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Ch. 9/15
Without much protest, the little boy rolled over onto his stomach
when guided. This placed the boy's mouth directly onto Jimmy's
groin. As Jimmy ran his hands over the boy's buttocks, admiring
their shape, firmness, and beauty, he felt first a hot breath, and
then a wetness against his cock. Only seconds longer and he felt
himself being sucked into the boy's mouth.

The little boy was well trained. When his mouth ended up
anywhere near a penis he sucked. He took about half of Jimmy's
length into his mouth, and then as he wet it down with his saliva,
he lowered his head further until his lips met the boy's pubes.
Jimmy shuttered with pleasure. Twice in two days youngsters had
swallowed his cock as if it were nothing.

As Jimmy continued to stroke the little boy's buttocks, the boy
increased his sucking motions, until his head was visibly bobbing
up and down in the older boy's lap. Jimmy parted the boy's
buttocks, and instead of the usual tight little opening that he had
witnessed on the younger monkey, and had hoped for on this
boy, he saw a small hole appear, which began to widen by itself.
Jimmy wet one of his fingers and placed it up against the boy's
now gaping hole. Jimmy's finger was sucked into the boy's
rectum as if it were a vacuum cleaner.

While the little boy sucked Jimmy's dick, Jimmy fingered the
boy's hole, eventually working two and then three fingers up
inside. The boy moaned a bit, but Jimmy wasn't sure that it was
from pain.

Jimmy decided that he didn't want to cum in the boy's mouth, but
in his ass, and so he guided him off onto his belly, and then bent
down to rim the boy's ass. Jimmy found that his tongue entered
the boy's ass as easily as his finger did. He did notice, however,
that the boy retained great muscle control, and that he could
squeeze objects inside of his anus.

All of this was a little too much for Jimmy to deal with, and so
after spreading a little saliva onto his cock to aid in intercourse, he
climbed on top of the boy, sunk fully inside of him, and then
began fucking the boy with great passion and glee. Although
loose at his anal opening, the boy's rectum fit like a glove and the
little boy knew how to bump and grind his little bottom to produce
the maximum pleasure. Whoever taught this little boy how to fuck
had done a good job. Jimmy spent himself three times in the little
boy's ass before he finally rolled off of him. He pulled the little
boy on top of him and brought his lips to the boy's. The little boy
kissed as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do with
an older boy. As their lips parted, the little boy smiled at Jimmy.
Jimmy shook his head in disbelief. He had fucked the little boy's
ass off three times without stopping, yet the boy was lying there
with him smiling like nothing had ever happened. Jimmy had
considered fucking the boy for a while and then turning him loose
so that he could return to his people, but while holding him in his
arms and caressing his little body, he wasn't sure that he could do
it. He wanted the little boy for his own. He wanted to have blow
jobs and fucks at leisure with a human boy, a little boy like the
one that snuggled up against him.

While Jimmy was lost in his daydreams about life on the island
with his monkey friends and his own little boy, the child resting
ontop of him fell asleep. As Jimmy became aware again of where
he was, he noticed the boy's hot breath against his chest. He
wrapped his arms tightly around the little boy and settled in for a
nap himself.

Jimmy was vaguely aware of the monkeys as he slipped off to
sleep. His last vision was of the older monkey entering the anus
of the younger, the little monkey bent over in a submissive
posture to allow the older in. Finally, Jimmy thought to himself,
my friend is fucking his little monkey friend.

Jimmy awoke a few hours later, and was startled at first to see
himself alone in the hut. He first thought that the boy had been a
dream, however, just as he stirred, the little boy came bouncing
into the opening of the hut. He reached his hand to his lips as if to
quiet Jimmy and then pointed out towards the jungle. In a few
seconds Jimmy heard the sounds of other boys, speaking in alien
tongues. They were close to the hut, but they had not seen it, nor
its opening.

The little boy, instead of running away to his friends, was hiding
in the hut with him. Jimmy smiled widely, and opened his arms to
the little boy. The boy looked towards the door once more and
then smiling in return, flew into the older boy's arms.

The boy's lips met, and at once both were kissing as if they had
been long-time lovers. Jimmy explored every inch of the little
boy's mouth, while the boy explored his. Finally, with both boys
erect, Jimmy laid the little boy down onto his back and began
kissing and licking him on his neck and then his chest. Jimmy
spent a considerable amount of time on each of the boy's nipples,
managing to get both of the erect.

Rolling the little boy once more onto his back, Jimmy lowered his
head down to between the boy's buttocks and tungued his anus,
making sure that he left enough saliva there to serve his purposes.

With little effort Jimmy entered the youngster, and quickly began
to thrust in and out of the boy's body. Whereas the boy had laid
motionlessly on prior fuckings, this time he began to buck back
up against the boy, and Jimmy could feel him squeezing his anal
muscles against his cock. Slowly the boy began grinding and
wiggling his hips against his cock, until not able to stand it any
longer, Jimmy lunged deeply inside of the boy and shot his
invisable load.

Jimmy thought that it was barzen to be fucking the little boy,
while all around his hut the older native boys strolled around,
perhaps themselves looking for the little boy. The thought of
fucking the little boy while his friends looked for him somehow
pleased him.

Pulling out of the boy's anus, Jimmy rolled him over onto his
back and began blowing him. It was the first time that he had
really blown the boy, and so he settled down and began to
leasurely suck on the child's penis. It was obvious that the little
boy enjoyed it, as not only was he rock hard, he was thrusting
himself upwards into the older boy's mouth.

After about a half dozen climaxes the little boy went limp, and
Jimmy noticed that all was quiet around his hut. The older boys
had not found him or his hiding place, and he was safe inside with
his young boy.

Jimmy decided that if the little boy wanted to, he would live there
with him, just the two of them, save for their monkey friends.
Thinking about his monkey friends, Jimmy realized that he had
not seen either of them for some time. He decided that the older
boys must have scared them away. For the remainder of the day
Jimmy stroked, caressed, and fucked the little boy to his pleasure.
Not once did the boy refuse to accept Jimmy's penis in either his
ass or mouth, and each time Jimmy entered the child's anus, the
boy reacted as if it were the first time, and squeezed, wiggled, and
bounced to give Jimmy greater pleasure.

Around sunset Jimmy decided that both of them needed a bath,
and that they would have to make a trip to the nearby trees and
shrubs to find fruit and berries for a meal. The little boy followed
Jimmy eagerly as they set off looking for food. Having found
their fill of food, the two boys headed off to the stream with a little
pond to bathe. While Jimmy seriously tried to wash the little boy,
the child responded as all children do when in water, and he
played around making Jimmy's job even more difficult.

After eating a rather filling meal, the little boy took Jimmy by the
hand and indicated that he wanted to take him somewhere. For the
next ten minutes Jimmy was lead by the little boy throught the
jungle. The child might have been little, but he certainly seemed to
know where he was going.

After a while the boys came upon a small clearing. The boy once
again placed his fingers to his lips, as he had done in the hut,
seemingly signalling Jimmy to be quiet.The little boy lead Jimmy
around the clearing to another much larger one.

When they peeked out through the underbrush, Jimmy saw that
they were at the camp of what seemed to be the early teen age
boys. There were about fifteen boys mulling around the area.
They were all between eleven and thirteen, and all of them were
naked. Jimmy's eyes feasted over the bodies of the boys, wanting
very much to go out and become friends with them. He was
stunned with the physical beauty of most of the boys.

- End of chapter 9


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great story

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