We didn't have fun the day after, and not the day after that either. I could wake up some nights when I heard my daddy groan, but he told me to sleep again, and so I did.
If you're reading this please read the first part. ”My dad is jerking of to me when I'm asleep.”
Otherwise, you will not understand anything.

Hey, u can call me Zanna and this is my story. I'm from sweden, som my english is'nt that good.
And I'm now 18.

Some parts from part one
”We have allways been tha happy family, with a mum and dad who lived together with their two children.
I was 12 years and my father came in to my room as allways to say goodnight, then he turned of the light in my room and went to his and mums room.”
”A few weeks later I woke up again, this time when my dad attemted to pull my pyjamas shirt up.”
”His breath became heavy again and I heard him groan quiet. When he was at the bottom he stopped, and layed his hand over mine. I felt the warm but wet hand and could feel how he placed it around his dick. He slide it up and down, and he groaned one time, just quiet, but then he groaned loudly. Then there where some white liquid comming out from his dick.
-Dont tell your mom Zanna, I know that you've been awake. We're going to have more fun tomorrow if you're nice little girl.
The he went out from my room.”
”He took some oil on his hand and started to rub my pussy, now he had two fingers in me, while the other hand still was rubbing.
I groaned very quiet, this was amazing. But my dad had heard me and put three fingers in me, that hurted, but it was still fantasting, I groaned lauder.”
”Daddy what was that?
-You had and orgasm honey.
-Is that good?
-Yes, honey doll, thats a good thing.
Now you have to sleep, and tomorrow we are going to have some more fun, okay? ”

We didn't have fun the day after, and not the day after that either. I could wake up some nights when I heard my daddy groan, but he told me to sleep again, and so I did.

There were days, weeks and months but me and my dad was not fun any more, and I missed it.
I was missing when he decided what to do when he forced me to do things and I missed when it hurt, so I decided that I wanted to have fun with him again.
I would soon complete 14 years and had had several boyfriends in the meantime since my dad took my virginity. My blonde hair was so long that it stretched over my boobies.
My body had also developed more into a woman and I had breast size 75 AB

Every night I hoped that my dad would come in and jerk to me, so I took off my panties and sat me on a tight t-shirt before I went to bed.
One evening, when I've slept a few hours, I hear my father groaning, so I open my eyes and see how he sits there and jerking to my body
I have my hands under my blanket and gently caressed my pussy, which is becoming wetter and wetter.
I pull my T-shirt up so that my entire stomach is visible and then I'm gently kicking down my blanket on the floor, I can hear my daddy gasp.
-What are you doing Zanna, I thought you didn't like this?
-Well Dad, I do! And I missed it!
-But honey, you said it hurt when we had fun last time.. *My daddy whisper

I took his hand in my and made it touch my pussy.
-Daddy, I would'nt feel like this then, should I?
-No, I guess not, but now you're going to help me cum honeybear, and don't make trubble, you're mum sleeps and I want her to do that, okay honeybear?
-Yes, daddy
He turned me over to all four and started to massage my bum.
-Honey, if it hurts scream in a pillow, okay?
I didn't want any trouble, so I did as my dad said.'
Once again he had his bottle of oil with him and he started to finger my ashole..First he stroked my ashole and then he pressed in a finger.
-Daddy it hurts!
-Sch, sweety it will soon be over.
Then he went to fiddle my anal with his finger, it was actually not so bad, it started to be nice.
I would not have enjoyed for exactly when it started to be nice, he had more oil on his hands and
pressed two fingers in my anal. Shit, it hurt so badly, but as Dad had said, I did not scream.
He took out his fingers and began to finger my pussy really wet and when he had three fingers in my pussy, then he slipped another finger into my anal.

-Mm, it's nice Dad * The Groan
-So I can fuck you there now, my baby?
-But dad it will hurt, your dick is bigger than a finger .. * I moaned back
-Yes, my doll it will hurt, but then it will be just as great as this.
-Okay dad, but be careful.
I guess I would not say it, because when he had oiled his cock into the glans and pressed against my anus k?des it like I would crack. He did what I said and pressed it gently and softly,
which only made the pain last longer.
-Do you like the pain my honey doll? * He groaned
-Daddy, it hurts, get rid of the pain!
-Shhh, I told you you would be quiet .. You may not bring your mom.
He pressed it in and out, faster and faster .. and for each shot it made less painful
, It began to be nice and I groaned and then pushed him into it even deeper and harder.
-Dad, it's soooo nice! * I groaned, very high
-Zanna, my doll, you will take my semen in your mouth now.
-Dad .. * I could not answer, but he had turned me on and pushed in his cock in my mouth,
where it fit perfectly.
^ Oh my God, I have something in your mouth that has just been in my anal, I thought and tried to escape. ^

But my dad pushed my head against his body and pulled it out again.
-Zanna suck of me now and let nothing out from your mouth.
I checked up on my dad and saw how he smiled.
A few seconds later, the warm liquid in my mouth .. And I see that none fall outside my mouth.
-Swallow now * My daddy groaned
After I have swallowed, he kissed me again as he used to do with mom, and stroked sammtidigt my wet pussy ..
-Do you want an orgasm Zanna, the kind that you liked so much about?
I did not answer but I understood what he wanted me to do when he took my hand to my pussy, and began to caress me with it.
-Zanna, you'regoing to give yourself an orgasm, and I'll take pictures of you. Okay?
-But dad, is it really that good if you have photos of me naked?
-But my little doll, I'll just watch them when I'm on my own, and by the way, I recorded everything I've done with you.
-Okay, Dad, I'll try
So, I took off my shirt to me and began to fondle my body.
-Zanna, I want you to put these in your nipples, it will be wonderful.
I did not say anything as he sat there his in my nipples.
-So, now you can caress your pussy.
I started caressing my pussy, and felt how wet I was, so I pressed a finger into my pussy.
-Good honey, you like this, right?
-Mm, Dad, it's so nice! * I groaned
I stroked with one hand and pressed my fingers into my pussy with the other. All the time I looked at my dad's cock and was a bit surprised when I felt one of my dad's fingers pressed into my ashole.

-You should do like this, okay?
As he showed in taking the middle finger and index finger into my pussy, keeping them in and pull up and down my body. He pushed me down on the bed and then he pulled me up, I felt how the reputation of the body and I just wanted to get an orgasm and scream. But when he pulled out his fingers.
-So Zanna, now you do it, it will not take long before you squirt and get an orgasm, but I want pictures of it right?
- Yes, Dad!
I understood how he had done and knew how I was hot throughout the body, it felt that I would pee on me again, but this time I knew I wouldn't do it. I groaned louder and louder and to silence me, my dad put a hand over my mouth and than I got my second orgasm.
Then he kissed me the way he and mom does.
-Zanna, are you enjoying this?
-Yes, Daddy, you are best when we have more fun?
-I do not know, but you are going to have more fun with me, otherwise I show these pictures and movies to my friends.

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