Pop concert leads to sharing an unconscious girl
I’d known Lauren since high school- we’d dated occasionally when I was 14, nothing serious at that age of course, but I was really smitten! We went to the odd disco- even talked of going to a concert as we were both dyed-in-the-wool Stones (and Beatles) fans but it had never taken off. Not that it was my doing- I had been keen (OK, more than keen!) but women always follow the three immutable rules;

1. Even beautiful women want sex
2. … But not with you!
3. Even ugly women are fussy

Not that 3 applied to Lauren, I had always adored her. She had blond hair, and as I watched her growing up, she developed progressively the sort of figure that makes men gasp. Small but really pert breasts and hips whose curves would throw a seasoned rally driver! Her eyes had always been blue, but as she bloomed they seemed to get deeper to the point where you might physically drown in them. Her gaze seemed to lift you up and fill you with a warm glow. I guess it was these developments that spawned the end of Lauren and me as an item; she became very noticeable, very desirable and the buzz of the well-off, the show off and the plain jerk-off flies around her soon displaced me as rules number 1 and 2 kicked in. Her gaze no longer warmed me, it didn’t even fall on me that often. If anything she seemed to be a little embarrassed around me now and I have to admit I wasn’t too impressed with the guys she chose either. They were mainly wealthy, “Hooray Henrys” driving the cars their fathers had bought them… but no matter how or why it had happened, she was gone to a different world and I got on with my life.

Until that is I unexpectedly met Lauren again at Uni. I was now in my final year, aged 21. Lauren had taken a year out to explore the world- this had stretched into 2 and she was only just starting her course- so she was a fresher and I was established. A minor shift in the power base I think?? In her first weeks at college she was a bit lost and I think glad of a friendly and familiar face, so we spent a fair bit of time together as I showed her the ropes. That lasted about 9 days as she got noticed again, picked up by the self-important dick-heads that hang around the union and started to speak in a bored know it all sort of way. Hell! Once was bad, but dumped unceremoniously twice was no joke. I was gonna get even!

My chance came a few months later- the Union was organizing a trip to the Stone’s Bridges-to-Babylon tour at Wembley- great stuff- I would have killed for a ticket anyway but having risen to the rank of chief nerd in the music and rock society I had no problems- of course I would get one… maybe two??? As a first year Lauren wouldn’t have stood a chance in this lottery- trampled in the rush more like- but there was I with a spare ticket, an extra place in the minibus and charming smile that hid a very secret agenda.

Now the observant reader will have noticed from this account that success with women wasn’t exactly my forte. That’s not to say that I have had none but it was irregular and tended to be short-lived. I was a Biochem major and as time went on it did start to dawn on me that maybe there was only so much intermediary metabolism a girl can take before she thinks she has had enough Biochem to last her a lifetime. But this is where access to the labs started to come in rather handy. As an avid chemistry fan I was able to lay my hands on enough of the good stuff to concoct a little something of my own. Lurking chemically somewhere between ether and cyanide, it packed enough of a punch to act as a sort or inhaled rohipnol, colourless, odourless tasteless and almost instant! It also left no memory and its only drawback was that it was short lived; 15 mins tops. Even so if only I could patent this stuff I would be rich!! I considered it a triumph; the elixir of nerd liberation and the salvation of fat and bald guys the world over! Not that I was fat or bald in fact –well not then anyway, but you catch my drift! It was a way of bypassing all that tedious irritating fussiness that women have. You know the bit where they look at you with an appraising (and withering) glance before rejecting you and your obvious charm in favour of some chinless wonder whose life they enrich with their favours. Do I sound bitter- Hell, me?? Surely not!!

Well the evening came- I had made up a small vial of my special mixture, and another of the antidote. Carefully I popped one in my left and the other in my right pocket for safe keeping. You have to keep them separate- can’t risk using the wrong one! I was waiting with my usual band of losers when Lauren appeared. I don’t want to put too much of a point on it but I have to say the sight of her hit us like a physical wave! There was a sort of audible groan from the guys; Lauren was spectacular! She was dressed in a tight coloured tee shirt over a plastic miniskirt. If she was wearing a bra then it was one of those soft netting ones. She didn’t need the support and a rigid cup would detract from the natural beauty of her boobs. Her choice provided enough freedom to allow a certain swaying, and a gentle rocking motion from her breasts as she moved. I was sure if we could only find a chilly place we would be rewarded with an HPN (highly protuberant nipple), but it was warm and chances were that we’d be disappointed. The skirt was a tight PVC mini- short and colourful it had (appropriately enough) the stones logo from their “Sticky fingers” album- hmm I thought- with luck mine soon will be! Under the skirt she was wearing black tights – not exactly fishnets but the more modern fashion equivalent, a subtlety that was lost on us! They clung to her flesh, accentuated the shapely curve of her thighs as they faded into the increasing darkness beneath the hem of her skirt. I knew from experience that Lauren wasn’t here for sex, her choice of provocative clothes had nothing to do with her availability, but the impact on the guys was predictable. Why do women seem to be oblivious to centuries of male sexual conditioning? Short skirt, fishnet tights - this sort of outfit is not without implication! However, they seem completely oblivious to the implied promise in their appearance and the message of sexual semaphore flashed by their flicking thighs. She flashed a smile at me, there were echoes of that former warmth, I could tell she was excited to be at last seeing her idols and she could afford to throw me a crumb or two.

The others were silent but we boarded the bus and set off for the 4 hr trip to Wembley. Lauren sat between me and Ricky- my best mate from the rock-soc. He had trouble keeping his eyes from her breasts as they rocked enticingly every time the bus went over a bump…. but if Lauren noticed she didn’t say anything. She seemed pretty “up” so we chatted happily as we drove on. Round about 5 we arrived, lined up and got in- I went to grab some burgers for the party- and to make a reccy as well. I was longer than I needed to be, but when I returned I had 4 burgers, 2 hotdogs and a good idea of the location of every cleaning and service room on the floor!

What can I say about the concert- it was everything I had hoped, the guys enjoyed it and Lauren was over the moon. Dancing, had a bit too much to drink which suited me and even threw her arms around Ricky at one point, planting a big kiss on his cheek. He stiffened in more ways than one and flushed red. Nerdhood eh?

At last the interval came- Lauren was desperate for a pee and this was my chance- I said I would go with her- but so did blasted Ricky- I couldn’t shake him. I thought I’d just try to lose him in the crowd. We set off- in fact I managed to lose Ricky quite easily in fact, doubled back round a stall whilst he was looking at some merchandising, pulling Lauren with me- she giggled at the game and came willingly enough. I stopped at a stall and bought a can of coke, then I said I knew where the loos were and led her down to a quieter part of the stadium- away from the crowds and the stalls into a much darker corridor where I was sure there was a quiet little service room…

“Where are we?” she said in amusement “You lost? – I’m sure the loos are back there”

She pointed behind her. As she turned to indicate, I reached into my right pocket and crushed the first vial into my handkerchief. I made as if to sneeze but in reality I took a deep breath and held it as I pulled the handkerchief out and up to cover Lauren’s mouth and nose in one smooth movement. The results were gratifyingly instant. She made a small round “oh” sound but went limp almost immediately. I was able to put my arms around her and hold her up to stop her from falling as I leant her back against the wall and set about levering the cleaning cupboard door open. It gave on my third try luckily the lock broke without too much noise and there were no alarms- when you have all this here who wants to worry about few cans of paint and a couple of brooms! The room turned out to be just about perfect for my needs, small-ish but secluded, the door had no window and there were a few tarpaulins that might make something approaching a bed. I started to move Lauren inside-

“What you doing?”

My blood froze- it was Ricky- he must have seen us duck down the side corridor, got bored with the merchandising and come to follow us. There was nothing I could do- I was caught red-handed, a jemmied store-room and an unconscious girl in my arms. A smile spread over Ricky’s face-“You bastard” he said. Surprisingly though, his voice had almost an admiring tone;

“Oh don’t look so shocked- you remember our talk about date-rape in the first year…no? Well I remember it pretty well! Seemed to interest you?? I didn’t think much about it but then I overheard Angela talking to her friends; she was saying how she didn’t recall much about her only date with you - She just giggled and said you must have been spectacularly boring, but I started to wonder…”

I looked at the floor; this wasn’t going to work out well. Ricky was continuing…

“… and then, strangely enough I heard Stacey say almost the exact same thing a couple of months later- Lucky for you eh that those two don’t get on- not likely to compare notes eh??”

Ricky was putting it all together pretty well; I stood there holding an unconscious Lauren expecting imminent disclosure, when suddenly fate intervened. We had been on our way to the loo, I was feigning but Lauren wasn’t and the action of the unexpected muscle relaxant had its inevitable effect. I heard it first and looked down- Lauren was peeing down her legs, the liquid hitting the floor and spreading out over the concrete with a hissing sound. Ricky reacted first-

“Quick we have to get her inside”

In that moment, and completely without words the deal was struck, we were co-conspirators. I could see clearly what the price of Ricky’s discovery would be, but it wouldn’t be exposure, humiliation and expulsion; at least not yet and if it did come to that - it would not come only for me! The flow had just about abated, Ricky grabbed Lauren’s ankles, cursed at the wet on her shoes, and together we half carried half dragged her inside.

I closed the door- found a light switch and spread the tarpaulin on the floor whilst Ricky held Lauren upright- I saw he was already cupping one of her breasts through her tee shirt. The effect was to tighten the fabric across the remaining mound outlining its pert swelling. I could see the soft flesh mould to Ricky’s hands as he kneaded the breast in his hand, his fingers sinking into the softness to squeeze the nipples upward.

“We have to be quick, it doesn’t last long.” I cast my eyes around the room and found what I sought- “Over here” I cried indicating a drum of some kind of polish. “Put her over this”

The drum was a large plastic catering pack just under a meter high. Not really high enough for comfort (ours that is, not Lauren’s) but it was sturdy enough. I took one arm and Ricky and I propelled the unconscious girl towards it, draping her waist over the drum. Her bum was thrust upwards by the positioning of the low support and her head hung down on the other side. Ricky was standing behind her, already tugging up at the plastic hem of the miniskirt. He hooked his hands under the dampened hem and pulled. The wetness beneath made the skirt stick a little but it pulled away stiffly, sliding upwards over the swelling of her buttocks. Her tights covered the twin globes of her fabulous bottom in a tight net of nylon, hugging the perfection of her curves.

“Can we get this stuff off?” said Ricky

“No time” I replied, “just get on with it”

Ricky clearly needed no second bidding- wet or not I saw him stuff his face into her cleft and heard him inhale deeply of her pussy scent. He dug his fingers into the waist of the tights and peeled them downwards, rolling them into a firm band as they came down. Her panties came into view, white cotton, virginal with a damp yellow stain where Niagara had followed its route downhill.

I stepped to round to the front of the barrel and unzipped my pants. Things were getting a bit rushed- we didn’t have much time because of the drug’s action and Ricky and I had used up a good couple of minutes in striking our unspoken bargain. I also knew that the rest of the party would be wondering where we were, and I didn’t want to risk anyone else finding me. Lauren was pretty receptive at present, her critical faculties having been fully disabled, but there are limits!

Ricky was standing up now, he had shoved the skirt right up over her bottom and folded it into a concertina of tight, wet-ish plastic fabric, and the tights were round her knees. He was pulling down on the lace edging of her panty waistband.

“Careful! Don’t rip anything” I cautioned.

I could see the excitement was getting to him, but if you are to succeed in a demanding job like this you need discipline and control. He tugged more gently and her panties peeled damply away from her buttocks, they slipped easily over the smooth curves and fell to catch on top of the tights just behind her knees. Ricky went to pull them down further.

“No, leave them!” I hissed

He nodded and unzipped himself; his already hard penis sprang through the zipper as soon as it was opened. Mine was already in my hands; we both gave a few rubs to prepare ourselves. I nodded at him, he looked a little blank but I could see were both readied for insertion. I grabbed a handful of her hair and lifted her head up. Her jaw fell open as her head went back and a sliver of drool escaped. Holding her head up with one hand I guided my erection between her lips. It was like slipping into a velvet glove. I let go with my hand and immediately the pressure heightened as her head was now supported only by the shaft of my prick in her mouth. My cockhead rasped across the rippled roof of her mouth, her teeth scraped my shaft lightly in a delicious contrast to the softness and smoothness inside. I eased deeper, in and out, in and out feeling the head of my prick reach the softer flesh at the entrance to her throat. I pushed a little more and was rewarded by the delightful spasm of her gag reflex as I hit bottom. A delicious twitch that snappily grabbed at my prick head whilst the accompanying stomach heave thrust her head forward and onto me more firmly. The effect only lasted a split second and fortunately she didn’t actually heave so I was able to pop in and out of her throat opening and enjoy the delightful effect repeatedly. I eased myself into the rhythm, gently, gently easing in and out, in and out. She may not have heaved, but the process seemed to bring out lots of mucous and she became very slobbery, lubricating my entry whilst the excess dribbled out in streamy drools to the floor.

I had closed my eyes to enjoy her, but when I opened them I saw Ricky guide himself in between her buttocks. It wasn’t an easy move, the restriction of her tights and panties meant that he couldn’t move her legs apart. Further, she was really a little too low for comfort as the drum wasn’t high enough, so he hitched her buttocks up for a better penetrative angle, pushing her mouth more firmly down on me- a consequence I greatly appreciated!

I heard Ricky’s gasp as he at last succeeded in gaining entry. Since her legs were effectively tied together I doubt he could penetrate as deeply as he would have liked, but he did his best. His hips contacted her slightly wet globes with a sticky, slapping sound at the completion of each thrust as his prick vanished as deeply inside her as the position would allow. He wound his fingers into the belt formed by her crumpled skirt and held her firmly to receive him, pulling her slightly backwards to assist in her penetration. The force of his thrusts was transmitted along her spine and produced a very pleasant forward movement at my end of her; it was delicious! almost as if she were actively sucking me. Up to that time I’d never shared a girl, and since all my conquests had been unconscious, I had never experienced their active movement. Ricky’s pumping in her vagina gave the semblance of her participation and the effect was exquisite. I could see that there were advantages to this deal and foresaw a great future for Ricky and me!

We established our rhythm, both of us knowing we had to finish quickly. In out, in out, we alternated our thrusts, rapidly dipping into and out of her body in alternate order of penetration. We were delighting in her moistness, her tightness and the warmth of her.

“God this is fantastic” gasped Ricky through clenched teeth. His face was contorted with the combination of the effort and the concentration. Trying to savour every last morsel of pleasure that could be extracted from the unfortunate girl’s body.

I closed my eyes to concentrate on the pleasure, Hump thrust, hump, thrust, hump, thrust, humpPPPP……“OOOhh!!!” I gasped as I felt my orgasm sweep over me. I was aware of my cock beginning to pump; jerking and twitching in Lauren’s mouth. I thrust more deeply so that all my sperm would be swallowed. She gagged a little at my first discharge, but even when unconscious, if given a choice between swallowing and drowning, a body will usually chose the right one! Her throat gulped open; my emissions flowed safely across her sphincter and into her. The release was beyond description, I seemed to be falling with the blood roaring in my ears and my eyes tight closed. I sighed with contentment and pulled my cock head out of her still swallowing throat as I returned to Earth. Ricky was still in her pussy, still pumping and still thrusting her face forwards onto my now softening prick. I took her head in my hands again to support her as my limp dick slipped out from her lips. A further flood of drool followed.

“Hurry up” I said- “we don’t have long”

I needn’t have worried. His movements became faster- more spasmodic, and then subsided. At that moment Ricky’s contorted expression changed, his face softened into in an expression of total surprise, the furrows of effort and concentration relaxed and his mouth popped open to emit a long low growl of satisfaction. “MMMmmmmmm!!!”

I knew he was coming inside her. As the intensity passed the pace subsided, his thrusts no longer so deep or so urgent. Slower now with “Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmm” accompanying each one. His body relaxed as he opened his eyes, he saw me watching him. A large elfin grin spread over his face “Christ that was good!!” was all he could say.

“I know” I said, “but we have to get her ready or there’ll be trouble”

This seemed to be the first time that the need for an exit strategy had occurred to Ricky, lucky for both of us I had planned ahead. I knew the drug left no memory, Lauren wouldn’t realise what pleasure she had given and would remember nothing of the incident- but she would certainly notice the trickle of Ricky’s sperm down the inside of her thigh. Further, even though my emission was safely inside her and wouldn’t be coming back, she would be sure to recognize the taste of semen. The guys she hung out with were chin-less not prick-less, and Lauren must be by now an experienced girl. I had planned to mock up a fainting spell- and I was pretty sure that her body had already assisted me; the stream of pee down her legs had already made her clothes damp and provided an obvious explanation. Embarrassment should hopefully discourage too much investigation. As long Lauren didn’t suspect she had been raped there was a chance we would get away with it… I didn’t exactly lack confidence in the outcome, having covered my tracks several times before, but there’s always a chance. Together the two of us did our best to wipe her pussy clean of Ricky’s emission that was dripping like beads on a string, from her vagina. Ricky collected the semen on a tissue then we both did our best to put her clothing back where it had been, and then carried her back to the site of the peeing incident.

I reached into my pocket and withdrew the can of coke I’d bought for this purpose. Tipping her head back I swilled some of the fluid into her mouth. She coughed again by reflex, some of the coke dribbled down her tee shirt.

“Best to get going” I said to Ricky- he grinned, squeezed her tit one last time. “We never got these out” he said regretfully

“Next time” I answered.

His face split in a huge grin and he was off. I put the coke can in Lauren’s hand and crushed the vial in my left pocket into my handkerchief. I wafted it under her nose and the revival was almost instant.

“MMMmm, Hey! Where am I? What happened? Eugh- what’s that?” The questions came tumbling in confusion as her mind re-established the control we had now relinquished over her body.

“Hey there- you OK?” I said sounding concerned, “What happened? How do you feel?” Actually I was concerned, I am always anxious that my concoction doesn’t have any ill effects and none so far I am pleased to report.

“What happened?” she asked more firmly now.

“You fainted” I replied, “we were on our way to the loo, you just took a swig of coke and went out like a light! I wondered if you had hit your head? How does it feel?”
She fingered the back of her head,

“Feels a little sore” she replied (probably from my grasp on her hair I thought). “But I don’t think its too bad, look am I cut?”

I looked in her hair- “No can’t see anything” I said.

She looked very uncomfortable, “What happened to me?”

I managed to flush a sufficient shade of scarlet to be convincing, “Well we were on our way to the loos, when you fainted you sort of….”

I indicated the wet puddle on the concrete a little way off. She caught on immediately and flushed a deeper scarlet than I had managed.

“Oh I am so sorry” she wailed “… and so embarrassed… Oh, please don’t tell anyone about this I would just die!!”

Perhaps unsurprisingly I assured her that I would tell no one. Lauren smoothed her skirt down with both hands, “I need to sort this, where is the washroom?”

I escorted her back towards the main corridors and she vanished inside the first washroom we came to. I waited patiently and she emerged 5-10 mins later and dropped something into a litter bin. “Lucky this skirt is plastic” she said “I just wiped it off and dried it with tissue- how does it look”

It still looked great to me - but I noticed she wasn’t wearing the tights anymore. She saw my gaze and flushed again- “Couldn’t save them- and couldn’t stay in them! Does it show? Do you think anyone will notice?”

I wondered if the panties had gone the same way as the tights, I was also pretty sure that Ricky would notice, but I reassured her as best I could. She looked a little glum and started to apologize again; I stopped her and gave her a peck on the cheek

“Its fine, I understand, don’t worry, I can keep a secret”

She smiled, then to my surprise, she took my arm and we both headed back to rejoin the others.

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