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Ch. 13/15
With breakfast over, the boys cleaned up the shells, and tossed
them into the bathroom area behind their hut. Jimmy knew that
eventually they would either have to clean their bathroom, or
move their home. He loved this home. It was safe and
comfortable. He decided that they would soon have to find a way
to clean the toilet area, and keep it clean.

With the meal done, and no real plan for the day, Jimmy decided
that they could go play in the pond. He knew that he smelled a
little sweaty, and he liked to be clean. The little boy was a little ripe
himself, however, Jimmy kind of liked him that way. The smell
of little boy was enjoyable to him.

The boys frolicked and swam in their little pond for about an
hour, before finally becoming tired and retreating for the grassy
area off to the side. The children laid down, side by side, and
sunned themselves dry.

Jimmy pulled the little boy close to him and snuggled, enjoying
the warmth of the sun, and the comfort of the boy's smooth body.
Jimmy realized that he was falling in love with the child. He
hoped that nothing happened which would take the child away
from him.

Jimmy's memory began to bother him once again. He half
remembered loving another little boy once, a boy who was very
special to him. He sighed when he could remember nothing more
about it.

Jimmy noticed that more and more he would get little bursts of the
past. It was almost as if he were on the verge of remembering,
when the thoughts would go away again. It was driving him a
little crazy. He hoped that he would, someday, remember all that
there was to remember.

Jimmy looked over at his half-dozing little lover. The boy smiled
up at him sleepily, as Jimmy began to stroke and pet him. Jimmy's
dick began to swell as he ran his hands over the boy's baby-
smooth skin.

Jimmy was horney, and he wanted to feel himself back inside of
the boy's bottom. He was happy that the little boy seemed to
enjoy being fucked. He was not sure if they boy really liked being
fucked that much, or if he did it because he knew that his older
lover enjoyed it so much, but since it did not seem to hurt the boy,
he was happy that he could fuck him whenever he wished.

The boy looked up at Jimmy with questioning eyes. He knew that
something was up. As soon as he looked at his lover's face, he
smiled widely. He knew what the older boy wanted. The little boy
was happy that they had a kind of silent communication with each
other. It was easy to read the feelings of the other.

Jimmy rolled onto his back and encouraged the little boy to sit up
on his stomach. At first the boy was confused as to what he was
suppose to do. Jimmy pulled his head down towards his face and
began kissing him. That was fine with the little boy. He liked to
kiss the big white boy.

Jimmy positioned the little boy's bottom, so that it was resting up
against his erection. With a little further arrangement, he felt the
tip of his boyhood rest up against the boy's puckered opening.

The boy moved back towards the penis a bit as he felt Jimmy push
forward towards his hole. Jimmy sighed as he felt his erection
begin to slide inside of the younger boy. No matter how much he
fucked the boy's bottom, he would never get tired of it. Each time
he penetrated the little boy, it was as if it were the first time all
over again.

Jimmy slid easily inside of his young lover. He was happy that
the boy's rectum had become accustomed to his erection. At first
when he had fucked the boy, his bottom was tight, and entry had
been more difficult. He could feel and see the boy cringe and
shudder when his dick entered him.

Now that the boy was use to being fucked, and he relaxed more
and more during the fucks, there were no problems entering him.
Each entry was as if his dick belonged inside of the little boy.

The two boys worked together for a little while. Jimmy thrust in
and out of the little backside, and the boy moved himself back up
against Jimmy each time that the older boy thrust forward. They
had found a comfortable rhythm which was enjoyable for both of

Once they had their fuck on the way, their lips met once again,
and they began to kiss deeply, enjoying the feelings of their
tongues playing inside each others mouths.

After a while Jimmy decided to try something which he loved. He
took the boy's shoulders and began to push him upwards so that
the boy was sitting on his lap, their bodies still joined.

As the boy sat upright, more of the older boy's dick entered into
him. The little boy gasped once or twice. Jimmy realized that the
position was new, and that he was probably going inside of him
deeper, and at a different angle than he had before. He moved
slowly, wanting the little boy to become use to it before they

Once the little boy was sitting up straight, he was okay. He
wiggled his butt around a little, and giggled. Jimmy could imagine
how this felt to him. Once the older boy was sure that his friend
was use to him again, he began to thrust upwards into his little

The boy sat motionless for a few minutes while Jimmy did the
work. When the older boy grabbed onto the boy's hips and began
moving his body up and down on his erection, the younger boy's
eyes lit up. He finally realized what his role was to be in the fuck.
He would do the work while his big friend laid there and enjoyed

The little boy smiled widely at the boy under him, and began to
hump himself on the big dick planted deep in his bottom. It was a
little awkward at first. The little boy had to learn how to move
around so that it would not hurt him, and so it was enjoyable for
his partner. By the time that Jimmy came, he had it down fairly
pat. Jimmy smiled and pulled the little boy back down onto his

It wasn't too bad for his first time, he thought. He would give the
boy a lot of practice in that position until he was able to fuck like
that as well as he did in other positions.

Jimmy decided that it was time to explore. They needed to gather
some fruit so that they would have something to eat. He also
wanted to check on the other kids on the island. He was a little
uncomfortable having them around. He wanted to make sure that
he knew where they were at all times.

Jimmy shuddered as he remembered the scene which they had
watched that night. He could not understand how someone could
fuck a boy, and then kill, cook, and eat him. His stomach reeled
with the thought of what they had watched. A few tears welled in
his eyes, thinking of the poor little boy who had been murdered in
such a way.

Jimmy realized from watching that scene that the boys were, or at
least could be cannibals. This bothered him a lot. This meant that
they would have to be even more careful that they were not found
by the older kids.

The two boys wandered around their part of the island. All
seemed quiet. They did not hear or see any of the other boys.
While they were walking, Jimmy began to wonder if the little boy
had ever eaten a human being before. He shuddered with the
thought. He decided that he would not think about that. If he did,
it would be difficult to sleep with the boy in the same hut.

The boys gathered fruit and berries, wrapping them into large
leaves which the little boy tore from plants. When their bundles
seemed heavy enough, they headed back to their hut. Once their
food was safely stashed away, they decided to go back out once

The boys could not yet communicate, however, they both knew
where they were going. It was time to check on the others to see
what they were up to.

The boys walked for quite a while, carefully listening to make
sure that no one was around. Eventually they reached the camping
area in which they had found the boys before. They carefully crept
up closer, and looked out from between the tall grass and plants.

Jimmy scanned the area quickly, to make sure that they would not
be spotted, or if they were, they could get away as quickly as

The boy noticed that almost all of the boys were still sleeping.
Scattered around the burnt out camp fire were naked bodies of all
ages and sizes. Mostly the boys were paired older and younger,
however, here and there he noticed two younger boys laying
together, and a few older boys laying with each other.

Off to the side, away from the sleeping boys, were a handful of
little boys who were awake and playing some game. They were
quiet in their play, seemingly fearful of waking the older boys.
From what Jimmy had seen of the behavior of the older boys
towards the younger, he did not blame them.

Glancing over to the right of the fire, Jimmy saw something else
which made him gasp. Sticking out of the sand were five pointed
sticks. Two of them had the heads of little boys stuck on them.
Jamie resisted an urge to throw up. One of the heads he identified
as the boy whom they had watched being murdered. The second
head looked even younger and smaller than the first boy's.

Glancing a little further to the right, Jamie gasped once again.
His gasp must have been loud, because the little boy put his hand
on his arm as to warn him.

There was two "y'ed" sticks poking out of the ground. Into the
y's laid a long pole, and on the pole were the remains of a boy.
The body on the pole looked tiny, even with the portions of it

Like the other boy, the pole was sticking up his backside from one
end, and out of where his neck had been on the other. The body
was positioned so that the front of the child was facing them.
Although distorted by fire, Jimmy could see a tiny shriveled penis
and testicles.

- End of chapter 13


2004-07-19 14:54:16
Ok, seriously, where in Creations Birth did you come up with the ideas for this story. Another question, you changed from Jimmy to Jamie and back to Jimmy... A typo, a slip up in changing the names from one already created somewhere, or an error when changing the names of an actual person to a "fictional" character? I look forward to your insights.

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