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Hey, my first story. Based on true people and events, just changed the names up a bit. Starts out slow, but then gets better, I promise. Just a side note, I don't swear or cuss or whatever you want to call it in my stories. If this story gets good ratings, I'll write another. So, enjoy!
“Evan honey, we’re leaving! We’ll see you in a couple of days okay?” My mom shouted from down the hall
“Alright mom, see you when you get back,” I shouted, trying to be heard over the din of the shower running. My dad shouted goodbye and I heard a door open and shut. My parents were going on a business trip for their company, VZI Industries. I had no clue what the company did and didn’t really care either. All I knew was that they were going to be gone for a whole week, leaving me in charge of the house.
After letting the water run over my body for a few more minutes I shut off the water and stepped out of the shower. I grabbed a towel from the towel rack next to the shower door and started toweling myself off. I finished drying myself off and looked at myself in the mirror. I stood about 6 feet 2 inches tall, extremely tall for my age of 14. I had brown hair and brown eyes, a six pack and a natural tan from my time playing various sports and doing my summer job working down at the docks. I had an 8 inch dick, when fully erect and, like my height, huge for my age.
I knew quite a bit about sex from reading sex stories online and watching the occasional porno flick, but had never had sex with anyone. I walked to my room and threw on my usual dress, a white t-shirt with khaki cargo shorts. Summers in Nevada get really hot and this was the only thing that I could ever get comfortable in. I left my room and slid down the stair rail to the main floor and headed to my favorite room in the house, the kitchen. I made myself a sandwich and poured myself a glass of milk. I was about halfway through my sandwich when I heard a knock at the door.
“Dangit, can’t I just eat in peace?” I mumbled to myself as I went to answer the door. I opened to door to see my friend Kailee standing there. Kailee and I had been friends ever since we were born. She was just a month younger than I, and when we were younger we would often share parties. Our moms were friends when they were little, so naturally we would be friends too. Kailee was about 5 feet 8 inches tall with brown hair, blue eyes and one of the most perfect tans on earth. Super long legs and a super tight butt at the top covered in khaki shorts, not unlike mine, and a tan tank top. With what I guessed was a large A or small B cup breasts, she was a knockout. I stopped letting my mind wander long enough to let her into my house. I started heading toward the kitchen and decided to strike up a conversation. “So, what’s up Kailee?” I asked.
“Not much, just bored. My parents went out shopping with my little brother and left me alone so I thought I’d come over here.”
“Oh, cool. My parents just left for that business trip thing,” by now we had reached the kitchen and I had started attacking my sandwich. I saw her watching me, and, feeling like a jerk I asked her if she wanted something to eat.
“Nah,” she replied. “I just ate.”
“Okay.” I kept eating, noticing that she watched me the whole time. Feeling uncomfortable, I quickly finished my sandwich and suggested we do something. After debating back and forth for awhile we decided to watch a movie. We went to the family room where she plopped down onto the couch while I went over to the movie cabinet and started naming off movies we could watch. We agreed on one and I threw it in the DVD player and started it up. I walked over to the couch and threw her legs off of the couch so I could sit down. The movie started and, complaining that she couldn’t get comfortable, tossed and turned around for awhile before she found a comfortable position, with her head in my lap and her feet dangling off the end of the couch. I noticed right away that this gave me a good view down her shirt where I could see pink and white polka-dotted bra. I started to get a boner, but if she noticed she didn’t say anything. I tried to ignore it and watch the movie for a minute, but I kept getting drawn back to her bra and fantasizing what was underneath it. She then shifted her position a little bit and her bra moved up to expose a tiny bit of nipple. That was it, I had a raging hardon and was sure she could feel it pushing against her head. I squirmed a bit, trying to find a way to make it so my erect member would be less noticeable. Apparently I failed because she began to giggle.
“What’s so funny?” I asked, already knowing the answer. She sat up and poked my crotch almost making me cum right then and there.
“I think you know what,” she said with a sly grin. “I’m making you hard aren’t I?” She giggled again. “We’ll have to do something about that.” Then, with another grin she got off of the couch and yanked my pants and boxers off leaving my erect member standing proudly up in the air. “Wow,” she said as she looked at my boner “It’s huge! How big is it?” I grinned and proudly said eight inches. She whistled, got down on her knees and started rubbing it. I let out a moan and she stopped.
“Did I hurt you?” I shook my head no.
“No, it just feels so good!”
“Okay then,” and again started rubbing my cock all over with one hand while the other was down her pants, fingering herself. I started to leak precum and she started pumping faster and faster. I felt a sensation in my balls and knew I was about to cum. Then, I couldn’t hold back any longer
“I’m cummmmming!!!!” I shouted. I erupted, shooting 4 or 5 ropes of sticky cum all over her face, chest and hair. My head rolled back and I almost blacked out from the orgasm. I mustered up enough strength to lift up my head and look at Kailee. She smiled at me.
“Okay Evan. Your turn!” She stood up and started stripping. She took off her tank top first exposing her flat, tan toned stomach and her bra. She then reached behind her back and undid the bra. Time seemed to slow down as I watched the bra fall away from her young, pert body exposing the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. They were perfect sized, the kind that you can fit the entire breast in one hand. I then noticed that no tan lines showed on her boobs, so I ventured a guess that she sun tanned naked quite often. My dick, which had gone soft after the mind blowing orgasm, was hard as a rock and ready for action. She continued to strip, taking off her shorts to expose pink and white panties that matched her bra. Kailee looked at me, then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slid them off her body. I took my first look at a real, live pussy. I was right to assume that she tanned naked, as there were no tan lines here either. She was completely shaved, without protruding inner lips, the kind of pussy I loved. She was also soaking wet. I turned her on! I laughed to myself and then took a minute looking up and down her body, admiring the view. She truly was perfect.
“C’mon Evan! I need to get off!”
“Okay,” I said “Lay down.” Kailee laid down on the carpet. I slid off of the couch and crawled over to her. She spread her legs as I approached. I stuck my head in between her legs and smelled her scent. Her scent wasn’t musky like I’d read about. Instead it smelt amazing, it reminded me of flowers. I inhaled deeply and then started licking up and down her pussy slit. Slowly at first, then I started to speed up. Her breathing started getting faster and she let out a loud moan and started running her fingers through my hair. Taking that as encouragement, I started to finger her warm, wet, tight pussy with two fingers while I played with her perfect tits with my other hand. Soon her breath was coming more and more quickly and in raggedy gasps followed by loud moans. I knew she was close to cumming, so I doubled my efforts, licking faster and fingering her faster. She tensed up, pulling my head against her pussy and clamping her legs down on me.
“I’m cuuuummmmmmiiiiiinnnnnngggg!!!!” She screamed as pussy juices flooded my mouth and face. She went limp and let me out of her stranglehold, her still breathing really heavily. I crawled up to where her face was and cupped her cheek with my hand.
“I love you,” I whispered.
“I love you too,” She replied. She rested her head on my shoulder and I kissed the top of her head. And that’s how we fell asleep, lying on the floor in each other’s arms, faces soaked in cum.

Maybe a Part Two, if the ratings are good on this one. I'm super big on spelling, punctuation grammar etc, so if you find anything wrong let me know. Remember, this is my first story and I know you can’t comment, so you can PM me with advice on how to fix this story and improve future ones.

Welcome to your Final Ending

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2012-11-03 13:58:58
Shaved pussy, you flunked.

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2012-04-30 21:53:35
Need to add more detail and lenght

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2011-04-04 22:57:58
Story isn't bad but if you want to make them better don't put in measurements or exact diions. It's more fun if we can imagine ourselves and our perfect girl.


2010-04-11 19:57:03
Mmmm i liked the story. I almost cum myself when he was telling about the sent and smell of her pussy. All yound girls from age eight up tp about fifteen all have the same sexy smell. Nothing in the world turns me on more then the smell of young pussy. Excellent story, lets get on to part 2

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