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A group of had sex in the snow.
A most unusual experience.

I was out and about with two other friends – It had been snowing so we just walked about a bit and ended up walking through the powder snow in the park, leaving our footprints. We ended up on a bridge looking down at the water which had begun to freeze.

We had nothing in mind when one of my friends saw a guy she knew and we called him over. I had met him once before and he was cool.

We talked for a while and one of my friends asked him how he went with Jan – a girl we all knew. He had taken her home from party a few nights earlier.

He said no good – I missed out she was on the rag so I had to go home and blow it off by hand.

She said I wish I had known I could have done that for you.

Jenny said well if nobody minds I could do it now for you.

Sally said – you mean right here.

He said why not – you have all seen a cock before and no doubt given someone a hand job.

I said if you are game then I am.

Sally said well that settles that.

I was just in the mood, and he didn’t hesitate and unzipped and pulled his cock out and it was magnificent, about 7 inches long and hard and stiff.

We all looked at it and Sally said well lets see you do it to him.

I took his cock and began to masturbate him stroking it slowly and firmly to start with.

After a few minutes I said how about you fuck me with it.

He said where and when.

I said right here and now. You can doggy me standing up and I can hold the rail while you do it.

I didn’t wait for an answer I just undid my jeans and dropped them and my pants down to my ankles and bent forward and exposed my cunt from behind. It was cold and I said come on hurry up I am getting cold.

He didn’t hesitate and got behind me and between the two of us he managed to get his cock into me and begin to fuck me.

It felt fantastic – in broad daylight in the snow and with two friends watching us.

He put his hands around and felt for my tits and squeezed them through my clothes. I said take your gloves off and I will slip my jumper up and you can have them to feel and keep warm.

As he took his gloves off I slipped my jumper and bra up and exposed my tits and the cold made my nipples go hard immediately.

He put his cold hands on them and played with my nipples as he restarted fucking me – pulling himself in to me with his hands on my tits and working his cock into me. It felt awesome.

My two friends were really enjoying watching us and Sally had exposed her tits as well and was playing with them as they watched us fucking. I had a good drip on the rail and he was pretty good at keeping his cock inside me as he fucked me.

Then Julie came around to the front of me and she got down and I said what are you going to do.

She didn’t answer but just started to lick my cunt from the front as he fucked it from behind. It felt amazing getting licked in the front, getting fucked from behind and him squeezing my tits as he fucked me.

The three of us were really having a great time.

Sally was fingering herself now as well as hanging her tits out.

They were having so much fun watching us as it was broad daylight, just the four of us and we were fucking like it was a walk in the park.

Julie said I cannot believe we are all doing this.

He said this is amazing – I have never fucked anybody like this before and with an audience – another first. I never would have believed I would do it like this and with somebody I have never fucked before. The whole world could be watching and I couldn’t care less – I am having a ball.

Jenny said he had fucked you hasn’t he Sal.

Sally said yes and it was good but nothing like this – I have never watched anybody get fucked before - and out here in a park with two of us watching you two. I am impressed.
She continued to finger herself and had slipped her pants down and we could all see her working her fingers into he cunt and rubbing herself. She is completely shaved so we could see everything. Jenny was doing a great job on me and he was fucking me like I had never been fucked before and it was beginning to work me up.

Sally said are you going to cum in her.

He said if she wants me to.

Jenny said I want you to cum in my mouth.

I said I am happy for anything to happen but just keep going I am going to cum in a minute.

Jenny said let me know I want to be on it when you cum – do you squirt.

I said no but get ready I am only seconds away, without me asking he began to really fuck me hard pulling himself into me harder and faster than before.

I let out this moan as I had my first spasm and Jenny had forced her face onto my cunt and was licking like mad as he pushed me onto her as he forced his cock into me as far as he could. I could not help it I was having spasm after spasm with his cock working into my cunt and Jenny licking like mad on my slit and clit.

Then he said I am getting close and he pulled his cock out and moved around me and began to wank his cock and Jenny was squatting down with her mouth open and he gave a moan and a grunt and I saw the first few spurts of cum spurt out of his cock and into Jennys mouth and onto her face. A drop or two had missed and had gone onto her jacket. There was cum everywhere and Sally was standing there fingering herself off like mad and she came. There were people cumming everywhere. I had cum, he came and Sally was cumming – all within about two or three minutes and Jenny was stroking him off and had his cock head in her mouth sucking the rest of his cum out of it. It had been a real orgy of sex for about ten minutes – in the middle of the park, in broad daylight and there was nobody other than ourselves to see it all.

Finally we all stood there – completely amazed and incredulous at what we had just done. I began to cover up and Sally was doing the same when Jenny said I am the only one who didn’t cum. I feel left out.

I said come her and I will help you and she dropped her pants pulled her skirt up and I licked and fingered her for a few minutes until she came and I licked her juices off her as they flowed out of her.

There I said we have all cum now and it was the most amazing fuck I have ever had.

He said it was the most unusual one I have ever had and I never expected I would be doing it to somebody new with an audience in broad daylight. I will have to see if we can arrange it again – it was amazing.

I said were you happy.

He said of course, you are a good fuck – we will have to do it again.

I said I cant wait.

The four of us all got dressed as it was very cold and we walked off toward town, I suggested we have a coffee or something and we all agreed. On the way we all talked about what we had done and seen each other doing. We all talked about it. It was the first time I had willingly exposed myself to other girls and it was the first time I had been licked out by another girl. I have had guys do it but this was amazing having Jenny do it while I was being fucked by him from behind.

After we had all had a drink and it was getting late so we all headed in our own directions. I said to him – any time you want to fuck me – let me know – I had fun and I am sure we could even improve on it.

He said I will ring you tomorrow – it’s a date.

Sally went off and Jenny who lives near me walked with me. On the way she said how about we go to my place – I am sure there is one or two things we can do before its too late.

At her place we both enjoyed oral sex on each other. I had never done it to a girl before and she did it to me again and I loved it again. She told me she prefers girls to boys but if a guy wants to fuck her she lets him.

That day will live in my memory forever and it wasn’t the last time we had an orgy together. We had different boys at different times and it wasn’t always the three of us – sometimes we had somebody else there. We always had a ball. Jenny and I often got together for sex together – she preferred it with me than anybody else and I enjoyed it with her too.

Long live sex.


2017-05-16 06:41:02
Yes we do have snow in Australia - in many places. Not only on Mt Kosciusko.
You need to broaden your education.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-22 18:30:37
great story I'm all wet wish I could met a sexy female to suck ssand lick my clit

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-20 08:57:28
True story? SNOW IN AUSTRALIA????? Are you bloody kidding? lt me guess you found suburbia on top of the snowy mountains and just happened to live there with everyone you knew. I am guessing that there are also roos bounding around in droves and Crocodile Dundee lives around the corner. Good on you next time list your own country or do some research before you list a true story

Anonymous readerReport

2010-03-12 09:19:50
What a nice story, I have had two girls together but I would love something like this.

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