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This is my true story of how I slept with a 33 year old women when I was 19
So there is this women I once knew, She is a 33 year old stripper with a kid and attending fashion design school. For a 33 year old women she was a true example of the word milf. She had an amazing body, very toned and tan, and complete with huge fake tits. She on top of that she didn't look like a 33 year old women, with her gorgeous face and amazing persona...

This is how my story begins...

It was late on night after band practice. Jackie, Bobby, and myself had just went through a very intense jam session. After we were done we all went out to Bobby's car to share ideas and to have a good time. We brought liquor to the recording studio and we drinking in the car. Along with passing a joint around. We were sharing out music tastes due to the fact that we didn't completely know each other all the way. Which is essential for a band to work. Anyways, as we got intoxicated and high I started have sensual contact with Jackie. I didn't know much about her other than she was a sexy milf. I knew she was a stripper and had huge music plans. That was about it. As we were talking I sat in the back seat of the car and played a song. Jackie really liked it. After the song I rested my hand on the seat where Jackie was sitting. Hoping for more attention from her. She slid her hand to mine and started gently rubbing my hand. I don't know what it was or why this happened but for some reason it turned me on. I had at that point in time fantasized about fucking a milf so maybe thats why that simple little contact got me going. Also maybe because I was very intoxicated. It didn't last long and we all finished the joint and alcohol and went our separate ways. I didn't think much of it, I figured she was just very touchy feely when she was intoxicated. And on top of that I was 19 and doubted she had any type of feeling or sexual ideas about me. That night after I got home I received a text from Jackie. She was making sure I got home ok and asked what I thought about the song we had made up earlier that night. As I was getting ready to text Jackie goodnight and head to bed she texted me saying "I must confess, you rubbing and caressing my hand turned me on tonight. You have a sensual side that is a super sexy and desirable." I read the text and was in shock, I replied " In all seriousness you turned me on as well." She asked "really?" and I said " yes you have no idea. " We started to flirt more and then it turned into sexual innuendoes. I got the serious vibe that she wanted me. But I didn't want to get my hopes up. Especially since she had a boyfriend. I doubted that she would even go any further or continue to talk to me about how much I turned her on. Then the texts got more and more dirty and in depth. She asked about my wild side and my favorite things to do in the bedroom. Everything I told her made her even more turned on. Finally she got to the point to where she was ready for bed. I let her go and that was the end of it.

The next day after band practice Bobby left early and it was just Jackie and myself. She invited me to her car to smoke a joint and I accepted. She sat in the drivers seat and I sat in the passenger side. We were jamming music and chilling when she caught me off guard. "So have you had anymore thoughts on last night?" "Because I have." I intently said "Really?" which was a subtle way of asking her to elaborate. She said "Yes, I couldn't get you off my mind all day." This came to me as a bit of a shock but I went along with it. "Can I ask you a question?" she asked. I said "Definitely." "Would you ever see me as a sexual person, or rather someone you could see having sex with?" She again caught me very off guard and I replied "YES!" then started to explain why I thought about her that way. She then asked "Can I ask you something else?" "Sure" I said, as I waited intently on her question. "Would it be weird if I kissed you?" Before I could get the word "Yeah!" out she was already locked with my lips. God it was so sexy, she really knew how to kiss and do it in such a way to drive me wild. It turned me on a lot. She started to suck and kiss my ear and neck. She did this for awhile and then whispered in my ear, "I am so turned on right now." "So am I," I replied. With out any hesitation she climbed into my seat on top of me. And continued to kiss and tease me. She started rubbing her pussy up against my very hard cock. She stopped kissing me and continued to dry hump me. "My god your cock is huge, it is making me super wet." "Your making me super hard" I replied. She went back to kissing me while still grind on my cock. She took my hand and placed it under her shirt on her amazing tits. They were amazing for being fake. Super soft and you could tell that she really took care of them. I started to play with them, and as I was doing this I felt her hands go to my waist line. She started to undo my belt. Then slowly undid my pants and pull my cock out. She started to stroke it very slowly up and down. I pushed her shirt up all the way and pulled down her bra. Exposing her amazing tits with pierced nipples. I rubbed them then started to suck them. As she was slowly rubbing my cock she said "omg yes, suck those tits" She then asked me what I liked to do in bed again. I said "I would love to fuck those tits of yours." she said "Yeah?" and started to get off my lap. Slowly she started to slide down my body. She placed my cock between her tits and said "perfect fit" then pushed her tits together. She let me titty fuck her for a small amount of time. She then said " I am sorry, but I have to get home and get some rest." "I'll text you tomorrow" I said ok and sadly and unsatisfied went to my car and proceeded to go home. I passed out as soon as I got into my room. Due to the sexual frustration and intoxication I had from earlier.

A few days pass and we texted the whole time. We were both busy and only had certain free days and when we saw each other it was mostly at band practice. She explained to me in a text that the times she went to work that week, she gave lap dances to guys and said she pretended it was me she was dancing for. She said I made her so horny that the guys tipped her more. Due to the fact that she did a really good job. We kept going back and fourth with sexy texts and our intentions with each other. I wanted to fuck her so bad I could taste it. I really looked forward to the next band practice. Because we had planned on fooling around after it. When it was time for band practice it drug out excruciatingly slow. The anticipation of messing around with Jackie was all I could think about. After the longest band practice ever we went out to my car. I sat in the drivers side and put on some music. Jackie laid down the passenger seat and told me to "Come here!" in a very welcoming and sexy voice. I did not hesitate. I was already turned on by the thought of was was about to come. Without missing a beat she had my cock out of its cage. And began jerking me off. I told her how amazing it felt and asked her to taste it. She slid me into her amazing mouth and proceeded to slowly suck my cock. It was so amazing that I almost couldn't control myself. She almost made me cum. I asked her if she wanted to go back to my place and she said yes, so we left. As soon as we made it to my room, she closed the door and locked it. I went and laid down on my bed. She asked me if I wanted to see how she stripped. I told her yes and she proceeded to start a strip tease. Moving around sexy and swinging her hips she pulled off her shirt. She turned around and bent over to show me her amazing ass then pulled down her shorts to reveal her very sexy thong. She came closer and pulled off her bra. Again exposing her amazing tits. God I was so horny, she came over to me and made me start suck on her tits. I happy obliged her and then she took my hand and slid it to her dripping wet pussy. I took off her thong and then she said "no this isn't fair, I am naked and your still fully clothed," "were going to have to change that". She ripped off my shirt and started kissing my neck and then moving down to my chest. Then to my stomach, where she proceeded to undo my pants again. She pulled them down and then started sucking my cock, only this time very vigorously. She started off slow caressing the shaft and holding the tip in her mouth. She worked her voluptuous lips over the tip down the shaft and to my balls. Deep throating me slowly. She kept this motion going but picked up speed. From time to time she would look up at me and she the pure satisfaction in my facial expression. She kept sucking me off until I was ready to cum, I warned her. She took me out of her mouth for a second and started to jerk me hard and demanded that I cum right now. She placed me back in her mouth and went to work even more vigorously. I sat back and prepared to release my huge load into her mouth. I felt a shiver throughout my entire body and began to pump my cum within her orifice. As soon as she felt it shooting in her mouth she deep throated me. I grabbed the back of her head as I came to push it deeper into her throat. She made approval noises and kept me in her mouth till i was done cumming. She took me out of her mouth to show me she swallowed all my cum. God that was so fucking sexy. She then said "Now this is how your going to return the favor" "How?" I asked, and got "You'll see." again with a very sexy tone and certain level of seductiveness. She climbed on top of me and slid my cock slowly into her pussy until I was as deep as I could go. She whimpered as it slid in from the feeling it gave her. She said "My god your dick feels amazing, just by sliding it in I almost came." She started to ride me. I felt her amazing pussy roll me around all kinds of ways inside her. She started to grind on me very vigorously until I made her cum. When I felt her tense up I grabbed her tits and started to squeeze them. "Oh my god, oh my god, I am cumming!" She exclaimed. I felt her pussy tense up as her juices ran down my cock. She started to ride me harder until her orgasm was over with. After the majority of her spasms were done she looked at me with a sexy glance. With a pure look of satisfaction on her face. I stayed inside her and then she said, "Oh my god that was amazing, it was very intense!" "Now I want you to replay me back." I asked how and she stated "Fuck me hard from behind!" I didn't hesitated and went to work on her. Every time I thrusted deep and fast inside her she let out a sexy moan. I kept going fast, and harder. Fast and harder, I started to feel my orgasm coming. I kept going, I told her that I was about to cum, and started to pull out. She exclaimed "NO! leave it inside me, I want to feel your hugh cock shoot your warm cum deep into my pussy. I want you to fill me up baby." I slid back in and kept going till I started to cum. I started to shoot a huge load into the deep parts of her pussy. It made her cum when I started to. "oh my god... I feel you so deep inside me, come on baby, I want you to fill me up with your warm cum. I have never came that hard in my whole entire life. After the orgasms subsided I pulled out to watch my cum drip out of her soaking wet pussy. I looked at her then laid down. She said, "I hope this doesn't make things awkward" and I replied with a "Hell no!" I laid there with the pleasure of being satisfied from a sexy 33 year old women. I had completed my fantasy to fuck a milf. I was in ecstasy!

This continued on for awhile, a lot of nights just like this that ended up with me shooting my cum inside her. She begged for it due to the quality of the sex. I will never forget this women ever, and knowing that true milfs exist and that it is possible to fuck them. Even if they are taken.

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