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She screamed and sobbed for a moment before he threw her head down and gripped her hips with both hands, her body exhausted and weak he shoved her ass back down into his cock, groaning and moaning evilly as he rammed his cock inside her like a jackhammer until he was fully pleased.
Forced Lust Blinding
This story was written with the thought of quick arousal.
I haven't written stories in awhile, so bear with me please.
Nonetheless ~ Enjoy :]

Rape - Piss - Abuse - Slavery - Humiliation - Binding/Bondage - Gagging - Throatfucking - Anal

Hint: If you want to find the sex parts, look for this *

"No! Please!" The shrilling scream of a frantic mother echoed throughout the small wooden home. A woman in rags cried helplessly as she was knocked down to the floor, her body shoved and held down as armed soldiers burst into her home and raided the poor shack. The sound of cracking wood exploded as another high pitched scream was heard, and the mother wailed in protest.

In the exposed bedroom a young girl flailed on the furs that were her bed. She was frantically thrashing her body as two large men grappled her, one grabbing her thin arms while the other secured her kicking legs. The girl wide eyed soon felt the horrid cold of her room as a third soldier ripped and tore her night gown, her two large breasts bouncing as her tiny pink nipples hardened against the cold. Her body jolted and she tried doubling over as they stretched her out, keeping her still mid air at their waist level as the third assessed her. The girl now crying was begging mercy, her eyes a dull grey. Her hair ruffled and strewn across her face was black and short.

The mother hearing her poor child’s cries crawled to the fourth soldier, clinging to his leathers and begging him to give her more time.
"Please! She is blind; she cannot be of use to you! Please give me more time! My husband has passed away, it is hard for us too--" the woman barely finished as the soldier shoved her away, his mind was busy thinking of the young supple girl they had just acquired, and he could care less for the sob story.

~Forced Lust: Blinded~ Part 1

As four soldiers emerged from the small wooden shack the woman and girl called a home, the sands of the desert blew wildly. A fifth soldier awaited with the horses outside and grinned as he saw his comrades emerging with the squirming girl, her crying and screaming were irritating none the less.

"Why isn't the bitch bound yet?" the fifth asked, bringing the five horses closer to the men.

"Bleh haven't had a chance, the old hag was driven me mad, too much squawking from em both!" The fourth, whom was the leader turned to the crying girl who had still not stopped wailing, he growled and strided to her, the men holding her moving slightly as the fourth came and slapped the girl with the back of his armed hand. The metal gauntlet he wore scratched her face, literally snapping her face to the side as she was silenced instantly. He laughed and finally looked down to her, to fully see her displayed.

She appeared to be a girl of roughly eighteen years; her skin was a creamy white color, contrasting with her jet black hair that reached just past her shoulders. Her lips were a bright pink, thick and perfect for sucking he thought. She had large breasts for her age, big and full with cute tiny nipples. Her body was petite she appeared to be at least five feet, and had a small waist but a large hips. He moved his hand and motioned for the two men holding her by her arms to turn her; they did. He now looked down her back, a perfect set of bubbly and perky ass cheeks were displayed before him, he threw his head back and laughed, leaning down a bit and smacking her ass hard enough for her to throw her head and shoulders back with a howl.

"She's perfect, let's get on already, a storms coming and I isn’t back trackin if we get lost, I wanna fuck that little beast as soon as I can, let's get going." The fourth said, as the other men laughed, grinning as they too looked to the girl, whom they failed to notice, was blind. As they bound her wrists and ankles they threw her like a hog on the back of the leader’s steed. Then tying a rope from her wrists to under the horse to her feet, as she was on her belly for the long journey, her crying soft as she felt the horse buckle and the sounds of the hooves get loud as they all departed.

Vero was the leader, the fourth guard. And he laughed as he and his comrades raced across the barren desert, trying to get ahead of the storm, he rode easily and proudly as he kept the girl tied in front of him, her body was shoved against his knees. Making each gallop of the horse painful for her as his knees hit against her body. He kept it this way to weaken her before they would take her, a common prize for soldiers before they delivered her to the customer. As he rode ahead he kept one hand on the reign the other he now began feeling her body, it aroused him as he felt her squirm and began to cry, his hand caressed her tiny waist and then her bubbly ass, that jiggled with each gallop, he squeezed and groped them, making his rigid member throb.

The men whom wore desert apparel removed their face scarves, as they reached a small town, here they would wait out the storm.

"Please! I do not speak well, I cannot see please tell me where is my mother please! We have done nothing wrong!" the girl wailed, as she was thrown naked inside a cold stone room, the men slammed the door shut, as they walked out and left Vero alone with their prisoner. He walked to her and slapped her harder than the first time, throwing her body down as she was silenced again.

"Listen girl, we do not know your debt with the landlord. But it has not been paid, and your family in debt has taken you as say, collateral until it is paid. You are no longer a girl. And you will come to realize this, you are property. A beast, you are lower than the steed I ride on, and even lower than the dirt I walk on. You have no rights and will obey every command you are told." As he said this he tossed off the heavy metal armor that he wore over his chest. Yanking off the sashes around his waist, his tunic was next off as his toned and sculpted chest with scars heaved, his growing lusts were driving him mad, the girl was a picture of perfection of what every man wanted, and she was obviously vulnerable, helpless and weak. Every single turn on that drove a man to abuse such a fine body.
He strided to her and yanked a handful of her hair, turning her face upward as he yelled to her, "Remove my leathers beast! NOW!"

The girl trembling frantically felt over his lower body, over his thighs and knees then up again to his thighs and inner thighs as she yanked her shaking hands away, screaming as she tried pulling away. He laughed mockingly as he knew she had felt his throbbing cock, it was rock hard and throbbing like a piston waiting to pump inside her, he grabbed her jaw with one hand and used his other to grip her skull ontop, shoving her face straight into his groin, her screams quickly muffled as he laughed madly, bucking his hips as he smashed his rigid cock against her delicate blind face, making her inhale the musk and sweat from his leathers and groin as he smeared her face more over it and threw her back hard.

He watched her scrambled backwards as she yelled for help, feeling blindly around he simply laughed at her. He undid his leathers sash as his pants dropped to the ground, his rock hard cock twitching as it sprang up. He walked evilly towards her, taking long strides as she kept crawling away he leaned down and snatched her ankle, dragging her towards him as he heard her cream and her nails tried clinging to the ground.

*The girls hips squirmed, as the Veros large hands ran over her ass and up her hips to her waist, he pinched into her waist with a vice grip as his other hand shot forward and reigned her hair; he dropped to his knees behind her as she was on all fours, she was his. He laughed as she cried and screamed, he scooted up, rubbing the large bulbous head of his cock against the tiny puckered hole of her ass, he enjoyed her pain more than anything else, and from the tightness of her asshole he knew she would give him the most.

With a malicious laughter and a merciless thrust, Vero shoved his eight inch cock painfully into the girls ass, her body going into shock as she jolted and shrieked like an animal, her blind grey eyes crying as she couldn’t see a single thing. All she felt was the pole like cock shoving inside her ass. He laughed as she yanked her hair, pulling her head back as he began ass fucking her painfully, he leaned over whispering mockingly into her, the blind cock hungry slut. He fucked her harder with each stroke, spitting down to her ass to lubricate it as her large breasts bounced back and forth to each stallion thrust.

every time she tried to lean her chest down, he pulled his cock fully out, then rammed her painfully until the base of his cock, stretching her ass until he groaned loudly and cum erupted from his cock, flooding her ass as it gushed out when he pulled out. She screamed and sobbed for a moment before he threw her head down and gripped her hips with both hands, her body exhausted and weak he shoved her ass back down into his cock, groaning and moaning evilly as he rammed his cock inside her like a jackhammer until he was fully pleased.

He pulled out a final time as he watched his thick cum flow from her ass, he grinned and chuckled, slapping her ass cheek and bellowing as she crawled away, laughing at the stupid girl. “I told you you were a beast girl, look how it is in your nature. Just like my horse when I no longer need it I smack it and goes, I smack you and you go. It is your nature, man's bitch ha-ha!" Vero stood up, he she would learn, was one of her painful Masters. She crawled to a corner barely, she used her arms and elbows to drag herself to a corner, her hips hurt just to move a bit. She heard him redress and pick up his armor, turning his back to her and walking away she felt relieved for but a second, until she heard the steps of another soldier simply enter as Vero walked out.

"You'll enjoy that beast alright Mik ha-ha!" And Vero was gone, just to be replaced by Mik. And the sound of the slamming doors shackles made her body freeze, it was silent. Then the sound of metal unclasping and armor falling, clothes moving and being removed. She began begging, pleading, crawling farther and farther away to a corner, frantic as certainly couldn't take anymore.
"Shut up bitch, I'll gag ya real quick aight, don' got no time fer ya blabbin'." And with that Mik went forward, he barely thought of her as a human. He simply grabbed her hair like you would a common utensil, simply to be used for its purpose, with no other thought in mind. Unlike Vero, Mik wasn't one for watching her squirm, he grabbed the ropes she had been tied with earlier and bound her wrists behind her back. He threw her down to the floor so her face was shoved to the dirty sandy floor and shoved a rope ball into her mouth. Her screams muffled while he shoved the girls legs wide open, exposing her hairless pussy and still dripping cum ass. He laughed as he saw Veros work and slapped her ass, groping her ass painfully rough as he heard her cry and whine with the rope ball he began to work.

Fucking her like a ragdoll he thrust into her without mercy, his cock just as long but thicker, it was literally the size of a fist, painful that it made her ass bleed; he fucked her in muffled silence except for his own groans. He leaned forward to her ear,
"All your going to hear is the sound of my pleasure beast, that is what you will learn to obey and serve, and the sound of ma balls slappin yer worthless ass ha-ha!" Mik shoved painfully inside her quickly filled her hole with precum. He began to bore of her ass and stood up, still fully erect and throbbing as he hooked his fingers around the rope around her wrists and dragged her harshly to a wooden table; he hoisted her up from the arm tie and threw her on the table.

He smiled as he saw the young girl’s face, her blind eyes crying, and her face dirty with sand and a rope ball shoved inside her drooling mouth. He knew she had no idea, the bitch was blind of course, he sighed as he held his cock in front of her and she screeched like an owl.

Hot streaming piss was splashing onto her face, and he was looking down to her, laughing in pleasure, "Just cleanin' ya face beast, ya got some sand on there hahaha!" His piss streamed over her squirming face as it cleared the sand off, the bubbles of piss piling near the rope ball of her mouth he used his free hand to grab her jaw forcefully, making her face be still as he dropped his thick cock on her face while he yanked the ball out with his other hand, then pushing his hips up he dragged his cock and balls up her face, coating her face and spreading his piss while he thrusted violently into her open mouth, piss gushing and squirting from her mouth as he began fucking her throat while he pissed.

The slave girl was on her back on a low table with the soldier throat fucking her mouth, he finished pissing inside her mouth and made her swallow by blocking her nose and mouth, she nearly vomited but didn't and he laughed, swatting her tits as he praised the blind slut. He then grabbed her neck with both hands as he began seriously pumping into her throat, her neck bulged, his cocks size could be seen from her throat going in and out, her gurgling throat bubbling yellow piss as he fucked her mercilessly, laughing while he squatted and grinded his ball sack over her eyes.

"Ha-ha can you see my balls slut? Oh no you be blind isn’t ya girl? Well you can feel them now ha-ha!" He groaned and continued to fuck the girls throat for another hour, the girl felt her air almost gone as he was forcing her to deep throat him. He then squeezed her throat, choking her as his hips tensed and he came, exploding his climax he pumped cum into her clogged throat, she gagged and spurted cum from her mouth as it dribbled down her face with her tears, he laughed as he pulled his cock out and looked at his work. The girl was trembling on the table on her back, her head dangling off the edge and her face glazed like a donut with his cum and her tears, he laughed and shoved his cocks head over her eyes, as she whimpered and cried out begging, closing her eyes as he spilled cum over them then shoved a final time into her throat, he squeezed her neck an began choking her.

Bucking his hips against her face his balls slapped her face, the sound loud and wet as the back of her head hit the back of the table, his cock clogging her throat as she cried out and blacked out. Mik pulled his cock out and laughed, his cock made her pass out, he shrugged, his cock flopped and was well pleasure he dressed up and went to the door, leaving the cum covered girl passed out on the table.

As Mik walked out, the first soldier entered, "Ha-ha good luck tryin' to wake tha bitch up Lue, she canta handle the beast ha-ha! Pathetic beast indeed, we've done better."

Lue, the first soldier raised a brow as Mik left and said it, he simply shrugged and shut the door, unhooking his metal amour and his tunic, walking to the table with one hard push he shoved the girl’s body to the floor,. Her body fell hard on the floor and she moved slightly, a groan bubbling from her throat as he looked to her at his feet with cum dripping from her mouth and ass.

"Well then, let's wake her up." He dropped his pants, his throbbing cock already dripping precum down his pulsing nine inches.


2015-02-10 06:46:54
Well on Feb 9th this seems a tad to brutal. Then in this 21st Century we have the Hells Angels & Mongols who act just as heartless. I did hear it once that " there is nothing new under the Sun. "

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