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I just randomly started writing so go easy on me i know im not the best person at grammer so leave some suggestions and ill keep it in mind. THANKS ENJOY!
Megan & Me

It all began on January 4, 2010. It was a cold winter morning and I was excited for the start of my new semester, I was looking forward to my Science class. Not that I was really interested in science their was a girl in my class that I had a crush on from my pervious English class. Her name was Megan. She had thick Dirty blondish hair, blue eyes and about 5’4 And was about almost a C cup. It so happens I was in luck she sat down right beside me, then again we were good friends so it shouldn’t have been really a surprise.

“Hey Josh how was your Christmas holidays?”
I stared at her for an for a instant admiring her beauty then replied with a goofy smile “Nothing out of the ordinary how about you?”

“Nothing really just hung around. Listen can you do me a big favor I would really appreciate it.”
She glared at me till I finally answered. “what is it now Megan, you always seem to be asking me for favors.
“Well you see I need a lift to my house tonight, its only about a 45 minute drive from here do you think you can help me out?”
Well I don’t know…
Before I could finish what I was about to say she interrupted me.
“ Please? I was hoping you could also bring me out for dinner.”
Like a date? I asked excitingly trying not to show it.
“Not like a date, a DATE.”

I thought for a instant and said “I would be glad to escort you home.”
She nudge me and whispered in my eat, “My parent are not home either.”

My heart skipped a beat, did I just hear that right she wants me to go back to her house tonight.
Before I could ask her if I heard correctly class already started. It was a tough 75 minutes I kept thinking about what she had said and if I did hear correctly. My imagination ran wild thinking about her being naked in front of me! I couldn’t wait till the end of the day to drive her home.

Chapter 2

I eagerly waited at her locker after forth period it had been a very long day for me but I was relived that it was finally time to go home. It was hard to spot Megan in the crowed because we went to a Private school where everyone had to wear uniform. Plus it didn’t help that she wasn’t that tall.

I finally saw her coming toward her locker in a red uniform shirt and in short shorts. Well to be honest it wasn’t short shorts. In our school shorts attended to be a little long so girls rolled them up but they rolled them so far up they were considered short shorts. And of course all the teachers were against it but Megan didn’t seem to care much about what they thought.
“Hey you, ready to leave?”

“Yeah I’ve been waiting for you slow poke I leaned forward and kissed her.”
At first I think I surprised her but a second later she kissed me back.
I helped put her books away and held her hand, and lead her to my car.

I stopped off at my place just to change clothes and grab some cash off my dresser. I wasn’t too sure where Megan planned on eating out so I Brought about 150$ just incase it was some where pricey.
After that I headed for her house. When I went back into my car I was surprised to see Megan only in her bra and panties.

“What took you so long?” She kissed me n sat on my lap facing me.
“I had to um…. I lost my train of thought I was struck by her beauty I couldn’t take my eyes off her.”
“What’s wrong Josh don’t I look sexy?”
I couldn’t bare just looking at her I pushed her up against the steering wheel and kissed her passionately.
She Unbutton my pants and pulled them down half way without even me noticing.
“Take an easy on me, I’m still a virgin.”

I continued to kiss her then unhooked her bra. She then grabbed it and threw it in the back seat. Her body was beautiful I was sure my estimate was right about her being a C cup. I felt her nipples between my fingers they were hard and a light pinkish colour. I kissed her neck and then worked my way down to her chest sucking on her nipple.

“do you like my tits?” she pushed my face between them.
I really did love it and wish I could stay like that forever but I wanted more.
I pushed her panties to the side exposing her pussy and she was more wet then I thought she would be.
“oh I know what you want joshy.” She smiled and got up and went hard down on my dick.

It felt really tight she really must have not been lying about the virgin part.
She gasped in pain and arched her back a little.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her she was bleeding a bit also it kind of made me feel guilty for what I was doing but my teenage hormones took over that thought pretty quickly. I learned her up against the steering wheel and thrusted as hard as I could and as fast as I could.

“Ughh slow down Josh it hurts.”
I didn’t listen to her I wanted her too much. I forced my dick all the way in her.
“fuck you ass hole!”

I let go of her because I thought I took it too far but to my shock she was riding my cock on her own now. She was moaning loudly now and arching her back.
“I’m going to cum Josh!” she grabbed onto my shoulders and had a tight grip on them.
I sucked on her tits and rubbed her clit till she had came.

She rested on my chest for a while then realized I hadn’t came yet.
She got off me and sat up beside me and started rubbing my dick.
She kissed the tip of my dick “do you like this Joshy?”

I simply nodded and pushed her head back down toward my groan.
“someone’s impatient” she giggled and smiled.
I felt a little embarrassed at first but then it went away.

She started teasing my dick with her tongue licking up and down the sides and sucking on the tip of my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore as soon as she went up suck the tip of my cock I pushed her head down and slide my whole cock in her mouth.

At first I thought she was going to gag I guess I caught her off guard a little bit but then she easied into it.She was pulling on my shaft and sucking on my balls. I couldn’t help but let out a low moan.

I was pretty sure this wasn’t her first blowjob because she was pretty good at it. She kept rubbing my balls and she engulfed my whole cock now it was an amazing feeling.

but I knew it wouldn’t last long I felt my balls tense up and I yelled at the top of my lungs.
I pulled my dick out of her mouth and let off a huge load all over her face.
She got up and kissed me “what a first date huh?”
I smiled and kissed her back. And told her we can go inside and get cleaned off in the shower since my parents were on vacation.

To be continued……
Plz leave comments and tell me what you think I never write but for some reason tonight I wrote this.

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2011-04-08 23:36:53
Girls roll up their shorts at my school too. It's so damn teasing

anonymous readerReport

2011-04-08 23:35:36
I like it, is it really a true story?


2011-02-28 06:58:56
ok but straight to the point you need to build up to the sex

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2010-03-22 07:23:25
couldnt keep my hand from my dick!! keep going

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