on my hand. I moved in and out of her keeping in rhythm with my hips. I easily brought her off like this.

Once she was ready I pulled out and slid in to her ass. She was so tight I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I did slow thrust to try and last longer but she had other thoughts she pushed back into me and grinded against me each stroke. This easily cut my time in half. And soon I was coming in her we fell down on the bed cuddled up next to each other. The next thing I saw before passing out is her pulling my arm around her.

My dreams were nice they were of her and nothing else. It was pure bliss never could I say that I was in love before those moments sleeping with her in my arms. I knew she was the one and I wouldn’t let anything come between us.

I woke to hearing her curse I looked up she was looking at her phone. My head turned to the clock and it read two in the morning “fuck it” she said and laid her head back down that’s when I noticed that I was still inside of her. I pulled out of her and got up “come on lets get a shower” she smiled “ okay” we got up and I lead her by hand to the shower. When we got in there we decided to soap each other up. We started messing around her making fake beards on me. I splashed her with some water and she turned away from me rinsing her hair out. I reached around her and took her breast into my hand and pulled her back into me. She ground her hips against me easily making me hard. I took some soap and lubed myself up and put it to her pussy. With her breast still in my hands I pulled her against me thrusting inside her. Soon we finished up and went back out into the game room watched the rest of the movie. After the movie we got something to eat then went back to sleep dreaming about each other.

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2013-03-26 18:27:51
why is this labeled interracial?

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