By request, for DaughterSabine.

I pulled back Sabine's soft, thick labia with my fingers, guiding the head of my stiff penis toward her pink, glistening, and now fully exposed young vagina.
Her team mates, Jenny, and Alice, held her legs open, while Sarah, and Mary-Beth held her arms.
Sabine had tried to welch on their bet, but these girls weren't having it.
They had pulled her out of the shower, and as they held her, spread eagle on the bench of the girls locker room, the rest of the field hockey team looked on, some of them so excited by the situation that they were touching themselves, and even each other.
I held the tip of my dick just over her sweet pussy, slowly pumping the shaft once so that a single drop of precum landed on her pretty, pink flower.
Sabine's eyes, and mouth were wide in disbelief as she watched my thick meat preparing to penetrate her virgin pussy.
I looked up at Mary-Beth regarding me with wild eyes, obviously more excited then the rest as she hissed, "Fuck her coach, fuck her hard." and although she had secretly helped me to engineer this whole thing, even she was not privy to the real secret.
Only Sabine, and I knew that she was my daughter.
She had spent all season hiding this fact, and I had gone along with her, ostensibly to avoid the appearance of favoritism, but now to her shock, and horror, my real agenda was revealed.

Suddenly it occurred to me that the twisted path that had led us here began when her mother had sent her to live with me two years ago when she was fifteen.

********* ******* ********

"Jesus Christ Janice!" I hissed, attempting to keep my voice at a whisper. "You could have warned me."

Janice looked pensive as she replied in an equally intense whisper, "Don't you think I would've if I could've? I wasn't prepared for this either."

The reason for the whispering was that our daughter Sabine was just on the other side of the kitchen door. Sitting on the couch with her bags, all ready to move in with daddy.
The problem with this, of course, was that her mother, Janice, hadn't even bothered to tell me that this might happen.
When they'd arrived at my door moments earlier, Janice had gotten straight to the point, saying, "I just got this great job in London, but I have to leave tonight, and I can't take Sabine with me. She's going to have to move in with you."

Needless to say this had come as a total shock to me.
Sabine had sat down on the couch in a huff, dropping her bags on the floor. Clearly she was not at all pleased with this turn of events.

"We need to talk." I'd told Janice, pointing towards the kitchen.
Then I'd turned to Sabine, and said, "Mummy, and daddy need to discuss something in the kitchen sweetie. Just wait right there."

"I'm not an infant." she'd snapped, and I had to admit it was true. She was far from being an infant.
It's embarrassing to admit, but I really hadn't seen her since she was a toddler, and in the intervening years she had really blossomed.
Her curving hips, and ample breasts were hard to miss, even dressed in her school uniform, as she had been that day.
In fact, at fifteen she was well on her way to becoming a full grown woman.

But getting back to the kitchen.
To say that Janice, and I "discussed" the idea of Sabine moving in with me would be to imply that I had some input. I did not.
It was basically her telling me how things were going to be. She'd done the exact same thing when she'd left me, and taken my baby girl with her, and just like on that fateful day, I had no choice, but to except it.
Once she'd told me how it was, she walked out of the kitchen, kissed Sabine goodbye, promising to call in a few days, and then she was gone.
I'd stared at the front door for a moment in utter disbelief until I heard a sniff from the couch, and turned to see my daughter almost shaking with rage, as a single tear ran down her face.

"Mum's a real bitch, isn't she?" Sabine said emphatically.

"Sabine!" I snapped, "You shouldn't talk about your mother like that."

"Oh come off it dad." she shot back, narrowing her eyes in a way that suggested that had she been a cat her ears would have laid back on her head.
"She didn't even attempt to prepare you for this. In one fell swoop she's managed to turn both our lives upside down. I know that you don't like this anymore then I do, because I know that you..." She'd choked up, trying hard to fight back further tears as she went on. "I know that you don't really want me here."
At that she completely gave up on holding it in, and just buried her face in her hands, sobbing gently.

Good God! Is that what she really thought?
I knew that I had to vanquish that misconception right there, and so I walked over to the couch, sat down next to her, and took my little girl into my arms.

"No!" she sobbed, attempting to push me away, but she was weak from crying, and I was strong with conviction as I pulled her in close to me.
"Shh, shh, shhh," I soothed, giving her a good squeeze. "No, you're wrong. Of course I want you here. I love my little girl."

"Really?" she asked uncertainly, fixing me with a questioning look.

"I will admit," I explained calmly, "That this does come as quite a surprise, but it just might be the happiest surprise that I've ever had."
She looked deep into my eyes, searching for any sign of deception, so I met her with a steady gaze, and said, "I love you Sabine. I always have, and I always will, and nothing anybody could ever do is going to change that."

"Oh daddy." she wept, throwing her arms around my neck, and laying her head on my shoulder.
I could feel my own eyes starting to tear up when she suddenly lifted her head up, and with a steely gaze demanded, "Then how come I didn't see you for all those years?"

I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I gave her a wry smile, and said, "Well, 'cause mum's a real bitch."

She laughed through her tears as she put her head back on my shoulder, seeming to accept that.
I was feeling quite pleased with myself for having comforted her so effectively when I slowly became aware that holding her body so close to mine, with her breasts pressed up against me, and her breath on my neck was giving me a raging hard-on.
I remember thinking something like, "Well that's just damned inappropriate." and shrugging it off.
Little did I realize that this was a sign of things to come, and that my attraction to her would become an obsession ultimately leading me to violate her in unspeakable ways.

Sabine settled in rather nicely, once we'd cleaned out the spare room, and enrolled her in the local school.
I went to work, she went to school, we had dinner every night, and everything settled into a nice normal routine. At least for a couple of months.
One morning I got up early for some reason, and still in a fog, made my way toward the bathroom.
Sabine went to school much earlier than I went to work, so she was always up earlier , showering, putting on make-up, and such.
I wasn't really awake yet, so I didn't consider any of this as I scratched, yawned, and then opened the bathroom door.
You can imagine my surprise when there before me, stark naked except for a towel wrapped around her head, stood my teen aged daughter.
My eyes popped open in surprise. She was leaning over the sink, looking in the mirror when she suddenly noticed me standing in the doorway, and turned to face me, her eyes going as wide as mine, and her mouth dropping open.
We both stood there in shock for a moment that seemed to last forever, and then her eyes wandered down, and she almost yelped, "Daddy?!" looking disgusted with me.
I looked down, and much to my surprise, and embarrassment, there sticking out of the hole in my boxers was my morning wood.
"Oh shit!" I muttered, and I could feel my cheeks flush as I attempted to stuff my hard cock back into my shorts.
Finally, she surged forward, slamming the door in my face.

"Privacy?" she shouted through the door.

"Lock!" I hollered back, and then walked down the hall to my bedroom.

I sat on the bed, and sighed. The image of Sabine's naked body was stuck in my head.
The smooth curve of her ass as she'd leaned over the sink, the slight jiggle of her breasts as she'd turned to face me, and the tight split in her fat little labia ran riot inside my mind.
I suddenly realized that I'd grasped my cock, and had started unconsciously stroking it.
'Jesus Christ! What the fuck is wrong with you?" I thought to myself, 'She's your fucking daughter.'
But then another part of me said, 'Oh come on, it's only a wank. It's not like you're doing anything too her." and that was good enough for me.
I stood up, and pulled my boxers down, sitting back down on the edge of the bed with my legs slightly spread so that I could really get a grip on myself.
As I fondled my balls with one hand, stroking my cock with the other, my imagination started really going to town with visions of all the wonderful things that I could do too Sabine's beautiful body.
I pictured kissing my way down her neck, kissing, and fondling her breasts, suckling on her hard nipples.
I saw myself kissing, and licking my way down her tight tummy, parting her perfect thighs with my hands, using my thumbs to pull open her thick outer lips to reveal what I was sure would be the sweetest young vagina I'd ever laid eyes on, but I wouldn't just feast my eyes, oh no.
I could see myself running my tongue up, and down her creamy slit, giving her stiff little clit a swirl every time I reached the top.
Holding her pussy open with my fingers as I fucked her steamy hole with my tongue, causing her to have orgasm, after orgasm.
I began stroking my cock a little faster as I imagined my face bathed in her sweet young juices.

"Oh god!" I could almost hear her crying out. "Ooooo yes daddy, lick my little pussy." burying her fingers in my hair, and pulling my face into her hot cunt.

Then when she was hot, and really ready, I would slap the top of her smooth mound with the tip of my dick a couple of times before splitting the tight line in her fat little labia, and as I pictured the head of my penis disappearing into my daughter's pussy, I had her whimpering, "I'm scared daddy, it's too big."

My breath had become quick, and shallow, and I knew that I was close to cumming as I imagined how I'd comfort her, rubbing her belly, and cooing, "Shh, shh, shh, It's okay baby, don't be afraid. Daddy loves you Sabine." slipping the head of my cock in, and out of the entrance of her tight, young vagina.

As my balls began to draw up, and my lip quivered, I decided it was time to just skip the preliminaries, and go straight to the hard core fucking.
"Aaaahhhhooohhhhshiiiit!" I groaned as I felt the first blast of sperm rocket up the shaft of my hard cock, whilst in my mind, I had Sabine bent over the bathroom sink, taking her from behind. The steady slap, slap, slap as I pounded her little pussy accompanied by her sweet voice screaming, "Oh yes, fuck me daddy!"

"Uuugghhh, uuggghhh, uuugghhh." I grunted as my white hot cum landed on my chest, and belly in thick ribbons.
The image in my mind of me penetrating my daughters sweet teen aged pussy causing the seaman to erupt out of me like a geyser.
"Oh god." I shuddered as my orgasm finished off, and I fell back on the bed gasping for air.

Suddenly I realized that I hadn't had an orgasm that intense since, well, since Sabine was conceived. Now that's irony.
I chuckled a little at that thought, and then the sound of a small cough on the other side of my door caused me to lift my head up off the mattress.
I saw a shadow move on the other side of the keyhole, and although I'm sure she was trying to be quiet, I heard the unmistakable sound of feet retreating down the hallway.
Had Sabine been watching me through the keyhole?
At this thought a shudder ran through my whole body, and had I been able, I'm sure that I would have cum again.
You know that kind of after shock one sometimes experiences after a really intense orgasm, yeah, it felt just like that.
I fell back onto the bed, sighing deeply.
Well, wasn't this just a fine little mess?

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