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Marendallas Apartments, Gold Coast, Queensland.

The sun beat down on my shoulders as I jogged on the spot warming up my muscles. A young man sat on a recliner by the pool staring openly at my tanned legs.
“Can I help you?”
He looked up at me his grin faltered by my expression.
“Um nah.”
I stuck my Bluetooth device in my ear and began my jog down the tree-shrouded footpath to the outside of the hotel.
“You have 3 messages” the electronic voice buzzed in my ear.
“Message one received today at 7.20 am”
“Hi angel its your mother…”
I zoned out and concentrated on my breathing as I turned down the well-worn track towards the beach.
“Second message” The voice continued. “Received today at 7.05 am”
“Katie its Alex you have to call me right away Its James he’s escaped from home detention you need to get somewhere safe right now. Please Katie you know it’s you he’s after I couldn’t stand it if anything happened to you. Please oh my god Katie just call me as soon as you get this.”
From the first words my heart had frozen in my chest and my legs locked me in place. People walking by gave me dirty looks as they tried to walk around me.
I struggled to breathe as my head tried to get around this information.
My ex fianc?ames Marshall had been in jail for the past 4 years before being released to the strictest home detention for what was supposed to be another 2 years. The reason for imprisonment? Sexual and physical domestic abuse.
“Third message” The voice continued. “Received today at 5.40 am”
A chill ran down my back as I recognized the voice on the end of the line.
“Katie pie.” The cold voice said. “You there baby? I’ve been thinking about you everyday. Every single day you had me rotting in that cell you were on my mind baby cakes. But don’t worry I’m out now and Ill see you very soon. In fact I just touched down at Brisbane airport.” His cold laugh ran through the phone and his voice changed. “Are you scared? You should be you little bitch cos when I get to you your guna wish you were never born”
I sagged against the wall as the message ended.
“Are you alright?” a stranger asked his face contorted with concern.
“Don’t touch me!” I shrieked batting away his outstretched hand.
“Fuck lady calm down”
But I was already gone running as fast as I could back towards the apartment.
“Alex its me I got your message I’m going back to the apartment to get some stuff then Ill come down to the station. Please call me back as soon as you get this. I’m scared.”
I pounded through reception and bashed my hand against the elevator button.
The elevator dinged and I jumped in. Shit shit shit why was this happening to me. I looked at myself in the mirror. My blue eyes stared back at me, frightened underneath my long dark messy hair. What was I going to do?
The elevator dinged again and I got out running silently down the hall. I paused at the door and put my ear to it.
I couldn’t hear anything so I carefully swiped the door key and tiptoed into the apartment.
I froze as there was a thud behind me and I turned slowly.
“Hey Katie Pie.” The voice from the message said as the owner stepped from the shadows in front of the door.
I whimpered and stumbled backwards over the coffee table.
He grinned at me, his eyes small mean slits in his tanned face as he approached me.
“How have you been baby? Me, I haven’t been so good. I’ve been hearing all sorts of shit while I was inside. Stuff like my girl getting with a cop. What’s all that about?”
His face suddenly turned hard as he leaned in and grabbed me by my singlet, wrenching me to his face.
“What the fuck is that about?”
“I’m not your girl.” I whispered wildly scrambling at his fingers.
His face contorted as he lifted me up and slammed me against the window, pinning me with his body.
“You are my girl you fucking bitch.”
Then he released his fingers and clenched my hands pinning them with one of his above my head.
“Please don’t James please can we just talk?” I asked uselessly, struggling under his weight.
“What makes you think I wana talk? 4 years and no visits can leave a man very lonely hon.” He sighed longingly and ran his other hand down over my breasts and stomach down between my legs. “Fuck Katie do you know how much I’ve been thinking about you… And your body?”
“Get the fuck off me!” I screamed flinching away from his intruding hands. “Don’t touch me you sick fuck!”
He bared his teeth angrily and shoved his mouth over mine ramming his tongue between my teeth while his other hand started pulling my shorts down my legs.
I screamed around his tongue and frantically tried to push him off me to no avail. My tiny 5’6” frame was no opponent to his 6 feet 3 inches of strong muscle.
He laughed around mouth and picked me up off the wall one had under my arse the other holding the back of my head.
“Where’s the bedroom baby?” he asked mockingly as he headed towards it.
“Let go of me you arsehole!” I shrieked bashing my fists against his head and chest “Help me! Help memfff-“
My mouth was suddenly covered with his big hand as he flung us onto the bed, me trapped underneath.
“Shut your mouth you stupid bitch.” He said uncaringly, pulling handcuffs out of his pocket.
“Fuck you, you fucking cunt your not going to get away with this the cops will be over here any minute.” I said triumphantly as he clicked the handcuffs around my wrists behind the bedpost.
He laughed and leaned forward. “Is that so? I sent some of my boys over to your pig boyfriend’s house. So Id be careful what you say to me.”
“No.” I said shaking my head fearfully.
“Yes.” He nodded gleefully. “Its just you and me Katie Pie all day long.”
“No!” I started to scream again but he covered my mouth in masking tape.
I shook my head at him as he loomed over me tears spilling from my eyes.
His face turned hard again.
“If your guna fuck a pig I’ll treat you like a dog.”
He suddenly flipped me over, my wrists twisting against the handcuffs as I was suddenly on my stomach.
His hands slowly pulled down my shorts and panties as I thrashed around before he lay on my legs to keep them down.
My breath quickened and my eyes misted with tears as I felt his tongue on my ass cheek slowly circling closer and closer to the hole.
“I remember you used to like this baby. You never let me do anything else though. Maybe we can try something new today.” I felt his warm tongue probing my arse hole and I tried uselessly to move away.
“Mmm it tastes just like I remember it.” He continued pushing his tongue in and out against my tight hole before lifting my stomach up with his hand and flicking my clit.
I flinched reflexively and moaned in fear.
“Yea you like that don’t you, you little bitch.” He snarled moving up to my ear.
He flipped me back over and ripped my singlet off exposing my boobs in their flimsy bra.
“Fuck yea there just as good as I remember too.” He said and lent his head down to suck on my nipple. He wet the first two fingers on his hand and ripped my legs apart before shoving them up inside me.
I arched my back and tried to get away from him but he started pumping them in and out of me his mouth back on my nipple.
I screamed and screamed underneath the tape but he didn’t stop.
“I know you like it baby you used to beg me to do this.”
His other hand swiftly ripped the tape off my mouth.
“Beg me to finger fuck you. Beg me you whore do it.”
“No” I cried “Please stop James please.”
His hand whipped up and slapped me across the face.
“Beg me you stupid bitch.”
His eyes wild he slapped me again.
“Do it!” He roared.
My eyes were filled with tears and my cheek stung from the blows.
“Call me baby Katie Pie.”
“Please baby... finger fuck me.”
He threw his head back and laughed.
“Yes sweetness Ill do more then that.”
He head moved down and his mouth was on my clit twirling in warm, wet circles while his fingers moved furiously in and out of me as I sobbed.
Then his head moved lower and he lifted my legs up as he ran his tongue up and up down over my arsehole, slit and clit.
“I want you to cum baby cakes.” He whispered his breath hot against my clit which was swollen from the attention.
“I cant.” I said my voice came out strangled.
He bit down on one of my lips causing me to cry out.
“Just fucking cum!” He snarled licking me out furiously.
“I cant!” I cried, “Please I can’t baby.” I added.
He sighed angrily and sat up.
“Fucking bitch cant even cum. How long was I in prison you stupid bitch? I’m guna make you cum for every day I was in there.”
I eyed him fearfully as he pulled down his pants exposing his erect, throbbing member.
“You hungry Katie?” He asked smiling crazily.
I shook my head. “No baby I don’t want- James please”
But he grabbed my chin and forced my head up, rubbing it against his dick and balls.
“Suck me Katie. I want to come all over your tits. Do it or Ill call my boys and you can say laters to the pig.”
“No!” I gasped and he shoved his dick into my mouth. I gagged around its length and tried in vain to pull away.
He grabbed my head and forced it down further. My eyes bulged and I started to bite down.
“This little piggy went to the market...” James began to sing as he started moving my head up and down his dick.
My heart sank in my chest and tears streamed from my eyes as I gave in letting him mouth fuck me with his dick.
“Uhh yea.” He groaned “Lick my balls Katie, taste them.”
He lifted his dick up and pushed my face into his balls. I gagged as I inhaled the musty sent and flicked my tongue up and down over them causing him to groan. I hated him so much but even more I hated myself. I should be stronger then this.
He moved my head back onto his dick and forced it down his throat. I concentrated on trying to breathe through my nose every time he pulled out a little. I knew he wouldn’t care if I choked to death.
As if sensing my thoughts he leaned forward and trapped my head between his pelvis and the bed frame, humping my face. I gagged on his dick and struggled to draw breath. Just when I thought I was going to pass out he pulled his dick out from my mouth and let me slump against the bed frame.
“Hey” he said slapping my face “Wake up sweet cheeks were just getting started.”
He flipped me over back onto my stomach making me shriek with pain as my wrists grated against the handcuffs.
“Shhh Katie or I’ll put something back in there to shut you up.”
“Please, I said groggily “I’ve got money you can have.”
“What the fuck!” He snarled wrapping one hand round my throat the other reaching down to pinch my clit. “I don’t want money you useless slut.”
I cried out with pain which only seemed to make him more angry.
“Shut the fuck up I’m sick of your whinging cant a man just fuck his girl for fuck sake?”
With one strong arm wrapped around my throat he heaved me up so that my body pressed against his and leant against me onto the bed frame. All the while his other hand rubbed my clit and fingered me roughly, rubbing my arsehole every now and then. I felt something push against my opening and tensed up automatically.
“A dick in your arse shouldn’t be too much for a dirty bitch like you.” He hissed.
“No!” I cried thrashing against him.
He laughed “Why, hasn’t your pig been in there yet?”
I began sobbing.
“Shut the fuck up.” He said wrapping the handcuffs around the bed frame.
I tried to stifle my sobs as he grabbed a pillow, shoving it under me.
I felt so exposed with my arse in the air. I felt his fingers on my ass and I automatically clenched up. He roughly squeezed my ass cheek causing me to cry out.
“Just relax.” He said before his tongue slowly licked over my puckered hole.
I felt his tongue stiffen up as he forced it inside me all the while rubbing my clit.
“Mmm you taste so sweet Katie.”
He straightened up and I felt his dick against my hole.
“Nooo Please, please, please,” I cried. “Please James. Please don’t you cant.”
“Ill do whatever the fuck I want Katie Pie.”
With that he pushed his dick slowly into my asshole. It felt so big and I knew it was going to hurt.
He suddenly pushed forward with all his weight slamming it into me. I screamed and screamed at the pain. It felt like nothing Id ever had before like I was literally ripped open. My mind was reeling and I couldn’t concentrate on anything except for the constant pressure and immense pain in my ass. He powered away grunting and moaning as he held onto my waist.
“Oh god Katie your so tight. I’m guna cum shit I’m guna cum.” He let out a slow moan and jerked around as he came in my ass.
I sobbed quietly as he collapsed on top of me.
“Phew that was great. How you feeling? Not very good I guess.” He snickered and rolled off me pulling his limp member from my ass.
“You should get cleaned up. I’ve got more planned with you.”
He clambered over me to the bedpost and turned the key in the lock of the handcuffs.
“Ill let you have a shower Katie Pie then we can try that again a bit later.”
I curled up into a ball clenching my ass cheeks. It felt like there was something still inside although I knew it wasn’t. It was just my arsehole being stretched so bad. The cum slowly drizzled out onto the bedspread.
“Come on.” He said, heaving me up.
The shower was one of those big open ones with no curtain just a hole in the floor. He set me down on the floor and began running water. It hit me cold at first then started to warm up.
“Come here baby.” He said pulling me to him. We sat on the floor and the warm water ran down our bodies as he held me close.
“I missed you so much.” He said and then his mouth was on mine, tounge forcing its way around my mouth. I tried to push him away but he grabbed one arm and trapped the other underneath me as he lay on top of me.
I jerked around trying to push him off me but he was too heavy.
His free hand moved down between my legs and roughly began pushing in and out of my pussy. The skin by my arse burned as his hand rubbed against it every time he moved inside of me.
Gathering my strength I heaved with all my might and he fell to the side on the cold tiles. I rolled onto my stomach and kicked him in the chest as hard as I could.
He let out a huge whoosh of air and clutched instinctively at his chest as I frantically crawled away.
“Fuckin bitch.” He spluttered clawing at my feet. I kicked out again then staggered upwards and half limped- half ran as fast as my sore ass would let me towards the front of the apartment.
I heard a crash behind me and then the air was knocked out of me as he tackled me to the ground. I tried to crawl away again but he grabbed me by the hips and pulled me towards him.
“No!. “I screamed bucking wildly “Get the fuck off me!”
“You fucking Bitch!” He roared wildly trying to grab my slippery body from under him. His hand reached into my wet air and he staggered backwards pulling me with him. I shrieked with pain as I felt a huge clump be pulled out .
“Im guna fucking teach you a lesson.” He screamed as he dragged me onto the couch. He pulled me around and punched me in the stomach. I doubled over in pain and wheezed wildly. His hand suddenly slapped me in the face then he had both hands around by throat pushing me into the couch.
I could feel my face going red as I frantically hit at his arms. His face was contorted in rage as he pushed me deeper into the now wet leather. Just as my vision was starting to go dark he let go and pushed his half erect member into my mouth pumping wildly. I breathed erratically around it my body weak from exhaustion. I could feel it getting harder and harder in my mouth until he pulled it out and flipped me over so my boobs and head hung over the side of the couch. He twisted my nipples making me hoarsely cry out in pain.
“Yea that’s right you fucking slut I’m guna give you the hardest fuck you’ve ever had in your life.”
He pushed his dick into my pussy and thrusted as hard as he could. My body lifted up further up the couch so he leant on my back to keep me from moving. I sobbed and sobbed my voice wheezing from his weight and jerking each time he powered into me.
“Uhh.” He groaned his thrusts becoming harder still “Yea, yea, yea, fuck yea.”
Finally he came inside me and rolled off onto the floor.
“Phew that’s hard work. I think my boy needs a break.”
He stood up and dragged me back into the bedroom before handcuffing my hands behind my back at the foot of the bed. It was an awkward position. I couldn’t sit down because my wrists were tied too high but I wouldn’t be able to kneel for too long without my knees becoming sore.
He grabbed me roughly by the back of my head and pulled my face into his crotch. He pushed his limp, cum covered dick into my mouth.
“Lick it clean bitch.” He demanded. Too tired to fight I obediently licked his dick clean the he lifted it up and pushed my mouth onto his balls. I licked them clean too while he moaned then he roughly pushed me away.
“I’m going to sleep now but I’m going to tie up that pretty mouth of yours since its not good for anything else.”
He pulled one of my long summer scarfs from off the door handle and wrapped it round my head, across my mouth so I was effectively gagged.
He stood back and admired me.
“Ahh that’s better.”
He then flicked the light off and climbed into bed.
I cried silently and knew that once he awoke it would begin all over again and it would be worse then before.



2013-11-20 23:59:21
So fucking good! Thank you for the many orgasms.

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2011-02-17 04:14:55
Fuck me that was so good. One of the best forced violent rape stories on here. Congrats. Pls add new chapter or something. She needs to be violated by him more lol loved it x

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Wow, I really liked it! Couldn't put it down.. I need a second! maybe the boyfriend comes and saves her... hehe

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