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Ch. 11/15
When all but two boys had backed away from the arguement, all
hell broke loose. The two boys lunged at each other and began to
fight. Jimmy realized that this was no ordinary boy fight. It
looked as if the two boys wanted to kill each other.

The two boys battled each other, causing much blood to fly, until
finally one boy fell to the ground, and then staid there. The winner
went over to the looser, and challanged him to get up. The
defeated boy looked up at the winner and grunted something. The
fight was over, and the looser had admitted his defeat.

More boys appeared with water goards and washed the blood and
dirt from the body of the winner. No one attended to the wounds
of the looser Jimmy noted. After the winner was washed and
cared for, all of the boys returned to the circle surrounding the
little boy.

The winner moved to the middle of the circle, and took the child
onto his lap. For the next few minutes he caressed and stroked the
little boy, while deeply tongue kissing him. When both child and
youth were erect, the older boy turned the little one over and
upside down so that his buttocks were facing upwards.

Spreading the boy's buttocks with his hands, the youth lowered
his mouth to the boy's ass, and began to throughally rim him.
Jimmy noticed that the boy took the older boy's penis into his
mouth and began to suck fevorishly on it. Jimmy decided that the
little boy knew that the older was about to fuck him, and that
perhaps he could save from being fucked if he sucked him off

The little boy did not have the opportunity to suck the older off, as
the youth flipped the child back around, and laid him down on the
ground on his stomach. Spitting into one hand, the youth rubbed
his saliva onto his penis, and then positioned himself so that his
penis was pressed up against the child's anus.

From the scream from the little boy, it was obvious that he had
never been fucked before. The youth drove himself, all in one
stroke, deeply inside of the child's small body. Once there he
remained motionless until the child stopped thrashing around and

The youth began to talk softly to the child, and caress him. Slowly
the youth began to thrust in and out of the child's body, stopping
every now and then, or slowing down when the child was in pain.
Eventually the child began to respond to the boy who was fucking
him. The little boy's body began to buck and wiggle meeting each
thrust down into him.

After a few more minutes the boy was fucking the child easily,
and gasps and pants replaced cries from the child. It was obvious
that the little boy was now enjoying getting fucked by the older

Another boy appeared from behind the pair, and handed the older
boy what looked to be a leather string. The string had been tied off
in a leash-like knot. The older boy took the leash, and without
missing a beat, put it around the neck of the child. Jimmy could
not imagine what the leash was for.

The older boy held one end of the leash in his hand while he
continued to fuck the little boy. Eventually it became obvious that
the older boy was pulling the leash tighter around the child's neck.
Several times the little boy reached up to his neck when the leash
became too tight. Each time this happened the youth would release
it a little.

Once again the child reached up for his neck, however, this time
the youth did not release his grip, he tightened it. The boy began
to gasp, and he began to fight against the older boy who was
fucking him and strangling him at the same time.

The boy's arms were wagging around wildly and reaching for his
neck, trying to get the string off of him. The older youth laid
heavier on the boy and pulled all the more tighter on the cord
around the child's neck. The child's body began to spasm, and
then convulse, however, the youth did not let up on the string.

Holding the child firmly down to the ground, the youth began to
fuck him faster and harder. Just as the child gasped his last breath,
the youth tensed up and lunged deeply inside of the little boy,
cumming inside of him. The child was within seconds of his
death, and his body convulsed wildly under the older boy. The
older boy moaned and groaned in extascy as the child's anus
continued to spasm around him. Jimmy could not believe his
eyes. The older boy had just killed the child while he was fucking

Eventually the boy got off the child's body. Jimmy could see that
the child had moved his bowels when he had died. The older
boy's groin was covered with the boy's feces, as well as what
looked like blood.

Several boys appeared with water goards and washed the mess off
the body of the older boy. Several other boys washed the dead
child's buttocks off. What followed was even harder for Jimmy to

One by one the other boys laid down on top of the dead child and
fucked him in his ass. Several boys returned for seconds, and one
or two for thirds. After the orgy of fucking the dead child was
over, the boys wandered away from the body, leaving it lying
where the child had died.

Jimmy looked over to his young friend. The child had tears
running down his face and he was trembling. Jimmy hugged the
child to him trying to soothe him. Jimmy was sure that the boy
had known this child, and the shock of seeing that happen to the
child must have been great.

Just when Jimmy was about to pull the child away and leave,
several boys returned to the dead child. They had pictures of
water, and carefully they washed the child's body. The boys then
picked the child up and moved him closer to the fire.

The boy who had killed the child appeared with a knife in his
hand. Before Jimmy's eyes, the youth began to slice into the
child's body. Jimmy thought that he was going to be sick. The boy
worked expertly gutting the child. When the insides of the child
had been removed, another boy took them off to be buried in the
sand. Another boy appeared with a stick which had been
sharpened to points.

Two other boys appeared with small trees which had a v between
the branches, and put one of them on each side of the fire. Jimmy
suddenly understood what was about to take place, however, he
could not believe it. It was not until the sharpened stick had been
thrusted up the child's anus and out from his neck, that Jimmy
believed it.

They were going to cook and eat the dead child. They had killed
him so that they could eat him. Feeling sick, Jimmy grabbed the
little boy by the hand and began to move away from the horror.
Just as they were about to leave the area Jimmy glanced back one
more time. The boys had lifted the child's body and placed it over
the fire on the spit. They were cooking the child's body.

Jimmy hurried back to his hut as fast as he could go. Once inside
he sat shaking, holding the little boy to him, unable to think of
anything other than what he had seen take place in the jungle.

Jimmy fell to sleep with the boy in his arms, unable to even
consider making love with the child before they slept. The shock
of what he had seen was too much for his young mind to process.
He fell to sleep, to a much troubled sleep.

- End of chapter 11

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2017-01-01 18:51:40
So fuckin hot. Nothing better thanks bunch of tribal boys doing their instincts

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2012-06-13 04:38:16
ummm this is different.........

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2011-12-29 16:05:29
Fuckin hot made me horny as hell

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2011-11-18 01:42:19
these comments are funny :P
great story, but plz leave Cannibalism out of it

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(ok i understand that some people like this. i perfer insest....but when writing about cannibalism....dont use children.i lost my child to a murderer that skinned him never know what people's past consists of ok?)
thats the sadest thing i think iv ever herd ;( and im very sorry.

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