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this is my second story its kindof linked with the last one which was made ages ago but please read enjoy and comment
It was a camping trip which changed my friend Danny for ever. Danny is short with blonde hair which sticks up the back with a slight emo fringe at the front he has a cute face for a 13 year old which made me like him even more.

It was the second day of the camp and we where at the beach with our swim shorts on we where jumping over the waves to get further into the water but as Danny is small he had to jump on my back, I could feel his cock grind against my back which made me go slightly hard, likely he didn’t notice I then got him off my back and slid him around my body to the front like I was hugging him and I told him to stand on my hands, whilst he was doing this his semi hard cock rubbed against my face and I was in heaven, after being like that for five minutes he slide back down and we went back to shore as it was cold.
After getting out and eating our chips we went to the changing rooms to get our cloths back on and the was only one cubical left so I suggested that we share and he agreed we were extremely close thanks to the thin cubical and our body’s where rubbing together we where bout nude and I turned round behind him as a joke and rubbed my cock on him, but to my surprise he came over and did it back.
We got back to the camp site and we where getting ready for bed in my tent and Danny had forgot his sleeping bag so I unzipped myn and made a cover for us both. We then decided to play truth or dare which changed into a game of dares.
I first dared Danny to take off his boxers and he reached down and pulled of his tight blue boxers and jokingly rubbed them in my face (yum ) then he dared me to do the same so I did and obviously returned the favor and put myn in his face which he sniffed, then I dared him to play the game ‘nervous’ (it is a game where you put ur finger at the bottom of the others leg and work your way up , but I chose that I would start at the top of his chest and work down until they say nervous) I put my hand on his chest and my finger went to one of his nipples I circled round it then moved to the next, he was now breathing faster, I then worked down to his 4 pack which I rubbed all over I then went down his side and underneath his ball and grabbed them and played with them I then moved to his semi hard cock and griped it with two fingers and my thumb and I wanked him until I could feel the pre cum dribble out I then lay down ontop of him and kissed him on the lips we though off the covers and started to grind our cocks together and kiss. While this was happening one of my friends called jack who is 14 came into our tent and stood there and watched what was happening after a few minuets he coughed loudly and me and Danny turned our heads and saw him and jack smiled and then we saw his phone camera we looked at each other and we both looked terrified.
After being in the same position for what seemed forever I asked jack if there was anything he wanted so he wouldn’t show the video to anyone and he came over and kissed me on the lips and said there was a lot he wanted us to do for him but stood up and said first I want to watch you two some more.
Without hesitation me and danny carried on grinding our cocks together until we where both as hard as we could go, danny then licked his way down to my crotch and licked it and then took it all in his mouth and sucked on it just like a lollypop, he then sucked harder and faster and I assisted him by pushing his head further onto my cock and I couldn’t take it any more and warned him I was going to cum he pull off and I cumed all over his face he licked his lips and then we kissed sharing my cum between us we then stopped the kiss and looked over to jack who was having a wank under is trousers he smiled at us and sed I will see you tomoro for sum more fun.
We then carried on our kiss and I woke up the next morning with Dannys hard cock preesing against my ass.

Thanks for reading could everyone please rate and comment ,, and if you got any ideas please suggest them and they might end up in my 3rd story

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2016-05-04 18:28:05
Just start with the sex first.

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2013-01-01 04:07:04
boy scouts don't have sex.

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hit ctrl and + makes biger


2011-04-01 02:24:30
The small size of the font due to the wider story space made it really hard to read.

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have your mother im the next story geyting her arse mouth and fanny ragged all over d place

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