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Ch. 10/15
After about ten minutes of little to no activity, an older boy of
about fifteen entered the camp area of the younger boys. In tow he
had a child who looked even younger and smaller than the boy
with Jimmy. The older boy grunted something to the little boy,
and the child went over to the fire and sat down.

By this time all of the teenage boys had wandered over to where
the older youth was standing. With a few grunts, the teens lined
up, as if they were to be inspected. Jimmy was pleased to see that
inspection was what the older boy had in mind.

The youth walked down to the end of the line and looked the first
boy over, running his hands up and down the boy's body,
throughally caressing the younger boy's genitals. The boy being
fondled quickly sprung an erection. Upon command the younger
boy turned, and the youth inspected his backside, taking each of
the boy's buttocks into his hands.

Turning the boy back around again, the youth pushed downward
on his shoulders, and the teen lowered himself onto his knees.
The teen was well aware of what was commanded of him,
because as soon as he hit his knees, he reached out and took the
youth's penis into his hands.

After a few strokes, the teen opened his mouth and took the
youth's penis deeply inside. For the next few minutes the younger
boy performed fellatio on the older boy, his head bobbing wildly
up and down the youth's penis.

After a few minutes, the youth reached out and stopped the boy,
and then moved on to inspect the next boy. For close to an hour
these inspections continued. They never varied much from the
previous, and each of them ended with the teen on his knees
sucking on the penis of the youth.

When the last boy had sucked the penis of the youth, the older
boy looked them over once more. He walked over to one boy,
who looked to be about eleven. He grunted something to the boy,
and the boy fell out of line. The youth went to another boy of
abour twelve or thirteen, and this boy fell out of line as well.

Both chosen boys were extremely beautiful, perhaps the most
beautiful of all of the boys there. The younger boy was totally
hairless on his pubes, and sported an erection which was thin and
about three inches in length. The second boy had the beginnings
of pubic hair. His penis was fatter than the younger boy's, and
when erect, he reached about four and a half inches. Both boys
had spectacular buttocks, however, the younger of the two had
plump little buttocks that would make even a straight male want to
fuck him.

The youth began to walk off towards the edge of the clearing with
the two boys following him. At the edge the youth laid down on
the ground, followed by the two younger boys. For the next half
hour or so the three boys engaged in sex. First the two boys
sucked the youth's penis and testicles, and then each of the
rimmed the older boy. Both kissed deeply on the mouth when
they were pulled to the youth, and thrashed wildly when the older
boy sucked their penises and testicles, and more so when the
youth rimmed each of them in sucession.

Once the pliminaries were over, the youth arranged both boys on
their stomachs side by side. He placed himself over the buttocks
of the youngest boy first, and with his penis in one fist, he
lowered himself down between the boy's buttocks. It was
obvious that the boy was being entered, as his body tightened,
and he gasped as the older boy forcefully pushed his penis inside.

After about ten or so strokes, the youth removed his penis from
the younger boy, and repeated the same thing with the older one.
For what seemed like forever, the youth alternated back and forth
between the anuses of the two boys. He would stroke himself ten
or fifteen times in one boy and then pull out and stroke himself
inside the other.

Finally when he looked as if he could take no more, he pushed
himself back inside of the youngest boy, and after about two
minutes of intense fucking, he arched his body, lunged forward
one final time, and shot his seed deeply inside the boy's ass.

As the two boys wound down, the third boy went back into the
encampment and brought back a gourd filled with water. First he
washed off the penis of the older youth, then the youngest boy,
and finally his own. When the three boys were clean, they stood
up and headed back towards the middle of the clearing.

The youth made some sort of announcement to the group, and
immediately cheers were heard. There was a lot of back slapping
and the likes, as seemingly the two boys were congradulated by
their friends. When the youth stood and headed towards the edge
of the clearing, heading back the way that he came, the two
younger boys followed. It soon became apparant that the boys had
been selected by the youth, and had left to live with him.

It wasn't until a few minutes later that Jimmy realized that the little
boy was left behind at the camp. He had noticed that all while the
youth was fucking the two boys, it seemed as if the little boy was
being guarded by several of the older ones.

The attentions of the remaining boys turned to the little boy. The
child looked terrified. Quite adbruptly, several boys grabbed the
child, and held each of his arms and legs down to the ground.
Other boys began caressing, and then pinching the child's body.
The little boy began to cry, and then scream, as the boys tortured
him, pinching his tiny nipples, penis, and testicles.

It seemed as if the torture was about to end when the boys
released the child, however, that was not the case. Another group
of boys flipped the child down onto his stomach, and held him
while others slapped his buttocks. The child's screams could be
heard for miles. The boys took turn spanking the little boy for
what seemed to be at least a half hour. Finally they released him
and wandered off away from him for a while.

One by one the older boys returned to where the child was laying.
Each of them caressed the little boy's body, and kissed him deeply
on the lips, talking to him. Each of the boys lowered their heads
into the lap of the child and sucked on his genitals for a few
minutes, and then gently guided the boy's head until he began to
suck them. After a boy would climax, some shooting their cum
into the child's mouth, he would get up and wander away and
another boy would appear.

This continued until each of the boys had sucked and been sucked
by the child. After a few more minutes all of the boys returned to
where the child was now sitting. They sat around him in a circle,
and one or two of them began to talk. After a few minutes it
seemed as if things got heated up, because several of the boys
began yelling at each other.

- End of chapter 10
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